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FREE DOWNLOAD ⚡ Finale ⚥ Will Love Conquer All Nora And Patch Thought Their Troubles Were Behind Them Hank Is Gone And They Should Be Able To Put His Ugly Vendetta To Rest But In Hank S Absence, Nora Has Become The Unwitting Head Of The Nephilim And Must Finish What Hank Began Which Ultimately Means Destroying The Fallen Angels Destroying PatchNora Will Never Let That Happen, So She And Patch Make A Plan Lead Everyone To Believe They Have Broken Up, And Work The System From The Inside Nora Will Convince The Nephilim That They Are Making A Mistake In Fighting The Fallen Angels, And Patch Will Find Out Everything He Can From The Opposing Side They Will End This War Before It Can Even BeginBut The Best Laid Plans Often Go Awry Nora Is Put Through The Paces In Her New Role And Finds Herself Drawn To An Addictive Power She Never AnticipatedAs The Battle Lines Are Drawn, Nora And Patch Must Confront The Differences That Have Always Been Between Them And Either Choose To Ignore Them Or Let Them Destroy The Love They Have Always Fought For The last book of the Hush Hush series, so many wonderful memories, so many unforgettable scenes, so many tears, laughs, and shocksI will never forget this series for all it was worth My journey with this series was one I enjoyed very much and I hoped would last forever, but alas, all good things have to come to an end.but at least Becca Fitzpatrick knew how to make a lasting impression with her fourth and final book It was the perfect ending I was completely hooked on every single word and something intense was happening in all parts of the book Not one word or sentence could be overlooked or ignored as it was vital to the story Of course, because the book was so capturing and flowed very well, it would ve been impossible to have missed anything in it The characters were muchdeveloped, there was definitely a growth in the amount of action from the first book to this one, the romance was off the grill, and of course there was some humor, but not a lot the only sad part about the books But leaving aside all that, my favorite part was the development of the plot I loved that each book led up to the grand finale in the last one it made for the series to besuspenseful As I said before, the characters were muchdeveloped in this book, especially Nora I m actually quite proud of how much she s grown from the first book until now Although she didn t do a complete transformation and become a complete of the rockers bad ass, she s certainly not the shy and introverted girl that she was in the first book She s nowdetermined to protect herself and others and tries to do her best in order to help save man kind as it is all up to her now, ha ha Although, I m not saying I completely loved her in this book, she did make some stupid decisions like always, but she wouldn t be Nora without her terrible decision making skills My favorite part about Nora in this book was that she tries to take leadership and she doesn t back down even with tons of hard ass fallen angel dudes leaning over her shoulder at every chance Knowing her, I thought she would ve peed in her pants, but she definitely proved me wrong I feel like my loveokthat s a bit extreme.maybe, great like, for Nora has grown over the series alongside her strength Patch sigh oh sweet, sweet, sweet Patch You will always be one of my most favorite book boyfriends and I well never ever forget you or your charm and witty one liners Without Patch, to be honest, half this series would ve just been a joke In Finale, I didn t much like the fact that Patch was absent for a great deal of the story Yes, he had his troubles and Nora had hers, but I wish he was in here just a tad bit ..yah know Just a tad But other than that, I still loved him in this book just as I have loved him since his and Nora s first meeting He was protective, bad ass and funnybasicallyamazing Patch and Nora s relationship in this book was off the charts people They had to stage a break up which was one of my favorite scenes in this bookhilarious in order to get the Nephilim to believe that Nora is 100% on their side, but they still had secret rendezvous and shared secret love scenes hot enough to lift a thousand hot air balloons into the sky Aside from them, all the other characters were great I loved Scott in this book waythan the others as he tried to help Nora when she was in trouble Even the others, such as Marcie and Debra who were as annoying as ever, added to the amazingness that this book was All in all, I m glad that Fitzpatrick decided to create a fourth book unlike many other people because I m not sure I was ready to leave this series yet Who cares if it was originally a trilogy All I know is that I enjoyed it a great deal and was very satisfied with the ending Props to you Miss Fitzpatrick, for creating a hooking and entertaining series. UPDATE 2Wow There has been alot of hate going on for the series books with all the hate review going on and I totally respect all or your opinions since there is something called freedom of speech and voicing your opinion I totally get that and I don t have anything against you guys but some people are not just voicing there opinions, they re straight out bashing the books and the author There s also one thing i do not understand, some people claim the books wasted their precious time and believe me time is very precious but yet they continue to waste there precious time to complain about the books, writing a hateful review on it, making a special list such as random example not even if my life was on the line and come on, like seriously don t waste your time after you claim how precious it is, like seriously just get over it and let it go If I have offended anyone in this I truly did not intend to do that I was just voicing MY own opinion YES There s a Fourth book can t believe it I m so happy that there s a fourth book and sad at the same time I m happy because the Hush, Hush, series won t end yet and I m sad because I have to wait another WHOLE YEAR till the fourth book comes out, but I m still EXTREMELY HAPPY UPDATEOMG THAT COVER IS GORGEOUS, I CAN T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON IT 3 I simply loved this series I will miss you Pat h PEOPLE.GET A GRIP YOU ARE COMPLAINING BECAUSE A PUBLISHING COMPANY IS PUBLISHING A FORM OF ENTERTAINMENT THAT IS SELLING.AND BY THE WAY, HERE IS THE KICKER Free Will YOU have the choice to by it or not If is sucks so bad to you, WHY do you buy the first 3 and read them ALL Books I do not like, I stop reading and toss them, then GUESS WHAT.I do not by the next in the series WOW, What a concept.The worst thing about another Hush Hush book is that we have to wait to read it I love me some bad boy Patch Seriously, FitzpatrickSeriouslyI just..I just can t understand First Adornetto, then Kate, and now you not only once with your freaking graphic novel, buttwiceSee, you re even makingDeanmy dearest Mocha s husband cry This madness has to end All of the authors I ve mentioned so far are not doing this to advance the story, in any way, shape, or form Hell, all of these series could have been done in half the amount that there are currently all of these authors are doing it for one reason only the money I understand that the life of an author is a hard one, but whatever happened to the damn story It just sad Writing books should never be about just the money it should be about making an impact on society, actually furthering your story arc, something, anything but swindling people out of their hard earned cash on a book that really should never have been published But that s the world we live in today, isn t it Authors that actually have good, original, stories and put their heart and soul into their writing are turned down just because of today s pop culture those millions of little idiotic girls screaming for the next Edward and Bella I don t think I ve ever beenunhappy to see a book published than Twilight honestly, it changed the whole dynamic for YA and that s basically all we ve gotten since then Shit tons of TSTL girls, overly protective and in some ways downright abusive guys, with plots as slow as molasses, horrible research skills, and characters story arcs that authors just add in or throw out for the hell of it I m sick Sick and tired of it This is what I feel like doing to all of those authors right about now Oh, and some of this Edit So..she s calling this book asagaSigh..I don t even have the energy to be mad about that, after my brutal smack down, so, please, let me direct you all to my dearest friend Anila s review that describes my pain over all of this perfectly.