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So the other day I m in Fortinos with my sister, and we re standing over the muffin trays trying to decide which muffins to buy I m a creature of habit, and I want blueberry, but she says they don t have any They do I point to them Right there But we always get blueberry That s because we like them Everybody likes blueberry She picks up a tray of cranberry and says, Why don t we try these Or we could have the carrot ones This is my sister She s always chomping at the fucking bit to try something new , like weird vegan gluten free cupcakes or kale shakes, and she guilts me into going for it too, but when we get home and take a bite, she ll say, Hm It s all right I suppose So I pick up the blueberry We re getting these But I want Fine, I snap, and pick up the carrot ones too We ll buy two Your indecision will bankrupt us, but that s the cross you bear So we grumpily head for the self check out, but I screech to a halt by the magazine rack There, staring at me like a shrunken head, is the newest issue of Hello Canada With trembling hands, I pick it up off the shelf My sister creeps up behind me and lays a hand gently on my shoulder I know I saw it on Yahoo In horror I read the title again and again, willing it not to be true But it is It is.TOM AND KATIE END OF A FAIRYTALEWhat their divorce will mean for daughter SuriA single tear dampens my cheek, and in defeat I drop the magazine into our shopping cart My sister, ever the comforting soul, tries in vain to lessen my grief I m sure Katie will be fine, she soothes And Tom will too They ll land on their feet And they ll find love again I fiercely wipe the tears from my eyes Yeah, right Hey, hey They will Don t worry Everything will be fine When I get home, I sit down on the couch and begin reading the magazine with a box of tissues by my side to mop up what I m sure will be rivers of tears But an odd thing happened.I wasn t sad.In fact, I was glad I was glad Katie noped the fuck out of that creepy Scientologist shit I can t imagine the absolute bloody torment of living with the person who embodies Mission Impossible Can you imagine a crueller orunusual punishment That s what this book is like On the dust jacket, Luce and Daniel s sweeping romance reads like an epic, beautiful love story Much like Tom and Katie, when they posed on the red carpet draped over a motorcycle both wearing some questionable flared jeans It sounds like something so tragic and heart rending Something magical Something pure.And then you peel back the layers, and it s not sweet It s just wrong on so many levels.Look I gave this book three stars I m being extremely merciful After a slew of one star rants and one very tentative two star raise, I was desperate for this book to blow me away and convince me that Daniel and Luce really are the power couple of the century.Which is to say, I hoped that my dog would sprout wings and fly me off to Disneyworld where everything is free and Matthew McConaghey is my husband.The stars are applicable as follows.Star 1 The writing It was lovely.Star 2 The plot, up until about page 340.Star 3 Cam, Arriane, and the coin toss guy.So this book, unlike the other three in the series, has a really strong plot It kept me gripped from the first page towell, page 340 After that it got so fucking stupid and cheesy and ridiculous and by the end, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that Luce is the biggest Mary Sue ever to grace YA fiction She s worse than Bella Swan And Bethany Church.It all goes down like this in order to find the original site of the Fall, Luce and the gang have to track down three relics that are required to complete a ritual wherein the blood of a sacrifice reveals an ancient map of the world, starred with the point on the earth where the angels fell at the dawn of time Doesn t that sound cool Well, it is So Luce and Daniel head off to Venice of course they do , Luce cries when she fucks up, then when she finds the relic she almost drowns This is what gets me Luce swims into a sunken church to find the relic while Daniel waits for her outside he cannot enter a church because he is a fallen angel She gets the relic, but stupidly dives without any breathing apparatus because Daniel tells her he ll help her to breathe by giving her air She is literally counting on Daniel to make sure she gets out of there alive When she tries to get out of the church she almost dies because she gets stuck and Daniel has swum away and left her The Outcasts appeared and that s why he swam away, but no fighting happens or has happened The Outcasts have never once threatened to kill Luce There was no need for Daniel to rush away When they get up to the surface, Luce and Daniel s conversation goes like this Daniel s hands found hers underwater Are you all right What happened to you she cried I almost Luce, he warned Shhh 91 What the actual fuck The Outcasts are watching them, but they are not combative at all In fact, they are perched on the spires of the church, watching quietly Daniel could have taken two nanoseconds to explain to Luce why he left her and almost let her drown, but he chooses not to.This pattern is a constant throughout the book Luce s dialogue is a handful of short cut off