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Five stars are not enough for this timeless classic I would give it one hundred stars if I could Bless Me Ultima is one of those tales, part coming of age story, part magical, that I could read time and time again and never grow tired of it It never fails to touch me deep in my soul.Edited to add I ve read this book now 4 times, once a decade since first discovering I still love it as much as I did the first time I read it and I always discover new things In the meantime I found this interview of Rudolfo Anaya which goes into the background of the novel think it s important for people reading this book for the first time now in 2019 know a little of this Bless me Utima came out in 1972 Anaya started writing it in the 1960s as a memoir about his childhood Some of the characters in the book are from his real life He grew up in a small town similar to the one in the novel He actually had a childhood friend named Horse, as well there was a down drunk with a heart of gold named Narisco He also had 3 older brothers who fought in WW2 Only later did he have a type of vision of Ultima He says what started as a book about his childhood morphed into something deeper and the novel becameandmultilayered Whether one likes this book or not, I think one has to take in to consideration the time it was written There were no books like this at the time. This was a one city, one book choice for Austin, Texas, where I lived at the time It was my second reading of the title at that time, and I was as entranced the second time as I was the first What a joyous ride through the wonderful magical world of Hispanic New Mexico.I would recommend this to any reader of the magical realism school, or any fan of Hispanic literature, or anyone who needs a memorable escape from the real world. #Free Epub ð Bless Me, Ultima ⛓ Antonio Marez Is Six Years Old When Ultima Enters His Life She Is A Curandera, One Who Heals With Herbs And Magic We Cannot Let Her Live Her Last Days In Loneliness, Says Antonio S Mother It Is Not The Way Of Our People, Agrees His Father And So Ultima Comes To Live With Antonio S Family In New Mexico Soon Tony Will Journey To The Threshold Of Manhood Always, Ultima Watches Over Him She Graces Him With The Courage To Face Childhood Bigotry, Diabolical Possession, The Moral Collapse Of His Brother, And Too Many Violent Deaths Under Her Wise Guidance, Tony Will Probe The Family Ties That Bind Him, And He Will Find In Himself The Magical Secrets Of The Pagan Past A Mythic Legacy Equally As Palpable As The Catholicism Of Latin America In Which He Has Been Schooled At Each Turn In His Life There Is Ultima Who Will Nurture The Birth Of His Soul This book just wasn t for me. Post listen reviewIf you like really poetic and flowery language to describe the most mundane of details then this is the book for you This book has murder, revenge, redemption, witchcraft and school bullies in it yet it was able to pretty much bore me the entire time.Now I know that some people really enjoy a poetic book and I think that in some stories it works very well but in my opinion this is not one of them The story centers around a boy named Antonio who is struggling with faith and family expectations as he grows up He has lots of choices open to him but seems to be destined to be a priest or a wandereror less.His grandmother is a healer that is seen as a witch in his community This is Ultima who blesses people and makes them better.The plot itself never bothered me and the events described were all fine What bothered me were things like the following Antonio as he narrates says, The sun of the east rose above our heads Very poetic of course, but I just think, the sun only rises in the east so did we get a second sun or something Why couldn t he just say it was dawn Another example was the description when Antonio talks about the night and says, Fatigue found us, followed by his brother sleep In this case I just think, overpersonification But again it is poetic If you like that then it s great but if you don t have patience for it, like I didn t, then it gets tedious.Now I want to be fair to this book though It is a good book for people who are into poetic language and all kinds of religious debate and strange imagery That is just not me I will tell you that I would rather read this than Cormac McCarthy s The Road any day of the week Still, I am not going to recommend it to anyone nor am I going to find it in print to read to myself.Pre Listen guess I have seen this book around No idea if it is any good but the last book I was listening to recommended this one so I hope it will be good. How do I begin writing a review for this book I guess I ll start with a story of how I came to read Bless Me Ultima and why I ended up reading it again in recent considerations 2013.I read Bless Me Ultima for the first time in my AP Literature and Composition class My teacher at the time had a list of books we could choose to do reports on and this was one of the choices that jumped out at me It also surprised me that it was banned from many curriculum in different schools and districts wasn t banned in my area, but it surprised me to know that this was banned in certain parts of my state at the time I think the ban has been lifted since for those areas, but I m not entirely sure In any case, Bless Me Ultima really impressed me when I read it as a high school senior, and I wrote about it on my AP exam too and did pretty well for my efforts I re read Bless Me Ultima this year as kind of a way to get me out of a prolonged reading slump and also in honor of Banned Books week I figure some of you have perhaps heard about the whole Goodreads censorship debacle that happened around that I m not going to go into too much detail with my sentiments or a recap of that, but I am going to say a few things about censorship, bullying, the experience of pain, and having to come to terms with difficult, contentious situations Having the platform to speak openly and honestly allows us to see the differences in the spheres of thought, ideals, and perceptions that we