Re read December 2015This is the first Abbi Glines book that I ve read It s nice to re read this book only in its updated version Now, it is told in dual perspective the first edition is told only in Sadie s perspective and there are additional scenes that leanson the New Adult side the old version isof Young Adult because there s no intimate scene on it which I find better because it matches the rest of the series As always, it s a guilty pleasure read and you can read this in one sitting. Clear case of Mary Sue ism and taking the templates of Twilight s Bella and Edward into the world of rock n roll Bella Sadie was gorgeous but felt she was dull and not worth anyone s notice, and she was the grown up, her mother was hopeless about paying bills and remembering to use condoms She also had less personality than a stale Ritz cracker that you find covered in dust bunnies and cat fur under the couch during spring cleaning, and about as much appeal to me at least Her speech was wooden and completely unbelievable The girl didn t even use contracted words for the first half of the book for fuck s sake.Edward Jax was perfect in every way but tortured over his inability to shield his lady love from the bad things in his life Everyone thinks he s untouchable but all it takes is one quiet girl to capture his attention and WHAM he s fallen into insta love with her Because she sees the real him Naturally And he proceeds to claim to have her best interested at heart while he spends the first two weeks stalking her from his bedroom window , then making a public display of their relationship and acting all surprised when shit hits the fan There s even a near catatonic shut down when he breaks up with her where she doesn t eat or drink or sleep for days until Jake Marcus, aka the guy friend who is also in love with Sadie and repeatedly tells her that her boyfriend is not good for her, comes to her rescue and pulls her out of her misery And let s not leave out the hospital stay where Edward Jax has to bring Bella Sadie out of her coma by promising to stay with her forever.If you re looking for barely disguised schmoopy Twilight fanfic without the paranormal element, you ll adore this If you re looking for a well written teen romance peopled with characters who havethan two dimensions and are capable of rubbing a couple of brain cells together, I suggest skipping this. DOWNLOAD EPUB ♊ Breathe ⚖ Sadie White S Summer Job Isn T Going To Be On The Beach Life Guarding Or Working At Rental Booths Like Most Kids Her Age With Her Single Mother S Increasing Pregnancy And Refusal To Work, Sadie Has To Take Over Her Mother S Job As A Domestic Servant For One Of The Wealthy Summer Families On A Nearby IslandWhen The Family Arrives At Their Summer Getaway, Sadie Is Surprised To Learn That The Owner Of The House Is Jax Stone, One Of The Hottest Teen Rockers In The World If Sadie Hadn T Spent Her Life Raising Her Mother And Taking Care Of The House She Might Have Been Normal Enough To Be Excited About Working For A Rock StarEven Though Sadie Isn T Impressed By Jax S Fame, He Is Drawn To Her Everything About Sadie Fascinates Jax But He Fights His Attraction Relationships Never Work In His World And As Badly As He Wants Sadie, He Believes She Deserves By The End Of The Summer, Jax Discovers He Can T Breathe Without Sadie I ll admit that I originally picked up this novel because of the cover No, not the cover it currently has, but the new cover it is going to be receiving Unfortunately, I find myself regretting my decision to pick up this book and find myself wishing that I was not so easily swayed by my sense of vision I got a little past the half way point of this novel before deciding that I simply could not read another sentence of this book I don t mean to be rude, but this story practically has nothing working for it The writing is grating, the plot is cliche and overused, the story fails to keep my interest, and the characters are far from unique and different as they are said to be Seventeen year old Sadie has had to grow up farquickly than any other teenager her age Her father is a married man who vowed to have nothing to do with her after her birth and she has recently moved to Alabama with her mother Her beautiful mother, however, has fallen in love with the wrong managainand has gotten herself pregnant Now, Sadie finds herself taking her mother s job working for the famous teen rock star Jax Stone Although Sadie keeps her distance from Jax, their attraction cannot be denied Jax, who is unable to stay away from the beautiful blonde, eventually succumbs to his desire Yet, things are not always as easy as they should be and sometimes, you need to take the hard path to keep your love.My issues with this novel start from the very first chapter I don t know if this is Glines first novel, but her writing grated on me far too much for comfort First and foremost, she failed to employ the show not tell method Instead she used the tell not show method which I loathe I was constantly being