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I ll just start by saying this the book was beautiful I ve read a few Elizabeth Eulberg books before and I can say with absolute certainty that none of them could quite compare to Take A Bow.I ll admit, I was initially skeptic about this one Considering The Lonely Hearts Club and Prom and Prejudice I didn t actually expect much from this If anything, I imagined this to be just as flat and lifeless Maybe even worse, after I saw the format of the book four different POVs The only thought that ran through my head when I got started on Take A Bow was, She s going to mess this one up All the characters are going to sound the same, I m not going to be able to tell the difference, I m not going to like it How are you supposed to keep track of all four POVs But I take that back Because Elizabeth Eulberg pulled it off with grace and near perfection.I loved that which each chapter, I didn t have to look up to see whose POV I was reading I just had to read the first few lines and I got it The characters were defined, clear cut andthan anything, believable Charismatic, mean girl Sophie naive, I m still getting there Emme real, honest Carter and oh, don t even get me started on Ethan.It s like each chapter sends in a wave of emotions through me, each one so different, so vigorous and so alive It s rare thing to get to read a book that gives youthan what you expected but this one nailed it, hands down.But above all, it s the story that makes me want to widen my eyes, drink in the words on each page and live a part of the story being told If I were to put it simply, it s just a montage of four very different people on a journey to reach what seem like four different destinations but is actually a single, common and in this crazy way, almost tangible mission to find the person you want to be, the person you want to live your life as, and to be that person.And it s also so muchthan that.Because the truth is, everyday, everyone of us is searching for that final checkpoint where you come to an epiphany that yes, you re happy now That you made it That yes, you re finally living now.And what s funny is that almost every author tries to weave that very same message into their every word I mean, you d think it would be an overused beyond the point of return cliche, right But it isn t, at least seemingly not in Take A Bow And that s what makes this book amazing It tells it like it is, with the sort of flow that pulls you into the book, lets you breathe in the emotions, feel the anxiety and live the bursts of happiness of the novel like they were your very own.The ending was perfect, too, if it were possible I ve read so many books that did have the potential for something great but ended up squeezing the life out of that potential with a really fantastical, pretentious ending But this ended on a note that keeps you wondering what happens to the four of them, while keeping you content with the assurance that yeah, everything will turn out okay for them.So how do I sum it all up It s about music, beautiful and mellifluous it s about friendships, those that shatter and those that bloom it s about love, inconstant and heartwarming and it s about life, its mountain peak highs and rock bottom lows.So what are you waiting for Go check it out And take my word for it, this one s worth it. While this title is likely to appeal to fans of Fame, Glee, and High School Musical, I was disappointed in it, perhaps because I ve read books that cover the same terrain better Four teens audition for spots in the prestigious New York City High School of the Creative and Performing Arts, and once they are accepted, the storyline shifts quickly to their senior year at the school Talented songwriter Emme is painted with a sympathetic brush since she has talent to write and sing but hides that talent out of fear Her best friend Sophie is a piece of work, intent on stardom no matter whose body she has to step over she reminds of the conniving in the movie classic All about Eve and it s pretty clear even from the first that she is not someone Emme should trust Carter, a child movie star, hides a secret passion for art while going through the motions of acting until Emme helps him follow his dream Finally, Emme has to have a love interest Ethan, bedeviled by unnamed demons and faithless to his long time girlfriend, and their road to romance is a path filled with twists, turns, and detours While I liked the idea that Emme found support in the three guys with whom she formed a band, she was just too good to be believable Also, Ethan s confession near the end of the book that he cheated on his girlfriend because he couldn t have Emme and wanted her to see that other females found him attractive left me muttering, Can you say self justification Agh That remark was akin