have in this life, no matter where it may originate We may not always agree on things, but in getting different viewpoints on an issue of contention, even when the nature of that discussion may be controversial, it gives us a different lens to look through and level of understanding why a person s ideals may be the way they are, or even from where those ideals originate Censorship is the worst measure for contributing to learning, understanding, and the promotion of ideals It is the worst measure acting against enlightenment and coming to terms Sometimes, talking about something of controversy, especially when it comes against long held, strongly held ideals can hurt and it often does but being able to transcend that hurt, learn and understand things for what they are, and being able to move forward with that education brings new light and life to the person who bears witness to or is a part of it I don t know if that makes sense, but that s the best way I can phrase it at this time If we re discussing the Goodreads controversy so much of those contentions come from the misconceptions people have about bullying, about the nature of offense and what it means to be hurt by something, about what it means to give criticism and the nature of those criticisms, about professionalism and about the nature of the writing industry as a whole and what situations can be avoided versus those that are unavoidable I m frequently frustrated at what people call bullying in the writing industry, because by some erroneous definitions saying things that may hurt or things that are termed as mean with no distinctions on what or the severity of mean entails is bullying And I have to step up to the plate and say that s false, because as someone who used to be berated on aspects of my person such as my weight, my skin color, my height, my demeanor, among other things, for a prolonged period of time from people who didn t understand me and didn t want to understand me, who deliberately wanted to hurt and exert power over me over parts that they saw where I was weak or vulnerableI beg to differ I truly beg to differ There were times that I went to bed feeling so numb from the commentary my experience was primarily verbal bullying that I could not cry The numbness was probably from a sea of conflicting emotions It wasn t just sadness, it was frustration, it was wanting to say so many things, it was knowing what I knew to be right wrong and the nature of my own experience and person and wanting to tell the people who said those things where they were wrong and why, but they didn t see that They wouldn t talk, they wouldn t be open to talk, it was a power play, a domination That the aspects of my person made me lesser, not of worth, that whatever I said, did, contributed, aimed for was meaningless It was bullying And even now, sometimes I ask myself how I survived any of that, and was still able to do the things that I wanted to do with my life back then I would say it was a number of factors that aided me, even enlightened me, and I consider myself fortunate, though my experience doesn t speak for what others may endure or have endured But I will say that bullying isthan just feeling pain in a singular dimension, and we can t afford reduce the term down to where it encompasses anyone who may act in a way we say is mean or is contentious Bullying entails so muchthan that That said, I don t personally put one s experiences of pain or hardship on a scale to rank or juxtapose against others, but rather I recognize the situations themselves, the origin, their impact on said person s , and how to translate them I had a professor in my undergrad uni, in my Gender, Health and Illness class that said something along the lines of We may understand the clinical origins of one who suffers, and delineate terms in which to define it, but if we ignore the experiences of pain as voiced from the people who suffer within it and what factors may be exacerbating that pain, then we can never truly understand it So it s not that I lack understanding pain myself, or what it means to be hurt by something Nor is it that I lack understanding that people have different degrees or experiences in that measure, but we have to know the difference not just in the matter of enlightening others, but enlightening ourselves in how to deal with it, and recognize where contention may be present and why And that can t be done by just hearing one dimension or part of a situation, or stifling dialogue that can help bring discrepancies or agents matters of harm or contention to light So what does this have to do with Bless Me Ultima And you may at this point be saying Go figure, Rose This is not a book for everyone It s a coming of age story told in a magical realism realm that gives a very heavy examination of religious bargaining and critique If you are deeply religious, and especially if you are Catholic, this book might offend you I think some groups attempted to justify the banning of this particular book because of those critiques contrasts of religion and the matters in which young Antonio Tony has to come to terms with in this novel, alongside some of the mystical elements, but I honestly thought this was a wonderful story showing a boy who becomesmature from the questions he asks, from the contradictions he sees in his life, the experiences he has, and ultimately what he learns from the wisdom of the wise, elder Ultima Tony is a young boy who sounds wiser than his years, but unlike many special snowflake characters that one may see in YA books, Tony has his share of vulnerabilities Granted, he s six years old when the narrative starts, but we watch him grow as he goes through school, goes to church, learns what is expected of him, but also learns of the hardships, prejudices, and experiences he faces head on His curiosity to understand the life and the actions of people around him is both a blessing and a curse He meets Ultima when she comes to live with his family He thinks that he knows what his route in life will be and casts judgments against those he knows deviate from what he believes is a clear