sentences, because Daniel is constantly, constantly interrupting her He talks over her like she isn t there How are you feeling The halo We have the halo 101 How long was I asleep Luce asked It was nightfall How much time do we have left Seven days, Luce, Daniel said quietly 102 But now that they re gone Now that they re gone, you can do it on your own 120 There s also Luce s Daphne esque tendency to always be captured, and have to rely on Daniel to release her The Scale, who are now suddenly and inconsistently evil, pounce on Luce and bind her up in a cloak She lies at the sidelines of the battle for an entire scene literally an ENTIRE scene while everyone else fights In the end, it s Daniel who has to flourish his phallus and rescue her.Luce s shortcomings are never ever addressed, and everyone inexplicably loves her I think a few people actually call her strong and laud her bravery and intelligence, which is just laughable But the worst part is that the existence of the entire world rests on Daniel and Luce s fake ass instalove, and everyone else, people who have no stake in Luce and Daniel s relationship, are fine with this Gabbe and Molly die for no reason other than Luce and Daniel s selfishness It s as if they think that their love is worth other people s lives, or it s worth destroying the world over It isn t There are things in this world that areimportant than love There are things that love ought to be forfeited for If someone told me that I could either find true love or save another person s life, even just one other person, I d choose the other fucking person Nobody s relationship is worth other people s deaths, and I m so tired of this trope in fiction That love conquers all, or worse, that love is worth conquering all It is not.Why did Daniel choose love over Heaven He s like a kid who doesn t like beans or broccoli, so stamps his feet and wails that he wants neither, then complains later about being hungry There s still absolutely no basis for their relationship They don t know or particularly like each other there s no sincerity between them There s nothing fun about them There was actuallychemistry between Lucifer and Lucinda the former Just get this Luce and Daniel s first meeting is before the Fall, when Luce, an angel what a tragically weak reveal is weeping in a meadow because her current love, Lucifer, is contemplating disobeying God Luce literally looks at Daniel once, and then snap They re in all consuming, self sacrificing love They don t even fucking know each other They re just shallow fucks who cling on to each other because they re afraid of being alone It turns out Luce loved Lucifer before she loved Daniel Did anybody else feel bad for Lucifer most of all, or was that just me I couldn t shake a feeling of sympathy for this guy The funny thing is that Luce explains her leaving Lucifer for Daniel by saying that Lucifer was too controlling This is literally how it s explained She began to fear him He seemed to fear nothing, except her ever leaving himhe grewpossessive,envious of her adoration of the Throne, telling Lucinda that if she truly loved him, Lucifer would be enough How the hell is that any different to the way that Daniel treats Luce It s hard to give a shit, though, it isn t it After four books, Luce still has absolutely no personality What does she like What does she not like What does her voice sound like I don t know She doesn t have one She s just a sock puppet for all her lovers to wear on their hands and whisper sweet nothings to She s an absolutely tragic character, but not in any sympathetic way And yet, for some reason, Luce has had Daniel, Lucifer, Miles, Cam, Trevor and practically every Outcast running after her screaming to be loved Why She s absolutely inane There is nothing appealing about her.Let s think Katniss was strong, independent, flawed She was fiercely protective and loyal That s why Gale and Peeta loved her Clary was proactive, funny, caring and a little clumsy, plus she d do anything to keep her friends safe That s why Jace loves her Katsa was fierce, determined, loud and amazingly skilled, and when she was faced with a challenge, she never backed down That s why Po loved her Why does anybody love Luce She s an empty vase And Daniel He s unkind, self centered, chauvinistic and creepy Daniel describes Luce as brave and strong How is Luce any of these things She s absolutely transparent and pathetic But all of this pales against the atrocity of page 340 It really was something else It has to be seen to be believed Page 340 may as well have just been line after line of block text reading FUCK YOU, HA HA, YOU SPENT MONEY ON THIS SHITE I have never encountered such a glorious example of deus ex machina in my life It was horrific It s deus ex machina to end all deus ex machina Luce is trying to talk Lucifer down, and the world is going to end, and the author doesn t know how to tie it up it so God appears and says ENOUGH and then everything is fixed I am not fucking kidding, guys There s a huge unsolvable problem, and then God snaps her fingers and that s it Everything is better God was portrayed as a woman here Nice try, but you re not fooling anyone Simply making God a woman doesn t make this series any less misogynistic It was disgusting I m