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Spoilers A Very Long, Ranty and Disorganised ReviewWhat the hell was this I thought Once Burned was an okay read it was cliched and predictable but it had its entertaining moments I obviously didn t expect much from Twice Tempted but I didn t think it d be this fucking awful It was positively horrible I m even pissed because I loved Cat and Bones s books even though the last few have been boring and I quite liked Spade and Mencheres s books too Sadly, Vlad s books make me want to throw up It was like no effort or thought or imagination were put into his books They re bloody awful.I loved Vlad in the Night Huntress series, he was mysterious, attractive, funny and caring I couldn t wait to read his spin off Unfortunately, he turned into a dull, cliched loser I could have coped with that if not for the fact that he was paired with a boring clingy doormat who had no self respect Ugh Leila was kind of blah in the first book but in this one she was down right annoying I was hoping she would drop dead and Vlad s vampires would just dump her in a dustbin And then maybe Vlad could disappear for a century or two to cleanse himself of all that Leila awfulness so he could return with an actual personality No such luck though.The worst thing about Twice Tempted was Vlad and Leila They were boring, insufferable, cliched, pathetic, lame, rubbish and cringey.If I was Leila I would have stopped whining and told Vlad to fuck off, then had sex with that other vampire bloke and kept him on the side for his super healing blood, and then joined the carnival again and become a free loving hippie Did Leila do that No, she just whined and moaned like a cow.If I was Vlad, I would have impaled Leila and not in a sexy way I would have used dozens of metal pikes to slowly kill her What did Vlad see in Leila She was the worst I think that Leila just wore Vlad down and forced him into having feelings for her I don t think Vlad truly loved Leila, she was unloveable and he treated her like shit for too long to make me believe he loved her.A breakdown of Vlad and Leila s relationship Leila I love you so so so so so so so much Do you be also loving me Vlad No.Leila Please please pwease be wuving me Me no like how you torture people It no nice I loving you lots yea You please loving me Thank you, please.Vlad No Fuck off.Leila I go now Remember I be always loving you I no be loving you being the cold torturer bastard but I still loving you.Vlad That makes no sense Leila Vlad being so evul and mean I love him so so much What do now Other Vampire Dude Vlad is despicable Why on earth do you love him Leila You no understand I hate him because he evul but I love him, all of him Why no one understand that It being so simple I love the Vlad but I hate the Vlad personality You see why I loving him Vlad I built you a toilet Let s get married.Leila A toilet and a marriage A toilet must be meaning you loving me All I ever being wanted is the toilet Vlad I bought you toilet paper too.Leila I being the luckiest girl in the whole widest world I be getting a toilet and a toilet paper that be meaning I being the loved like no other All other girl being jealous of my toilet Leila Vlad, come Come watching me on the toilet machine Look what I do Vlad Ugh.Fin.Other Random Thoughts Leila leaves Vlad because she s a loser and he s a douche She goes back to her carnie life and mates and then someone blows up her trailer Naturally, Leila puts on her Mary Sue knickers and investigates Yes, it was as boring as it sounds Leila s voice and attitude was beyond irritating She sounded like a tween girl instead of a grown woman She said things like Yuck, this days sucks, Eat me TMI, If Hell could fart, it would smell like this, I was chillaxin And she also burped in a vampire s face She was so immature and childish And the way Leila kept monologuing about how slutty she was really pissed me off The silly cow has only had one sexual partner yet she calls herself slutty I was sick of Leila s inner fucking voice I felt like I was reading 50 Shades of Grey Oooh my inner voice said this and oooh my inner voice is saying that now It wasn t cute or endearing, it was just annoying How dumb was Vlad when he made a big song and dance about Leila and then presented her with something that looked like an engagement ring box Of course, she would have thought he was proposing He was so thick And why would he even offer to make her a vampire without discussing it with her first It was dumb.And Leila was just as stupid Why would she get happy that he was proposing when they d only been dating for a few months and when Vlad