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Holy hackjob The first was bad enough with Armstrong stepping in to walk all over Maya talking to anybody about her heritage This one has that, too, but it s so much worse The author s hand lies heavy on this starting from the word go until I just couldn t stand it any longer Sam accidentally hits a button that opens the helicopter door and it jostles just enough for Rafe and only Rafe , who just happens to be unbuckled not the only one unbuckled, just the only one to fall out of the helicopter that s cat like reflexes right there, that is , to fall out only Maya has just enough time and presence to grab him only Sam can t control the copter so the turbulence is just enough that Rafe lets go to save Maya from being pulled with him It was so, so bad and it just kept on going from there Whether it s bad guys getting just close enough to interact but not capture the teens or encounters with a half dozen people who won t do anything to help a bunch of teens in trouble the author couldn t have beenintrusive if she d pasted her photo across every page as background.Seriously, I thought Armstrong was better than this The first series was really good and this one is just forced and awkward and nobody makes any sense It s tragic, really I m trying to find a reason to justify even two stars and just can t find it Second disappointing installment in seriesAfter narrowly escaping a suspicious forest fire that threatened to destroy their island home, Maya, Daniel, and their friends find themselves in evendanger as their rescue helicopter crashes and they re left to survive and outwit their pursuers in a remote wilderness As their potential captors get closer, Maya must struggle to decide whom to trust and what to believe about herself and her friends Strange rumblings start to surface as others in the group begin to learn about their own special powers and as Maya learnsabout what may have really happened when her best friend drowned a year before.I went into reading The Calling with some anxiety because I didn t enjoy the first book in this series, The Gathering Sadly, my unease was warranted Unlike Armstrong s first young adult series Darkest Powers , I just can t get into this trilogy or feel attached to any of the characters, even now after reading the second book Most notably, this book and this trilogy in general feels like a rehashing of the author s previous books With the repetition of the same plot points run, be captured, escape, then repeat and the same world of the St Clouds and the Cabals, I m just not intrigued any The idea of genetically modified supernaturals and a conspiracy laced research firm was exciting in her first few books, but it now feels overused and uninspired Because so much of the book is action focused, little character development also occurs, and when it does, it seems superficial I was also bothered by the author s clumsy attempt to include a gay lesbian character though it seemed well intentioned, the characterization only served to reinforce stereotypes The story doesn t take any real risks with the plot, the characters, or any of the potential and likely bad outcomes that would result in a situation like this When villains appear, they are too easily foiled or appear from nowhere for the purpose of simply creating another action scene Finally, as the book closes, it ends on a cliffhanger with little resolution Armstrong has explained that her trilogies are meant as one plot line across three books, but it still makes each book feel abrupt and unfinished to me On the plus side, if you like Armstrong s formula and her world, then this book will be a good fit Also, like her other books, this installment is a quick, easy read and very action based I also appreciate that the superpowers that these teens possess vary from what s seen in her previous books These things, however, weren t enough to make this book an enjoyable read for me I m sure I ll read the final installment The Rising to see how things end, but I m already feeling apprehensive about it because I fear it too will be too similar to her other stories Even with this gloomy outlook, I hope I m proved wrong and that Armstrong brings unexpected plot twists and well rounded character development to the final book Note This review refers to an advance review copy. @Download Book Û The Calling × Maya Delaney S Paw Print Birthmark Is The Mark Of What She Truly Is A Skin Walker She Can Run Faster, Climb Higher, And See Better Than Nearly Everyone Else Experiencing Intense Connections With The Animals That Roam The Woods Outside Her Home, Maya Knows It S Only A Matter Of Time Before She S Able To Shift And Become One Of Them And She Believes There May Be Others In Her Small Town With Surprising TalentsNow Maya And Her Friends Have Been Forced To Flee From Their Homes During A Forest Fire They Suspect Was Deliberately Set Then They Re Kidnapped, And After A Chilling Helicopter Crash, They Find Themselves In The Vancouver Island Wilderness With Nothing But Their Extraordinary Abilities To Help Them Get Back HomeIn THE CALLING, The Sizzling Second Book In The Darkness Rising Trilogy, New York Times Bestselling Author Kelley Armstrong Pumps Up The Romance, Danger, And Suspense That Left Readers Of THE GATHERING Clamoring For Kelley has been one of my first well loved and favorite authors since I discovered her Women of the Otherworld series Since then, her Darkest Powers Trilogy has also been added to my favorites, and even though I don t love this trilogy quite as much, it s still filled with the Kelley awesomeness that I live for The Calling, the second installment in the Darkness