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A readable if disjointed account of Huey P Long, concentrating almost solely on his political career he is governor by around page 40 out 270 of text Long is a controversial figure and known even outside of Louisiana There are many versions of Long portrayed in film and art The Long of this book is corrupt, vengeful, defensive, duplicitous, thin skinned, and an all around bully who did little for common people after his first year in office A sympathetic biography might be in order to get another take Yet, if White is close to the mark, this book serves as a warning against demagoguery and shows how even the ostensibly well meaning parts of the left can be as bad as anything on the right.Lastly, Donald Trump comparisons abound as I read the text In particular, both were underestimated by their opponents and tapped into a special kind of rage brought on by financial ills. This was a very interesting read about Huey Long It was really eye opening in that I had no idea how ruthless he was, but really showed why people loved and hated him His public persona and some of his private really bears comparison to Donald Trump, so relevant right now Crude, narcissistic, and power hungry, he gave his detractors no quarter and attempted to crush them totally I found the book a little slow and dry in the beginning, but picked up along the way. [Free E-pub] ⚆ Kingfish: The Reign of Huey P. Long ☨ From The Moment He Took Office As Governor In To The Day An Assassin S Bullet Cut Him Down In , Huey Long Wielded All But Dictatorial Control Over The State Of Louisiana A Man Of Shameless Ambition And Ruthless Vindictiveness, Long Orchestrated Elections, Hired And Fired Thousands At Will, And Deployed The State Militia As His Personal Police Force And Yet, Paradoxically, As Governor And Later As Senator, Long Did Good For The State S Poor And Uneducated Than Any Politician Before Or Since Outrageous Demagogue Or Charismatic Visionary In This Powerful New Biography, Richard D White, Jr Brings Huey Long To Life In All His Blazing, Controversial GloryWhite Taps Invaluable New Source Material To Present A Fresh, Vivid Portrait Of Both The Man And The Depression Era That Catapulted Him To Fame From His Boyhood In Dirt Poor Winn Parish, Long Knew He Was Destined For Power The Problem Was How To Get It Fast Enough To Satisfy His Insatiable Appetite With Cunning And Crudity Unheard Of In Louisiana Politics, Long Crushed His Opponents In The Gubernatorial Race, Then Immediately Set About Tightening His Iron Grip The Press Attacked Him Viciously, The Oil Companies Howled For His Blood After He Pushed Through A Controversial Oil Processing Tax, But Long Had The Adulation Of The People In , The Kingfish Got Himself Elected Senator, And Then There Was No Stopping HimWhite S Account Of Long S Heyday Unfolds With The Mesmerizing Intensity Of A Movie Pegged By President Roosevelt As One Of The Two Most Dangerous Men In The Country, Long Organized A Radical Movement To Redistribute Money Through His Share Our Wealth Society And His Gospel Of Pensions For All, A Shorter Workweek, And Free College Spread Like Wildfire The Louisiana Poor Already Worshiped Him For Building Thousands Of Miles Of Roads And Funding Schools, Hospitals, And Universities His Outrageous Antics On The Senate Floor Gained Him A Growing National Base By , Despite A Barrage Of Corruption Investigations, Huey Long Announced That He Was Running For PresidentIn The End, Long Was A Tragic Hero A Power Addict Who Squandered His Genius And Came Close To Destroying The Very Foundation Of Democratic Rule Kingfish Is A Balanced, Lucid, And Absolutely Spellbinding Portrait Of The Life And Times Of The Most Incendiary Figure In The History Of American Politics I hesitated before reading The Reign of Huey P Long since a Pulitzer Price winning biography based on oral history on Long s life was also tempting But now I don t regret in because diving in White s portrait of the Kingfish was a real pleasure First and foremost, I learned about how state politics worked under an ambitious politician The book is short on details about Huey Long s formative years prior to his second run for the governorship in 1928 Instead, the author focuses almost exclusively on the era that matters the most as far as power is concerned The book is great at providing details on how Long was successful and reckless at grabbing power, changing laws, amending bills, buying legislators and building a machine across the State during his time as governor and senator I especially enjoyed the descriptions of friends and feuds plotting and dealing in shady hotel rooms, packed court houses, lavish restaurants serving bourbon, cigars, fried oysters. This bad book of popular history presents Huey Long as sui generis, with no historical context of any kind No reference to the long standing tradition of extreme powers of Louisiana governors, the long history of political antics in the region governors and anti governors, legislatures and anti legislatures , no mention of the upland lowland, Baptist Catholic, hillbilly cosmopolitian rivalries and hatreds, no attempt to connect Long with the generations of Southern agrarianism, Populism and white rebellion of which he was the tail end.If someone hadn t put a library hold on this book when I was on page 20, I d never have finished it Library competitiveness takes precedence and I was forced to read the whole crappy thing. I read this book in preparation for my first trip to New Orleans Most of what I knew about Long I gleaned from the Randy Newman album Good Old Boys with songs like Louisiana 1927 and Here Come the Kingfish White s take is a straightforward, relatively concise and highly entertaining look at Long s life, in chronological order, from humble beginnings to corrupt end as a US Senator who posed a serious threat to Franklin Roosevelt s re election in 1936 One of many conspiracy theories surrounding Long s death assassinated by Dr Carl Weiss in the Louisiana State Capitol in 1935 is that FDR was behind it Long was one of the most talented yet least scrupulous and disciplined politicians of all time When each one of Louisiana s newspapers opposed Long, he started his own daily mouthpiece and subsidized it by requiring every state employee to subscribe Kickback and graft schemes were legendary He accepted only cash which he stored in his Deduct Box which resembled a giant ballot box He hid the Deduct Box and died without revealing the location It has never been found Supposedly it was stuffed with than 1 million in cash as