barreled with people telling Sadie howdifferentshe was, howuniqueEvery now and then someone would tell Sadie howbeautifulshe was and she d act completely surprised and tell them that she was justaverageand didn t have any personality to which they d reply that she had awonderfulpersonality Perhaps I could have dealt with this if it happened once, or maybe even twice, but this dialogue just became far too redundant for my liking Plus, Sadie fails to live up to the adjectives she is known for Although she tries to stay away from Jax Stone, she ends up being just like every other girl or rather every other YA female protagonist andfalls in lovewith him by Chapter 6 Further, all the qualities that supposedly made her unique, really didn t I know at least fifty girls, myself included, who share the same traits as Sadie yet I haven t had people come up and tell me that I m sodifferentandspecialThis, of course, leads me to the conclusion that the only reason Sadie gets the attention she gets is because of her gorgeous features that she denies having At one point she refers to her legs as skinny sticks yet all the guys claim that she has the best and most curvaceous legs in town I get that Sadie is modest and naive, but there is a certain degree to humility With Sadie, it just felt as if she was fishing for compliments and I wanted to smack her for coming off as vain and conceited when I was constantly being told by all the characters that shewasn tI ll make that decision for myself thankyouverymuch P Sadie wasn t the only character I had a problem with though Jax Stone, teenage rock star extraordinaire, was equally, if not , irritating than Sadie was The first, and only, time that Jax and Sadie meet before Sadie falls in love actually lust with him, Jax is kind to a nine year old girl who just lost her father in war Sadie, like any normal human being, is moved by this However, Jax is surprised because he s never known that a girl might like him for his kindness towards young girls Um, excuse me I can count on one finger the number of women who arenotattracted to kind men In case you were wondering, the one finger was for Bellatrix Lestrange To have Jax, who is constantly being fawned over by girls around the country, tell Sadie that he didn t know this was just a tad bit too unrealistic Plus, he tells Sadie that her finding him attractive because of his kindness makes heruniqueSee where I m coming from It isn t true, it doesn t make her unique, and it makes you a stupid dolt for a saying that and b not knowing it s true Plus, Jax s entire relationship with Sadie was based off of one thing appearance Jax looks at Sadie, Sadie is beautiful, Jax wants Sadie, Jax always gets what he wants, Jax tells Sadie she smells nice, Jax tells Sadie she has pretty hair, Jax enjoys kissing Sadie, Jax wants to flaunt Sadie off so other guys will know she s taken,Jax is being a possessive a holeSeriously, I hate relationships where a guy is possessive and clingy I m not saying it s not nice to have a guy who gets jealous sometimes or who wants to be seen with you, but Jax was taking it to an extreme Further, no one seemed to call him out on it Jax s housekeeper even tells Sadie that she should have called him the one time she happened to be late for work because she was with her pregnant mother in the hospital Uhhwhat Jax and Sadie weren t even officially dating at this point, she didn t have his number,andhe was out of town when she left for the hospital But, no matter, just call Jax because he needs to know where you are 24 7 Christian Grey much Honestly, this book was boring, dull, and just plain irritating Unless you like possessive relationships, insta love stories, cheesy romances, and lots of useless dialogue that doesn tactuallyexplain a character s personality, I would not recommend this to you I think the best part of this novel is having finished it, or at least part of it Now, I canactuallybreathe with relief from not having to read it any Breathe by Abbi Glines is the first book of the new adult contemporary romance Sea Breeze series Sadie White finds herself having to take over her mother s job and bring in the money to take care of both of them with her mother pregnant Sadie goes to the mansion her mothers works at to begin work and finds she is working for Jax Stone, a hot teen rocker Of course this leads to Sadie and Jax being attracted and starting a romance I actually liked Sadie in this one, couldn t help but feel sorry she was pushed to be the adult and mother her own mother It also touches on some very real issues towards the end so I thought this one was good overall Forreviews please visit Seventeen year old Sadie White just moved from Tennessee to the Alabama coast with her mother Her mother, who she refers to as Jessica, is very pregnant by a loser du jour boyfriend Sadie s mom refuses to work any, so Sadie has no choice but to try and take over her mother s job as a domestic servant in a swanky mansion Little does Sadie know that this is the home of the very