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~EPUB ♡ Of Poseidon ♫ Galen Is The Prince Of The Syrena, Sent To Land To Find A Girl He S Heard Can Communicate With Fish Emma Is On Vacation At The Beach When She Runs Into Galen Literally, Ouchboth Teens Sense A Connection But It Will Take Several Encounters, Including A Deadly One With A Shark, For Galen To Be Convinced Of Emma S Gifts Now, If He Can Only Convince Emma That She Holds The Key To His KingdomTold From Both Emma And Galen S Points Of View, Here Is A Fish Out Of Water Story That Sparkles With Intrigue, Humor, And Waves Of Romance This is going to be an incredibly difficult review to write for a multitude of reasons but especially because I hate giving a not so positive review to a debut author However, I cannot, in good conscience, let these things pass me by so if you are reading this, keep in mind that the following are my opinions and ones you may not necessarily agree with but nevertheless, they are opinions I have a right to express.Of Poseidon promises a lighthearted story dabbling in the mythology of mermaids and some faint Greek myths that, superficially, has all the elements of an entertaining YA novel The dialogue exchange is rapid and there is a lot of wit and humour in the construction of the novel that is, ultimately, very readable.However, there are some troublesome issues in this novel that, try as I might, I cannot overlook Emma s best friend, Chloe, is black and she view spoiler happens to be eaten by a shark hide spoiler Note A copy of this book was provided by the publishers via NetGalley Now that this is out of the way, onto the review.Okay, so here s the thing I thought about not writing this review It felt like a lot of unnecessary effort, given how much has already been said about this type of books Also, I realized that my writing this review will make me come off as some cruel hater bitch, as there are almost no negative reviews of this book on GR, and none of them seem to be articulated.But these days have been all about the debate on women s reproduction rights which shouldn t even BE a subject to debate and Russia still threatening to outlaw the word gay , and I realized that sometimes silence is not the way out.Of Poseidon is the story of Galen, a prince of the house of Triton, who acts as an ambassador of sorts between Syrena and humans He and his sister come to Florida looking for what appears to be a rougue Syrena, who has broken the law of non fraternizing with humans, and find Emma a seemingly human girl who just so happens to fight off and order away a shark As it turns out, Emma s powers are not only unusual for humans, but also for Syrena In fact, hers is a gift that is believed to be extinct, and her having it means that she would have to mate Galen s older brother Grom Which is a problem since Galen has the tingles for her.Okay, first things first, this is a YA PNR book, which means that it rides directly on the wave of Twilight and its brethren Not all of the books in the genre are bad in fact, Unearthly and Angelfall have proven that subversions of the genre can work, and going into this, I hoped that it would be one of those pleasant surprises Unfortunately, Of Poseidon sticks to the trends to an alarming degree and ends up reinforcing some of the worst traits of the genre.What I didn t mention in the summary was that Emma s powers manifest themselves when a shark kills off her best friend, Chloe, who also happens to be black So not only is Emma deprived of a healthy, normal female influence in her life, the token character doesn t get to live to chapter ten And, here s the kicker, she s also not remembered once the romance gets on the way.And if it hasn t become morbidly obvious, this review is not a positive one Turn back now, it doesn t get better.Chloe was not the only female influence in Emma s life, but she is by far the most positive one The other three reoccurring female characters are her mom, who is made to look over paranoid and slightly off the hook, Rayna, Galen s sister, who wins my sympathy in one minute, and then makes me wanna punch her in the next, and Rachel, Galen s assistant and ex mob member, who well, let s just say helping the mermaids snoop around Emma s past doesn t warm me to her You may have noticed I did not mention the plot to this book that s because it doesn t really develop past the basic premise There are hints about a bigger conflict, but a large chunk of it is the mermaids trying to figure what Emma is, since she neither knows of her special powers, nor can she grow a fin I would have been fine with a novel focusingon internal conflict, grieving and acceptance, but no, that s not it either The closest we get to a conflict is Galen being hot and cold, presumably because he would betray his brother if he falls in love with his intended mate.And here is where the shit really hits the fan.You see, Syrena are practical creatures who choose their mate based on their suitability Things such as consent or even acquaintence are curtain dressing, as exemplified as early as the first two chapters.See, Rayna, Galen s sister, was mated to their friend Toraf without her knowledge, consent, or presence She naturally outraged, especially since Toraf has known her from childhood and was made aware of her passionate desire never to mate Toraf going against her wishes and acting like she just plays hard to get could have provided enough conflict to carry the story forward but it