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!Ebook ♺ Days of Blood & Starlight ♺ Once Upon A Time, An Angel And A Devil Fell In Love And Dared To Imagine A World Free Of Bloodshed And WarThis Is Not That WorldArt Student And Monster S Apprentice Karou Finally Has The Answers She Has Always Sought She Knows Who She Is And What She Is But With This Knowledge Comes Another Truth She Would Give Anything To Undo She Loved The Enemy And He Betrayed Her, And A World Suffered For ItIn This Stunning Sequel To The Highly Acclaimed Daughter Of Smoke Bone, Karou Must Decide How Far She Ll Go To Avenge Her People Filled With Heartbreak And Beauty, Secrets And Impossible Choices, Days Of Blood Starlight Finds Karou And Akiva On Opposing Sides As An Age Old War Stirs Back To LifeWhile Karou And Her Allies Build A Monstrous Army In A Land Of Dust And Starlight, Akiva Wages A Different Sort Of Battle A Battle For Redemption For HopeBut Can Any Hope Be Salvaged From The Ashes Of Their Broken Dream A a wholeyearuntil the next book comes out I can t..I can t. snaps OHMIGOD I CANT W8 I CANT I REALLY CANT AHHHHH OMGOMGOMG THIS IS GOING 2 TAKE 4EVER ND I WANT IT NOW I NEED MORE AKIVA AND KAROU Y DOES THIS HV 2 TAKE SOOOOOOOOOOOO LIKE LONNNGGG WoahhhhhhhDid I just have a total trolly fan girl rantover a bookTaylorI think.I think I just need to go sit down I feel sowoozyThis series just does such weird things to me looks at the release date againOoooooOoooOooohhhhhhh Reread with For Love Of A Book This book is amazing and it made me cry for really sad things and really good things and just OMG Once upon a time, an angel and a devil held a wishbone between them And it s snap split the world in two God Karou is living with the evil freaking Thiago and the other chimaera They are all hateful and evil with the exception of a few But I won t go into that without giving away some major spoilers that you need to read for yourself OMG Karou is now the resurrectionist, she took over Brimstone s old job But she is making things for Thiago that are horrific anddeadly The war between the seraphim and chimaera is neverending Once upon a time, the sky knewthe weight of angel armies on the move, and the wind blew infernalwith the fire of their wings There is blood and guts and savagery in this book I mean why wouldn t there be in a war And poor Karou is not where she wants to be, she s not in the life she wants to be in, she wants her friends back The nicer chimaera, but we can t always get what we want, although, sometimes things do come back And poor Akiva He s back with Hazael and Liraz fighting against the chimaera He thinks Karou is dead until he finds out she s not And one day she does forgive him for something he did, he didn t know, he just didn t know And then Zuzana Karou s best friend and Mik Zuzana s boyfriend show up at the creepy monster house to visit Karou God, if they only knew what they were getting into and thank God at that time Thiago needed Karou or they would have been supper But it was so much fun with the days that Zuzana and Mik were there There was so much laughter in with all of the horrific stuff I really want those guys as my best friends too Along with Karou and I want my own Akiva Thiago is doing horrible things to his people in order to make them stronger He s also a jerk that does bad things to his people for other reasons too But sometimes, a woman is just a bit smarter than the evil ruler Stick that in your pipe and smoke it buddy I m so freaking happy over this book Well, okay accept of the crying and some other things MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List What are we fighting for What are we killing for What do you see when you look into the futureGone are the first book s spunkiness and lightheartedness, andthankfullythe annoying romance angleeven though the deceiving and useless cover of this book may wrongly lead you thinking otherwiseInstead the darkness and dirt and tiredness and betrayals and pain and weariness and hopelessness and violence and vengeance and grim determination set in, and it is so muchrealized and gripping and touching than I hoped having lived up to the promise that the first book in the series was trying to set up Days of Blood and Starlight are filled with blood and not that much starlight, after all This book does not shy away from pulling gut punches, sometimes in a dirty way And I loved it A dream dirty and bruised is better than no dream at all. It s not often that a sequel is stronger than it predecessor, but it s the case here Laini Taylor unflinchingly minimized the wonder and cuteness and romance and instead focused on creating a rich landscape devastated by war, and characters wounded and scarred by it, and yet caught in the relentless cycle of violence which breedsof the same In the cycle of slaughter, reprisal begat reprisal, forever. Karou is hardly recognizable as the spunky blue haired girl full of vitality that we came to love She lost everything she held dear and permanent in her life, and is barely a shell of her old self, consumed by regret and shame and guilt which, honestly, she really does not deserveand the frequently annoying in its persistent cheerfullness presence of Zuzana is a painful reminder of how different Karou s life has becomeShe is a shell shocked survivor, and she tries to navigate her way through this new world in a daze, relying on pain and wearing herself out The fire seems to be gone out of her for a while as she resigns herself to being a necessary albeit unwanted and resented player in the game a puppet to be tolerated until she can be replaced She does