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!FREE PDF ⚇ Marjorie Morningstar ☪ A Starry Eyed Young Beauty, Marjorie Morgenstern Is Nineteen Years Old When She Leaves New York To Accept The Job Of Her Dreams Working In A Summer Stock Company For Noel Airman, Its Talented And Intensely Charismatic Director Released From The Social Constraints Of Her Traditional Jewish Family, And Thrown Into The Glorious, Colorful World Of Theater, Marjorie Finds Herself Entangled In A Powerful Affair With The Man Destined To Become The Greatest And The Most Destructive Love Of Her LifeRich With Humor And Poignancy, Marjorie Morningstar Is A Classic Love Story, One That Spans Two Continents And Two Decades In The Life Of Its Heroine This Unforgettable Paean To Youthful Love And The Bittersweet Sorrow Of A First Heartbreak Endures As One Of Herman Wouk S Most Beloved Creations I remember one summer day when I was a young teen, a movie by this name came on afternoon TV My mother, passing through the family room, hurriedly turned it off and forbade me to watch it In her eyes, it was too advanced in concept translation sex for a girl my age She didn t know, of course, that I was reading Lady Chatterley s Lover or Tropic of Cancer at babysitting jobs In the long view, none of these books did much to prepare me for womanhood, but at 13, I was just trying to learn about sex.Marjorie Morningstar was the 1 bestseller in 1955 When I finally read it in 1992, after having read Wouk s Youngblood Hawke, I found out what I had missed over thirty years earlier It starts out great Marjorie is a Jewish girl with stars in her eyes She is all set to flaunt everything her mother tried to teach her and become an actress She falls for Noel Airman, director of plays, a rebel against Judaism and society and a comet burning out He is in fact another version of Youngblood Hawke, a novelist who meets a tragic end.After much emotional waffling, reminiscent of Bella in Twilight after realizing that being a bad girl means you have to go to bed with the guy, Marjorie turns tail and settles for marriage, security and all the rest, just as Noel had predicted I never finished the Twilight Series and don t know what Bella decided I m not sure what Wouk was up to here Youngblood Hawke burned out from a relentless pursuit of art and fame, as is predicted for Noel It s a depressing end, but in the 1950s and today, that is appropriate for a man Are women not allowed to burn out Can they not be comets Well, the double standard was the official line in the 1950s Marjorie Morningstar was an enlightening read Free love, feminism, and all the rest was just a decade away in 1955 And at least Wouk posed the questions. Wow This was one of my favorite books I just noticed a GR s friend marked to read it.I d enjoy reading it again myself HINT to our local book club if anyone is reading this This would be a great pick for a classic pick month. An excellent detailed story What is most memorable to me is I believe the book is autobiographical Wouk is Wally He had a lifelong crush on a girl who was always interested in someone else, who finally learned to give up on the impossible someone else and found another someone else.What impresses me is Wouk s humility He decided to write this story about his youthful crush, and has the insight to imagine her life as it was for her where he was only a minor character Wally the minor character who loved Marjorie has two key scenes The first, the one time he gets to kiss her, and he says to himself he will have many things in life but he will never again be able to kiss Marjorie under the lilacs The second is at the very end He has become famous, Marjorie has become a suburban housewife, and he is determined to get her to admit how wrong she had been saying once back when that Noel was much talented than he was But his desire for revenge is thwarted because Marjorie doesn t remember saying that, she is now convinced in her mind that she knew even in the 1930 s that Wally had great talent and was destined for fame.An interesting personal sidelight This book is how my brother met his wife My brother was getting on a bus to go to a college ski weekend, and wondering who to sit with He sees a woman reading Marjorie Morningstar and concludes she just might have an interesting mind, she certainly wasn t afraid of reading big books That began their relationship They will have their thirty second anniversary this year.PS 2016 In Sailor and Fiddler, Wouk discounts my theory that Marjorie was based on a youthful romance of his She was based on his sister But I still wonder if the plot element of Wally and Marjorie s last meeting might have been borrowed from an old romance of his. I listened to the Audible version of this book and that was the only reason I finished it I choose this book because I loved Winds of War and War and Rememberance but Marjorie Morningstar was just unpleasant If the relationship between Marjorie and Noel is love, I am happy to say I ve never been in love, and don t want to be Although there was some redemption in the end, I found it put me in a bad mood while listening None of the main characters were likable, and Marjorie a sap, and Noel a manic depressive weasel I felt through out most of the book that the author was just showing off the varied deep philosopical insights he had I was disappointed. Marjorie Morningstar took me through sleepless nights for an entire week At first I couldn t get a grip on the book, apart from finding it interesting But for some or other reason I just continued reading it to try and find the final message to me in it It kept pulling me back for some nothingness Reading the last sentence I sat speechless and totally lost for words One half of my mind proclaim it a brilliant book but the other half said it was boring especially when the author himself at one point said You couldn t write a play about her that would run a week, or a novel that would sell a thousand copies There s no angle But I kept thinking about the book, the way the author created the characters, the detail of everything I finally felt I was Marjorie, in the end In retrospect, it filled some voids in my own history as well I realized suddenly that I REALLY REALLY enjoyed the book tremendously I liked it less and less as it went along I felt compelled to finish it but wished I d never gotten sucked in It was just really irritating to watch Marjorie be pathetic and weak over and over and honestly I get so tired of novels where everyone is small and miserable. I re read my 1950 s copy with Natalie Wood on the cover for years, until it fell apart I was actually prompted to read this by a Mad magazine spoof, Marjorie Morningkitten I think it was Mad I love this book, with its vivid descriptions of Marjorie s wardrobe and aspirations, though I do find Wouk s portrayal of a female non virgin heinously offensive now Never would he look at her the same way again What a load of hypocrisy Lost her cherry and is now damaged goods This isn t my number one chick lit book because it s intensely frustrating in the same way Back Street is Only instead of dying in a French garret, she self lobotomizes in the suburbs. This book grabbed me at the first paragraph The synopsis above makes it sound so bland It isn t Herman Wouk is a skillful and talented author His use of just the right word and inventive metaphors made this volume a joy to read The characters were well fleshed out and fit the setting of the novel perfectly The plot had enough rises and falls to keep the reader s interest throughout the over 500 pages But best of all I liked this book for its glimpse into a culture and a world that existed not so long ago while accurately portraying the struggles of a young girl trying to find her own place in this world. I requested this because everyone, but me seemed to have read it Then I got the almost 600 page monstrosity and there on the shelf it sat for a while I felt like I was reading for years and years actually I was the book starts when the character is 17 and ends when she is 23ish if I recall correctly plus it was hardbound so my wrists hurt I guess I liked the story, but it was long and part of the length was due to a particularly wordy character who I couldn t stand, namely because he didn t shut up and some scenery descriptions that interrupted much interesting dialogue Wouk writes very, very well so no complaints there It is a coming of age story about a girl who grew up in the Bronx with her immigrant parents and now they live on the upper west side where they continue to assimilate into non religious, less traditional, American Jewish culture Mainly the reader follows her dating and social life, experiencing those six years in six hundred pages until she eventually marries I wanted to kick her a lot and tell her to grow up It starts somewhere in the 1930 s so I kept waiting for the depression to really hit and the war to come, but this isn t really historical fiction, and Wouk didn t let the big bad world affect Majorie Morningstar too much I liked reading about the time period, but I grew annoyed with the characters The term high ball glass was used so much I took up drinking.