doesn t because after Toraf changes strategy and makes Rayna jealous, it is revealed that she does love him and wants to be with him, and that she was, in fact, playing hard to get bangs head on desk Okay okay I can do this.GODDAMN Okay, first of all this is not right Rayna said she never wanted to mate She made it out like Toraf had betrayed her friendship and confidence and then gives in the second he acts indifferent What the actual fuck Sometimes this happens I get that And I would have accepted it if Rayna s character was developed, and her reasons made known If she and Toraf had discussed this and given us a reasonable explanation for her change in attitudes But no The problem is resolved off screen, and the only thing we readers get from it is that when a woman says no , she never means no This rubs me the wrong way, especially because I know just how difficult it is to keep a friendship with a guy just that a friendship Because you know what, sometimes women really want to be friends We don t want romantic entanglements Sometimes we won t change our minds, and getting touchy feely with us will not help your case And going to the king and getting married to us without even asking us or even having us there is a big no no.I can t believe I actually have to spell this out.And from that, you may imagine what the rest of the book is like Galen and Emma s romance is hindered only by this idea that Emma belongs to his brother who doesn t even know she exists , and is resolved in a slap dash way only for the book reach the end, and the obligatory cliffhanger which you probably would have seen from a mile off.A note on Emma She s feisty, but not in the way that makes you think she s a good character She stands up to Galen, but only because she thinks he uses her as a means to an end not because he s a creey jerk There is a moment late in the book where she laments on the fact that she has become that girl, who loves a guy who doesn t love her, and who treats her like a rag She does this after he follows her on her date, drags her away, and is in the process of driving them to an unknown locale But once he confesses his love to her, all is well in the world and he s forgiven.Gag me. THIS BOOK WAS SO GREAT HOLY MOLY, BATMAN I m going to keep my review short, because I WILL be doing a video review of this series in my wrap up for MermaidMay, but here are some of the reasons this book was awesome 1 A light hearted sunshine good time this book didn t try to become something deeper than it is, it s a jolly good time There ARE some darker moments, and they perfectly added intensity to the plot, but it never got bogged down it remained a good time 2 The mythology It s fascinating Sometimes mythologies can be too complex, too boring, and can drag a book down. it brought this book up I was genuinely interested to learn all about it 3 The characters We have such a fun cast here I really enjoyed all of the characters and grew to love them all in a different way.I really super duper recommend that you pick this up Sounds good, but I kind of wish view spoiler the folks who write the synopsis for these books wouldn t broadcast the fact that there s going to be one of those inexplicably attracted to romances, where people are drawn to each otherwithout knowing why.because it makes me kind of hesitant to pick this up I m getting a wee bit tired of paranormal romances where girls are attracted to guys for no reason other than the fact that they re hot hide spoiler This review is also available over at my blog.I made it about 130 something pages before I decided that I could not stand to suffer through this book any.What bothered me right off the bat was the writing style It alternates between Emma s and Galen s POVs, but get this Emma s chapters are first person, while Galen s are third I mean WHY Just, WHY Why do there have to be both styles Why can t Galen s chapters be first person or Emma s be third And it s not like Galen s chapters had anyone else s POVs but his It frustrated me to no end.And then of course the token black best friend who even has a weave dies about three chapters later Funny thing is, in the first chapter Emma was talking about Chloe s funeral Jokingly, of course, because Chloe at the time was embarrassing Emma in front of the oh so hot Galen What a coincidence that Chloe actually does die a few chapters later.Emma is pathetic She s a serial blusher seriously, in 100 pages she managed to blush about 352 billion times and the epitome of a Mary Sue She can never stand up for herself, always needing Galen to save her and give her tingles.Oh God, I haven t even started yet There s so much fail in this book, it s overwhelming.The mermaids are supposed to eat fish Apparently if they don t, they re not mermaids Or, pardon me, Syrena, as this book calls them Can you say Cannibalism What kind of logic is that The characters were all so cartoonish, they never felt like real people Rayna s this bitter feminist, Rachel s this happy go lucky aunt or whatever who calls people babe and sweetie and darling and all that crap, and Toraf is just this smirks a lot funnyman They were just so unrealistic that it was hard to take this book seriously.Galen s your usual arrogant, controlling bastard He even told Emma to obey him because he s Royal And she didn t even seem to mind The insta love was painful They feel tingles every time they re near, electric currents when they touch OH GOD MAKE IT STOP.Ugh, I can t I m so mad again