hadn t even told her he loved her What a silly cow I thought it was dumb that Leila didn t clock on to the fact that her dreams of Vlad were actually real It was so fucking obvious I think Leila only loved Vlad because he was powerful, attractive and immune to her powers It was a shallow and superficial love Why the fuck was there a description of a love triangle in the synopsis It was the lamest love triangle ever It wasn t even a love triangle.Maximus never stood a chance Leila was obsessed with Vlad, she wasn t torn about who she wanted Maximus wasn t even competition for Vlad Lame The synopsis is misleading, I was expecting a love triangle but got nothing Leila s thoughts were similar to a tween girl with a crush It was all so cringey, pathetic, cheesy, cliched and desperate Leila was boring as fuck What does Vlad see in her I lost all respect for Leila when she was begging Vlad to love her, and I hated her when she said she d stay with him if he could one day possibly love her WTF Basically she would have stayed with him for years loving him and not being loved back because there was a small chance he might one day love her Ugh Have some self respect girl It was obvious that Vlad never loved Leila He was always cold to her, plus it took him ages to build her that fucking toilet she wanted I can t buy the love between a hero and heroine when the hero watches the heroine suffering because he refuses to say he loves her.If he had loved her he wouldn t have hurt her or watched her be in pain, all because he couldn t say three fucking words.Vlad being occasionally growly and possessive doesn t translate into love If Leila s life hadn t been threatened would Vlad have even bothered with her again No She would have grown old, bitter and alone dreaming about Vlad and Vlad would have just replaced her with another lover Vlad pushed Leila so far that she had to use her powers to prove that she loved him which led to her dying Bones Mencheres Spade would never make Cat Kira Denise feel so shit that they felt like they had to kill themselves to show that they were worthy of Bones and co s love Vlad only gave Leila the time of day because she killed herself for him.Bones and co can show affection and softness when they re around Cat and co but does Vlad show any affection towards Leila No, he treats her like he treats everyone else, like shit When he s with Leila he just acts a little hornier Yet I m meant to believe Vlad s deeply in love with Leila How is being horny and kind of possessive love I think Leila and Vlad have some feelings for each other but I don t believe that they re each others one true love or whatever I think that Leila loves him in a way a tween girl loves their favourite pop star And I think Vlad has some feelings for her because 1 She was a virgin when he fucked her and 2 He s intrigued by her unique powers Vlad s true love was his first wife he was mourning her for centuries and he s never gotten over her, and her death changed him completely Leila has never and will never elicit those sort of feelings and change in Vlad I actually wish Vlad s HEA could have been with his reincarnated first wife or something maybe then he d be a three dimensional character instead of the caricature that he is I don t find Vlad s flat, dark, cliched, cold, broody personality attractive AT ALL maybe with his first wife he could have shown a different side and shown some depth to his character Instead he s with boring pathetic desperate Leila who he either ignores, belittles or acts possessive or lusty towards And that s not enough for me to believe that he 1 Loves her and 2 Has a layered and complex personality I found Vlad s sudden commitment to Leila bizarre One minute he was cold and uninterested and the next he wanted marriage and couldn t stop saying I love you to Leila It was dumb and I didn t buy what Vlad was saying because there was very little evidence to support his I love you s The wedding was rubbish there was nothing romantic about it, probably because it was rushed and because Vlad and Leila s love was shallow at best It was grating how Leila described Vlad every time she saw him I already know he s fit and wears sexy clothes I don t need to be told a thousand bloody times I was pissed that Leila was treated like shit by all of Vlad s vampires as soon as she broke up with him She thought they were her friends but they turned their backs on her as soon as she wasn t fucking Vlad Basically all her friendships with Vlad s vampires were false and reliant on Leila being Vlad s girlfriend Nice The only reason the other vampires are friendly to her at the end was because she was with