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I couldn t get than a few pages without groaning or rolling my eyes at something This book is filled with gross exaggerations of the millennial culture So much so, that the book almost seems a parody of itself. I received this book for free as a Goodreads First Reads winner Isn t it Pretty to Think So was a journey of loneliness, discovery, depression, addiction, love, and loss It reminded me a lot of Salinger s Catcher in the Rye The book beautifully conveys a generational restlessness and need to connect in a time when young people have merged with technology and fully embraced instant gratification and excess I particularly loved Jake s time at the mansion in West Hollywood His experiences there were so tragically raw, so real and so out of control I just couldn t stop reading The few times he devolved into temporary insanity felt dark, hopeless, and very unpredictable which made for a very engaging read as I had no idea what, if anything, was next for Jake I felt the losses very deeply, especially the last one and was saddened by the ending That being said, life is not perfect and I appreciated Miller s honesty in his writing, including and especially in the resolution. READ EPUB ♁ Isn't It Pretty To Think So? ♅ Isn T It Pretty To Think So Is A Contemporary, Coming Of Age Tale By First Time Novelist Nick MillerSet In Los Angeles, The Novel Follows Jake Reed, A World Weary Recent College Graduate Struggling To Find Use For His Liberal Arts Degree Amidst A Waning Workforce He Eventually Lands A Job In Real Estate As A Social Media Manager, A Role That Requires The Mindless Pursuit Of Likes, Tweets, And HitsAfter A Death In The Family And A Surprise Inheritance, Jake Quits His Job And Meanders Through Lonely Hotel Rooms, Quiet Beach Towns, And Then, In A Dramatic Shift, Stations Himself In West Hollywood Where Disillusioned Twenty Somethings Lose Themselves In The Madness Of Drugs And Sex It Is Here That The Only Proof Of Memories Is Found In Filtered Photographs Posted Online From The Night BeforeMiller Captures The Angst, Restlessness, And Spirit Of The Millennial Generation A Group Mindlessly Charging Through The Recession During A Time When The Line Between Existence In The Physical And Digital World Is Blurred The Novel Provides A Fascinating, Grim, And Often Times Humorous Portrayal Of The Lifestyle That Represents Our Contemporary Youth I actually struggled a little bit with my feelings about this book I m not going to lie, I had to give myself a little pep talk before I even started it Because I went to hs with this guy, and actually remember seeing him I have a clear memory of him in a red polo and the blue uniform shorts the guy s had at our school So because I remember him, and because he s a young writer in general and nothing so great and amazing to me as a young writer, I knew that I really really wanted to like the book and that I might have a biased opinion I didn t want to forgive it any large flaws, or like it just to like it I wanted to literally like it Technically like it Seriously actually like it.And I did, I did But I don t really know how to review it Hard to even describe the plot Suffice it to say, it was the story of the life of a twenty something living in LA And that in itself might not be so great, not like it hasn t been done beforethink Brett Easton Ellis, who I don t even like It s the fact that it s so so right on The feeling of feeling isolated and alone, the activities in general, the streets the drugs All that shit It made me wonder, does everyone feel and experience exactly the same thing living in LA I guess I m not that special after all But whatever Nick Miller pegged it perfectly The way you start off virginal, and inexperiencedthe way you get thrown into situations you d never thought you d be in The way the drugs just fall into your lap, and eventually you just try them peer pressure is a real thing Except it s not all like Come on, don t you wanna be cool or Come on, everyone is doing it The way it s portrayed on the funny flat peopled commercials It s like, literally everyone is doing it and in order to seem like one of them, like you re NOT the inexperienced kid you actually are, you pop that pill in your mouth and try and pretend you ve done it before, or you do that line, or take that hit whatever the drug of choice may be.I read some negative reviews on this book that kinda attacked Miller by saying his partying, sexing, drugging was redundant and they were sick of him being his own worst enemy But I thought that was the point Trust me these people ill include myself in this group know they are their own worst enemies They know, and want to stop but can t and then get even depressed about it Being self destructive isn t synonymous with being oblivious In fact I think these people are the MOST self aware and that s what makes it worse And now I feel like I m making a debate for these existential crisisis I m not Ultimately I just mean to say that I relate I empathize And I wonder, how much of this was taken from his life don t readers always wonder that And don t writers always take from what they know I wasn t sure initially how I felt about the constant contemporary references Facebook Twitter Franzen Portugal the Man Then after awhile I realized that had they