to saying, I did it because you didn t love me By the time the smoke on all this drama has cleared, and the class is graduation, Ethan reflects on the friends and family he loves, leaving methan a little puzzled since there had been few if any references to his supportive family earlier in the book Then again, perhaps my mood upon reading this book was simply cynical, and someoneforgiving might find the story compelling and the characters realistic. Jadi begini abis pulang jumatan lagi siap2 mau pergi ke kecamatan ngurus e ktp tiba2 ada abang2 dari sebuah jasa pengiriman pos ngetok2 pager disamperin dunk trus dia bilang ada kiriman paket waaaaaaaaah, aseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek kliatannya kiriman buku soalna buat siapa basa basi nggggggg hening ini bener dengan dengan rumah nyebutin alamat ama nomer rumah malah nanya dia iya, betul. buat siapa paketna hening lagi anu. anu menyerahkan paket tanpa mau nyebutin nama yang ada dialamat ya udah diterima aja kemudian melotot sendiri liat nama yang ditulis di paketnya buatKUDANIL BERTARING pengirimMewwyastaga pantes tukang posna kek sutres gitu gak mau nyebut namanya I found my favorite contemporary book of 2012 and my new favorite author You have no idea how much I love this book It such a cute, adorable book Take a Bow follows four unique, talented teenagers Emme, Ethan, Sophie and Carter I loved all characters, especially the member of Teenage Kicks Emme, Ethan, Jack and Ben Jack and Ben cracked me up throughout the book It s been a long time since a book has made me smile this much throughout the book, and even after I finished it, I had a smile on my face.Carter is adorable, sweet guy He really wants to be normal, to have normal friends, a normal life and not act all the time Emme is a sweet girl she s very quick to forgive people Ethan is kind of a reserved, quiet guy yet nice and caring Sophie is a selfish, heartless and very manipulative She uses Emme and Carter she plays with their emotion Even though she s not my favorite, I really liked how she made the storyinteresting Take a Bow is written in four POV I know some people, including me, get confused when a book is written in multiple POV but I didn t have problem with this book, I didn t get confused ones I also loved how there is music in this books it made the bookappealing I think the characters were funny but also had depth and seemed real I was able to relate to every single character From the first moment I opened this book, I was smiling from ear to ear This book went really fast for me, when I didn t even want to finish it it was that good.The way Eulberg wrote this book was amazing The writing is so beautiful It s another reason that I fell in LOVE with this book Eluberg sense of humor, writing style, characters, and storyline will draw you and keep you cozy There is NOTHING I would change about this book.I can t recommend this book enough Every single person should pre order this one you won t be disappointed I have no doubt that if you are a fan of contemporary novels, music, and romance you would adore this book You are going to be missing a FANTASTIC book if you skip this one.Now, I m going to have to look for my copy of The Lonely Hearts Club it s somewhere in my messy bookshelf because I m addicted to Eulbergs writing, story and character Find the original review The Sagacity Quest Re Read in March 2018 I loved this book just as much the second time around Once again, I read it in a day I just adore pretty much everything about this I very recently discovered Elizabeth Eulberg and have been working my way through her books While I ve enjoyed all of the ones I have read so far especially Better off Friends , Take a Bow has become not just my favorite Eulberg book, but one of my favorite books of the year.I loved the characters The story is told from the 1st person POV of four students at a prestigious arts school Emme, Ethan, Sophie, and Carter I really enjoyed each of their perspectives I loved Emme and how kind she was I loved her relationship with her band members, Ben, Jack, and Ethan Ethan came the closest to the tortured artist persona I was expecting for the setting, but it was never over the top While he messed up plenty, he did really try and I loved him Carter was the former child star who just wanted to have a normal life He was so nice and I loved the friendship he developed with Emme His part of the story is really focused on finding himself and while I appreciated it and did like him, he came across a little pretentious at times I pretty much straight up hated Sophie at first, but as the book went on I started to kind of love to hate her She could not bedifferent than sweet Emme and I couldn t wait to see this mean girls get what was coming to her.As I ve mentioned, I ve been binging on Eulberg books