now This book isn t the hilarious kind of bad, it s the kind of horrible that just makes you wanna pull all your fucking hair out This is probably the biggest disappointment of the year for me, cause I was so looking forward to this the first time I saw the cover.Those fails I just mentioned are only half the ones in the book Literally Who knows what else fails lie beyond the 130 something pages that I read I don t give a crap I m not staying around to see, thank you very much. With a beautiful cover like this it s hard to resist not checking out what Of Poseidon is all about I haven t had the best of luck with mermaid books in the past, though I haven t read very many of them Of Poseidon is, so far, one of the better ones I ve had the experience of reading It has an interesting premise with a beautiful underwater world, but I did have a few quirks with it that stopped me from truly loving it Almost immediately, I felt like something was off with the writing It has a great flow with entertaining dialogue and a good amount of humor, so what was the problem Finally I realized that when we switched from one POV to the other, the grammatical person changed as well We get Emma s chapters in first person, and Galen s in third With fairly short chapters, the need to readjust every few pages made me feel a bit detached and disoriented It didn t affect my enjoyment of the book per se, it was rather a feeling that something was amiss For a book with such a strong character orientation, I was disappointed that almost every one of them didn t sit well with me We ve got Emma I could have easily liked her, she s feisty and funny, but besides letting herself get treated like a child by Galen, her personality is very inconsistent For example, she thinks herself the sweetest girl in her class, then she throws Galen s sister through a window with murderous intentions It was hard for me to get a read on her As for her bizarre relationship with Galen When she s not complaining about him using her, she s secretly wishing he would kiss her I mean, Galen is great at first sight He s gorgeous with a knack for being charming But in truth he s controlling and lacks respect for her He mentions wanting a girl who will do whatever he asks and never argue with him Anyone Plus his serial killer eyes His ordering her around, never taking Emma seriously it got on my nerves To spite his demands, Emma reacts by doing the opposite of what he wants In my opinion, this all came off as very juvenile I simply couldn t root for them, nor did I feel the thrill I expected from young love However, they do have a few moments in the book that are amusing and cute I also especially enjoyed the scenes where Toraf was involved He s the one character that I found sweet with a genuine personality The mermaid lore in the story is very thorough with impressive details I loved learning about the Syrena Poseidon and Triton houses, their abilities, their past, their culture Though I m not sure where I stand on specifics such as the fact that all they eat is seafood, or how it s possible that they have been in contact with humans but stay ignorant on basic human knowledge and then they know how to drive a car These are pretty minor, though, and I was able to let it pass No matter, there s definite originality with a fun take on a well known mythology We even go into some biology details that I was fascinated by It s obviously well thought out As far as the plot goes, we don t have a great deal of development The book has the feel of a big introduction We learn about the political situations, and we re left with an interesting twist, but it s overall a fairly slow paced story with no substantial breakthroughs I can t fail to mention the Underwater scenes Aquatic life can be very beautiful filled with sea creatures, mysteries, and treasures the parts where they visit the underwater world are easily my favorites Galen takes Emma to one particular spot by which I was simply mesmerized It s all magnificently picturesque To be honest, even with all the problems I had with this novel, in this end I still found myself to have quite enjoyed it The promising plot line and elaborate lore kept my attention throughout I m certainly interested in reading the sequel which I think may beto my liking with, I assume, asettled relationship and further plot advancements Forof my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads SO GOOD Galen.mmmmmmm. I don t read many books that I would rate 1 star these days I seem to have mas tered my pref er ences and hit a stride of excel lent books or at least mostly read able books.Admit tedly I only made it fifty six pages into this book before I threw my hands up in dis gust and tossed a pil low at the wall so I sug gest you take that into account when decid ing whether to buy this book.Why did I stop reading First rea son The death of a token characterWe didn t know her long enough, but I m pretty sure she could play base.Right off a POC char ac ter is killed and whilst that would be annoy ing in its own right, since killing off POC char ac ters is a frus trat ing cliche in books, TV shows and films, this was evenannoy ing Firstly because her descrip tion was extremely stereo typ i cal to the point that she was less of a char ac ter andof a car i ca ture Per haps even worse anddegrad ing is that there was no real lament to her death It was used as a story pro gres sion so that the male pro tag o nist could wax lyri cal about how