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I m so angry right now SO ANGRY Why Kimberly, why Why is this book about RafeRafeRafe Why couldn t you have started another series if you wanted to tell his story, instead of just making him pretty much the leading character of The Last Echo, when it should have been all about Violet WHYYY This was one of my favorite series And now it s ruined, ruined, ruined Damn you Third Book In A Series Curse , damn you I never thought that a The Body Finder novel could ever bore me to tears, but whenever Rafe was in the scene my eyes would begin to roll uncontrollably and I just wanted it to be over soon, because I REALLY COULDN T CARE LESS about this infuriating, meddlesome, oppressive jerk, and it made me sick every time Violet started blushing because he was near Really Really, Violet This isn t you, and I still feel ashamed by your actions and thoughts The only thing that I actually enjoyed in the book was the Collector and his chapters They were creepy, they were scary, they were believable, they were awesome But EVERYTHING ELSE RUINED Where are the cute, perfect, heart melting Violet and Jay moments Where are the funny Chelsea, Jules Claire scenes Where is everything that used to make this series stand out from all the other YA crap I just feel like crying, because THIS BOOK IS LIKE A SLAP IN MY FACE Oh, and I will NOT be reading the next one Just thinking about it makes me sick SICKPT Cuidado com o D lmata Derting is pretty freaking awesome How else can you explain how this author makes you nearly understand, nearly feel sorry for a KILLER And I ask myself. nearly Or did I actually feel sympathy and sadness for a person who killed innocent victims You know what I think I did. the way the author describes this killer, you know he isn t mentally stable, you know he was messed up beyond recognition as a kid that by no means justifies killing, however Calm it And put the knife back down now children and it just makes you wonder well, it made me wonder how the hell the mind works and what triggers a person to break that much That got really deep, really quickly Back to reviewing the book Got it On track So, other than the really unique way Derting adds a couple of chapters in the killer s perspective, everything else is interesting not as thought provoking and interesting as the psychotic parts, but interesting all the same I also really the pace of the book, there s always something happening, someone dying, someone breaking and entering, someone lying, someone being hit by a car and nearly dying yup, always something happening There s no down time, really, which is what you want in a murder mystery with a paranormal twist book I ve mentioned the killer, the pacing, the hooking story line I don t think I did actually mention that. oh well, have nowWhat s left Hmm. oh yeah. the characters and the romance Violet, the main character, is a likable enough character but I can t say she s one of my favourite heroines She has, however, definitely grown a lot since the first Body Finder novel, she isn t afraid to do what she thinks is right and she s brave, which are traits I, and probably many, admire On the other hand, her inability to realise that Rafe is hands down amazing is truly irritating I think I may be the ONLY person who loves Rafe and detests Jay The only one Seriously I m all for a supportive, stable guy in real life but in books I want the main character to end up with the dangerous, mysterious, motorcycle riding guy who she has an undeniable connection with Has anybody told you, Barney, that your shrugs are legen wait for it DARY To sum it all up read the Body Finder series, it s original and completely enthralling And love Rafe with me.Check out my blog forreviews and my music choice for The Last Echo Before reading You know, I just don t think Jay and Violet are right together Hoping Rafe and Violet somehow get cough romantically cough involved in this book Though, I have the feeling that if they do Violet will probably just go back to Jay, you know like in Twilight books where the love triangle is ever so obvious and you know a mile off who the the girl will end up with in the end Well maybe Derting will be not so obvious Mmmmm a girl can dream I just finished Desires of the Dead, and I am going to be sooooo upset if she gets with Rafe Does the main character always need to attract two guys Why can t they ever just be happy with what they have and leave the other guy aloneeeeee Honestly, it makes me so mad The odds of a girl finding ONE amazing guy is extremely slim, but TWO Really Still, I cant wait for the next one April can t come fast enoughEdit After Reading PLEASE, OH PLEASE, MAKE THE LOVE TRIANGLES STOP My Thoughts And I thought The Body Finder and Desires Of The Dead were awesome books The Last Echo is by far the best in the series so far.We are back with Violet who can see imprints Remember, she can see the imprints of dead people on the killers bodies Jay, her super cool boyfriend is also around throughout the novel He is there to help Violet get through life with her special abilities.Violet is working with a group of people who have similar abilities to hers There is Sam, Sarah, Rafe, Gemma, and Krystal Each person contributes to the group in their own way.The Last Echo has a few bad