lately and I think the thing that keeps making me come back is the character development All of her characters are really well developed and I become deeply invested in them I almost start to feel like they re real people and I wish I was part of their friendships This year I have been really into mysteries suspense and have not had a lot of patience for anything else These books have made me really start to appreciate a good character driven story again.The only thing I didn t really like about the book was how Carter s chapters were formatted Every time there was dialogue it had the character name and then a colon and then what was said It took me a little while to figure out that s it s supposed to mimic a script It didn t work for me, though, because the rest of the text wasn t like that If the whole POV could have been written out like a script I think it could ve been a really interesting narrative choice, but as it was it was just kind of distracting.Overall, I really loved Take a Bow I read it in a day I loved the characters and the friendship and even the catty egomaniac I know this review does not do justice to how much I enjoyed this book I can t believe how long it has taken me to discover Elizabeth Eulberg If you are a fan of YA Contemporaries, you definitely need to check her out.Overall Rating out of 5 4.5 Stars This Book Is Absolutely The Best Book EVER This book follows four teens and each one is completely different Emme, I can relate to her so much She is in her best friend s shadow her whole life So she finally speaks out But what is so different in this book than the many others I read, is because they go to an arts high school Their high school requires them to RE AUDITION just to stay in school That is a lot of pressure if you do that four times a year. |READ KINDLE ⚑ Take a Bow ☪ Chasing FameChasing LoveChasing A FutureEmme Has Long Lived In Her Best Friend Sophie S Shadow She Writes Songs, And Sophie Sings Them It S Always Been Like This, And Feels Like It Always Will Be Sophie Will Stop At Nothing To Be A Star Even If It Means Using Her Best Friend And Picking Up A Trophy Boyfriend, Carter Carter Is A Victim Of A Particular Hollywood Curse He S A Former Child Star Now All He Wants Is A Normal Life But Being Normal Is About As Hard For Him As Being Famous Ethan Has His Own Issues A Darkness In His Head That He Just Can T Shake He S Managed To Sabotage Every Relationship He S Ever Been In Emme S The Only Girl He S Ever Really Respected But He S Not Sure What To Do About ThatEmme, Sophie, Carter, And Ethan Are All Students At A Performing Arts School, Where Talent Is The Norm And Fame Is The Goal But Sometimes, Being In The Spotlight Isn T As Important As The People You Re Sharing It With As The Four Of Them Are Going To Find Out In Elizabeth Eulberg S Excellent New Novel, Which Is About The Auditions Life Puts Us Through Every Day, Both Big And Small I won this book from Goodreads First Reads I used to sing and have big dreams of the spotlight which is part of why I entered to win this book.I will admit that I somewhat delayed reading this book because I used do pageants and acting classes and I used to sing Part of me didn t really want to go back to that world, but it wasn t all that I thought it would be, so no harm done I liked that the book jumped back and forth between Emme, Sophie, Carter and Ethan for their point of view I also really liked that the book started and ended with everyones view of their auditions to get into school and their graduation.I absolutely hated Sophie, the self centered singer who only dreams of the spotlight She made me so mad the entire time that my boyfriend and I were driving home from vacation It got to a point where I would read certain things she said and I would laugh and tell him Girlfriend needs to check herself before she wrecks herself It was almost laughable how easy it was to hate her.Then there was Ethan who I also didn t like because of just how he was I found that I actually didn t like any of my narrators because they all had so few redeeming qualities Ethan was this prodigy who becomes a womanizing alcoholic at 17, but then blames it all on how he really feels Emme was probably the best, because I loved to follow her as she found herself at Ethan s urging I found Carter to also be nice, but a cliche as a former child star trying to find himself.The book was a quick read, but it was really predictable which I didn t love, but I stayed with it and read through to the end because I did want to know what happened, as much as I didn t love my main characters, I still cared about what happened to them, even Sophie This was my first Elizabeth Eulberg book, and I don t think that its going to be my last. material del que est n hechos los sue os es una novela juvenil, con una historia sobre