not been there, I wouldn t have related quite as much Sure, I would recognize the same feelings, the same melancholy mood and depressive tendencies and clearly typical angst But without all that name dropping I wouldn t have felt like I did and that s that Isn t It Pretty To Think So was a page taken right out of my life And the fact that it was so real, made me think he was honest and the fact that he was honest made me like the book.I guess in life there are two types of people The people who are just happy Simple The kind of people that can let things roll of their back s, can decide what they want to believe instead of being a slave to their actual beliefs that they wish they didn t believe The kind that can move on easily, and let go This is probably not a book for them They will think it is whiny, because they think WE are whiny And then there are the others The kind that CAN T let things roll off their back s, the kind that over analyze and idealize and agonize over lost loves and past mistakes These people will surely relate to so many aspects of Jake s story Is it Jake s story Or is it Nick s And I hear the former kind of people scoff at the latter kind Whiny emo shit to be exact a quote from my best guy friend who I admit I love for saying things like that, because I secretly like when people trivialize my pain because it makes me believe them just a lil, that maybe just maybe it s not that big of a deal after all A word of advice tho, to those happy people Give the other kind a break They d rather be like you, trust me It reminds me of what Daisy Buchannon says in the Great Gatsby, That s the best thing in life a girl can be, a beautiful little fool Some oddities Jake was a both absurdly lucky and unlucky Lucky for the , the way random people reached out jayson, Parker, stone fox, Henry I mean how many people extend a hand to a stranger like that Whether it be a helping hand or hand seeking saving With some insightful speech or note or rambling sililoqy and then unlucky with all the death the gma, Tatiana The chick that used him to get her ex boyfriend back Something that s embarrassingly familiar to me, I will admit And also, Jake sure met a lot of crazy people I always wonderis ANYONE that ridiculous I ve seen crazy, but so blatantly bizarre not quite The actress Parker The Asian DJ roommate another question is anyone THAT obsessed with Facebook I ve yet to see one I m not sure one person could come across so many outrageous people and experiences in such a short lifetime But maybe they could, who knows Nick Miller could be transcribing straight out of his journal.This book made me cry It made me angry, and it made me think, and it actually inspired me to try writing something Isn t that a success in itself Upon completion, I closed the book and felt I had a bit of a kindred soul in Jake and thus perhaps with the author himself because when I read it, I felt UNDERSTOOD You can t make that up unless you ve felt something close to that, right How could one be that exact on a feeling if he hadn t felt it himself Impossible Actually, the main point is that I FELT If that doesn t make the book a success I don t know what does.He s a young writer I have faith that his writing will only get better, I can t wait to see what he comes up with next. I read this book twice before writing a review It was really worth it.The overall style is ever so elegant and refined.Jake s overflowing interior direct monologues get you to relate to him a lot They also underline the abysmal distance between Jake and what surrounds him You see the protagonist as a person trying to deal with the world and to live experiences experiences that you get to live yourself , not only as part of the world itself, in my opinion You can t help but side with him.The plot is very brilliant too.I m not going to summarize it, but the themes that emerge from the whole story are classic but never banal.Travel, new friends, adventures, drugs, death, love, literature, change.Every reflection, every though, every speech manages to enlighten you and lets you see things from a new standpoint.I was truly impressed by this book and I would strongly recommend it. What a fabulous, thought provoking book.I haven t read a fiction book that inspired such a wide range of emotions when reading in such a long time Nick Miller manages to perfectly capture our generation s obsession with their online persona something we re all guilty of, in one extreme or another and the unease that we ve all felt when trying to find ourselves our path.I have felt very similar to Jake on many occasions and at points it did make me feel depressed to think of life as the same events simply repeated, Rinse Repeat Forever Then I realised that it is part of life to feel this way, and to put measures in place to prevent monotony because Life is too goddamn short to spend one minute of it bored.Nick Miller, I applaud you, Isn t it pretty to think so inspired me in a way that Catcher in the Rye never did, despite the protestations of so many that it would Change your life and I would like to think that, perhaps, one day, I will be so inspired as to write my own novel, so that I can give the world something back.Thank you. Dear Nick Miller,I just laid your book to rest after reading it over the period of three weeks in the 34th summer of my