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@Read Epub ì All Together Dead ⚧ Louisiana Cocktail Waitress Sookie Stackhouse Has Her Hands Full Dealing With Every Sort Of Undead And Paranormal Creature Imaginable And After Being Betrayed By Her Longtime Vampire Love, Sookie Must Not Only Deal With A New Man In Her Life The Shapeshifter Quinn But Also Contend With The Long Planned Vampire Summit The Summit Is A Tense Situation The Vampire Queen Of Louisiana Is In A Precarious Position, Her Power Base Weakened By Hurricane Damage To New Orleans And There Are Some Vamps Who Would Like To Finish What Nature Started Soon, Sookie Must Decide What Side She Ll Stand With And Her Choice May Mean The Difference Between Survival And All Out CatastropheAnd With HBO S Launching Of An All New Show, True Blood, Based On The Southern Vampire Novels, The Demand For Charlaine Harris And Sookie Stackhouse Is Bigger Than Ever My absolute favorite Sookie stackhouse to date A lot of stuff happens in this book, but towards the end the action is great and goes somewhere you weren t really sure Ms Harris would take you Sookie travels to a Vampire Summit with Queen Sophie Ann s entourage, which lends to some hilarious moments with different vamps and the fangbangers at their side Like I said before, there is a lot action then in previous books which is just exciting Plus Quinn and Eric play for sookie s interest When I started reading this series I was afraid it would follow the same old formula every time, but thats not really the case here and i m glad Charlaine Harris is building great stories one on top of the other and they are surely going to lead to something great. B 76% Good NotesWith scope and exposition, it s a sort of locked room mystery not really solved by speculation and conjecture. You know the worst thing about these books They re like cotton candy On face they look incredibly filling and satisfying but then you bite into them and the fluffy candy mass turns into so much sugar and you re just as hungry when you re finished as you were when you started Except now you re out of money and your mom wants you to ride the Ferris wheel with your little sister.I ve devoured all seven of the Sookie books and now I want , except there aren t any Yet No one should confuse these books for great literature, but they are sure as hell entertaining. OK, so I love the HBO series True Blood and wanted to learn , so, like a fool, I went to.com and bought a specially priced box set of the first 7 books What A Mistake.The first two books of the series, Dead Until Dark and Living Dead in Dallas were passable The author certainly has a great imagination, which is the foundation of great storytelling.But the main character, Sookie Stackhouse, telepathic waitress from Bon Temps, LA., is an unbearable, anti feminist, hypocritical and just downright bitchy female who turned me off so entirely I prayed for her death at the hands of any demon fairy vampire shifter plain old human.There are themes in some of these books that set my teeth on edge Sookie is raped yes although even the author calls it near rape later in the books by her ex boyfriend, Vampire Bill But, of course, he d been starved andwait for it he couldn t help himself Sound familiar But it gets better later that night, that very same night that she was viciously bitten, drained of nearly all her blood and raped by this man, she is comforted BY HIM and lies peacefully in his embrace I wish I were kidding He s REALLY sorry, ladies He wasn t himself Sookie s trauma is minimal Wow Maybe she can teach talent this to other women.Granted, vampires really aren t themselves when they re starved very few can show control, although some can But it seems to me that, given the history of rape not only in this country but worldwide, to set foot into this territory is dangerous and misogynist And it baffles the mind to believe, even if she did forgive him, that Sookie could stand to be in the same room, let alone be physically comforted, by her attacker only hours after the attack GAWD, did that one stick in my craw It was truly offensive.Later in the series, Sookie, working for money from vampires, who are clearly dangerous creatures and who have repeatedly put her life in terrible danger hey, but she needs the money, y all She s poor and she won t go beggin is able, with the help of fellow telepath Barry the Bellboy, to find live bodies in the rubble of a bombing which she has escaped These are the bodies of vampires and their human minions, mostly Charlaine Harris, the writer of the series, even goes so far as to mention 9 11 When Sookie is approached by the government in the form of an aging rescue worker, she and Barry run from him to hide their identities She doesn t want to use her powers for the government for search and rescue Yes, she would rather be a waitress who barely subsists, who has to work to make extra money for creatures who nearly kill her and regularly put her life in danger than work for the US government in search and rescue Cuz hey, ya ll, she loves her life in Bon Temps It s her life Well, yes, it sure is And what a great life it is, Sookie You re regularly beaten, raped, hospitalized, shot your life s in danger almost all the time, you ve been horribly betrayed and no one in your hometown likes you much as they think you are crazy Sookie for your curse what she calls the gift of telepathy Yeah, I can see why you d want to stay there and not help at bombing sites for good money doing good for actual regular humans Yup Sure.There are so many staggering leaps or lacks of logic in these books I can t even enumerate them The bombs set to kill them al in this book were left in UNCLAIMED BAGGAGE yes, in a post 9 11 America Like the bomb squad wouldn t have come in within hours of a hotel employee seeing unclaimed baggage with nebulous, almost unreadable tags Sure, Charlaine.Harris has a great imagination, but the sad fact is, the woman cannot write Her prose is boring, much of it is filler and she stuffs so many plots and sub plots into her books that it s tantamount to watching a Jerry Bruckheimer movie on steroids You want to scream, enough already after a certain number of ridiculous and unnecessary plot points Well, you just want to scream Also, the writing is somewhat hard to follow due to just plain bad writing and editing I had to re read simple sentences several times because I had no idea to what Harris was referring And the previously on Sookie plot synopses that pepper every novel after Dead Until Dark are clumsy and omnipresent In a numbered series, why is this even necessary Harris should ve given her ideas to Alan Ball, or a writer who could do them justice without the seemingly requisite dose of Harris misogyny, plot overload, skimpy character development and crap writing It could ve been a great fantasy world and Sookie could ve been a great character heroine But she is awful and the books are awful I take extreme exception to Sookie s character and its casual hypocrisy, false moralizing, general poor mouthing and above all, her willingness or compulsion to be a victim time after time after time, having learned nothing.But hey, she s so beautiful and all the supernatural men adore her, so isn t that enough These are romance novels with a lot of violence and some fantasy thrown in And they re not written as well as most romance novels, so that ought to scare you Hell, I ve seen better writing in fanfiction and that is downright scary.According to HBO threads, there s already Sookie hate and the True Blood Sookie is miles and miles better than the book Sookie , so there you have it.Perhaps the most maddening thing was that I really couldn t stop reading this series of awful I wanted simply to see what happened next Harris imagination is really great, but her characters, her tone, her abysmal writing and everything else, made me really dislike this entire series It was the strangest disconnect between great imagination and writing I ve ever encountered.Oh yeah and if Quinn said Babe one time, I was going to light the book on fire.