line of right and wrong But at the same time, when events transpire beyond his control, when questions he has are left unanswered from the sources that are supposed to give him understanding whether it s his family, his friends, his faith, among other things he starts to question and his questions have due weight in the root of his experiences and relationships I m not going to say that Anaya s narrative does this perfectly, especially with some overt pushes of ideology that don t settle well along the way, but I would say it does a very good job of getting into Antonio Tony s experiences I would also say that when the rolling action conflict comes into play when it comes to matters that put him and the people he loves in danger, especially in the root of assumptions and prejudices, it is a very well developed story I ll admit the ending still makes me misty eyed for what occurs, but I understood that this was the point where Antonio Tony realizes he s changed grown, and there are layers of depth in thinking back through every experience and relationship he s had, even as he debates his faith and will in consideration of what occurs to him and around him That I think makes this narrative worth reading, and even taking a step back from to consider the way we each view the world and what we know versus the things in life that never go the way we expect them to In any case, again, I know other people may not care for this narrative and I would say it has some flaws in turns of presentation, but I did very much enjoy this story for what it offered, and include it among my favorite stories I give it an extra half star for Robert Ramirez s well presented narration of it in the audio version Overall score 4.5 5 stars Mystical, magical coming of age losing people you love and dealing with religion Having to sort the many baskets of belief that are brought to your life by the people who surround you People who control you with love, who have authority over you in society, people you give your power to in exchange for friendship, for place, for things they all believe different things and there is a pivotal moment when you realize they all want you to join THEIR team the RIGHT team And there are important people who think they are THE most important people in your life and for them, there is no choice to be made their belief is, of course, your belief How could it be otherwise You are flesh of their flesh you look around and there are so many others who have different opinions and whisper sly whispers to help you see how things really are.It s a dark and scary world when you are coming up through those clouds and fogs and brilliant flashes and stories and songs and all is done in the name of God s and experiencing puberty and new expectations which apparently come with outrageous obligations all at the same time 12 18ish .oh, what a mess it can be Bless Me, Ultima reminded me of that terrifying time, that choosing time where everyone tells you it is the only choosing time you ll have in life Baloney We will be doing that choosing every single day we have on this precious planet All that philosophical blather is given as a backstory to this observation while reading BMU I was lost Often I got the chronology, roughly, and the characters mostly Still am not sure exactly who some folks are there s definitely some Mystical Magicals in the lineup And, a true desire for my very own Golden Carp tell me that is not just a transposed title anyway Halfway through I was itchy Never a good sign As I read through some of the reviews I note many added that this was an assigned reading the first time around I get that Had someone given this to me as a kid, a grade for finishing would have been required for me to get her done Heck, as a mostly grown up it was just that stubborn, you got to the 50% mark, you are required to finish rule that dragged me to the finish line I knew whatever happened to the owl was gonna happen to Ultima oh boy That s me getting in trouble with the spoiler monitors I ll stop Glad to have done it Might revisit one day, especially if I read another by this author.Word. Bless Me, Ultima is set in a small village on the edge of the plains the llano of New Mexico during the 1940s It is a coming of age novel from the Hispanic perspective Six year old Antonio must grapple with many conflicts as he strives to grow into a man in a multi faith, multi cultural setting.Antonio has been born into a Catholic family and looks forward to his first Communion, but he has many questions about his natal faith Paganism is native to this area of the Southwest and Antonio finds much to admire in this belief system Antonio has a keen eye and mind that is open to many ideas as he searches for what is true Both world views are present within his home His mother is a strong Catholic while his elderly aunt Ultima La Grande is a curandera healer who aligns with apagan world view with its focus on the natural world.Being in the Southwest, Antonio must also live in two cultures simultaneously His native tongue is Spanish When we first encounter Antonio, he speaks no English He learns the English language and Anglo culture at school and is such a quick learner that he is promoted directly from first to third grade after his first year at school He has a naturally inquiring mind that works well in a scholarly environment.Antonio s mother is extremely proud of her little scholar since she has aspirations for him to become a priest and fill a role that has been missing for generations from her agrarian family Antonio s maternal grandfather and uncles are the Lunas They are peaceful farmers connected to the land and the flowing of seasons Mama wants her Antonito to grow into a gentle and quiet man who fits into the Luna family mold Antonio s father hopes for his son to become, like all Marez men, a plainsman of the llano This group are a free spirited and wild bunch who prefer the wide open spaces and nomadic life Alongside this parental struggle to bestow identity upon their son, is Ultima who teaches Antonio the healing arts and encourages him to listen to his own mind and