actually infuriated by it, that for all of these pages, for four books, for all of the hours that I spent reading this series, this was the final confrontation it s a shitstorm but God is sick of it so she snaps her fingers and it s all fixed FUCK the fuck off That s cheap, sad, and a total cop out What a pathetic, limp dicked piece of storytelling At the end of the day, why did I even bother with Rapture Because despite Luce and Daniel s frightening relationship, I was game to know how this all ended I d started to give a rat s ass about the secondary characters Passion showed some actual conviction in Luce s actions Above all, I wanted this book to be a bright, shining five star adventure But it was, above all else, a fucking Fallen novel terrible in its conception, sometimes decent in its technical aspects, good at secondary characters, headed by two of the absolute worst protagonists in literary history The ending, by the way, was as good as it could be to be together in their selfish little bubble, Daniel and Luce decide that they want to be reincarnated as human, and be free to live one last mortal life wherein they can be happy and at peace together It was such anice Strange It was something It was at least closure, a good way to wrap up the horror of the past 6000 years wherein Daniel repeatedly murdered Luce because he felt like kissing her That s the point, though That s the hurdle that I cannot clear I just cannot and will not invest myself in Luce and Daniel Every time I try it just makes me want to scream Luce and Daniel have started a war and nearly destroyed the entire world because they want to kiss and stare into each other s eyes Everyone is willing to sacrifice everything so that two people can be together How unrealistic How selfish of Luce and Daniel In those 6000 years, why couldn t Daniel have just walked away If he really loved Luce, he would have let her go instead of creeping around her, this ancient old weirdo who wants a quick fumble before she burns to death Fucking scary, right So that s it The Fallen series is officially over I have to admit, I m glad it s done Like Tom and Katie, it looms over us, spreading its shallow glory over all of our civilian faces, when on closer inspection it s nothing but a fucking train wreck Auf wiedersehen, Luce and Daniel It s been a slice.BONUS TIME Let s go Luce and Cam This needs to happen EDITFallen books are my guilty pleasure and I can t help and say I am so glad this books didn t suck It so didn t I was expecting this whole boring story that would make me fall asleep Sure,there were some less interesting parts I struggled through the first half but then it quickly picked up and things were starting to make sense We learnabout Lucinda s connection with Lucifer,Daniel and Luce remain too cute and Cam is still a flawless God pardon fallen angel even though he didn t have as many scenes as I hoped he would have We also see the almighty G.O.D in flesh or in spirit,whatever you prefer If you are worried that your favorite character might die,I can tell you that some people did actually die view spoiler but no one major hide spoiler Dear Lauren Kate, If you somehow miraculously kill off Luce , I ll give you five stars Edit The only way to survive eternity is to be able to appreciate each momentBeautiful That s the only word that s coming to my mind at the moment This was absolutely beautiful.Reading this series was worth every second of my time The first book threw me off, but from the last book I have been reading like I am addicted The plot, the story, the characters, the very purpose of the plot unraveled in the most amazing way and left me breathless A lot has happened, we ve questioned where our loyalties lie, we ve been disbelieving about love, we ve made friends, we ve lost friends, we ve learntthis than we ever thought possible but all in all the journey so far has been exhilarating Many things I found were absurd and meaningless earlier on in the story have proved to carry a certain purpose and even some of the characters either haveto their personalities than was revealed in the beginning or have changed their ways Now when I go back to see my review of the book, I realise I was a little brutal about quiet a few things that took place along with the personality of the protagonists I stand by my review for the first book, but as for now a lot of the things that happened and the reason the personality of certain characters was held nback makes sense Many characters proved tone great people and asof the plot was revealed the characters also seemed to compliment the overall story.Luce who was only pining after Daniel in the first book,was shown questioning her role independent from that of Daniel s and came forth as a powerful yet sensitive person Daniels s secretive, and in general, confusing behavior was justified given what would have happened if he had just come out with the truth in the first place Luce finds out who she is, she reaches into her past and learns everything there is to know about the people she was and how they still play a part in the person she is today Arienne, Roland, Can, Gabbe, and Molly were each amazing people who enhanced the story which would have otherwise been dull at some points They all have incredible