Vlad again So Leila has to live centuries with a bunch of vampires who only pretend to like her because she s dating Vlad What a bunch of fuckers Leila treated Maximus like shit Marty and Maximus were the only decent characters I got sick of Leila talking about her twagic scar Get over it She acted like she was disfigured and ugly She obviously wasn t Loads of fit guys fancied her and it couldn t have been for her rubbish personality so it must have been because she was gorgeous Oh boo hoo, poor Leila has a little scar on her beautiful face Ugh Leila s sister and dad treated her like shit They ve not been a part of her life for years and they ve shown no interest in her but as soon as she becomes a part of the vampire world, they re all up in her arse.I liked that Leila s sister slapped her though, I would have liked it if her sister wasn t such an awful character Ugh Really The cliched jealous ex girlfriend that can t get over the hero because he s just that desirable Give me a break The characters were cliched, the writing was flat and the story was predictable and dull.Skip Vlad s books because they re utter rubbish It s filled with one dimensional characters, a loveless and passionless romance and an unimaginative story If you want to read a half decent vampire romance then read Cat Bones s, Spade Denise s and Kira Mencheres s books They re not perfect but unlike Twice Tempted, they are romantic and fun. Once burned.twice temptedSo good Leila is furious Maybe it is because Leila has lost her gift and she feels helpless.Maybe it is because Vlad does not seem to care for her needs There is no bathroom in his room Maybe it is because Vlad wants to make her a vampire Doesn t he like the fact that she is a puny human Maybe it is because this wedding proposal is not offeredSoLeila leaves Vlad and surprisingly Vlad lets her abandoning him.Leila goes back at US, but Martin has already found a replacement, new enemies appear and some old friends although they seem like they want to help cannot be trusted Maximus, what are you trying to do Leila is penniless and desperate.Has Vlad really let her leave himYou should be afraid Very afraid Before, I told you if you wanted to end things between us, I would let you go, but, Leila his voice deepened I lied This is another incredible book It has everything angst, mystery, desperation, bad and not so bad vampires, unconditional love and finally a first class, amazing wedding with many friends.Vlad and Leila, congratulationsAs if I d settle for anything less than making you completely mine, as soon as possible He was so close his features were a blur, yet his eyes had never gleamed brighter I closed mine and it made no difference I could still see his through the shield of my lids I am yours, I whispered, and it wasn t only a statement It was a promise. JerkRuthlessSardonic HeartlessColdDistantManipulativeCruelIn short Vlad was pretty much an ass in this book To those who only read Night Prince they would see him that way but I ve read the entire Night Huntress Series and Night Huntress World so I kind of know where he was coming from Quite frankly I m a little disappointed because I felt he lost some of his edge I thought he became soft Hehe Leila got to him view spoiler The marriage thing was a little too soon for me but who am I Vlad did it to please Leila, some kind of human formality thing.I also felt bad for Vlad because he lost two of his closest friends I was getting the traitor vibe from Maximus but Shrapnel I didn t see that one coming Too bad, I really liked him hide spoiler You know, Vlad was just so awesome in this one However, I can already see him slipping into Frost s default whatever you wish, darling male characters I would really like if the character remained mostly the same as they were before meeting their love But I wish the ending wasn t so fast It ended when it was finally interesting Wonder when we will see Maximus again. 5 Searing Stars That s what I m talking about BURN BABY BURN Vlad set me on Fire FINALLY we get the sexy, snarky Vlad we have come to love from The Night Huntress series This book was so much better than the first one Leila grew into her character and Vlad has come back to us They will never be Cat and Bones, and I wouldn t want them to be, but they are a unique fun couple in their own right The steam factor was off the charts, they don t call him The Impaler for nothing Actually it s for other reasons, but in my mindwell you get the picture I loved the witty banter between Vlad and Leila, which usually led to impaling snicker When we entered the first chamber of the dungeon, the stench made me recoil It smelled