what she thinks needs to be done and there is nothing warm and fuzzy or comforting about it I have a soft spot for reading about those scarred by painful experiences, and Karou wins my heart with her plight And yet she is determined and strong, withsteel in her backbone than I can imagine because who could have doubted that she will eventually find her way Be your own place of safety, she told herself, straightening No crossbar in the world could protect her from what lay ahead, and neither could a tiny knife ticked in her boot though there her tiny knife would most certainly remain and neither could a man, not even Akiva She had to be her own strength, complete unto herself. Karou resourceful, strong, level headed, self sufficient you are still welcome to join my literary BFFs circle Really.And on the other hand, we have Akiva the hated at least by me romantic interest from the first book, who and that s a tribute to Laini Taylor s skill, I must say unexpectedly has enough character development for me to come to understand him and even grudgingly respect him Akiva genuinely is trying to set things right and not only because of his love for Karou but also, it appears, because of realizing how little cruelty and vengeance are actually worth He is allowed to develop on his own, and not just as a part of a standard cutesy couple that he almost became with Karou many moons ago The big theme of this book, the one that kept resonating with me, was the futility of violence and the longing for compassion and mercy and peace The uselessness of adhering to theeye for an eyeapproach to vengeance and violence is repeated over and over and over again Because, as we have seen so many times in our real world, the natural compulsion is to answer violence withof the same, to wreck vengeance, to make the other side feel your pain Many seemingly righteous wars, even recently, have been started on this idea, and the results of them have never been satisfying, have never been worth it instead, onlysuffering and pain was dealt to those caught in the middle of the fighting Breaking something is always easier than building something new but it is rarely a sustainable solution to the problem It seems so devastatingly simple but yet so often overlooked, so often trampled in the search ofrewarding justice which causespain The vicious cycle, isn t it The futility of it is so obvious in literature, like this book, but why are we so blind to it in real life I can easily see this book not having such a following as the first book in the series did because of the pronounced darkness of the tone and the decided lack of romance The tensions are about the power, not about love The conflict is not because of feelings but because of grim reality of war and power struggle But this shift in tone and emphasis is what made me a fan of this book, and is what makes me really look forward to the next one in the series Because sh t is gettingreal, believe me And I want to learn .4.5 stars, without hesitation I will even round up to five, given how much I enjoyed it So there My review of the first book in the series, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, is over here, by the way.The third and final book, Dreams of Gods and Monsters, is reviewed here. Dead souls dream only of death Small dreams for small men It is life that expands to fill worlds Life is your master, or death is But of course, my favourite instalment in the DOSAB trilogy has the honour of being my 50th Goodreads reviewP.S How did this happen I only began reviewing books in June How did I manage to review 50 books in less than 5 months I am shooketh Where to begin Where to BEGIN Now that I m finally reviewing arguably as it changes on a day to day basis my favourite book of all time, there is so much to discuss I don t think that I need to reiterate the beauty that is Laini Taylor s breath taking prose, as I gushed about it nonstop during my review for the previous book This is a dark and brutal war story, this time around, in contrast with the magical, whimsy of the first instalment I even watched an interview once with Laini Taylor, where she explicitly stated that she included the light and funny moments with Zuzana and Mik because, if she hadn t, she risked making this book too dark and depressing, which I definitely agree was a smart move Zuzana s prominent role and witty banter provided much needed levity in this novel, which had such dark themes, from war to death to prejudice and even rape I also know that I m not alone in considering Zuzana to be one of my favourite characters, in not only this trilogy, but in YA fantasy itself 3 Let s see You know how, at the end of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet wakes up in the crypt and Romeo s already dead He thought she was dead so he killed himself right next to her Well, imagine if she woke up and he was still alive, but She swallowed, waiting out a tremor in her voice But he had killed her whole family And burned her city And killed and enslaved her people Unfortunately for me, my ship s romantic moments were essentially non existent in this book, as well mostly because of the revelations that came to pass at the end of the first instalment Akiva is with his seraphim brethren at their camp as they formulate their next plan for attack, whilst Karou is trying to salvage what little is left of the chimaera race by undertaking Brimstone s past responsibilities as the resurrectionist Now, there is a void of resentment, guilt, disappointment, and betrayal separating the two of them, in addition to a complete lack of communication As always, in literary