beau ti ful and brave the female pro tag o nist for try ing to save the dying POC char ac ter I kid you not A girl is dying in a ter ri fy ing, vio lent, hor ri fy ing way and this is what he s thinkingIt s just that she doesn t look as though she needs help Her pale face is con torted with anger Not fear Not dis tress Just fury Her white hair floats like an aura, jerk ing in delayed reac tion with each of her capa ble movements Like I said a girl just died and he s hav ing a hard on for Emma And even worse, we re sup posed to be hav ing a hard on for how awe some Emma is The text is all about Emma.In fact, Chloe s death seems to be noth ing but an agent for mak ing us sym pa thetic for Emma It felt cheap and dirty Sure, tak ing on a bull shark is a seri ously awe some thing to do Almost as awe some as that time I wres tled a croc o dile But let s not get off track here When sit ting down and plan ning how to make a main char ac ter rock super hard, I could think of a hun dred ways that didn t involve cre at ing a token char ac ter, imme di ately killing her off and then using that death to wank about how awe some the pro tag o nist is.I mean, first of all gross from an imagery point of view Sec ond of all, holy flip ping duck twat, Bat man, way to be offensive Sec ond reason The sex ism.There s noth ing wrong with cre at ing a sex ist soci ety How ever, there is some respon si bil ity when doing so That the writ ing doesn t actu ally sup port or roman ti cize or give tacit approval for the sex ism is a good start Of Posei don fea tures a heav ily misog y nis tic mer maid soci ety And as such, the male char ac ters act like a bunch of misog y nis tic dicks Once again, com pletely under stand able But then it s when every one else just kind of goes along with that and doesn t see a prob lem that my eye started to twitch And then when some pretty out right pater nal is tic bull crap takes place, I started see ing red Like when a stalker mer maid arrives for a female char ac ter, Rayna They are mated against her will and her refusal and hatred of him is treated as a com i cal device in the story just her being a fickle and child ish girl not actu ally a woman rebelling against a sys tem that doesn t allow her to choose her mate or even requires her to be present for the cer e mony She s angry at him because they were child hood friends and he s always known that she never wanted to mate He went behind her back, asked her Dad and orga nized for them to be mated She s pissed at him Nat u rally Per son ally, I would have seduced him out onto an iso lated locale and impaled him on a rock Rayna s anger and hatred toward him is just laughed off by every one Includ ing her brother.Excuse me EXCUSE ME What the ever lov ing fuck Oh, I see Women in this world don t know what they want until the smarter, bet ter men come along and show them Right RIGHT.Then there s Gallen who is just sex ist plain and sim ple He dis misses his sis ter, does not dis cuss the infor ma tion he s work ing on with her but will with her mate another man I am told that he takes over Emma s life and treats her much like a bit of bag gage in the name of tak ing care of her I didn t see any pro gres sion toward a less sex ist Galen hav ing any kind of rev e la tion that women weren t all a bunch of objects to be ordered around like sheep.You expect women to be unrea son able barn yard ani mals too busy mas ti cat ing and going into heat to do any rea son able and log i cal thought, fine But think like that and try to be a roman tic inter est in a YA novel I m read ing No way Sorry, Galen You are the weak est link Goodbye.Third rea son The writ ing.I truly dis liked the writ ing Not only was it incred i bly telling and flat but the story also jumped awk wardly between the first per son nar ra tive for Emma and the third per son nar ra tive for Gallen It did not feel pol ished or fin ished at allStop she yells.Galen stops But Emma s not talk ing to him She s talk ing to the shark.And the shark stops.Emma wraps both arms around Chloe and hugs her to her chest, lean ing her friend away from the attack You can t have her Leave her alone Leave us both alone The shark turns, saun ters away as if sulking.SHARKS CAN SAUNTER AND SULK I know what she s doing here and that s being abrupt and edgy with a tense moment But I just trip over those sen tences every time I read them And a lot of this book is like this Part of me wants to take a red pen to it and just clean it up a bit It s not like Banks is nec es sar ily a bad writer but that her writ ing isn t smooth There s no poetry or rhythm to it Just these jar ring, awk ward sen tences that hurt my brain.Fourth rea son The char ac ter i za tionHi My name is River Swan Desmonda Sparkle Eyes Emma was, in my opin ion, a Mary Sue and that is a term I don t use often Basi cally, I felt she was an author insert Rare com pelling eyes, one of a kind in her species, ultra spe cial, father AND friend died to cre ate sym pa thy Even Gallen, when not with Emma, only thinks about Emma He can sense her on land when that s sup posed to be impos si ble It s always the same with Mary Sues Impos si bil ity sur rounds them and they re just so fuck ing SPESHAL while being the most bor ing, repet i tive, inof fen sive turds around The prob lem with Mary Sues is that, if you ve read one you ve read them all and the only thing that separates them is the degree to exactly HOW speshul and ewnique they are And theMary Suish they are, thethe