famous, drool worthy, Jax Stone, the teen heart throb singer Normally, they wouldn t hire a teenage girl to work for fear that she was some star struck stalker, but Sadie proves herself and is hired on Sure, she knows who Jax Stone is, but she s got bigger things to worry about than swooning over some spoiled teen rock star Sadie doesn t want to lose her job and the only source of income she has, so she stays completely neutral around Jax When she s first around him, Sadie barely makes eye contact This is a little hard to do when Jax openly stares at her You see, Sadie has inherited her mother s stunning looks, a fact she is completely unaware of Jax is immediately drawn to Sadie, she s so mature for her age and isn t affected by his persona But Jax is only there for the summer and he knows what his lifestyle does to people So Jax tries to stay away from Sadie and fails miserably This is especially hard when Jax sees Marcus, one of the servers, taking Sadie under his wing and getting close I adored this story I just was gaga over Jax He ended up being such a sweet heart, sweeping Sadie off her feet She couldn t help but fall for him Jax was never judgmental over Sadie s mom He tried to make Sadie comfortable and not insult her situation in life Sadie was such a good and kind girl with a big heart I can t believe all the things she put up with her mother I really wished Sadie would ve called her mom out on her behavior She was a self centered, horrible woman I can t imagine a mother having her daughter buy her condoms, remind her to use them, and still manage to screw up I could go on, and on, and on I literally wanted to smack this mother I really liked all the secondary characters First and foremost, Marcus, the college student hottie, working there over the summer, you can t help but feel bad for him Then there s Ms Mary, the head of the house staff She is like the mother Sadie never had, so kind and loving I teared up a little at the end because of her and Mr Greg the elderly gardener The last 20% of this story was a little bit of a roller coaster I wanted to throttle someone one minute and then I was swooning the next For the most part, this was an all around feel good book Maybe a little on the predictable side, but it leaves you with a smile on your face I highly recommend reading Because of Low right after this It s a sequel to Breathe It centers mainly on Marcus, but Jax and Sadie are in there too Don t pass it up, it s all kinds of HOT Sadie White had to grow up fast Her mother has never been one to act like an adult It s Sadie s job to look after her Pregnant with her second child, Jessica isn t about to own up to her responsibilities However, someone has to pay the bills and sending Sadie to work in her place seemed like a good idea.Working as a domestic servant for a wealthy family, Sadie never in her wildest dreams expected it to be the house rockstar Jax Stone spends his summer at, trying to escape his hectic lifestyle He soon starts showing interest in Sadie, for she s like no one he s ever met before Can their growing love withstand the fact that their lives couldn t bedifferent Jax is adored by millions, while Sadie never even had friends Her world revolves around her demanding mother s needs.I was in the mood for a sweet YA romance and Breathe seemed to be the perfect choice Unfortunately I soon came to realize that I was wrong in assuming so It didn t take me long to develop a fierce hatred of Sadie s mother No child deserves to have a father, who isn t in the picture not giving a crap and a mother, who has no qualms about taking her kid s childhood away I didn t understand how Sadie could still love her I had such a hard time believing it Sure, she s her mom, but surely I d become resentful and bitter I was siked to read this book The story sounded awesome I even expected a few corny clich s and was prepared to enjoy a dreamy romance Bummer that the hero s name was the only thing I liked about him I m a sucker for blue eyes, but not so much when attached to an arrogant ass and that s the best way to describe Jax What probably should ve appeared gentlemanly, I found appalling He was aloof and overly confident His hoity toity way of speaking drove me up the wall It was creepy.Once he began spewing confessions of love I was done Don t get me started on these awful song lyrics Can you say sleezeball He wasn t sweet, let alone perfect boyfriend material no, he seemed to be obsessed with Sadie, rather than what I d call being in love Sadly, there IS such a thing as too much fluffy romance The worst, I fell head over heels for another character Marcus, too, worked as a servant for the Stone s and befriended Sadie right away Such a sweetheart He made her feel welcome from the very start If the roles had been reversed if Jax had Marcus personality we would ve been talking 5 stars The way it was made no sense to me Marcus as opposed to Jax wasn t laying it on thick and made sure to be a good friend I felt beyond bad for him The poor guy fell in