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I read Aim e Carter s The Goddess Test last year and was disappointed in it, but saw enough potential in Carter that I was curious about the sequel, Goddess Interrupted As it turns out, it s better than The Goddess Test in one major way, but has problems of its own Overall, they come out about equal and I m giving them the same star rating.The biggest problem with The Goddess Test was its bowdlerization of the Greek gods Carter had rendered the gods nearly unrecognizable by making them believers in a strict Christian morality Here, she fixes that to a large extent The gods lurid histories are restored to them It s just that, as Aphrodite puts it, they have a tendency to be self righteous For this mythology geek, they re much easier to stomach as hypocrites than as sanitized versions of themselves.The problem, instead, is one of focus Carter is better at writing, andfocused on, social drama than action or epic conflicts In The Goddess Test, this intimate style works it s an intimate story, part romance, part country house mystery, part examination of grief While I disliked the portrayal of the gods and the final twist, for the most part the emotional content rang true and was compelling.In Goddess Interrupted, Carter has an opportunity to make this aepic story, but this potential goes unrealized Cronus, the evil Titan, has awakened and is on the verge of being freed If he escapes, humanity is doomed and all the gods will fade But the social drama remains the focus of the novel There s a lot of angst Kate angsting about whether Hades will ever love her as much as he did Persephone Hades angsting about both Persephone and Kate There s a huge amount of bickering too characters bicker over who had affairs with whom in the past, who s prettier than whom, and so on I can t complain too much about this after rejoicing in the gods beingauthentic this time, of course After all, these were the gods who started a war over a certain golden apple The problem is balance The Cronus threat feels secondary to these dramas.The Cronus plot does come to the fore in the action scenes, but there are too few of these, and too much of the action is narrated to Kate and the reader after the fact During several of the clashes, the other gods leave Kate at home because she s underpowered Other times, she is blocked from getting a full picture of what s going on For example, once she can t see well because Cronus in mist form is in the way, and in another scene she loses consciousness before the battle s outcome is decided Goddess Interrupted ends on a cliffhanger, yet I find I m not dying to continue I would be willing to read future books by Carter, but probably not in this series. Seeing as I just finished the book, I m going to need time and a bottle of vodka in order to process that ending Epic cliffhanger to rival Holly Black s White Cat.Why yes, it did take me a while to process this book. in a good way, of course Mostly because I really wanted to save a review until I had the chance to read The Goddess Hunt the novella before this book.I hold a soft spot in my heart for this series It was one of the first books I publicly reviewed The Goddess Test and I loved almost everything about it Needless to say when I was given an early copy to read, I was all about Goddess Interrupted.The book was fairly consistent throughout its entirety There were quite a few times where I wanted to strangle Kate or Henry Their mood swings literally give me whiplash yes, I quoted Twilight there shut up As we get further into the series, I hope these two can grow up and get their stuff together Still love them to pieces, though Persephone is introduced in this novel, but only that an introduction We truly need to knowabout her story and how it involves Kate Henry before we can fully pass judgement on whether we want to like her as a character or not She is essential to the storyline and I look forward to seeing this part progress.Which leaves me with the ending THE ENDING THAAAAATTTTT ENDINGGGGGGG.I have never wanted the next book so bad. ever. #FREE PDF à Goddess Interrupted ⚢ Kate Winters Has Won Immortality But If She Wants A Life With Henry In The Underworld, She Ll Have To Fight For ItBecoming Immortal Wasn T Supposed To Be The Easy Part Though Kate Is About To Be Crowned Queen Of The Underworld, She S As Isolated As Ever And Despite Her Growing Love For Henry, Ruler Of The Underworld, He S Becoming Ever Distant And Secretive Then, In The Midst Of Kate S Coronation, Henry Is Abducted By The Only Being Powerful Enough To Kill Him The King Of The TitansAs The Other Gods Prepare For A War That Could End Them All, It Is Up To Kate To Save Henry From The Depths Of Tartarus But In Order To Navigate The Endless Caverns Of The Underworld, Kate Must Enlist The Help Of The One Person Who Is The Greatest Threat To Her FutureHenry S First Wife, Persephone Gaaaahhhh The first one was brilliant, now i m dying for the next one mar 27 Cronus has awoken Calliope wants revenge Henry is in danger and Kate Winters has to track one soul out of a billion down in the Underworld, a soul she fears she will never live up to, and ask for her help.Persephone.Wow This was one hell of a sequel While the first book, Goddess Test, was structured around the possible relationship between Henry and Kate, Goddess Interrupted takes things up a notch An old evil awakens, a plot for revenge thickens and the seeds of doubt is weaved throughout the entire story.I really have to hand it to Aimee Carter I love the way she spin s the story of Hades and Persephone, but I also loved how she handles the other mythical players, mostly James and Ava It s so alive, fresh and unique But I gotta say, my emotions were all over this book Hatred, betrayal, revenge, doubts and all consuming love tangles up in one big exasperating mess and I was conflicted the entire time but in the best way possible.Henry and Kate have one of those maddening take two step forwards then two steps back relationships, and it was pretty hard to witness specially since I was having