life I was inspired to write a review that is actually a letter to the author and casting it into the great seas of social media, much as the same way a wistful poet pens his lines on a piece of parchment before stoppering it into a bottle and sending it out to its inevitable destiny Although at first when I began reading your book, I didn t know what to expect, by the end, I realized that this is pretty much the same crisis that currently plagues the millennial generation We journey with Jake, who is 23 years old and caught in the between phases of his life dabbler and writer, university and professional career, online personas representations and intimate relationships founded in reality This is his coming of age tale, like a contemporary post baccalaureate version of The Catcher in the Rye.Jake has inherited money from his grandmother to allow him the freedom to live the vagabond life of an aspiring writer The money plays a dual role in this novel at times it s a savior and at times it s a crutch impeding Jake from progressing The sex, booze, drugs and literature that cloud and yet illumine his path are all essential for the development of the story and yet at the same time diversions and distractions from the character finding himself.My favorite pieces of this novel were the relationships the psycho ex girlfriend, the friend from the old life, the party people, the retired professor turned writing coach critic and mentor, the anonymous stranger slash fangirl, the damsel in distress, and all of the other characters that play parts in this contemporary odyssey of the young man.Wait I guess I just lied Because probably, if I m being honest, I most loved the homage to the books that Jake read in the making of this adventure The nods to Hemingway, Shakespeare, Faulkner, Plath, etc remind me why I love to read, why I love to write, why any of us thirst for their words and hunger so badly to sit down before classic typewriters or modern laptops to dare to share the written words, the stories within each and every one of us The inspiration that I have found in these pages is not only channeling these great authors that have come before us, but reminding me of that calling Thank you, Sir, for that So, in conclusion I ll probably regret my rating of four stars out of five Because I think this was a pivotal piece of fiction that I will treasure as the depth and breadth of it has sunk further in Thank goodness you are out there, Nick Miller Thank heavens for your gift of words Thank you for having a Tumblr so that I could find you and relate to you on this even intimate level Gratitude for writing this novel that smacks of the best of the old world and dares to venture into the brave new one.Yes It IS pretty to think so.With deep fondness, Ange I think I m gonna have a week long book hang over on this one.An incredible first novel by Nick Miller Every word, sentence, paragraph and thought written in this novel has hit me in all the right places. Author Nick Miller is very talented at social media I bought this book because he friended me on Goodreads and I wanted to give this young writer a try I read that others found the book because of a random post on tumblr, or a tweet So we know that Nick has cracked one of the toughest obstacles for a newly published author getting on people s radar But unlike his lead character, Jake, I ll bet he puts in than an hour a day doing it.Given the high ratings on Goodreads, I special ordered this book from my local independent bookseller and couldn t wait to start it I found that the writing is unsophisticated and in need of a good editor He throws in plenty of references to literature and pop culture, so I stayed with it for a while longer to see where it was going But life is short And there are many good books waiting next to my bed So I m setting this aside With a good editor and practice, Nick Miller may develop into a novelist of note Later If you re less of a lit snob than I if your threshold for cliches and layered adjectives and frequent use of unoriginal similes is higher than mine , and if you enjoy contemporary coming of age novels that require you to care about privileged twenty somethings spinning their wheels, you might like this novel I don t really care how it ends.Oh, and the custom cover on the trade paperback edition is really lovely Ink and watercolor wash, I think. I gave up on this book I thought I could hold out to the end, but the ebook version had a weird page numbering that made me think I had 995 pages total to read After I made it over 450 of those, I decided I couldn t take it any I do not find this to be an accurate version of the younger generation The obsession with cellphones and Facebook is exaggerated greatly Beyond that, and the fact that I found the protagonist s lack of motivation aggravating, the final straw for me was once I reached the fourth instance in which women were badly characterized, just conquests, or just plain crazy If a woman isn t sleeping with Jake, she doesn t exist in this book at least to the point I read it , unless she s his mom or dead grandmother I might circle back around to this, but I just couldn t take it any I in no way identified with any of the characters in this book In fact, I felt bad for just about everyone that interacted with just about anyone else in the book.