like someone had mixed together kerosene, rotten fruit, stale blood, urine, and dog shit, then blown it up How had I not noticed this before I wasn t even breathing, but the rancid odor found its way into my nose anyway This place stinks Did the guards forget to spray Febreze Vlad asked in mock indignation Then he gave me a jaded look It s a dungeon, Leila They re supposed to smell Vlad, he s so old school and barbaric, yet such a modern man I listened to this book on audio and then went back and read my favorite parts I love the audio version and Tavia Gilbert does an amazing Vlad, Romanian accent and all When he says Leila long and drawn out Leeiiiiiilaaaa it just made me melt This book gave me that feeling I had when I first read Halfway to the Grave Plenty of action, world building, fantastic secondary characters, a real page turner I m excited to see where this series is going, and I can t wait to spend time with Vlad and Leila Jeaniene Frost, you did good I had a pic I was going to post of Vlad, but when I saw Dorsey s, I put mine aside because she nailed it This is the picture I will have in my head as I continue to read this series She also posted some of my favorite quotes and wrote a great review Our love for Vlad shows no bounds, does it my friend We are Vlad groupies Dorsey gifted me my own Vlad pic to post on my review He s so perfect, thank you my dear sweet friend MUAH The Impaler Vlad I really, really don t know what to do with this book I can t even decide how to rate it I change my mind every ten minutes It had moments where I wanted to clap my hands and have a little happy dance and then I d read something and want to close the book and save myself the disappointment I wanted to cry at some points because all my expectations turned to dust SPOILERS I d decided I wouldn t use spoilers for this one but I don t know how to do it and explain at the same time why I was disappointed, so spoilers it is.I will begin by saying that this Vlad has nothing to do with the Vlad from Night Huntress, he doesn t even resemble the mundane edition of him from Once Burned I want the unyielding, arrogant, heartless, full of dark humor SOB he once was back view spoiler This Vlad was wrapped around Leila s finger for the better part of the book like a schoolboy with his first crush He kept threatening her with ramifications to her decisions, and then he forgave her every time As if that wasn t enough, he had to go out of his way to give her everything she wanted in the end And I do mean every single thing, even the ones that he d promised never to give.I can t believe I m saying it but my favorite moment in the book with him was when he broke Leila s heart At least at that point he was the Vlad I knew and loved you knowCold, cruel, cynical hide spoiler 4.5 StarsMy Vlad aka Prince of Darkness I still don t understand what happened to the characters I met in the first book.I really enjoyed the first book I liked both Vlad and Leila I loved the whole mystery surrounding his character, his darkness, his arrogance and his possessive unapologetic behavior I loved Leila s innocence, her bravery and her struggle to understand and control her powers I also like that she feared him, but at the same time felt this uncontrollable pull towards him But in this book I almost didn t recognized her She was whiny, demanding, constantly nagging him What I dislike the most about this book was the fact that she made her decisions based on assumptions instead of actual facts For me, the story started to go south pretty early in the book WARNING SPOILERS The whole scene with the ring was ridiculous I understand why she would assume that, but her reaction to it was very childish First of all, if there was anything to be pissy about it was the fact that he wanted to turn her into a vampire But she didn t dwell on it for very long She started to nag him why he haven t said I love you to her Let s back up a little When she first saw the jewelry box she started to squirm in her seat and couldn t wait to say yes even without his I love you, so why complain about it afterwards Vlad have lived, loved, hated, suffered and killed for hundreds of years He s a vampire who doesn t live by our mortal rules I would say she had a thing or two to learn from him I was on his side when it came to the whole I love you thing Words His tone sharpened I shared my house, my bed, and my blood with you, as well as offered you a place in my life forever What are words compared to that He was trying to tell her that actions speak louder than words, which is true, but she was still stomping her foot and pushing him to tell her that he loved her And