just as many doubts as Kate.Anyone who s read the first book knows that Henry is one complicated guy He s moody, brooding, and wears that mask of indifference better then any character I ve read before I truly couldn t figure out what he was feeling till the last few chapters, something Carter did an amazing job with.Kate is just awesome in this book She questions a lot about her marriage which was understandable but she s not the most patient of characters Still, I liked how selfless she is and how far she d go to do the right thing and how much she truly loves I think ya ll are gonna love Persephone What a riveting character that adds just as much suspense and flare as the heart pounding plot.Bottom line, I couldn t get enough of this book It was simply amazing It has the most brilliant twists and turns, pure entertainment from start to finish and a romance worth waiting for The thing about getting to read this early is that it s going to be evenpainful to wait that much longer for the final book That ending OMG Evil cliffy beware I need The Goddess Inheritance NOW Fans of The Goddest Test, your in for a real treat Arc provided by Netgalley and Harlequin Teen See this review andon The Moonlight Library No, seriously The hell Was this fanfiction Fanfiction of a novel which is a modern day retelling of a Greek myth Where was Awesome Kate I looked through the ENTIRE book for her Where was the mouthy, sassy, confident young woman of the first book and novella Where was the verbal slapdowns Where was her sure footed consistency in knowing she was doing the right thing, even if the other gods didn t believe she was Where was my feisty girl Instead I was treated with a book made of 90% angst, girl hate, jealousy,angst and girl hate,romantic jealousy, angst, no communication, misinterpreted meanings, and angst Did I mention the angst I mean, come on, I like angst in my teen fiction It s one of the reasons I read YA But seriously This novel had NO substance It was just girls hating each other and being bitchy and Kate constantly worrying if Henry loved her and then deciding she would leave but not really because she just wanted a reaction out of Henry Can you say tease And some sub plot of Cronus the Titan wanting to kill everyone And Calliope being jealous of Kate, and Kate being jealous of Persephone, who was totally characterised as some kind of femme fatale cocktease She s clearly a selfish bitch, you know, because OMG SHE LEFT HENRY AND HE LOVED HER HOW COULD SHE Speaking of our favourite Underworld King, we were forced to endure Cold hearted Henry for 90% of the book Swoon Worthy Henry only showed up in the last 10 %.The last 10%.Aimee Carter held out on giving me Henry swoons for 90% of this stupid assed novel, and then only gave me a teeny tiny scrap of him at the end and then took him away again I liked The Goddess Test even though it had some huge flaws in it, but I didn t find anything redeeming in Goddess Interrupted It took me over a month to read it I normally read two books a week at least This book s plot was slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter Kate was thoroughly unlikeable, as was Henry Persephone who could have been an awesome character was written to be Kate s competition and therefore mostly a bitch The characters were inconsistent with the previous novel, and there was way too much angst I was especially angry when Carter decided the first god to give up would be Ares You know, the god of war I know him as this guy Does he really look like the kind of guy to give up on a fight I DIDN T THINK SO.Overall, I was extremely disappointed by this novel This is my very first one star review It took me over a month to struggle through this novel The only reason I finished it was because I also own and would like to review the next novella and novel in the series If I did not have these books, perhaps I would have given up on this novel and not reviewed it at all I cannot recommend it as either good literature or an exciting, fun story It was simply a chore, and that makes it evendisappointing because I enjoyed The Goddess Test so much.OneKevin Tod Smith Ares photo, OK 2.5 Silver StarsI liked it, but veryyyy slow.World building 5myths yes but this world was a bit plain Characters 5Kate was annoying stupid in this book rather than the first she was full of doubts I really wanted to punch her in the face Henry is my favourite in this serie Theo but his role was not very much tho he acted weird in this book but at the end I loved him again Written style 5at least half of it was slow paced but it was good in geneeral plot 5the plots were slow pace a bit even Ending 5omg the ending was soooooooooooo good I couldn t see that coming General idea 5again yesss myths More of my reviews can be found at Flipping Through the PagesWARNING DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE FEELING A SENSE OF LOSS, ARE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHO YOU ARE OR IF YOU ARE SIMPLY EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ANY OF THESE SYMPTOMS, PUT OFF READING THIS AS IT MAY RESULT IN BOUTS OF CRYING THAT LAST FOR CHAPTERS ON END I enjoyed but didn t love The Goddess Test and judging by some reviews of this installment, those who loved the first installment, weren t huge fans of this one I have to say I m the opposite Maybe it s because I didn t really think Henry and Kate had much of a relationship in The Goddess Test Maybe it s because I m a bit of an emotional wreck at this point of my life Or maybe it was just my cup of tea For whatever reason, I enjoyed this installment eventhan its predecessor.The novel starts off with a bang and it doesn t slow down for a long time From the get go, Kate just couldn t catch a break She has just come back from her 6 month break in Greece and pretty much the moment she sets foot in the freaking door, trouble goes down with a Titan Kate then goes on a trip in the Underworld in order to save her loved ones Now, for the first half of the book, Kate, Ava and James are on said trip together and it s basically walk, walk, walking for