love with Sadie, but his feelings weren t returned They would ve made a sweet couple Reading this book, and I m so sorry to have to say this, I often fought a gag reflex and was left frustrated I m kind of surprised that so many readers gave it a good rating It might have something to do with the fact that I m not a teenager any Maybe it is the perfect read for a 14 year old I really couldn t say I did like the general idea of the storyline and of course Marcus the good friend 1.5 stars to Breathe by Abbi Glines.Beware of Spoilers Two of my least favorite quotes for those of you who are interestedYour touch is my addiction and your laugh is my only sun As for the makeup you don t need any Your natural beauty is enough to bring me to my knees My favorite quoteI want you to be happy, and if he makes you happy, then that s all that matters Yet another YA romance that has managed to garner farpositive reviews than it deserves I don t expect much from these books, but sympathetic characters are kind of important, and the only characters I could bring myself to sympathize with at all were the peripheral characters NOT Marcus, I didn t like him much, either Ms Mary was sweet and unassuming and the gardener forgot his name already could have been amazing, but he was underutilized Sadie is a young girl who s had to grow up fast Her mother is a former beauty queen turned young single mother who apparently hasn t managed, in 17 years, to care for anyone other than herself Not even her own child Now she s pregnant again and Sadie, on her first day of summer break from high school, must take her mother s place as housekeeper at one of the rich houses Sadie manages to earn her place on the staff and quickly discovers that it is the family home of teen heartthrob rock star Jax Stone The author continually shoves in our faces the fact that Sadie is mature for her age , but having a mature work ethic, bitter outlook on life, and self proclaimed aversion to rock stars does not make a girl mature In most important ways, Sadie is nomature than any other teenage girl, and in a few, she is even less mature than her peers She is naive, gullible, and far too innocent I quickly grew tired of her uninteresting statements, her moping, her petty jealousy, and her constant indecision Jax Stone is the modern YA cliche rich, devastatingly hot, oh so sweet.and let s not forget, creepily obsessed with Sadie I can t get over how behavior like his is praised in some love stories while simultaneously being repulsive and oftentimes illegal in reality The one liners in this particular romance far surpassed my expectations, however While I was expecting some cheese, I had no idea how often I would be fighting my gag reflex They re the kinds of lines that, were they spoken to me no matter who was speaking them , I would roll my eyes, laugh, and move quickly away The romance was, predictably, based primarily on physical attraction There are some moments, here and there, where it would appear Sadie and Jax were falling for each other for other reasons, but these are never fully explored The main reason for Jax aside from how much he likes Sadie s looks is that she s different from any of the other girls he s ever met Different in this case apparently means nothingthan that she s a normal teenage girl, not some rich, pampered starlet I have a revelation for him there are millions of those all around the world.Its unrealistic portrayals, sappy, nauseating dialog, unresolved plot points, convenient write offs, and unsympathetic, shallow characters made this yet another disappointment for me. Number of times I rolled my eyes 20Number of times I was taken by surprise 1Number of times I thought about DNFing 1This was the cheesiest book I ve read this year I may not have chosen the right story as first one read by this author of whom I only heard positive things Don t think I hated it, because I didn t, but it definitely was a book I could have skipped.The love triangle took me by surprise I did not expect it and was sure that it was going to be very simple as in Sadie meets Jax Rock Star but, no, she meets someone else first Marcus, though, is only a friend for her but he doesn t have the same opinion on Sadie It wasn t bad because the fact that the main character wasn t in love with both guys was a good thing and kept me from hating the love triangle.Sadie I was sure I was going to love her You know hard worker, nice, responsible, caring and mature but it s like her love for Jax actually made her weak I did not recognize, by the end of the story, the same girl I met in the first chapters I know love can change a person but I m not sure if in this case it was for the best, unfortunately.Plus, hey, Rock Star high school student, could that really work out As much as they may love each other, I m still sceptic.I enjoyed the fact that it was short for the cheesiness was too much for me to be able to read this kind of book if it had 300 pages or so I also appreciated the fact pacing and secondary characters, even