personalities and are great friends Each of them exhibit a great capacity for love and friendship and I shall miss reading about their lives Even Miles and Shelby who were only truly featured in the second book have turned out to be great people and seeing their story end in this book was one of the happiest moments in this book I especially enjoyed watching her navigate her way through her past Seeing how different each version of her were is both entertaining and shocking Watching Luce s opinion about her past selves and make revelations about the curse is fascinating even is some of it was obvious and I pride myself on the fact that I figured out the truth before it was revealed in the series I had a great time making my way through this series and shall go on to read the next and final book I can t wait to see Cam s love story play out and I desperately wish he finds his happy ending because he certainly deserves it Every single one of these characters grew on me and I rate this book 4.5 stars. THERE S A FOURTH BOOK OF THIS WHY It isn t goodbye It s until we meet again I really hate this type of ending which leaves a black hole in my heart and shatters my soul to its irreversible point But I can t deny that it s a beautiul one to their epic love, or whatever you call it, after what they have been through in Passion Daniel, Luce, and their friends must stop Lucifer from renewing the history by using the Announcer to change the place where the Fallen first happened I was so excited and I read this book right after I finished Passion, I was dying to know if Luce and Daniel can make this out alive and get their HEA But what I get is the opposite that I do know I must accept sooner than later even if it s so hard I m sobbing for them, for everything they ve endured, for the time I ve spent on this serie BEAUTIFUL SHATTERING HEARTBREAKING I want you to know that I would do it all again I will choose you every time Although I read the spoilers before, I still enjoyed the rest of the book where the characters fight their ways out of the conflict that will judge the fate of Heaven and Hell Daniel is stunning as always, my love for him was growing in each book For Luce, I quite liked her in this book, her self reliance is a kind of development I want to see since Fallen, particularly when her past is revealed You have to stop loving me.Because I stopped loving you The author tried to present Luce and Daniel s fates were bound together since the beginning of everything by showing how persistent Daniel has been all the way even though he has been given the choices to be free of this torment, he still choses love again and again Who doesn t fall for this boy Yet seeing from his point of view, it s only give to deliever this ending, but from mine, it s not fair because I think they deservethan this view spoiler Perfect stranges sound hurt to me They meet each other again after giving up their immortal lives The sacrifices have been made The curse has been broken However, I still want them as they used to be, angels, immortality, and being totally in love So the ending disappointed me a bit hide spoiler Y all are gonna be SOOOOOPER satisfied with the endIt s the beginning I m worrying about Ooooh Fernanda made TWO versions of the same image Screw the haters Cannot wait for the fourth final installment of the Fallen series to hit the shelves I ll be pre ordering this as I did with Passion. {E-pub} Ë Rapture ê The Sky Is Dark With WingsAnd Time Is Running Out For Luce And Daniel In Order To Stop Lucifer From Erasing The Past, They Must Find The Place Where The Fall Began Only Luce Can Break The Curse, And It Is Her Choice Alone That Will Decide All Of Their FatesBut As Dark Forces Gather, Great Sacrifices Will Have To Be Made In This Final, Epic Struggle In The Fight For Luce, And For Love, Who Will Win The Astonishing Climax To The FALLEN Series Heaven Can T Wait Any Longer REVIEW UPDATED.EDIT OH LOOK, LUCE IS MEANT FOR SOMEONE ELSE Does that mean we have a new love triangle in the picture What an unforeseen turn of events What an interesting plotline we haven t explored before Sign me up for this new territory REVIEW Rapture, the final book in the Fallen series The story is over Okay, it is a bit sad that it s over, mainly because i can t write these reviews any but i don t think i could handle another book with Luce and Daniel For a change i will start by saying this book was an upgrade from the sloppy Passion and it actually had a plot, so congrats there It starts off rather slow for my taste Like, really slow The first half of the book was a struggle to go through It s like a running theme with this series The books offer 40 pages of information action characters doing something within 350 pages of filler and nonsense The whole saga is a story for barely a two parter but okay, we have a successful book deal and Twilight had 4 books so let s stick with that cardinal rule of paranormal romance The first chapters aren t anything important and we deal with the usual measure of stupid by the lead couple so there s thatShe didn t care about her unbrushed teeth, about her bed head Maybe the person you are about to kiss might care about your nasty breath, Luce It s a thoughtWhy, after all they d been through, did Luce