adolescentes que est n en su ltimo a o de Artes Creativas y Esc nicas, y que en este ltimo a o encontrar n muchos problemas.La nica cosa negativa que le he visto a la novela, empezando por ah , es la cantidad de personajes que hay Hay una barbaridad de protagonistas y todos nos cuentan la historia en determinados momentos, eso en un principio me cost asimilarlo Adem s al principio me liaba y no estaba segura de qui n era cada personaje.Sin embargo, ese lapsus del principio se me pas hacia la p gina cien cuando ya ten a claro quienes eran cada personaje Emme sin duda es el personaje que m s me ha gustado, tiene una personalidad adorable y tierna.Cada personaje tiene su caracterizaci n marcada, su pasado y su presente, algo que me ha gustado mucho, pues ninguno queda en segundo plano ni es plano en s Sino que la autora ha trabajado mucho el perfil de los personajes.La historia tiene una trama sencilla pero entretenida Cada personaje tiene su trama y su historia, se complementan todas entre ellas y da lugar a una novela muy entretenida y f cil de leer.El ritmo es bastante r pido, suelen haber hechos que agilizan la lectura y el hecho de cada dos p ginas se cambie de narrador, tambi n lo hace m s r pido y f cil de leer.Me ha gustado mucho, pues lo he disfrutado Ha sido una novela para pasar un rato entretenido, para salir de la rutina y de tanta fantas a Una novela realista, sobre los sentimientos, el ltimo duro a o de instituto y la amistad. 4.5 5 A Going into Take a Bow, I have to admit I wasn t too sure what to expect, because the blurb is a bit vague Also, while I enjoyed Ms Eulberg s previous books, I had some apprehension due to the blurb because I m not a fan of high school drama and it seems inevitable in the story And indeed, there was some echoes of high school drama, but it definitively wasn t the focus of Take a Bow I felt the book wasabout friendships, their dreams and their journey So I really, really enjoyed and loved Take a Bow However, to be frank, I m having finding the right words for this review this is my third attemptIt s hard to put it into words because as soon as I started reading Take a Bow, it just felt right and I was sucked in the story I really liked how the book opens with the four characters awaiting for their audition to CPA We get a brief introduction to each character, but also a feel of their personalities and their aspirations More importantly though, it immediately sets the tone of the book and introduces the readers to the reality of their world Then, fast forward four years and Carter, Sophie, Ethan and Emme are about to start their senior year and that s when the story really starts Now, when I think of Take a Bow, three elements come to mind the characters, the friendships and the setting To me, it s the combination of the three that made Take a Bow such a winner I ll start with the easiest for me the setting I really liked that CPA was not a regular high school, because for me, it added another layer of complexity, set Take a Bow apart from most contemporary YA books and made itinteresting Why Because most students attending CPA are passionate about their arts, know what they want in their future and are already on the path of achieving it Singing, writing music, dancing these are not hobbies for them, it s their livelihoods And I find admirable that they commit to it at such a young age And it definitively was a commitment Otherwise, why audition each semester simply to remain at CPA and then, audition for roles or spots in productions and showcases and actually perform The auditions and the competition also contributed to make the characters tougher andmature It felt like a totally different world to me while still remaining a contemporary book and feeling real So the setting was definitively key for me here When it comes to the characters, I have to command Ms Eulberg for coming up with interesting, layered characters, but also for her writing since Take a Bow is told from four different POVs and each had a very distinct voice Also, it was great to be privy to all four s thoughts and emotions and it definitively made the book stronger Another kudo to Ms Eulberg for the intricate ways all four storylines connected and intersected each other Sometimes, when you read a book with multiple POVs, it feels a bit clunky, the change of POVs too abrupt But in the case of Take a Bow, it flowed really well and it did feel like I was reading one book and not four stories Oups, got a little carried away LOL Back to the characters I absolutely loved Carter, Emme and Ethan, they were great, real and so lovable I liked how Carter was so down to earth when it came to his fame, his acting career and his talent He was just a nice guy, trying to figure out who was the real Carter Harrison and in no way was he spoiled or arrogant I think it speaks