though they weren t present as much as I would have like, this story being centered on the romance and all.What I really thought was off was the fact that Sadie called her mother Jessica I can understand that she doesn t like her very much since her mother is not your average kind and actually makes Sadie work and leaves her pay the bills and help at home instead of doing it herself but I just think it s very rude to call her mother by her name, even if it s not in front of her.The writing was okay, not what I expected by this author of whom I was told is an incredible contemporary romance writer but not bad either I m going to give her another chance by reading, some time soon, her Rosemary Beach series but I absolutely will have my expectations at a lower level this time.Not recommended but, if you don t have anything else to read, sure This can make a fast and cute but very cheesy summer read. TheI sit on this book and think about it, theI ve discovered that I really didn t like anything about Breathe and that rounding up to 2 stars was my way of being nice and not completely trashing the book After time, I started to realize that there was nothing about these characters or story which appealed to me other than Marcus Maybe it s because I did actually end up enjoying the following book in this series Because of Low which proves I m not in any sort of anti Glines camp , I feel less guilty about coming back and down rating this one after the fact Original Review 1.5 stars I wanted to try this author in another genre to see if my issues were somehow related to the paranormal theme of her Existence trilogy.I think Abbi Glines comes up with great concepts ideas She even has promise as a storyteller, if you re looking for light and simple stories If she could figure out how to write a romance without adding in copious amounts of nickname usage and cringe worthy terms, I would probably find myselfappreciative of what she s trying to do Obviously, she s not doing everything wrong, considering this is the second book I ve picked up by her I ll probably still continue reading the Existence series, even with my laundry list of complaints There is some part of me that is trying to connect here, yet I couldn t begin to tell you why I just know that I see promise in this author and keep hoping to see the potential come to fruition It s as if I m standing on the outside of a very cool house and I m fumbling with a huge ring of keys, hoping to find the right one to fit the door s lock.I saw Breathe mentioned in another review as a type of Cinderella story and to this, I will agree The poor, hard working girl meets her handsome prince, who rescues her from her dull existence The story was a cute retelling in that aspect I like rock star stories, so it was a no brainer that I d want to try out Breathe.If about 10% of the book had been cut mainly the female s self bashing and some of her interactions with Marcus, even though I liked Marcus as a character and a few of the flowery sentiments reigned in, I might have liked Breathewell, at least a little bit .This is what knocked the rating down for meYou re myair I frowned at him Your air He grinned Well, girlfriend seems to be too shallow for what I feel for you These past two weeks it s been as if you control my breathing The lips of the only boy I would ever love touched mineHow old are you again Get back to me in 10 years on thisHow can taking away the reason my heart beats be good for meI don t think I need to clarify why most of those statements made me feel awkward Mainly it had to do with the age of the characters, but I d also note that there are ways to show intense love through action and interaction without having to resort to declarations of how someone is your sole reason for existence, which feels sappy and melodramatic I love you gets the job done, btw Or how about, hey, life kind of sucks when you re not around I ve really missed you Let s try working this out Next up Self Loathing For some reason, this bubbly girl liked me Me, with no personality. this was about the fifth mention of the protag s insecurity One common complaint that you ll see from a lot of YA readers is the frustration over girls who are 1 Plain or lacking personality, yet they seem to have boys fawning all over them.2 Are not plain or lacking personality, yet they seem to constantly harp on the fact that they are, so it s up to the boy or other characters to boost their confidence repeatedly.Either situation gets tiresome to read about Yes, most teen girls have insecurities I m pretty sure we all know this by now It doesn t mean we want to read about it over and over, especially when it s a subject brought up onthan one occasion in a book Mention it once, then move on.I should probably throw in the towel, but I m going to keep an eye on this author Am I glutton for punishment Not necessarily If her books were that painful to read, I wouldn t keep reading them The stories are cute, they just happen to have some issues in the execution.