guys dipped in First, there is James Nu, who killed his whole family He and Violet run into each other and he takes a liking to her, and is drawn to her Yuck.Than, there is the main bad guy I won t say his name but he is known as The Girlfriend Collector, creepy much His goal is to find a girl who will love him And none of them do the job to his liking so he has to move on to the next one Just like the other novels, we see into his head and get to go through the motions with him We get to see him pick out his victims, bathe his victims, feed his victims, and than dispose of his victims Yuck And the worst, we know one of the girls who becomes his victim As far as bad guys go, he s definitely creepy and the whole book I wanted the team to find him and fix the problem, so he can t hurt any girls.A lot of people are mentioning love triangles for this book Is there one I won t tell But yes, Rafe isin this book and he is nicer around V and he actually seems like he s starting to care He is always so aloof and keeps to himself, it s hard to really ever know what the guy is thinking Yes, he and V do share a bond since their abilities connect them, and they relate to each other Am I Team Rafe or Team Jay I honestly don t know I like them both in their own ways.Does the team catch the killer Before its too late Does Violet ever have a normal life With normal friends, a normal family, and a normal boyfriend Of should she just accept that she s different.The Last Echo is the best in the series this far and I can t wait to see what Derting has in store for us next.Overall Loved it I read it all in one sitting I just can t believe how good these books are There is just something about them that amazes me Violet is such a likable character and I m always rooting for her And than all the new characters thrown in, are so wonderful and independent and mysterious Loved this one Cover Adorable All these covers are very pretty Love the purple What I d Give It 5 5 CupcakesReview Based On Hardcover EditionTaken From Princess Bookiewww.princessbookie.com I m so 100% done with Violet and her no one gets me attitude If you think the plot is any different from the other two books, well let me break it to you IT S NOT Violet doesn t grow up, doesn t mature, is still a jealous brat, that thinks her parents are evil because they WORRY about her like ANY good parent should She keeps on thinking about OTHER guy while she is with her boyfriend, saying to herself that all interactions that she has with this other boy is okay because they re friends, but she ll immediately turn salty and sour if HER boyfriend is seen talking to ANYTHING that BREATHS Hence the 2nd book where she was JEALOUS because Jay had ONE best friend You know what, I hope she ends up with hurt, mysterious, dark Rafe so Jay can actually enter in a proper, healthy relationship with someone who hasn t the emotional age of 6I forced myself to finish this book because I actually spent money on it, but DEAR LORD, help meIt was a slow torture Violet still finds a dead body, still likes to go after the killer without telling people about it, still keeps things from her parents and her boyfriend, still thinks she s SO GROW UP that she can make her own decisions but OH WAIT she almost died in all of those books Now, some quick considerations about other characters Chelsea is her gorgeous yet very much impolite, narcissistic, rude, annoying and purely cruel, best friend Gemma is another very much gorgeous, but stuck up, angry, jealous chick Like Lisse Adams and Jacqueline, all beautiful horrible girls Well, it seems like if you re beautiful you ll be an ass in this book..Then the cherry on top is Rafe, the broken boy A guy who doesn t respect boundaries or relationships for what matters He knows Violet is dating Jay, and yet he keep on being dangerously close to her, teasing her with his smirks and blue eyes Give me a break If this was reversed and any woman was persistently close to the main male character, everyone would be pissed, saying things like wow, she s such a slut inconvenient person But is Rafe, a hot, dark guy, so it s okay for him to tease Violet Excuse me I won t be reading the last book because I just cannot stand a freaking page of Violet Ambrose any It causes me physical pain I m afraid I will end up punching something or hurling my kindle at something.I wish I could have my money back together with the wasted time. I LOVED the first book, the second was ok, but now it s time to let it be, another series to go down the drain Kimberly Derting is great writing the bad guys POV, it s scary, creepy and interesting, but her teenagers are the most annoying bunch, specially Violet in this book, she s always asking obvious questions it is not, is it He would not, would he ANNOYING And don t get me started with the organization, men in black is in the house, just ridiculous Everything that I loved in the first book wasn t here and everything clich in every YA book outhere was here Love triangle, check.Convenient absentee parents, check.Over analysis of trivial stuff, check.Over description on one of the guys participating in the love triangle, check.Raised eyebrows, check.Stupid decisions that places the main character in danger, check.At this rate I m about to give up on YA. |DOWNLOAD BOOK ♣ The Last Echo ⚖ IN THE