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This book was billed as horror paranormal and while not a huge horror fan I thought what the heck I am glad I did it is a unique combination that follows 5 Irish families and the deal they make with the mountain spirit to survive Rather than start at the beginning or the end this book starts in the middle and then you go back to get the back story and then forward to finish the book I thought this was a very good way to give you the information and back story without trying to dump it on The focus of this book is on the women because it s the women who have sacrificed to keep there end of the bargain The characters are well developed and the the story while the beginning of a series doesn t leave you with a cliffhanger ending While being told from multiple points of view it as a rule is not hard to follow Overall it is well written and an enjoyable read.I was provided a copy of this book in return for an honest review. At first I was a little put off by the way this story was told However, to give all the information and to keep the action moving, I can t really see any other way it could have been told The story begins with a young woman named Caroline at her wedding to Bobby Connelly The pair met in New York, but both of their families were from a very small area of Ireland and both families had ties back to Devlin s Mountain Caroline s mother had known Bobby s mother and although neither of them will say why, neither of them approve of the wedding The story takes you through the history of the Devlin family and their peculiar mythology Through the telling of Mary Devlin s story, you learn the history of the five families of Devlin s Mountain Through Caroline s story, you learn the modern threat to their line and see the unfortunate handwriting on the wall view spoiler Mary Devlin is the supposed last in the line of Devlin women who made a pact with the devil Slanaitheoir In exchange for the first born female through the Devlin line, the five families would be allowed free of their entrapment Every first born woman to the Devlin family then became the Whore of the Mountain and would serve Slanaitheoir until he freed them with their death and took the next of the line Mary tried to end the curse, but through Caroline s desperate need for children, she unwittingly birthed the next decedent to serve Slanaitheoir hide spoiler [Download E-pub] ♹ Devil's Mountain ⚆ You Will Hate Him For All That He S Taken, But You Will Love Him God Help You, You Will Love Him Mary Devlin Accepted Her Fate Years Ago, To Serve Slanaitheoir, The Mountain Spirit Who Saved Her Ancestors From The Irish Famine The Hauntingly Beautiful Woman Submitted To His Every Caress, His Every Humiliation, But He S Gone Too Far By Threatening Her Family Mary S Daughter In Law Is Now An Unwitting Pawn In The Fickle Spirit S Game Mary Must Challenge Her Fate And That Of All Future Devlin Women, But Slanaitheoir Is The Most Powerful Being In The Land And When Part Of Her Still Yearns For His Touch And Love, How Can She Fight Him And Win This book was nothing like I expected The summary for the book while it is intriguing tells very little about the book so I thought that this would be the typical paranormal fantasy romance read A bit of fluff and some magic or something of the like here and there Boy, was I ever wrong As soon as I started the book last night I was hooked I love how the book started off in the middle of the story and then switched to the beginning I m not sure why but I really enjoy it when authors employ that technique in their writing and the author for this book did it in a really great way I loved how the book was so dark, mysterious and at times it read much like a thriller novel The fact that the book itself has a lot of ties to Ireland as much of it takes place What I liked most about it is that there was mention of the area where I visited in the story The story was well written and kept me on my toes Just when I thought that I had figured out where the story line was headed the author decided to take me completely by surprise and did something with the story that I never would have thought to do I thought the characters were great My favourite character would have to be Caroline because she had so many bad things happen to her and those around her kept blaming her for things that were so far out of the realm of her control I couldn t believe that they were so harsh to her I really felt with her and it was though I was feeling all the things she felt which is pretty rare in such a short novel for the characters to be so developed I thought this one was a real gem and I can t wait to read books two and three and read about the Devlin women and the Slanaitheoir I highly recommend this book to those who want a short but dark read that fully engages the reader in the story Whether you re fans of the genre or not I think the book is one that is well worth the read and I think I ll be recommending this one left, right and center for a long while I received a free copy in exchange for my free and honest review I was not compensated in any way and all thoughts and opinions expressed therein are my own. I ve read two of Bernadette Walsh s other books and loved them However both of them fell into the Women s Fiction category, so I wasn t sure what to make of Devil s Mountain when I saw it was a paranormal.I m glad I gave it a shot Bernadette does a great job with creating characters that stick with you Plus it has those great paranormal elements, witches and an evil spirit.The story in an interweaving of two stories, Bobby and his wife Caroline and his mother Mary and Slanaitheoir a rather randy spirit The whole story around the Slanaiteoir is really intriguing, and I hope we learn about this Devil in the books to come.I like how Bernadette makes you change your perception of Mary from the first time you meet her at the rehearsal dinner til the end of the story It s Mary s story and back story that I liked the most over Caroline s.I absolutely loved this story Bernadette can really write in any genre My only gripe is that the story was only 119 pages long I want I have always been into Irish and Celtic based stories So this book caught my attention when I read the synopsis I love the combination of history and myth In this book, to me it made it seem even real My feelings for Caroline Changed multiple times during the duration of the book At first I liked her but then It came to the point when she said she would rather die if she could not have a child, My heart went out to Bobby at that point Bobby was one