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Hallowed is out I can t wait to re read it Oh, Cynthia Hand, how could you do this to me I feel like this book should come with at least a warning Something along the lines of WARNING This book may cause readers massive amounts of fangirling fanboying Do not be alarmed if you encounter symptoms of swooning, emotional instability, and immediate depression after reading Yeahcause that s exactly what happened to me Many of you may remember that I expressed in my Unearthly review how I was initially reluctant to read this series Angel PRN books seem to be the worst of the worst in YA literature So you can imagine my happiness when I come across this gem of a series If there were ever a reason needed as to why I voted for Cynthia Hand s Unearthly as Best Young Adult Fantasy Science Fiction, it would be Hallowed If you were thinking that Hand couldn t do it again, you were wrong First off let get this off my chest because it s seriously bothering meThis beautifully woven tale will appeal to fans of Lauren Kate, Becca Fitzpatrick, and Aprilynne Pike Excuse me while I hurl Are you kidding me Stop it Please Do not lump this series in with those sorry books Hallowed, for starters, has a plot The characters have real depth The love interests aren t trying to kill Clara What it should have said wasFor fans of real YA PNR literatureBreathes Okay end mini rant.I think it goes without say that I loved this book I stayed up past 4am to finish this it Once again, I could not have predicted the outcome There are so many plot twists and mysteries revealed and it s not what you would expect at all And I have a sinking feeling that Hallowed is sure to upset quite a few fansIf you think I m going to sit here and feed you spoilers, sorry kids, not gonna happen However, I can tell you some of the things I LOVED about Hallowed The character developmentFans will be happy to know that we do indeed find outabout Christian, Clara s mom, Angela, Jeffery s purpose and last, but certainly not least, Tucker Avery Cues the swooning Clara s mother definitely seesdevelopment And at first I found myself really irritated with her for keeping secrets, but by the end of the book, I couldn t bring myself to be angry at her any longer We were left with so many unanswered questions at the end of Unearthly, mostly thanks to Clara s mom, but rest assured, many are answered And of course, withanswers we get evenquestions The love triangleI m sure you saw that coming, as did I, but here s the thing I liked it I usually hate love triangles because I find them a bit played out and predictable But it worked so well in Hallowed This probably has something to do with the fact that Hand wrote these characters so well Their relationships are very believable and heartbreakingly realistic We see a whole other side to Christian and Tucker It s rather easy to love them both because they both care deeply for Clara and respect her There are no semi abusive love interests here How about that The prose, the pacing, and the plotI never thought I could come to love the use of present tense prose, but I felt it was so perfect We are really able to connect with Clara on another level because of that, especially everything that she goes through in this book And she goes through a lot The simple sentences and Clara s ramblings really helped me feel everything Clara felt The pacing was a bit slower in this book than the last, but again, it works so perfectly Hand gives us the opportunity to let it really sink in The pacing just goes hand in hand with the plot, which too is very subtle At first you become eager to get to the end, but you will come to dread it So beautifully written.The dialogCynthia Hand, you are so slick and I love you for it Those Twilight burns you put in there Oh, yeah, I think you know how brilliantly awesome that was Before I moved here, I never got the whole love triangle thing You know, in movies or romance novels or whatnot, where there s one chick that all the guys are drooling over, even though you can t see anything particularly special about her But oh, no, they both must have her And she s like, oh dear, however will I choose William is so sensitive, he understands me, he swept me off my feet, oh misery, blubber, blubber, but how can I go on living without Rafe and his devil may care ways and his dark and only a little abusive love Upchuck. Yup, that s pure win right there The endingIt was so heartbreaking Clara just didn t get a break in this book and I felt for her so much I just wanted to hug her And at the end I felt like I needed a hug Hand, you had me crying at 4am I can t believe you went there in this book I mean, seriously, I was having a fit over here Shock I.CAN T.EVENDisbelief NOOOOO She did not just do that NOOOODepression How will I survive until 2013 I m doomed Doomed, I tell ya Cynthia Hand tore my heart out and made me eat it and I liked itP.S I recently found out there might be a TV show based on Unearthly.Ummm, Hollywood Let s get this one right, m kay An ARC was provided by the publisher But this in no way swayed my views on this book.Like this review Well, what are you waiting for Come visit my blog Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. I am going to have to sadly admit that this series is not my cup of tea I tried to like Unearthly after reading all the rave reviews but found it only okay, it didn t blow my mind like I was so sure it would Hallowed was even less appealing to me, I read three chapters and even that was a struggle but now I do think I m starting to see why I think if I happened to meet Clara in real life, let s just say she enrolled at my university, we would be friendly to one another, perhaps mumble a polite greeting when we passed in the corridor but I don t think we would ever be close friends We have so little in common Clara is, in many ways, the girl I