and Daniel have to beat the devil before they were free to love This whole stopping the fall scheme involves world ending consequences but Luce still believes the world revolves around her and her thrilling romance with Daniel Dating isimportant than saving the world as we know itRemember, he said softly, reaching over to buckle her seat belt, letting his hands linger over hers There s a trick I d like to know what kind of seatbelt is it that requires a trick which apparently is too complicated for mere mortals It s not explained at all, he just buckles her seatbelt instead of her He doesn t do anything to prove that this seatbelt needs a special trick to buckle other thanyou know, buckling Is he subtly shading his true loveWhat I saw last night you, stepping into thatthat shadow was beautiful I just want you to know that Watching you vanish into thin air was the best thing I ve seen you do, LuceVenice Vienna And Avalon Send my greetings to King Arthur when you see him, he s such a good lad Next time try to fly to actual placesWhat does my soul look like to you I couldn t reduce it to words if I tried, but its beauty is unsurpassed It s a beautiful piece of broken cardboard adorned with poop colored sequins of stupidity so big that their beauty is truly unsurpassed Words cannot describe it, LuceThere s a reason he was called the Morning Star Lucifer was beautiful Some say he was the most beautiful Luce thought she detected a hint of jealousy in Daniel s tone Heaven was a fucking pageant show, wasn t it Daniel wanted to be the fairest of them all but Lucifer stole his thunder and he s been bitter about itDaniel s hands found hers underwater Are you all right What happened to you she cried I almost Luce, he warned Shhh Get over it, Luce, you were only drowing because i left you there Some people just like to overreactDon t underestimate yourself Daniel smiled back briefly This has to dowith you than me Try it Tell yourself that you are not cold, not hungry, not tired All right Luce sighed I am notNow he was telling her she had mortal needs only because she thought she did She decided to give this crazy idea a try She straightened her shoulders She projected the words into the misty dusk I, Lucinda Price, am not cold, not hungry, not tired The wind blew, and the clock tower in the distance struck five and something lifted off her so that she didn t feel depleted any She felt rested, equipped for whatever the night called for,determined to succeed So if you say out loud like that you don t need to eat, sleep or shit you won t have those needs any My God, i love how she blindly follows Daniel s advice each time We established that she can breathe underwater thanks to him, except from that time he left her to drown and now she can get rid of her bodily needs If Daniel says it s possible, then it s possible Makes sense if you think about it Mind you, they are standing on the rooftop of the Hofburg Palace in Vienna Didn t anyone see or hear her act like a drunk lunatic up there Get that crazy bitch down and have her arrestedThey ve been after me for years, Daniel said, planting lies, manufacturing scandals It is rud that he is responsible for countless murders over the centuries but it s just the haters trying to ruin his reputation By the way, why wasn t he never accused of Luce s deaths I think he was jailed once in France but other than that he always gets away with it, despite being the number one suspect Not even one person didn t press charges against him His criminal record should have been 500 pages long with all these unreported murdersThere is a chemical compound in the drink, Daniel explained, a dull poison mortals call aspartame and believe that their scientists invented But it is an old, Heavenly substance a venom, which, when mixed with an antidote contained in the alloys of the starshot, reacts to produce a healing potion for angels For light ailments such as these Yeah.Or i just totally pulled that out of my ass for the sake of plot convenience Every chapter in this book is a revelationDo I need to ease up on the psychedelics, or did LP just recall one of her past lives unprompted at the most crucial juncture ever You re a genius, Daniel said, leaning forward and kissing her deeply Suddenly Luce can recall her past lives with details, making the previous book a waste of time since she had that ability all along but she conveniently discovered it now because a bunch of immortals can t remember where the fall happened Yes, we are supposed to believe it and not think that it is an excuse to make Luce seemusefulBefore she knew it, Luce had her hands around a cold brass fire poker resting in a stand by the library door She raised it like a weapon, jaw clenched and heart hammering, and barreled into the hallway In case you ve missed the hints, Luce is really supposed to be the hero in this book She s our deus ex machina, the solution to every mystery, the savior of the universe, the lion hearted courageous heroine Oh my God, somebody help meTranseternal, dear They re technically mortals, Daniel explained, but they can live for hundreds, even thousands of years They have long worked closely with angels We ve been kept into the dark for 3 books and now we re bombarded with the most ridiculous information