of my favorites from the beginning, with his good heart and How I would imagine sexy good looks Ever have a character you love to hate and you find yourself yelling why did you do that well for me Caroline was that person When she said she would rather die I knew something bad was going to happen, I was hoping it wouldn t be Bobby I blame her for everything that went wrong, but even with all of that in the end of the book I felt for her.The book follows Caroline as she falls in love and marries Bobby Devlin You watch them as they try for years to get pregnant and fail even trying IVF Once they are told there is no hope Caroline sinks into a depression and Bobby is afraid of losing his wife that he holds so dear In desperation thinking it will do her some good he decides to take her to Ireland, which is only the beginning of their problems.There are many twist and turns in this book that will keep you guessing The end of the book caught me off guard and has me clamoring to read what happens next I d like to see Caroline grow even as a person and leave the air head she once was in the dust I am adding Bernadette Walsh to my list of authors to watch for new books to read and the Devlin Legacy series to my must read book list. Caroline Collins is marrying Bobby Connelly yet her mother Nellie objects to this marriage Nellie believes that Caroline is in danger and says that Caroline will regret not listening to her After visiting Ireland on holiday, Nellie believes that Caroline made a deal with the devil to become pregnant Nellie refuses to believe Caroline did not and moves to another state far away from Caroline Meanwhile Mary Connelly is happy for her son yet glad Caroline is finally pregnant She worries about them hopes and prays nothing will happen their family What she doesn t count is Caroline s desire for another child Caroline unknowningly makes a deal for another child, doesn t realize the cost The Slanaintheoir is unhappy with Mary seeks a way around the Develin agreement Mary fears for her granddaughter s life, she blames Caroline for all that is happening Will Caroline see reason Will Mary stop Slanaintheoir s plans Will Caroline believe in Slanaintheoir Will Kathy be spared Your answers await you in Devil s Mountain. I was given this by the author in exchange for an honest review R2R program, Lovers of the Paranormal While I thoroughly enjoyed this story, it left me wanting This is me being greedy for details I guess, about the characters and what not The characters are believable, the landscape she conjures is beautiful, how could it not be, being Ireland P and the story itself is really grabbing I found myself a little lost at some points in the story, and I would have to back track a couple of sentences to make sure I hadn t missed something, with where we were at that time Whether we were in Ireland or in the US I liked the concept of the chapters being centred around one characters point of view, I find that you can sometimes get a better grasp on each person when it s told like this.I wish I new about Him though, and his history Maybe of that will come out in the next Loved the ending btw Thanks for letting me read I received this book from the Author for an honest review.In each book I read, I either have to like the character as a person, or at least understand them their tone, their actions, and their motives In Devil s Mountain, this seemed to be secondary I understood both main characters, but they almost seemed like filler to the real story This wasn t a bad thing I can t think of a single book I ve read that the characters seemed less important than the actual story, and it work for the book Great job on that, Bernadette The real focus on this book was the legend that it told This was a fantastic read This story is told from 2 different women s point of view but no point do you get confused about who you re reading Each chapter is a POV change, and the person s name is the chapter title.The book moves smoothly and every character is well defined Though the book was decent in length, it almost felt like a short story because of how easy it was to move through it I cannot wait to read the sequel. Caroline Collins married the love of her life Bobby Connelly was perfect for her It was like a fairytale, right up to the rehearsal dinner That s when things started to get ugly The arrival of Bobby s beautiful mother, Mary, sparked some old memories or were they old wives tales Caroline s mother, Nellie, suddenly began spouting superstitions, accusing Mary of having made a pact with the devil Apparently Nellie and Mary had grown up in the same mountain society in Ireland Nellie tried to warn Caroline of the danger.Caroline brushed off her mother s warnings and the wedding took place Her mother was never the same In fact, Nellie even moved out of state, creating distance from the couple.Life was wonderful for the newlyweds until they faced the devastating news that Caroline could not conceive a child She saw the finest specialists in Manhattan They all agreed she would never get pregnant Caroline was distraught She would do anything to get pregnant anything She quickly spiraled into a black depression.Bobby only wanted happiness for Caroline He couldn t watch her slip away He knew there was only one answer.The newlyweds decided to take a trip back to Ireland A change of scenery would do them good Life on the mountain was like entering another world There was something very frightening, and yet there was so much beauty and pleasure to be had Most importantly, Bobby was able to get Mary s promise that she would arrange for Caroline to become pregnant However, she insisted that Caroline could only have one baby no That was the deal.Caroline conceived on the mountain.The couple returned to Manhattan and life continued happily for the family of three With the addition of their lovely baby boy, it appears that their family is complete Caroline felt differently She feels a strong desire for another child and she unknowingly makes her own deal with the devil the Slanaintheoir Once the deal is done, life will never be the same There are a series of ugly events that lead to Carolinas return to the mountain Because of Caroline s actions, Mary must try to stop the chain of events that will end in horror for an innocent girl She blames Caroline and makes no secret of it Caroline had inadvertently given Slanaintheoir even power He now held lives in his hands and his diabolical plans would ruin lives for centuries Will Mary be able to bargain with Slanaintheoir Is it too late You ll have to visit Devil s Mountain to find the answers.