Rising trilogy, continues immediately where we left off it starts at a full speed that does not ease up until the end, where we re left with a lot of anxiety, and a promise of an exciting finale The Calling is a full length high speed chase In the wilderness, Maya and her friends are desperate to go home, or at the very least, to survive It s an adrenaline filled sequel with a lot of speculating and great character building, although not an incredible amount of plot development This is not altogether a bad thing, though, as I feel we did get a lot of important discoveries that brings the characters up to par for an epic showdown in the third and final book As in The Gathering, the last part of the story is where we get the brunt of the plot s advancement, which leaves us with with an ending that is filled with uncertainty, in addition to having us wildly theorizing what s to come What I love the most about Kelley s books is that they re all interconnected Being a sister series to Darkest Powers, there is mention of our well beloved characters from the latter, as well as it having essentially the same conspiracies that came to affect their bizarre lives With Kelley s ability to craft real, in depth characters, it always gives me a sense of nostalgia knowing the people I previously grew to love and adore in her books are still around while this is all happening In The Calling, we not only know these people are out there, but we get a glimpse at how they re all going to come together This makes me incredibly enthusiastic for the final book of the series I think it s going to be all kinds of awesome If you re new to this series, I highly recommend you start it already Especially if you enjoyed Kelley Armstrong s Darkest Powers Trilogy As usual, you can expect to be entertained to your full potential with this newest installment Forof my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads Bullet Review That was awful Painful Drawn out Meandering Pointless A cash in.Okay, so there s probably worse out there IS worse , but in terms of my disappointment and absolute abuse of my favorite plot the survival story , this is the bottom of the barrel.Full Review to come after the weeping and sprinkling of ashes.Full Review Maya and company run around like chickens with their heads cut off in the woods One by one, the kids get kidnapped Plot points are dropped like anvils from Wiley Coytoe Then the book ends.I don t know whether I am angry at this book or just plain hurt Angry that this waste of trees got published while anothertalented author is buried onKindle Angry that this book never should have existed Hurt that one of my favorite authors wrote this Hurt that my favorite storyline plot the survival escape story is horribly abused Since there s a lot to criticize, let me attempt to alleviate some of it with compliments I really do think Kelley Armstrong is a good writer Or maybe not a bad writer She has a craft She s not like some YA authors where the book is solely about getting Female Parts to bump uglies with Male Parts She can do action scenes, which tends to be something women authors shy away from Also, her characters tend to be farrealistic and refreshing than the Pure and Holy Virgins populating most other YA books.Or maybe, let s face it, I DON T WANT TO NOT LIKE ARMSTRONG I have very fond memories of the Darkest Powers series I FLEW through the first two books and had to wait an agonizing amount of time for book 3 which, of course, never quite rose to the height of the previous two books I LOVED those books and therefore, I want to LOVE everything Armstrong does ever.But I don t The previous book was garbage over 300 pages of teenaged angst, makeouts, NOTHING HAPPENING and people making excuses all over the place to ignore the obvious weird sh t happening But somehow, this book is even worse.See the last book, you could use the excuse that it was setup, and I d begrudgingly buy it It was bloated setup, but it was establishing characters and situations although somewhat badly But this book All it is is a bunch of teens running around in the woods, getting into the most RIDICULOUS scenarios that Armstrong manhandled into her book to force the book to be longer And yes, fiction is ridiculous, but when your story has the following in the first 100 pages, maybe it s too much author influence Inexperienced teenager flying a helicopter A teen sliding out of said helicopter, getting caught by Maya Maya nearly falling and getting caught by Corey and Daniel then teen falls out anyway Fighting the pilot in the helicopter Crashing the helicopter in the water all teens in the helicopter survive Swimming to an island Wrapping up their clothes which get wet anyway and then swimming to the mainland Freezing and shivering but it somehow goes away even though their clothes are wet and they have no fire and the night is cold Escaping the bad guys on the beach Having one of their own shot Angsting after the shot kid and the one who fell out of the helicopter Wandering through the woods Going around over a mountain Hearing an ATV and evading ATV Sneaking into a cabin to grab food Hiding under a bed in the cabin and watching as Bad GuyTM grabs a beer out of an ice chest this particular baddie pretty much has a beer EVERY TIME THE KIDS MEET HIM, which means he s an alcoholic And this is ONLY the beginning This is followed by ANOTHER hideout in a store where in the kids do CRAZAY HIJINKS to hide in the crawlspace while another runs off as a distraction and gets caught , the kids going to a restaurant where the server thinks they are just playing a YouTube prank , a guy who agrees to help but turns out, is ANOTHER BAD GUY The woods