an author could come up with A transeternal is someone who is technically mortal but can live for thousands of years because this makes sense and shut the fuck up Is there such thing as a transmortal Someone who is technically immortal but able to die Or are there transangels People who are angels but can t fly I m loving this terminologyNo, I m tired of being punished simply because I love you, Daniel I don t want anything to do with Lucifer, with Scale and Outcasts and whatever other sides there are I m not a pawn I m a person And I ve had enough You ve changed, dear, Since when Since before I ve never heard you talk like that Have you, Daniel Yeah, she s so mature and wise What an extraordinary thing to say when you ve been cursed since the beginning of time Onereason you haven t heard her talk like that is because she is finally aware of her curse and her history and what selfish asshat her boyfriend is Every other time she died before she knew anything about it, but continue with the awfully pretentious slimy praise neverthelessWhy did they Why You re asking why Well, here s why, LuceNo Luce shouted, struggling to break free from Daniel s grip and dragging him with her into the chapelYou blew your cover, Sophia shot you and the two angels jumped to save your useless ass That s why Also, why was she so distressed She hated Cam before, now she was desperate to save him Moreover, she continues to be suspicious of him later on so it is bizarre she wanted to risk her life for him Her feelings towards Cam are as inconsistent as ever in this bookIf I d just stayed out in the hallway like Dee told me to Then Cam would be dead, Arriane said You don t know that plus now there s two dead angels instead of one so the damage is greater Also Gabbe was first in line making her soul priceless Thanks, Luce The angels didn t give a shit about their friends dying Arriane and Gabbe were besties but she didin t seem too bothered by her death It is shocking how no one expresses their sadness or never mentions them again I wonder why these cold hearted jerks became angels in the first place, they are pretty terrible for the job in my opinion They don t have any purpose in the story either Arriane is eventually a caricature and the others just lurk around in the background sucking up to Luce Kate probably didn t develop their characters so that Luce could outshine everyoneHe let her cry Held her close He whispered, You re so brave No No No No No No NO So, not only she had she forgiven him but she grew to love him as well This happens without any buildup or transition They suddenly became friends, as though something occured behind the scenes that the readers don t know This felt out of place considering how little they ve interacted throughout the series She didn t even thank him when he saved her in Torment, come onDaniel She knew him as the sixth Archangel, charged with watching over lost souls Why have you come to me Because I have been watching you Daniel stared and Luce knew that before then, no one had ever seen an angel cry Lucinda s tears were the first What is happening to you For a long time she searched for the words I feel like I m losing my light When she finished, Daniel s eyes were wet with tears What you call love does not sound very beautiful, he said slowly Think of the way we adore the Throne That adoration makes us the best versions of ourselves.We feel encouraged to go further with our instincts, not to change ourselves for love If I were yours and you were mine, I would want you to be exactly as you are I would never eclipse you with my desires Lucinda took Daniel s warm, strong hand Maybe Lucifer had discovered love, but this angel seemed to understand how to build it into something wonderful Suddenly, Lucinda was kissing Daniel, showing him how it was done, needing for the first time to give her soul entirely to another They held each other, Daniel s and Lucinda s souls glowing brighter, two halves made better as a whole So, a two minute cheesy pep talk was all it took to lose their shit for each other How can they make out since they don t have bodies What the hell is going on here Daniel s all I m better than him and she s all Sounds legit, let s make out Wow, what a deep, beautiful love we have here Oh and Daniel telling her that he would accept her the way she was Buddy, you made a scene because she dyed her hair blonde Did the author forget about the numerous situations where Daniel was an overbearing piece of shit or what If you haven t realized it yet, we have another love triangle with Lucifer being eternally pissy about getting dumped by Luce 7000 years ago Yup, that s right That was the point of 4 books and 1 novella No refunds, sweetieAnd you don t even know the half Without you, I went on to invent evil, the other end of the spectrum, the necessary balance I inspired Dante Milton You should see the underworld I took the Throne s ideas and improved them You can do whatever you want You always were a sucker for acknowledgment Baby, that s your Achilles heel Because of Daniel Grigori, who isn t a tenth of the angel I am, even at my worst It s ridiculous You know that I have always beenradiant,talented You were there when I invented love I made it out of nothing, out of mereadorationIf