END, ALL THAT S LEFT IS AN ECHOBefore, Violet S Morbid Ability To Sense The Dead Led Her To Uncover Dark Murders And Long Buried Secrets In Her Small Town Now That She S Working With A Special Investigative Team, Violet Hopes She Can Help Even People Whether By Saving A Life Or Catching A KillerAlthough She S Relieved To Finally Be Honest About What She Can Do, Her Instant Connection With Her Mysterious Partner, Rafe, Is Both Confusing And Unsettling, And Their Unique Bond Creates Tension With Her Boyfriend, Jay When She Discovers The Body Of A College Student Murdered By The Collector, Violet Refuses To Give Up On The Case With Her Own Relationship On The Line, Violet Doesn T Realize That The Serial Killer Is Looking To Add To His Collection And That She May Have Caught His Eye Will The Life Violet Has To Save Be Her Own There is something so amazing about Kimberly Derting s books I wish I could say I ve come a long way from being the total chicken sh t that I am, but really it s all Derting I love the way she lets the readers connect with each psychopath in each book but she leaves plenty of room for all those lovely romantic moments I don t seem to realize how much I actually miss this world till I m right back in it The Last Echo, feels a bit different from the rest of the books, but I actually like the direction it s going, well, for the most part anyways Violet has finally found a group of people who have uncanny abilities like she does She feels less alone, apart of something special and even a bitconfident compared to the last one She s always had Jay of course, but during the events that happened in this book, it felt like something so much bigger that I can see why Violet might want to turn to people who understand her on a different level In each book we always get the perspective of Violet and the lunatic that she has to face In the first book we got the Hunter, the second book we got a Stalker and now we have a Collector Derting out did herself with this guy, he s off the charts deeply demented and dark, but it s the way he was with his victims that felt so dame unnerving and earnedthen it s share of shutter worthy moments I really enjoyed getting to know the teamand learn their abilities, entwining and helping piece together the crimes of this story line Fascinating stuff But it wasn t all creepy, in fact there were some really sweet moments from Jay and Violet I wish there weremind you, but what we got was still pretty awe worthy.Jay is one of those characters who is hands down one of the sweetest guys in all the books I ve ever read Hopelessly devoted, supportive and says the things that makes your toes curl and your heart thump I love how he is with Violet and still think they are such a adorable couple, but Jay feels, I dunno, to supportive maybe In this book, Violet gets in all sorts of trouble and every time Jay is there to make sure she s okay, but I couln t help wonder throughout those moments is he gonna freak out this time, or, he s definitely gonna go nuts this time, but he justdoesn t Sure he was scared and worried, but he took things to calm and collected Compared to the Jay we first meet, I guess I was expecting him to, well, freak the hell out on her In that firm, commanding but gentle and loving way of his I m not saying that he s changed for the worse or anything, but it almost feels like Jay is afraid to fight her on anything that goes on with her new life and he s doing what ever it takes to make sure she keeps him in it I m torn between wanting Jay to man up and keep him this ever so loving support system that Violet so desperately needs As for the whole Rafe Jay Violet thing I ve always considered myself a pretty easy going reader I m probably one of the very few readers on GR that don t even mind conflicting love triangles Always thought it brought the perfect amount of intense attention to any read and I like seeing who the characters ends up choosing in the end BUT This is one of those books, or should I say series, where a love triangle isn t gonna work See, we, the readers, or at least me, are already in love with Jay Heaton and no one will ever be good enough to fill his shoes To be fair, there isn t technically a love triangle in this one and I sure hope it stays that way But it still reads like something potential could happen and at this point even a maybe still hurts like hell to even fathom.It did make me feel better when Violet always made sure to add little hints of reassurance scattered along the way that Jay is indeed the only one for her But still, there is something deeper going on between Rafe and Violet and all those dame tingling feelings As much as I hate it, I m curious to see what that s all about And I m also curious about that threat at the very end Didn t see that coming and it makes me want the next book that much quicker All in all, I thought this was a really great installment in the Body Finder series I liked the new characters and every Jay and Violet moment still brings a warm happy feeling in my heart Can t wait to see what Derting has in store for us next This is my first comment ever on Goodreads I never felt the urge to express my opinion about any book until today Which is weird because I finished The last echo several days ago Even weirder is the fact that I actually DREAMT of the