very loudly of Carter s personality and the way he was raised What I liked the most though was Carter s journey throughout the book, the growth and the maturity he gained I liked that he realized that nobody was pushing him to be an actor, that all these years, he s misread his mother s behavior and action She wasn t pushing him to be a superstar she wanted him to be happy I thought for him to walk away from acting to pursue his passion was both brave and wise Emme, I loved Emme At first, she appeared to be shy and not confident, but the inner strength this girl has I also loved her loyalty to her friends, even if someone might not have deserved it and that part of Emme really made me connect with her I ve been in Emme s shoes where I knew I was being manipulated and used But at the same time, it s hard to give up such a friendship that was so dear to you Even then, Emme never stooped to the level of being mean or wanting revenge And I loved seeing Emme coming out of her shell and gaining confidence As for Ethan, I have to admit that I had some doubts at first The guy definitively made some mistakes But once you see the way he stood by Emme, always being there for her, loving her He definitively redeemed himself You can t help but loving him and root for him And I believe that with Emme, he won t repeat the same mistakes He has someone to ground him Finally, there s Sophie She was made to be the villain of the book and therefore is not very likable and yes, in some ways, her character is a bit stereotypical However, it doesn t make her character less real What I liked is that Ms Eulberg didn t backtrack at the end, redeeming her character Sophie is the way she is and does not change I m sure she did consider Emme as her best friend when she was younger, but truth is, the most important person to Sophie is herself Even when she was dating Carter, she was already imagining their breakup just before her launching her first releaseEverything she did was to achieve superstardom and that s what mattered to her In a way, you have to admire her determination and her will even though she s going about it the wrong way.Finally, the friendships I loved, loved the many friendships in Take a Bow The chemistry and bond between the members of Teenage Kicks is the friendship that stands out the most for me How Ethan, Emme, Jack and Ben by the way, Jack and Ben were great, great secondary characters formed an unit and had each other s backs The support the boys gave Emme, how everyone was happy for each other when accepted in the college of their choices, etc Carter envied Emme for the band friendship and I did too P I also enjoyed the budding friendship between Emme and Carter how good a listener Emme was and her encouragements to Carter Also, how Carter was there for Emme Even the brittle friendship between Sophie and Emme In this case, it felt like the two girls just grew apart and this happens so often in high school Sometimes, you have to let go even if it s hard I have a feeling Ms Eulberg wanted to write about friendships at different states and how they affect one s life and she did a great job I also very much loved the romance between Emme and Ethan and I liked how Ms Eulberg focused on theirs, that she didn t feel obligated to give everyone a love story Emme and Ethan had such a chemistry, they knew each other so well Seriously, they were a great match and it was very heart warming to see them finally get together P Friends to lovers theme lovers, you re going to like this one Take a Bow was almost the perfect contemporary YA for me but it wasn t because of two things The first is I wished we ve seen a bitof Emme s feelings towards Ethan throughout the book I loved how it ended, the way they get together Emme s declaration that she s had feelings for Ethan for a long time and how she didn t need to figure them out while Ethan had a girlfriend, etc was really perfect However, throughout Take a Bow, we read about Ethan s feelings for Emme and understood where it came from But I don t feel the same way for Emme What she said definitively made sense and I know it was genuine Perhaps she didn t want to acknowledge her feelings and therefore that s why we didn t getbut I thought it came a little bit out of the blueMy second is wishful thinking on my part I wanted Take a Bow to be longer I loved everything about it, but I can t help but think that if it was longer, the book would becompleted and perhaps, we d getdevelopment for Emme s feelings for Ethan P Seriously though, I think Ms Eulberg should consider writing slightly longer book I really enjoyed Take a Bow and am recommending it to everyone It officially became one of my all time favorite YA novels and have propelled Ms Eulberg onto my auto buy author list P I hope everyone who gives it a go enjoys it as much as I did