other char ac ters spend every fuck ing moment talk ing and think ing about Mary Sue which as far as I could see, was exactly what hap pened in this book The only char ac ter flaw the author has given her is that she s clumsy Clumsy is not a char ac ter flaw I m sorry, but it s not It s a lazy way of try ing to make a young, beau ti ful female char ac ter imme di ately adorable and relat able to an audi ence and writ ers do it all the time Stop Just stop it, okay Even if the story telling explains the clum si ness she s not meant to be on land she s meant to be in the water it still makes for a weaker char ac ter Because if you can t bare to give your MC aintense flaw than clumsy then that becomes ALL you can say about her What s Emma like Oh, she s just this really clumsy, inse cure teenage girl Clumsy and inse cure No Never That only mar gin ally ties her to like 95% of the YA MC population Basi cally, I can deal with bad writ ing to a degree And bad char ac ter i za tion to a degree And sex ism to a degree But throw them all in with the death of a token char ac ter and smoosh it into a ter ri ble mess Then I can t deal Then I throw my hands up in dis gust, delete the book off my ereader and try to scrub my bloody brain free. Review posted at Bewitched BookwormsEpic Awesomeness You know one of the best things about writing reviews and featuring books on your blog is when you have a book that literally blew you away Of Poseidon is such a book and beware of my fangirly excitement which will follow in the next paragraphs.Like with many other books Of Poseidon drew me initially in because of this gorgeous cover I simply adore this girl in the water, I loooove the white and the green, it s incredible I can t wait to have this piece of awesomeness on my shelf as a hardcover But, this book has not just a gorgeous cover, Oh no This book was a mind blowing wonderment Be Warned Long Review full of fangirlyness Starting with a BANG I believe you know it yourself Some books start slow and some books start with a BANG The opening scene in Of Poseidon drew me in immediately and I was right into this story and there was no way to put it down after this Emma stumbles into Galen in the first minutes of the book and this scene set the tone of the whole book It was the perfect opening But, apart from this cute interaction in the beginning, there is evenhappening in the first chapter that made me gasp We get everything in the first pages, laughter, hotness Galen , cuteness Emma and heartbreaking tears Yes, it s not just light and fun But, this doesn t matter Seriously, what is better than a book that triggers the full range of emotion Nothing Emma Belongs to the hall of fame of awesomeness heroines Emma was incredibly cute but at the same time I loved loved loved her snarky retorts She was awesome and I have such a big girl crush on her I want to be her friend In Of Poseidon, Emma has to discover that there is something else in the world, something that was hidden until now and that fairy tales with mermaids please Galen, excuse this word are true Moreover, she even seems to be part of this Emma handles this all fantastically with spark and snark Can I stress again how much I love Emma Galen dies uhmm fans self Who would think a mermaid could be sex on fishtails I didn t, but then I met Galen Prince of the Syrena because we do not use the word mermaids from this moment forward, Galen would not be happy Galen is hotness personified He s an ambassador for his kind and keeps track on what the humans are up to, he takes care that the Syrena are not discovered But, he has not much love for humankind which why it s evenconfusing when he feels so fascinated and captivated by Emma This initial spark he felt when he meet Emma made him follow her to her school to figure out the mystery behind Emma.I adore and love Galen insanely He s incredible hot thank you for that but since he s a Prince he also is very bad ass, dominant and possessive Gosh, don t we all love hot alpha males Emma constantly annoys him because for once Emma does not treat him like the royal prince he is and she constantly talks back and does not take his crap I loved loved loved their constant batter and their snarky and witty retorts Those dialogues were one of the best aspects in Of Poseidon At the same time, Galen hasn t truly lived among humans and some human rituals and behavior is foreign for him It was incredibly funny when he was just confused by this ridiculous human behavior, which doesn t fit this Prince all to well But this just added to the level of adoration I felt for Galen Emotionally invested Tears, Laughter, Heartbreak Yep, all of this Oh yes, very much so The plot in addition was mysterious enough to keep me on edge The pace was perfect I was just as eager to find outabout Emma than Emma and Galen themselves But one of the best parts was the unfolding romance and the love Gosh the Love was intense, hot and beautiful although it seemed doomed from the beginning Be aware of serious heartbreak I, myself had water in my eyes and also shed a few tears Bottom LineOf Poseidon was epic and a pure wonderment Anna Banks created a tale that was heart melting, mysterious funny and just fanfreakingtastic The characters were amazing with a heroine who was smart cute and snarky and Galen the boy who stole Emma s heart but will also steal yours Of Poseidon will get a place on my special awesomeness shelf of epic tales and I hope it will get a place on yours