when he didn t she told him it was over It was so annoying Another thing that I didn t like was cartoon like descriptions Which made it hard for me to get into the story and take it seriously Leila comparing the remains on a deck to a lasagna and the crime scene at the hotel she compared to a Swiss cheese You ve got to be kidding me I expected to be scared, grossed out or creeped out, but it was written to sound like an anecdote It s a story about a prince of darkness, is it not Not an episode of The Simpsons I thought that her constantly calling him ex boyfriend completely ruined and emasculated his character Why don t you just call him Vlad But she made it sound like he was some nerdy boy next door Here are some of WTH lines Come on, I silently urged Drill, baby, drill I d soon smell like eau de slut Then, there was a reason why Vlad brought her back to Romania for the second time If I do nothing when someone attempts to blow up and then kidnap my former lover, my enemies will think I m weak and attack of my people But that is the complete apposite Your enemies will think you are week if you try to hide every ex lover you ever had It shows your weakness Isn t that what they do, exploit them The author needed to come up with a better reason for him to bring her with him, because this one didn t make any sense.Then, the scene where her sister slapped her Is that the first thing you do after you find out your sister Is alive Don t even get me started on the whole wedding thing It was beyond silly First, it was to late, then too soon and then not soon enough.Suddenly the I love you s started flying left and right, and the proposal out of the blue And, the wedding, which had to happen the same day The dress got designed and made the same day Vlad also managed to invite 2000 people in that short amount of time One day END OF SPOILERS They managed to completely forget that there was a killer on a loose, hungry for revenge.The only characters I liked was Vlad and her father, who was a man of reason I didn t finished the book, I stopped at 61% because I just couldn t take any of that silliness.I m sorry to say, but I won t be reading any books in the series But I hear that Jeanine s Frost Night Huntress series is quite good, I ll go and try that instead. 5 Mrs Dracula StarsFirst read 3 4 2014 Reread 12 5 2015 Spoilers The dress, the fancy dinner, all your flattering words, then the jewelry box I ticked the items off on my fingers Really, what was I supposed to think His snort cut me to the bone Anything but that You and I have been together mere months Do you know how insignificant that is to someone my age A fresh wave of hurt made my tone scalding Yes, you re almost six hundred years old, but in today s world, when you say things like eternal bond before giving your girlfriend a ring sized box, there s usually only one kind of ring in it Leila and Vlad It hurts too much to be close to you, but continually pushed away His expression changed to disbelief You re leaving me Leila and Vlad Twice Tempted , the 2nd book in the Night Prince Series, was better then the first And that is saying a lot because the first one was awesome So much happens in this book Wow lets just see if I can remember to name it all Okay so the book picks up right where the last one left off Leila and Vlad are having problems because Leila is worried that Vlad don t want her any because she lost her power they don t know if it s temporary or not Vlad tries to show Leila that he still wants her by giving her his sire line ring meaning he wants to turn her into a vampire at a fancy dinner in front of a lot of people which lead to Leila and Vlad having a huge embarrassing misunderstanding that leads to them breaking up Tell me you love me and I ll stay Hell, tell me you ll be open to the IDEA of loving me and I ll stay Tell me anything except to resign myself to always ranking a distant second to the coldness you keep wrapping around your heart Leila In the past month, I ve been rejected, blown up, shot at, drugged, and kidnapped, but I d rather go through all of that again than hold your hand while acting like like everything that happened between us doesn t matter My voice cracked Maybe it doesn t to you, but even being around you hurts and I can t pretend that touching you won t be a thousand times worse LeilaLeila leaves Vlad and goes back to stay with Marty Then someone tries to kill Leila, Maximus saves Leila then they try to find who tried to kill her Then she and Maximus get kidnapped Then she kicks some major ass and gets ahold of Vlad to help Then her and Vlad get back together Then they get married Then someone tries