days on end But you know what I found it interesting Aimee Carter has this wonderful way of making time fly in a couple of pages and only adds the good bits in Although it sounds incredibly boring to read, it wasn t It was always interesting and I really loved the pace throughout the entire novel.I love Kate eventhanks to this installment I love her attitude, her determination and her sympathetic empathetic nature even if she doesn t want to cough Persephone cough Even when she is at her lowest point, she still manages to at least appear strong, she never really loses her marbles, she is incredibly impulsive, but not an idiot and she is funnyI slammed the breaks and forced the car into Park so violently that the head of the stick shift snapped off The car was a piece of shit anywayI HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR THAT SENTENCE RIGHT NOW But may I just say, it s incredibly weird to read Stick shift , when we call them manuals in Australia.As the novel progresses, Kate s emotions spiral out of control and so did mine For about 3 chapters straight as a rough estimate , I was a blubbering mess and wanted to reach out for Kate, give her a massive hug and cry together As an interesting turn of events, Kate returns home much sooner than I expected and I was left wondering where Aimee Carter was going with this as it seemed that everything was resolved for a little while about 150 pages before the novel finished During this time, Kate discoversabout who she is and why Her and Henry also have some uh, issues which also made me cry on Kate s behalf seriously, Henry could use some guidance in How to Show Affection but we also discover why Henry is the way he is around Kate, and why Persephone did what she did I could understand both Henry and Kate and why they felt the way they did and I m SO glad that things got sorted out And then there s the cliffhanger to defeat all cliffhangers it s up there with Laini Taylor s Daughter of Smoke and Bone As soon as I finished those last few pages, I kinda felt angry Mainly due to the fact that I have to wait God knows how long until the next installment I WANT NOW I went from thinking HA HA good one to thinking Oh, god, THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING My head kinda half exploded from the ending and I seriously just neededPlease October, HURRY UPBeing with Henry doesn t mean you have to give up who you are Henry doesn t define youAimee Carter, this is one of my favourite quotes EVER At this point I was in hysterics, damn it I received this for review from Netgalley and this has not influenced my review at all. not yet read the Goddess Test,and I might not but heres the book cover anyway Before reading I was about to congratulate Hades and Kate, our newly married couple, and about to welcome Kate to underworldAfter readingThere are many series came out in last few years on mythology, and most of them were adapted from Persephone Myth Among them all I think,The Goddess Test was one of the best series, better than another adaption AbandonGoddess Interrupted took place exactly after six months where The Goddess Test ended The book started with Kate s return to Henry, ready to accept the vow as a queen of underworld But somehow King of Titans has been awake, throwing the underworld and the whole Olympus was in misbalance and the traitor who is responsible for the whole mess is one of their own Henry has been kidnapped so are the other gods, and Kate must seeks for aid from a person in order to rescue Henry, the person who knows the underworld better than anyone and the person is none other than Persephone, first wife of Henry.I think that the author did a very good job of taking some elements of the Greek Mythology and then creating something new, and I was absolutely thrilled with the changes The book was a perfect blending of mythology into modern story Individually, the characters were very different from each other with their own attitude and powers I liked how they interacted with each other and bought the family together, of course other than the traitor Kate and HenryKate was a naive girl in The Goddess Test who was struggling with the whole situation of becoming bride of Henry, and in this book we saw her grown into this independent, stubborn, selfless and strong person who was determined not to lose anyone else she loves With her newly discovered power as a goddess, she took the responsibilities with grace as a true queen of underworld Kate was exactly the kind of character you will feel for You will really feel the intense feelings of her inner suffering and mental anguish, that may brought tears into your eyes just like it did to me.Henry was seductive and secretive as always He was not very good at expressing feeling like he was an expert of ruling underworld, which creates several misunderstandings between Henry and Kate His heart was torn between his past with Persephone and present with Kate I could sense emotional battle within him Sometimes he took some stupid moves and idiotic decisionswhich I won t mention, you have to find out yourself from the book , that made me feel like slapping him hardly and brought him back to his senses.RomanceKate loved Henry unconditionally knowing Henry will never be able to love her in the way he did Persephone and she never stopped loving him Right from the start the romantic tension between them builds and finally explored into a hot romance that we were eagerly waiting for, which made the book unputdownable Though it was very clear in this book that James s feelings and concerns toward Kate wasthan friendly, Kate always remained faithful to Henry Apparently Kate was not only one victim of one sided love, I felt kind of bad for James too.Cliffhanger AlertGoddess Interrupted delivers a wonderful atmospheric tale with unexpected twists and dark moments that will bring to the edge I was hooked in the story and never wanted to put it I hate to mention the last few pages will wrench your heart from your chest which might make you crazy for the next book Like I said there was definite cliffhanger.