relationships for some reason, many problems could be easily resolved if they actually CONVERSED with one another Despite my disappointment as a result of the lack of swoon worthy moments, I do not feel as if the absence of romantic developments hindered this novel at all If anything, I think that it added to the intensity of the plot Since there is a war going on around them and their loved ones are dropping like flies, Akiva and Karou haveimportant things to worry about Their plates are pretty full at the moment and they don t need to add relationship troubles into the mix Their love lives aren t the priority the survival of their respective races IS Thus, it only makes sense that romance has taken a backseat here I still adamantly and desperately ship them though 3There are spoilers for Daughter of Smoke and Bone, NOT Days of Blood and Starlight, below Days of Blood and Starlight begins close to where Daughter of Smoke and Bone ends As we now know, Karou was once a chimaera, by the name of Madrigal, in a previous life She had rescued Akiva, who was badly wounded from battle, after which he seeks her out in order to thank her for saving his life and to promise to never take another life of one of her kind LOL Despite him being seraphim and her being chimaera, against all odds, they fell in love and dreamt of a world devoid of war and strife When the affair was discovered by Madrgial s covetous foster sister, Chiro grrr, they were punished for their transgression Akiva was brutally tortured by the chimaera and Thiago, the White Wolf , who also, personally, had Madrigal beheaded Finally happy that they are re united at last, having found each other in another life, and thus proving that their love transcended death, Karou with Madrigal s memories inside her now thinks that she can be with her love That is until Akiva confesses to killing the only family that she had ever known while mourning for her, which includes Brimstone, Issa, Twiga, and Yasri, who raised and protected her for her entire life Heartbroken, Karou leaves Akiva in Prague and heads through a portal to Eretz with the Fallen angel, Razgut.Now, in Days of Blood and Starlight, Karou has assumed Brimstone s role by resurrecting chimaera for Thiago Thiago is leading what remains of the chimaera race by sending them on missions to protect the chimaera villages from being invaded by the seraphim Or at least, that s what Thiago tells Karou anyway.Ziri, the last remaining member of Karou s Kirin tribe, returns severely injured from one of Thiago s attack and destroy missions against the seraphim He confides in Karou that Thiago s plans are anything but peaceful, and she ultimately realises that Thiago doesn t want to need her any If she s not careful, her days are numbered while she lives under Thiago s ever watchful and resentful eye This was supposed to be another buddy read with Laura the Explorer But I got excited and accidentally left her behind, in the dust Oops Sorry P P.S The artwork above is again credited to Lesya BlackBirdInk Seriously, her work is phenomenal RightI mean reading this book was a hell of a ride Taylor doesn t just like to rip things apart, she bloody well SHREDS them and scatters the remaining pieces into the wind Like, I mean this book is really not for the faint of heart It brings back all the magic of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, but there spain involved in this one, both physical and emotional AND THAT ENDINGNOI MEAN COME ONSTOP LEAVING ME HANGING LIKE THIS, TAYLOR. war.just war.i have read plenty of books about war before fiction, yeah, but fiction about wars that actually happened conflicts in europe, america, africa but i have never read another book that did what this one did for me i have never felt the horror of war as much as i felt in this one and that s a little messed up, right that it would take a YA fantasy novel about imaginary battles between imaginary beings to bring the horrors of war and genocide into my emotional sphere in my defense, when i read or watch movies, it s like this asperger s cloak descends upon me, and i never really get emotionally invested, and usually it sucks because i don t get scared at books, and i don t get that nice cathartic crying response that a lot of people do when they read so it is usually unfortunate.but here, i really felt something i didn t cry or anything, but i frequently felt nauseous,angry, and so frustrated that i just wanted it to stop not the book, just the bloodshed and the revenge and the political decisions that kept leading to such horrifying acts.it s really powerful stuff, particularly for YA but that s kind of what laini taylor does she writes these incredibly sophisticated worlds with remarkable characters, and an incredibly subtle fantasy world and in Daughter of Smoke Bone she did the impossible for me in that she made me care about the romance angle of it, when usually i am reading these YA books and kind of enduring the heavy stares and kissing to get back to the action.this one there was so much horrifying action, i think i was probably praying for a kiss or two to relieve it but no no kisses for you, karen karou that is not to say it is all one prolonged desperate howl there is comic relief, and zuzana and mik provide a couple of kisses to remind the reader of the kinds of things that will be lost if this war continues.and oh god, it continues.i feel like i could write pages and pages about this book, but i also feel like a lot of it is better kept inside of me, and for you to discover for yourself which is something of a cop out, i understand, but if you read the