you are thinking wow that is extremely lame , it is lame as fuck You wanted a battle of good and evil Settle for a bitchy Lucifer who can t get over his stupid breakup You know, they all sound as if they are highschool kids, like seriously, it s celestial Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen or something He s such a craptastic cliched moron that he makes my skin crawl with embarrassment WHAT IS THIS Is this the thrilling conclusion to this series A cartoonish Satan and two losers yapping about their love You know what That s lazy and i can t believe the author took the easy way outHe staggered toward her His eyes filled with tears.The devil shook his head Tell me how a guy, with a decent job, loses a ENOUGH Even God herself couldn t bear his stupid whiny ass any Also, the Throne Really God is meant to be an equivalent of a kingThe Throne nodded as if Luce should have known this all along The last time you refused to choose Okay, i must address this inconsistency In Passion only Daniel is heard making a choice Here we have a flashback where Luce also chooses love but then God tells her she refused to choose They all suffer from memory loss when it s convenient for the plotBut it will come at a price She shifted her gaze back to Luce and Daniel Are you prepared to pay the ultimate sacrifice for your love It isn t a sacrifice since they won t remember anything when they become mortals It spainful for the ones that ll stay behind actually One of the reasons they wanted to stop Lucifer was because they didn t want their history to be erased This ending cancels out their whole goal in this book so I don t know what to think of it Thanks for nothing i guess Luce of course isn t concerned the least about her parents and how they will face their daughter s strange disappearance death which happens to coincide with her boyfriend s also strange disappearance so there s not much to think about here They are too self focused to be worried about other people and their feelings If you made them choose between saving the universe and saving their love, be sure they d opt for the second optionEven Lucifer looked impressed He muttered, Only Lucinda could pull that off Don t think this series would end without some good old fashioned ego stroking, now courtesy of the Evil Incarnate Oh you know what Fuck you forever, Fallen series I m done FUCK YOUOh, come on You already saved the world He laughed Now go save your relationship Nice one, Roland, but all she actually did was to negotiate her curse No world was at stake here, no great battle happened We were tricked once again But carry on with the sickening flattery, i don t care anyI m sorry, he said I didn t mean to scare you What color were his eyes That s not why I gasped I meanThe flower fell from her hand, three petals landing on the boy s shoes Say something.He loves me He loves me not He loves me Not that The world would end for THIS.Somebody kill me NOW.The final scene where the angels and Nephilim stalk them, er, watch them was enjoyable but Miles and Shelby are grownups with kids Don t they have anything better to do than watch two teenagers make out And Cam, what happened to him WHAT HAPPENED TO TREVOR Hello, did you forget about that plot point that is left hanging No answer for that Now that the series is done, i still don t get why this so called love is the most important thing on the planet and why lives had to perish for it to thrive Saving the world should be their priority but in this case romance is the main concern which is frankly, very obnoxious It is a shallow relationship with no foundation, an unhealthy infatuation of two very self absorbed people that are impossible to relate to God is depicted as a dictator and the love story is basically celestial hormones What should have been moving and profound turned out to be a laughable excuse This was advertised as a romantic story when it s far from even trying to be one I don t know anything about Luce now that is over, because she s forever defined by Daniel I don t know anything about Daniel because he s defined by Luce They are two dimensional characters with no depth or meaning other than having a selfish crush that needs to prevail because They kissed in Heaven and they liked it Because the hormones are too strong Is this enough reason for other people to die Why does this gushy love has to exist at the expense of innocents The whole thing seemed forced and unauthentic.Rapture was an okay book, with some good moments and some action The story in this one was rushed and uninspired, however It felt as if the author ran out of ideas, gave up and wrote this book just to wrap up this drag of a series The only character with interesting qualities was Cam, and he was terribly misused, so it s sad it ended like this.While the characters didn t develop, the final scenes are satisfying The ending was decent, solid and what the story needed.I would have given it a 4 if the villains weren t stupid and the romance was not so crappy Will I be watching the movie if it ever comes out Yes, just out of curiosity I m too old for this kind of series, i know, this is why I ll stay away from YA If I were a teenager I m sure i would have appreciated this series a lotIt gets 3 stars because I m lenient.