have never been nor really wish to be either though, I would like to be able to fly 1 Clara is the kind of girl who will have relationships filled with sweet romance, hand holding and utter tameness I appreciate that this is a young adult novel and I didn t exactly expect graphic sex scenes or, in fact, any sex at all but Tucker still has this notion that since I have angel blood in my veins he should try to keep my honor in tact is practically Victorian repression 2 Clara cannot even admit to herself that she has the hots for Christian as well as Tucker She dreams, daydreams and thinks an awful lot about the guy but no, no, Tucker is my future Who is she kidding It s not like every reader doesn t know already that there s a whole love triangle thing going on so why is our heroine being stupid 3 I read three chapters In these chapters, apart from a quick recap of what happened in the first book, we spend all the time in the middle of Clara s daydreams of marriage and babies Or experiencing kissing Tucker through Clara s mind, which is naturally out of this world, sensational, practically orgasm inducing or seeing visions of Christian, which is just bad, bad, bad 4 And why oh why did this book get so biblical Three chapters, I must remind you, and I don t know how many times I heard about god and the bible Look, my religious beliefs aside, everyone is fully entitled to believe what the hell they want but that doesn t mean I want to hear it about it in chapter two And a lot.I could read the rest of the story but I can tell we are not destined to love one another And that s okay, right now I have so many other things to read To anyone who is put off by my lack of chemistry with this book, navigate towards Wendy s or Tatiana s review to see how it worked out for people who got Clarathan I did. Okay, so y all know how much I loved Tucker, courtesy of my initial review And trust me, that was like, a lot So it s a HUGE DEAL that somehow Ms Hand s made me like Christian as well.I don t even know what to say about this, except DUDE, Ms Hand s writing is remarkable Seriously.Initial review I AM SERIOUSLY CRAVING SOME TUCKER allright, that makes me sound sort of stupid, but really, how could anyone not adore him I mean, come on swoon I hate love triangles More than anything else in fiction, I really, really, REALLY hate love triangles More than the stalking and the insta love and fragile, insecure, yet perfect heroines I mean, at least with most insta love couples, once they re in love, they STAY in love So anyway, it s not that much of a surprise that Hallowed sort of killed my happy Unearthly buzz This book was nothing like what I expected it to be, and I can only rue the change Cynthia Hand did an amazing, wonderful thing with Unearthly, and somehow, it feels like she undid all of that work with Hallowed That said, though, if I DO have to read about love triangles, this was one of the better handled ones.I reread Unearthly before I started on Hallowed, and I was struck anew by how much I enjoyed the book The writing was simple but real, with occasional flashes of humor and the sort of likeability that only deepens with a second read Andimportantly, despite being a very relationship focused story, it did have a plot and a certain amount of character growth and action Hallowed feels less like a complete book in and of itself andlike a long drawn out episode on daytime televisionMy life is a soap opera,Clara says, and it turns out to be all too true Here s the reason why Hallowed disappointed me so much, I want to cry Most YA paranormals push the idea of a soulmate, that one person who s just so perfect for you, you feel like you want to die if you can t be with him The connection is so strong, and perfect, but you know what, it s not real And it s this idea that Clara fights back against, in Unearthly, and she does it beautifully She falls in love, for real, with someone who s hot, but not picture perfect, someone whom she actually knows she makes the choice to fall in love with Tucker and I think that s the reason that little book resonated so strongly with so many of us It wasn t some fated, pre destined epic love, but something so warm and achingly sweet, we all wanted to be seventeen and in love again Not so much Hallowed Yes, sure, Clara still fights her attraction to Christian, feeling that she isthan a pawn in some supernatural game, but it feelslike she s fighting an inevitable current, like the choice she made was worth nothing, because she is being pushed back to the place she tried so hard to escape from, and if that s the case, what s the point in that, really As for Christian, I m still not seeing the attraction I mean, sure, we find outabout him, his life, his circumstances, but at the end of the day, he s still that YA sap, the beautiful looking, perfect one who s willing to sit for hours under some girl s roof waiting for her to give him time of the day In Hand s world, he s an anomaly He never seems quite as real a all the other people, the ones for whom the world is NOT well lost for love And so much of this book was just angst of various sorts Some it was understandable For example, I really, felt Clara s pain view spoiler when she realizes that her mom is close to death Books like The Goddess Test could really take a few tips from the simple, yet moving way in which the death of Clara s mom was handled, the peaceful passing followed by the hope of a better afterlife, and the numb disbelief of those who are left behind hide spoiler Tucker I already miss you Yup, that about sums up this review 3.5 starsIt s a relief to know I won t regret all the hyping of Unearthly I ve done over the last year Even though I liked Hallowed less than its predecessor, the series is still going strong the way I see it Whatever was praiseworthy in the 1st book remains so in the 2nd the teen romances are still healthy I won t even bash the