to kill her a few times Then she dies and becomes a vampire Then there is some awesomely dirty blood sex they are so naughty Then they hunt down the people that tried to kill Leila I think I got it all Pfff See a lot happened I d want our wedding to be special I don t have a dress, you don t have a best man, and instead of flowers, we have corpses on poles decorating the front of the house Flowers are on the way, as is my best man, three seamstresses are ready to make any dress you desire, and I ll have the corpses taken down, he replied without missing a beat Leila and VladMy father cast a calculated look at the items on the silver serving tray in front of him Vlad flashed him a charming smile You d never succeed For a second, I didn t understand Then my mouth fell open Dad You were not thinking of stabbing my fiance with a silver knife Vlad and Leila You think I object because he s a vampire my father snapped If you were marrying Marty, I d give my blessing because he s a good man He a finger stabbed in Vlad s direction is not I sighed You saw the corpses on the lawn, didn t you My father let out a scoff As if I couldn t tell before that I told you, Leila, I can read people, and without a doubt, Vlad is the most violent person I ve ever met Leila s dad and Leila Yesterday, I woke up in the infirmary still nursing a broken heart Today, I woke up in Vlad s bed as Mrs Dracula What a difference a day made If you introduce yourself to anyone as Mrs Dracula, I ll bite you in a manner you won t enjoy I smiled without opening my eyes Some things didn t change, like Vlad being grumpy when he first woke up I m quaking with fear Leila and VladAt the start of the book I have to say I was so embarrassed for Leila I actually felt it I think I blushed and everything And Vlad I wanted to kick his ass He was so stupid not to see how that ring party would look But when they got back together Vlad melted my heart and made me fall in love with his complex, dark self all over again The thing I love about Vlad is that even though he falls in love it doesn t change who he is He is still Vlad to his core I love him and Leila together I love that Leila doesn t back down to Vlad either Vlad is a strong person he could never love a weak person Poor Vlad I feel bad for him when he was betrayed by a friend Cat makes a cameo appearance after the wedding which made me miss Bones and Cat Good thing their book is up next The story was a great addition to The Night Huntress Universe If you love PNR or Urban fantasy you should check this whole series out starting with Bones and Cat Love is a terrible weakness It gives your enemies a perfect target, clouds your judgment, makes you reckless and that s on a good day His hands continued their caressing path to my waist, their heat barely diminished by the thin material of my robe On a bad day, he went on, his voice turning harsh, it can destroy you I never wanted to subject myself to that again, so yes, I kept you at arm s length I even let you leave to prove to myself that you meant no to me than my previous lovers And then Martin called, telling me you d been killed His grip tightened painfully before he released me, his hands clenching into fists at his sides I didn t care about anything then Not crushing my enemies, protecting my people, or how maddening you were by expecting me to behave like a modern man, as if I could shrug off half a millennium of living, based on your whim Vlad This place stinks Did the guards forget to spray Febreze Vlad asked in mock indignation Then he gave me a jaded look It s a dungeon, Leila They re supposed to smell Mission accomplished The stench might have actually killed my new appetite If Hell could fart, it would smell like this Leila and Vlad `Download Book ☠ Twice Tempted ✗ Dating The Prince Of Darkness Has Its ChallengesLeila S Psychic Abilities Have Been Failing Her, And Now She Isn T Sure What The Future Holds If That Weren T Enough, Her Lover, Vlad, Has Been Acting Distant Though Leila Is A Mere Mortal, She S Also A Modern Woman Who Refuses To Accept The Cold Shoulder Treatment Forever Especially From The Darkly Handsome Vampire Who Still Won T Admit That He Loves HerLike Choosing Between Eternal Love And A Loveless EternitySoon Circumstances Send Leila Back To The Carnival Circuit, Where Tragedy Strikes And When She Finds Herself In The Crosshairs Of A Killer Who May Be Closer Than She Realizes, Leila Must Decide Who To Trust The Fiery Vampire Who Arouses Her Passions Like No Other Or The Tortured Knight Who Longs To Be Than A Friend With Danger Stalking Her Every Step Of The Way, All It Takes Is One Wrong Move To Damn Her For Eternity