are FULL of these bad guys , Maya dropping in on Nicole in a tent cue Revelation Sequence and Bad Guy Monologue , and then ANOTHER capture attempt by Dr Inglis, leaving one man in shock tied to a tree you wouldn t do that to a dog, but you will do that to an injured human being while the remaining kids finally flee.This Is Ridiculous I thought I would never say this, but there is just way too much action It s all GO GO GO GO with some exposition crammed in there oh here s some convenient papers laid out Oh let s canoodle and chat about our new abilities.I love action as much as the next person, but I think one of the reasons I like survival stories is that it s a combination of action and character development It s the author, carefully crafting these people who may or may not have the appropriate skills for survival who get thrown into a scenario such as a chase from the authorities wherein they have to think on their feet Sure, they get downtime, to contemplate who they are, what they are doing, how life was before and what life will be like afterwards.But I don t care whether Maya, Daniel, Corey, Nicole, Hayley, Rafe, Sam or Kenjii well, maybe Kenjii live or die because ultimately, I know that Maya, Daniel and Rafe won t die, and no one else matters Corey is a goofy doof with headaches Nicole is the faux sweet girl her change of character and the resolution to what happened to Serena was dreadful Hayley is the Tori of this book the Queen B tch who makes a turn around Sam is our token lesbian if you think this is a spoiler, you are sadly mistaken And if Armstrong kills the dog, she s the worst type of person ever.The setup for the survival is pathetic It comes out of nowhere one minute the kids know nothing about their weird small town owned by a giant corporation and the next, the entire West Coast of Canada is out to get them, with the audience left wondering what happened And the entire time, ham fisted attempts to explain this world are tossed in like chunks of tomatoes in a salad And while the book seems to want to be about the resurrection of supernaturals via science, I can t help feeling that this is like most YA, where the most important thing is Team Rafe or Team Daniel Which is weird, because Maya and Daniel have zero sexual chemistry and while Maya and Rafe do have sexual chemistry, Rafe is a horrible person, who lied and canoodled his way to Maya s panties And you can t help but wonder why Maya, on the run from random people who want her, whose friends are dropping like flies left and right, is constantly thinking about the boy she s kissedthan talked to And don t get me started on all the excuses Maya has for not being friends with her female classmates Good grief The saddest part perhaps is that this might have made a good one shot or duology To end the review, here are my ideas for tightening Books 1 and 2 into one book Book 1 This book needs to be heavily trimmed, so that the fire happens somewhere 1 3 1 2 through the book Tighten up the introduction of characters Get people to investigating sooner have Maya actually talk with Mina I d get rid of the Rafe Insta Lust crap and remove the Daniel is sweet on Maya business come on, you know it s true If you need a romance, I d pair Maya with Sam.Book 2 Condense, condense, condense Remove the first cabin scene, the restaurant scene and the scene where Maya goes back to see Nicole If someone falls out of a helicopter, they die Period No divulging information while half naked in the shower Keep chapters 26 28 whole.It s sad, because I want to love Maya I want to love this survival story But while I love the inclusion of non white characters, that doesn t automatically make a great story Maya deserved a better story than this based on her initial character, not the Mary Sue she s quickly becoming It s also sad because this trilogy definitely makes me wary of reading anything else by Armstrong particularly anything new she s written.Read at your own risk. THINGS I D DO TO GET MYSELF A COPY OF THE RISING 1 Force everyone I know to buy a copy of The Calling2 Actually get down on my knees and beg for one3 Burn my copy of insert bad angel book here , or donate it, if that d make my case look better4 Go a week without my headache meds5 Jump through a ring of fireOkay, maybe not those last two both seem pretty painful but I d definitely sacrifice quite a bit to get myself the next book The Calling was a very strong book While furthering the plot from the first book in the series, The Gathering, it also succeeded in being a fast paced adventure that brought out secrets hidden deep within each and every character With an intelligent group of characters and a great, intriguing storyline, The Calling is sure to be a hit with fans of the series Although the book could have easily fallen into the trap of Middle Book Syndrome, it was just as captivating and enthralling as the first book in the series, possibly evenso The antics and bars are raised, and suspense is a killer Small town kid Maya and her friends are kidnapped and escape, only to find out none of them are what they seem and by that I mean human Separated from their families and deserted in the wild of Vancouver s forest, these kids are on the run from scientists that wantfrom them than DNA samples, and it s scary In The Calling, friendships are built and destroyed, purposes are undone and discovered, and tendrils of romance blossom between unlikely characters And if there s one thing for sure not everyone is going to get out alive I ve credited Armstrong for her great casts of characters before, but I need to do so again Maya, the leading lady, could not have been a greater protagonist quick as a