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I know without a doubt that I would have loved the Weetzie Bat books if I d read them in high school or college when I was an alterna chick who scoured thrift stores for cool vintage clothes and went to underground clubs every night with gorgeous gay boys who loved me, but not the way I loved them Back then, I might have sworn Francesca Lia Block had based her contemporary fairy tales on the everyday lives of my friends and me But I tried to read these books a couple of years ago, and found all the characters and by extension, Block herself irritating in their aggressively whimsical hipness I literally threw this book across the room when I was about 60% of the way through it I read a lot of young adult fiction need to putof it on my list, I m realizing , so I m accustomed to stuff written primarily for adolescent readers, but I just could not stand this collection.I did like Dangerous Angels, Block s book about the midlife crisis Weetzie has when her girls are all grown up and she feels estranged from Secret Agent Lover Man But even then I thought it was a little too self congratulatory I may have grown kids now, but I m still soooo much hipper andartistic than all other middle aged women [[ READ KINDLE ]] ↜ Dangerous Angels: The Weetzie Bat Books ☇ Love Is A Dangerous AngelFrancesca Lia Block S Luminous Saga Of Interwoven Lives Will Send The Senses Into Wild Overdrive These Post Modern Fairy Tales Chronicle The Thin Line Between Fear And Desire, Pain And Pleasure, Cutting Loose And Holding On In A World Where Everyone Is Vulnerable To The Most Beautiful And Dangerous Angel Of All Love This is quite possibly the worst book I ve ever read in my life It s actually a collection of books by the same author, with the same characters and overlapping storylines To be fair, I only read three of the five books included Maybe the two I skipped were phenomenal But I doubt it Good grief, these books were bad There are about two dozen characters and I swear there isn t one fully developed character between the lot of them They seriously are all the same person You can take any line spoken by any character and replace their name with a different character, and change nothing And I love how nothing that happens ever matters, because it s resolved immediately So and so is lonely because she can t find a man oh one page later, a man shows up on her doorstop and they re instantly in love forever Hmm, this guy s mom hates him because he s gay oh, don t worry because THREE PAGES LATER, she s totally fine with it Oh no, her husband left her because of a fight they hadDon t worry, he ll be back tomorrow and everything will be fine People, I m not exaggerating here I swear, this is how the plot develops in these awful books I think the most irritating part of these books is how every single character is so relentlessly, obnoxiously PC Every single one is a vegan, artist, musician who wears all organic clothes and does yoga and grows their own food and raises bunny rabbits and is named moonbeam or doorknob and GIVE ME A BREAK Please, I implore you Don t read this book And tell others not to read it It will make you hate people. Lanky Lizards, I love the Weetzie Bat books Quoting the Wiki entry for this series The novel is set in a world not without pain, but seemingly without prejudice Issues such as blended families, pre marital sex, homosexuality and AIDS are described freely and without apology Yeah, there s been some backlash Predictably from rabid Evangelicals and other Christian fundamentalist watchdog groups Thbbbpptt These characters, while not particularly deeply drawn, are endearing and inclusive, whimsical and warm I wish I could give a copy of this to every lonely, uncertain teenager who craves understanding and acceptance, and a sense of family beyond the biological I especially love the dreamy descriptions of the group s adventures in Shangri LA any time that city starts to get me down, I put on my rose colored glasses courtesy of Weetzie and Dirk, et al. I tuely adore this book I recall the first time I read this book was some years ago when my mom rushed into my room clutching a tattered book she thrust it at me saying you have to read this book it s my new favorite book now seeing how much my mom loved that book love itself may be even insuffiencent so much as adored , I delved straight into it I ve read it several times over now, the pages of our favorite book worn and stained with finger grease It now sits in a place of honor on our bookshelf It gives you a full, clear picture of the characters in a world that could be our very own, with raw realism and also delicate magic woven and intertwined into our everyday lives i loved all the characters andclearly identified with the mysteriuos Witch Baby I especially love the symbolism and odd names in this book For anyone into a modern realis that is also fantasy, I strongly reccomend this book I should have found these books when I was 15, but since I didn t, I will have to settle for loving them at 35. This omnibus collects all 5 YA books in the Weetzie Bat series These are fabulous books, although not every book will appeal to every reader equally, of course The stories follow Weetzie Bat yes, that s her name from high school through mid to late 20s as she and her beau and their assortment of bohemian, artsy friends grow up and make lives for themselves in and around Hollywood.Throughout, Weetzie maintains a wild and magical view of the universe Characters don t get names, they get descriptions and we re told that everyone calls them by that name, even outsiders and family Her feller is called My Secret Agent Lover Man by everyone and one of her children well, a stepchild to her is called Witch Baby The group of friends make movies and never mention other means of support Wishes are granted, ghosts are appeased, and shamans summon the wind.But these aren t magical realism It s clear from the beginning that we re seeing the world through Weetzie s eyes as she magnifies everything for us and filters it through a Hollywood history of fantasy and archetype Weetzie and later, her children shows usabout the characters and events impact on one another than their actual mundane behavior It s a highly effective device in Block s hands.The books are worth reading on their own Each addresses typical YA themes finding love and identity, being the outsider, etc., but doesn t sugar coat the pain and compromises even though the world is technicolor and liable to break out into a Busby Berkeley number at any time The book where Witch Baby visits New York City and tries to abandon her mother s fanciful influence is especially interesting.Whether or not the YA stories appeal to you, these quick reads are a must to prepare for the non YA, mainstream book Necklace of Kisses, where Block strips away Weetzie s fantasy and shows us the same characters and world in the bright light of modern realism at least for the first portion of the book The shock of learning My Secret Agent Lover Man s given name and the normalcy of their day jobs makes the setting, which involves their reaction to the attacks on 9 11 2001 and a middle aged introspection, will resonate with everyone who has ever wondered where their wonder went. I was introduced to Weetzie in college during my children s writing class and it was the best return on investment of those college loans Never thinking that I would be a fan of L.A., and never really caring I completely fell for Francesca s version of it Not just in these books, but also in her others I think using Houdini s mansion is wonderful This changed how I approached my own writing I know that they label it as young adult, but I feel that anyone with this mindset could fall in love with these books. surfing, frosted pink lip gloss, good tunes, old cars, cute bungalows in Los Angeles, Witch Babies, gay best friends, platinum blond hair, good food, great friends, the best of times, the worst of times i couldn t believe it when i was done reading and there was nosniff Perhaps to today s audience saturated by TV shows like Glee or Gossip Girls and teen novels that cover everything from abusive human vampire werewolf love triangles to drugs, what Francesca Lia Block did in this series may not seem revolutionary, but she originally published these books in the 1990s Her books were banned in libraries because she was brave enough to explore issues around sex and sexual orientation, things that preoccupy teen brains but for which they get few safe outlets to address them Francesca Lia Block was the first author I felt who got it who understood the questions and concerns myself and my friends had but so few adults were willing to discuss with us I was so glad that I could learn through Weetzie Bat and Dirk the meaning of friendship, the process of growing up and the complexity sex adds to relationships Her magic realism combined with her exploration of love and queer issues makes her a trailblazer, for breaking open the boundaries of young adult literature and unlocking the issues that for so long have been stigmatized or silenced in our culture.