well as papers and photos damaging to his enemies You can see a replica in the opulent Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, a place Long was drawn to for its party scene although he detested and ultimately dismantled its Old Regular power structure.Long had many enemies whom he sought to destroy not just defeat He instructed to the state legislature to outlaw the sale of funeral insurance, which happened to be the occupation of one vanquished opponent He attacked opponents with profane epithets and accusations ranging from supporting blacks to beastiality He called one genteel opponent with a Col Sanders beard Old Feather Duster He threatened rivals with fisticuffs and firearms and employed the State National Guard to do his bidding, including an armed invasion and occupation of New Orleans Long consolidated power by rigging elections, bribes, threats, and packing the legislature and courts with his lackeys When elected to the US Senator he briefly retained his position as Governor and later continued to run the state through his proxy O.K Allen Through such remote control, he rammed through dozens of bills penned by Long himself with virtually no floor debate or opposition This gave him total control over all patronage, courts, and even appointed positions in New Orealns He was shameless He once took a parish vote unanimously with voters than registered by at least 500 In the Senate he became a scourge to FDR and refused to disburse New Deal funds within Louisiana In 1932 Long stumped for FDR who found Long s pig in the sty eating habits and dandified outfits appalling but by 1935 he spoke of opposing FDR as a third party candidate Pundits thought a Long led ticket could take 3 million votes and throw the election to the Republicans.Long generated fierce and vitriolic opposition Prominent New Orleans residents spoke openly of assassination J Edgar Hoover sought to snag Long on tax evasion and may have been close when Long died He was almost impeached and censured several times With his back to the wall, Long employed two strategics First he would turn to he populist base, the poorest of Louisiana poor Long had a genuine commitment to elevating the lot of poor whites otherwise he was initially as racist as they come by providing free textbooks and building roads, clinics and schools To pay he took on Standard Oil and the Baton Rouge refineries by dramatically raising their taxes The poor whites of Louisiana supported the Kingfish unconditionally and would rally to his side as needed within hours Long favored radical redistribution of wealth to be funded by corporate taxes and caps on personal income While his goals were socialists, he used the means of a fascist and was often accused of being a dictator Second, Long could switch on a dime from ranting demagogue to the most persuasive and rational orator He possessed a keen and largely self taught legal mind and could build a case like a Darrow or Bailey Time and again he painted himself into the tightest quarters and literally talked his way out He also was a master of the media vanity newspapers, radio, and a medium he invented roving trucks mounted with giant loudspeakers If you ve seen Oh Brother, Where Art Thou, you get the idea.When Long died he might have been saved if surgeons rushing from New Orleans had not crashed their car an inexperienced doctor botched the operation to remove a bullet , huge crowds attended his funeral For years many refused to believe he was dead He was the Elvis of Southern politics He left his mark everywhere from artifacts at the Roosevelt Hotel to the massive Huey P Long Bridge in New Orleans to the 450 foot tall State Capitol spire he had designed and built in one year in Baton Rouge and a complete overhaul of his beloved LSU He also had the Governor s Mansion rebuilt to resemble the White House, so he could get used to living there On to Robert Penn Warren. If you don t believe something like Hitler can ever happen in America, read this book about this absolute corruption of power in Louisiana. Probably not the best bio of Huey Long and not as well written as All The Kings Men but still pretty solid I found the format and the chronological back and forth a little unsettling Some of the glaringly obvious comparisons to the current POTUS are, well, disturbing. Huey P Long was a richard cranium and a rooster lollipop The only wonder is that he wasn t killed sooner He certainly put the ass in assassination.Thank you, Mr White, for providing a thorough and highly readable account. This may not be the best biography of Huey Kingfish Long but it enthralled me nonetheless.it will make you shake your head in disbelief as one man became as close to being a dictator as is possible in a democracy The Kingfish, who served as Louisiana Governor and US Senator from 1928 to 1935, when he was assassinated , ran wild, ignoring laws or creating new ones which were unconstitutional, raiding the state treasury, personally hiring and firing state employees, appointing judges at will, and generally rewarding all those who supported him His motto was the end justifies the means.Granted, in the first few years of his governorship, Long cemented his voter base which was made up of greedy hangers on and the rural poor by providing free school books to all children, increasing school enrollment, building thousands of miles of much needed highways and bridges, and raising the state university, LSU, to national standards recognition But he then turned his attention to his own personal power and true reform faltered and Louisiana sank into debt Although his boasts of continuing prosperity for the state turned into hollow promises, he continued to build a political stranglehold on the state and he began to have dreams of a Presidential run This was never to be as he was shot and killed in the capitol building in Baton Rouge It leaves one to wonder what might have happened if he had lived.To many, Huey Long looked life a red neck buffoon but in fact he was extremely clever But how could such a person, regardless of his political skills, attain the almost complete power that he had..here is where the author leaves a bit of a hole in the story as he does not give the reader enough background about the political environment of Louisiana at the time of Long s career It is important to understand that Louisiana was sunk in a morass of debt, illiteracy, crooked politics and poverty and the people were looking for a savior They thought they found him in the Kingfish.I would highly recommend this book which will keep you turning pages far into the night