inevitable love triangle it is written well enough it is not perfect, but not unbearably annoying either , the heroines are strong and the heroes are kind and respectful, the angel lore, whileHell and Heaven heavy this time, still doesn t cross the line into preaching There is also an added bonus of a meditation on free will vs destiny which I find quite interesting, especially within a genre as soulmate ridden as PNR But there are things that didn t fully work for me Hallowed is a sad, sad book In addition to Clara s anxiety over her failure to fulfill her purpose at the end of Unearthly, she starts havingvisions, this time predicting the death of someone close to her Plus, the new, strange connection with Christian muddles things with Tucker Complications are all around Clara.If Unearthly was a sweet PNR, its sequel is about death and grief The glumness and occasional drudgery of it was pretty intense for me Some lightness in the beginning would have made for a better reading experience, building up to aemotional impact in the end and a bigger climax, which, frankly, was virtually non existent in Hallowed I am concerned about the concept of purpose as well Will it all come together eventually The way Clara s purpose appears to come back and back again, I am afraid the series has an option of becoming a never ending stream of books, all focusing on a purpose which so far looks exclusively romance related just today I read on the author s website that there might bethan 3 books in, what I originally thought, was a trilogy That would be boring to me.I will still be reading the 3rd book when it comes out in 2013 Fingers crossed, the series does not get prolonged beyond 3 books and the last one packs some interesting surprises and revelations while untangling the plot that at this point looks a tad convoluted. A review of this is now available on my blog as well Check it out.Wow, I.Ms Hand, what have you done to me This book was such an emotional roller coaster, I can t even tell you.Clara Clara s honestly one of the YA heroines that I really love She s just so I don t know, there s something about her that just makes me love her When she complains about something, it never annoys me I kind of sympathize with her, you know There s just that likable ness in her that I can t really explain very well And besidesBefore I moved here, I never got the whole love triangle thing You know, in movies or romance novels or whatnot, where there s one chick that all the guys are drooling over, even though you can t see anything particularly special about her But oh, no, they both must have her And she s like, oh dear, however will I choose William is so sensitive, he understands me, he swept me off my feet, oh misery, blubber, blubber, but how can I go on living without Rafe and his devil may care ways and his dark and only a little abusive love Upchuck How could I not love her after saying that Anyhow, let us move on to Tucker and Christian Oh boy.In my review of book one, I stated that Christian was a mere obstacle to me, and that my heart belonged completely, 1000% to Tucker But in this book, Cynthia Hand made both these guys completely irresistable I cannot deny that Christian swept me off my feet in this book I both love and hate Hand for being able to do that I love it because that s incredible to me, to make both guys in a love triangle absolutely amazing I hate it because choosing between them will be very hard to do She made me question my faithfulness to Team Tucker.Why can t we make a team Tustian Or Chriscker or whatever Because I love them both Choosing just one of them is impossibleBut yeah, I can t think of anything else to say that won t spoil the book, but I will say that waiting for book three is physically painful I m not kidding. &Pdf ↚ Hallowed ⇠ For Months Clara Gardner Trained To Face The Fire From Her Visions, But She Wasn T Prepared For The Choice She Had To Make That Day And In The Aftermath, She Discovered That Nothing About Being Part Angel Is As Straightforward As She ThoughtNow, Torn Between Her Love For Tucker And Her Complicated Feelings About The Roles She And Christian Seem Destined To Play In A World That Is Both Dangerous And Beautiful, Clara Struggles With A Shocking Revelation Someone She Loves Will Die In A Matter Of Months With Her Future Uncertain, The Only Thing Clara Knows For Sure Is That The Fire Was Just The BeginningIn This Compelling Sequel To Unearthly, Cynthia Hand Captures The Joy Of First Love, The Anguish Of Loss, And The Confusion Of Becoming Who You Are This galley was provided to me by the publishers via netgalley.This review can also be found on my blog, Cuddlebuggery3.5 StarsHallowed is a difficult book to rate because it s not going to appeal to everyone If you re the kind of person who needs fast paced adventure then you re better off picking up something else Hallowed is very much focused on relationships, self growth and destiny.It continues its themes with purpose, faith and trust these themes are extended here and well constructed Clara is awaiting the return of the Black Wing and dealing with her newfound relationship with Tucker whilst Christian is in the background being all sexy and mysterious.Struggling with how her purpose ended up last book, she is losing faith in herself and distrusting her family.I felt like the strong characters and great writing by Hand really carried this novel because otherwise it might struggle very strongly from middle book syndrome The plot is not progressed a whole deal but there are a number of big revelations But what Hand does bring to it is a great amount of self awareness and just enough awkward reality and relationships to pull it through I liked this book better than the first one and I felt like the writing was just a little tighter and stronger in this one.Over all, a good, solid second installment from Hand and I look forward to the next.