whip, book smart and smart mouthed, the girl is so much fun to follow Many times while reading, I stared at the book wondering if I could be as collected as Maya while going through as much as she did I m glad we got to seeof Daniel and that Rafe wasn t so there all the time, too, because the former has certainly earned his role in the series the boy consistently kept this book together whenever Maya would go and push it off its hinges As for the rest of the cast which I d call supporting if they weren t just so muchthan that I couldn t get enough of any character The group dynamics were clearly thought out well, and every teen had a presence and reason.Finally I see where Armstrong has joined her previous trilogy with this one, how they both flow into one The key plot points that were never quite smoothed over at the end of The Reckoning are starting to click into place, and though they re never solved and simply added to, a resolution is slowly forming While sometimes I felt and thought that That Calling was leaving a lot to be solved in the final book, this story was definitely necessary for the characters and plot to get where they need to be for the big finale.My only disappointment lies in the WHOLE YEAR WAIT I need to endure before I can get my cougar paws on The Rising Besides that, anything by Kelley Armstrong but specifically The Calling is wholeheartedly recommended I really hope Derek, Chloe, and the others from the Darkest Powers are in this book. I ll let my dear Sheldon to show you my reaction after reading this book As some of you know I really love Kelley s books but not this one I just got the feeling like this book is written only because it had to be done I won t even start talking about know much I m disappointed I ll write my reasons now and DON T read it if you re planing to read the book You ve been warned view spoiler From very start of this book I ve felt like I just entered some action movie I really don t have nothing against that but everything has it limits Through whole book was just action Really too much First thing that got me was Rafa s death It was obvious that he didn t die When Maya started having those dreams it was clear That was thing 1 Then the story carried on I won t name all the things that happened while they were in wilds All those arguing between them Gah, they are in wilds alone, I know it is intense and they are scared but all that who will sacrifice for the team story Suddenly they all are just nice, sweet and lovely friends All of them I m not buying it OK yes not Nicole, but still we found out that later Then when Maya and Sam found that motel and how they acted They desperately need help and they go into that motel demanding, yes demanding help Who would do that Then when they came into the van of that man First thing your parents tell you is don t go with strangers and I m pretty much sure we are listening to them Maya and Sam could run away, boys could come or I dunno Yes he had a gun, but there were 4 of them and the dog At the end he shoot at them anyway Then when they came home The city was deserted and all that made sense What bothered me was Corey being turned on and joking like that in that specific moment I know he is funny guy but he has been shoot, finally came home, but found it deserted, his mother and brother gone and he is teasing Maya in a sexy way Onething is that I actually don t see the point of this book Yes, we found out few really interesting things All of them being some sort of supernatural creatures and all that about the company that owned city was good part Even Maya s father was good touch to this book The best was when Maya transformed into cougar But at the end we are back at the beginning They are alone, helpless and they still don t know what they are and how bad or good their condition is Maya is still the center of the universe Rafa shows that he likes her, Danile still not brave enough for that Love triangle all the way hide spoiler Team Daniel all the way Reading The Calling so soon after finishing The Gathering is both a good and a bad thing Good, because this book takes off exactly where we left the story in the last installment and there s absolutely no recapping for those who ve forgotten what happened Bad, because it only highlights the fact that Ms Armstrong does not have enough story for three books and this one was a complete waste of time and paper.I really don t understand why every single publisher author thinks that a trilogy is the only way to go Two books are fine, two books are welcome when the alternative is a bout of middle book syndrome dawdling Because nothing really happens in this book, and the stuff that is relevant doesn t take up enough pages that it couldn t be added to the next book I am going to give Kelley Armstrong the benefit of the doubt and assume that she has an awesome ending planned and this book was just bridging the gap between the promising beginning and that perfect ending I hope I m right.In The Calling it feels like the characters I d come to know and love in the first book were just hanging around and waiting for something to happen book three to arrive, perhaps I didn t hate any of it, there wasn t really anything to hate, and I still like Armstrong s easy to read style that makes for a real guilty pleasure read when she does it properly I don t know if it was her decision or the publisher s to make this into a trilogy, but I can tell you that it was the wrong one.Not only that, but it also felt all too predictable I saw everything coming and there were no surprises, mysteries or twists It s not like we were really supposed to believe that view spoiler Rafe was dead hide spoiler