heart Ultima tells him that he must decide for himself what kind of man he will become.Antonio experiences change as a palpable thing that affects him deeply as he searches for identity and embarks on his journey to manhood I was transported back to that youthful hypersensitivity to change as Antonio tells his brother I don t know sometimes I get the feeling that I will come home, and it will all be changed It won t be the same any I could not tell him that I wanted the castle of giants to stand forever, that I wanted the goat path and the hill to be for always But I had misgivings, I was beginning to learn that things wouldn t always be the same.Bless Me, Ultima is a poignant novel that engaged my emotions while it wrapped me in beautiful prose that made it hard to put down each night I was drawn into the story I felt sadness and terror and confusion I also felt happiness and peace and hopefulness Anaya s descriptions of the natural world were absolutely stunning and, at times, brought me to tears I will not soon forget this book. Being a native of New Mexico, I always heard references to this book growing up I saw it in libraries, on recommended reading lists but never picked it up I finally decided to read it after being transplanted to CA and was a little homesick and wanted to read something that would bring me closer to home This is one of the books I reread every now and then because it brings my own childhood closer to me and reminds me of the sense of self in a small community like the one in Bless Me Ultima.I think the unique relationship between Antonio and Ultima was the most endearing to me and made me think of my own grandmothers There is a different pace to growing up in a rural community and the ties that Antonio had to family and traditions is something that I found familiar The beauty of the landscape and its people are beautifully written by Anaya I thought it would be a quaint book about life in New Mexico but it is a poignant coming of age story that discusses the familiar themes of the battle between good and evil, young and old, traditions and modernity I was sad when the story ended. Actual rating 2.5 stars.This is a hard review to write I read Bless Me, Ultima because it is frequently challenged, often banned, sometimes even burned I read it because it has been banished from Tucson classrooms and school libraries I read it because I live in a majority Mexican American community in a part of Arizona that until relatively recently was still part of the state of Sonora, Mexico And I read it because many readers have praised it.Anaya wrote his novel in 1972 Copies were confiscated and burned at a New Mexico school less than a year later Burning, it turned out, was not to be a one time aberration Bless Me, Ultima has fed the flames again and again the most recent incident happened in Norwood, Colorado, in 2005.My awareness of what is sometimes called Chicano pride literature began in January 2012, when Tucson Unified School District administrators cancelled Mexican American Studies classes in mid session, pulling novels and textbooks from students and teachers hands and packing them in boxes labeled banned books, a story that resulted in international outrage and made Arizona a laughingstock Bless Me, Ultima was one of TUSD s targets Why do non hispanics hate this novel The most often cited reason is that it contains profanity, violence, and sexuality It is true that the novel contains two instances of the word fuck More if you translate the word chingada, which appears so many times that if you were to eliminate all the other words, you d still have 20 pages of chingada Also, the kids in the story call each other cabr n a lot And there is violence But if there s any sex I must have missed it.Other challenges spell out what I consider to belikely objections the story is irreverent toward Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular, full of pagan mysticism, and frankly pro magic in that Ultima is a practicing medicine woman who uses her arts to stymie and even kill witches Which is all true, but neither here nor there in a society that respects the separation of church and state don t we all wish.Arizona State Schools Superintendent Tom Horne dared speak what I believe to be the real reasons behind white antipathy toward Bless Me, Ultima In interviews leading up to the infamous TUSD book bannings he characterized Mexican American studies and the books used in those classes as civilizational war and stated that in his view the histories of Mexican Americans and Native Americans are not based on Greco Roman knowledge and thus not part of Western civilization Oh, yes, he really did say that.So there you have the reasons Anaya s novel generates so much hate Now I come to the hard part, explaining why I didn t get much out of reading it I ll refer back to the 20 pages of chingadas and cabr ns, and a host of other Spanish and Indian words sprinkled throughout the narrative yes, it s worth it to note that Mexican Americans living near the US Mexico border use many Spanish and Indian words in everyday speech, but after a while I began to feel somewhat put upon by all this multiculturalism.Antonio keeps telling us Ultima is not a witch, but she has an owl as a familiar and she casts counter spells against three known brujas witches , killing two of them before she herself is killed not directly, but by the father of the witches, who kills the owl and thus Ultima So she s a witch C mon.Apart from Antonio and Ultima, the other characters are paper cutouts, acting and speaking in predictable ways It was interesting to see Antonio begin to question the teachings of the church and to embrace the paganism of Ultima and the mysterious golden carp, but that was all the excitement the novel offered, and Antonio s doubts grew tiresome after much repetition.It s an okay story I question how relevant it is to today s readers, but as a cornerstone of Mexican American literature it is undoubtedly important I m glad I read it, but having read it, I remain farinterested in the reasons white people hate it than I am in the novel itself.