book last night THIS IS CRAZY It was a ho rri ble nightmare Which says a lot about how much I disliked the book for it to have such an impact on my conscience I agree with people who think we should not judge a book by its romance I really do But there is no help, I absolutely can t deny it the reason why The body finder , first book in the series, became one of my favourite books of all time, has a LOT to do with their leading couple, if not everything I don t even know the right words to describe my love for Violet and Jay But mainly, I love their awesome chemistry, how they can be both sweet and intensely in love, how they genuinely care for each other, to the point that their love seems almost unquestionable.Obviously, I ve had enough of all the love triangles in young adult books, which is why this couple represents represented my last hope for something real, simple and beautiful I must have been a fool while reading the second book, for not sensing Rafe coming.To say that I hate Rafe would be a lie I mean, how can you hate a character which is described as sexy and dark and mysterious It s like, by definition, he is meant to be loved, adored, whatever Rafe is one of those many bad boys in the young adult books who, quite perversely though not uncomprehendingly, make all girls swoon over their tortured and badass looks Adding to these charming traits the fact he has super powers, which allows him to be the super hero Violet can always count on Kimberly Derting really wants us to rate Rafe as a better suitor for the role of boyfriend.If there is one person I should blame for all this mess anyway, it sure is Violet She claims all along to love Jay, to need him, blah blah blah She even makes sure that he firmly believes how much she can t live without him insert quote here , only to betray him by feeling something for Rafe I can almost hear her say It s not my fault that I feel something I can t explain it myself , which makes me want to smack her head evenGod, I really hate her at the moment.Also, I can t understand why she doesn t choose to trust her family and friendswith her ability I had to sigh of frustration all the time because of her, until she finally understood that her reckless and selfish behavior was hurting them.Most of all, I can t bear how the romance between Rafe and Violet is thrown at us from no where It feels like some cosmic power forces us to acknowledge the attraction between them We understand later that it is Rafe s ability that is responsible for those annoying sparks flying each time they are touching It s like there isn t actually any reason for a Rafe Violet romance except for this inexplicable physical attraction which, if I remember well, was there from the very beginning of their acquaintance, as if to say Rafe and Violet are meant for each other That Violet actually likes the electrical feeling makes me cry in despair.Thanks to Kimberly, Violet and Jay s love story is RUINED.These two used to hold such a special place in my heart not so much any The reason being I don t believe Violet actually deserves Jay any.Although Jay s appearances are frequent, they are all useless to the development of the story Somehow, they are only here to remind you that he s still alive, as supportive and as nice as ever like a speaker who says Remember that adorable dude who s head over heels for Violet Anyway, it doesn t matter because the result is the same Jay s character has been completely trampled on.The only thing I looked forward to in the story was the insight to the girlfriend collector s mind I was surprised at how sorry I felt for him despite everything In the end, since it used to be one of my favourite series, I rated the book with two stars.Now, all I have to do is pray that Kimberly Derting takes pity on Jay fans like me, and decides to write a sequel worthy of my forgiveness, hopefully something that can heal my broken heart Until then, the feeling of betrayal won t subside. Violet has a strange ability to sense the echoes of dead bodies and the imprints on their killers Feeling shunned her whole life due to her ability, she s recently joined a special investigative team of teenagers with powers to solve crimes Will Violet feel like she finally belongs The Last Echo is the third in The Body Finder series which delves into Violet s struggles in fitting with a new group, a looming love triangle with her boyfriend Jay and the mysterious Rafe, and a serial killer on the loose dubbed the girlfriend collector I don t usually read series out of order but I had to read the first in the Body Finder series for a review I found the book to be strangely compelling in a way, it s about a sick serial killer that collects girlfriends by kidnapping them and keeping them in a dark room.It interchanges Violet s thoughts with chilling chapters from the serial killers perspective I found these brief interludes incredibly disturbing and creepy, and a breather from all the teen drama occupying Violets life The girlfriend collector is not someone everyone can stomach, as he s incredibly twisted and dark The novel doesn t only describe the crime, but delves into the mind of a serial killer.Continued here Check out Happy Indulgence forreviews Check out my Happy Indulgence Blog forreviews I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.