first one, you are probably going to be compelled to read the second one after that, it s all on you do not be expecting any of the sweetness and light of the first book this is a different and much darker story this is fear and vengeance and emotional scouring and survivor s guilt consider yourself warned, but don t stay away on those grounds, because the experience of reading this book is a very important one, and it has left me a little shaken, and that s worth a million love stories.the projected date for the third part 2014.you have got to be kidding me.come to my blog 4.5 stars Let s see You know how, at the end of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet wakes up in the crypt and Romeo s already dead He thought she was dead so he killed himself right next to her Yeah That was awesome A pause, followed by Ow, suggested elbow punctuation on the part of Mik.Karou ignored it Well, imagine if she woke up and he was still alive, but She swallowed, waiting out a tremor in her voice But he had killed her whole family And burned her city And killed and enslaved her peopleDays of Blood Starlight, chapter 47 This is approximately the circumstances in which we find Karou and Akiva at the beginning of Days of Blood Starlight All available blurbs and summaries are a little coy and vague about what this sequel has in store for its readers Wonder noThis is a dark, brutal novel with a war at its core At the opening, Akiva just gave his seraphim brotherhood all the tools to destroy chimaera, and chimaerawell, they are almost completely eradicated as a nation Karou is chimaera s only real hope of survival Notalk of romance and love in this story Akiva and Karou are in different camps now, with an abyss of resentment, guilt and disappointment separating them.I have already heard a few voices upset by this almost no romance development Not everyone wants to be torn away from the heavy romantic story line of Daughter of Smoke Bone and face the ugliness of never ending war where nobody wins But for me this trilogy is better for it I am not the sort of reader whose attention can be held for long by romantic angst I love reading about love, but I am not of the opinion that just love can sustain a series of books Something bigger than that has to be at stake In this book, there is, and it pushes all romantic woes to the background And understandably so, considering the nature and severity of the rift between the lovers Can you continue loving someone who initiated genocide of your nation Will you expect to be forgiven for killing off your beloved s entire family Probably not.Days of Blood Starlight also gave mein terms of storytelling than I had anticipated I didn t expect at all to be so deeply submerged into the world of chimaera and seraphim, to get to know it so intimately I remember getting only a glimpse of Eretz in Days of Blood Starlight This sequel is an adventure through the Emperor s harem, chimaera s tribal villages, seraphim barracks, ruins of Loramendi and excesses of Astrae, and then a look at what is is BEYOND the borders of the land known to Akiva and Karou It is such a pleasure to read something about a world that has so much depth to it, to feel like I will never know the full expanse of this world and every wonder it holds The masterful twists at the end left me hungry forand , because as much as I know about Eretz now, I also know how much there is still left to explore.Days of Blood Starlight may be not as quirky and charming as its goulash and skuppy mischief filled predecessor, but it s a novel that encourages you to contemplate the consequences of war for both winners and losers and futility of revenge Even though I missed Prague and ever annoying Kaz a little in Days of Blood Starlight, reading it was still a pleasure, albeit a pleasure of a different kind. I think this is a 4.5Wow, just wow switches to spanish Les dije que mi GR era spanglish, y hoy se me antoja escribir en espa ol ES QUE A VER No s ni c mo expresar mi sentir sobre este libro, tuvo muchas cosas incre bles y pocas cosas que no me gustaron, as que empezar con lo que no me gust.Creo que tuvo partes algo densas y aburridas, y las historias de algunos nuevos personajes no me interesaban para nada Y otra cosa es que siento que le falt esa MAGIA del primer libro Yo me enamor del mundo que Laini nos present en Hija de humo y hueso, con la tienda de Brimstone, los deseos, los dientes, la humana de cabello azul, todo era tan m stico y fant stico Y este libro perdi todo eso Se volvi oscuro y desolador, y aunque la trama se puso mil veces m s intensa, extra mucho toda esa magia del primer libro.Esas son mis nicas quejas todo lo dem s PERFECTO WOW OH, y antes de que se me olvide, quiero hablar de SEGURO QUE ESTOS LIBROS SON YOUNG ADULT He le do muchas novelas MUY fuertes, pero jam s hab a le do una novela JUVENIL as de fuerte De verdad que hubieron dos escenas que me dejaron boquiabierta y que no pod a creer que estuviera leyendo eso en un libro para j venes Y no porque sean situaciones nuevas en un libro YA, sino por la forma en que Laini las cont WOW view spoiler La escena donde torturan a Ziri, que le cortan la boca en forma de sonrisa Laini lo describe tan bien, que pude imaginarme todo en mi cabeza y fue muy gore para m soy bien llorona Tambi n la escena donde Thiago intenta violar a Karou, OH POR DIOS, lleg muy lejos Y todo era tan descriptivo ojo, nada vulgar que lo visualizaba a la perfecci n, y no fue una visi n bonita Fue muy perturbante cuando ella mata a Thiago y ste cae muerto con la intenci n al aire , qu obseno, wow BTW, se lo merec a el desgraciado hide spoiler