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Overall rating 4.5 stars Triggers Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler O carte alert , mult ac iune alert , suspans i pericole din plin At t din partea uman , c t i ur ii p durii O poveste despre supravie uire, salvare i dragoste Toate la cote maxime Autoarea a reu it s mi ofere o poveste captivant , cu o ac iune mereu n schimbare. Read Pdf ☻ Prey ♨ Following The Death Of Her Father, Angie Powell Takes Over His Business As A Wilderness Guide In The Montana Mountains Business Is Booming Until Disaster Strikes When Enigmatic Ex Soldier Dare Callahan Returns From Service And Sets Up As A Rival GuideDare S Hardy Exterior And Battle Scars Are An Attractive Combination For Those Looking To Hire A Tough Type To Help Them Tackle The Mountains And Three Years On Angie S Business Is Feeling The Impact Of Dare S Return However, Dare S Sights Are Set On Something Other Than Business, And It S Angie He S Looking To Steal Away, Rather Than Her ClientsAngie Wants Nothing To Do With Him, Especially As She Blames Him For Her Failing Business, But She Has To Put Her Feelings To One Side When They Are Suddenly Thrust Together An Animal With A Thirst For Blood Of A Human Variety Is On The Loose And It S Up To Angie And Dare To Stop It Before It Kills Again Not to be too third grade, but this was kind of gross.A suspense thriller survivalist story where the heroine is an adventure guide as in ride out for a week to hunt animals when it s really cold outside with sport hunters I grabbed the book on CD not really knowing what I was getting myself in for.She takes two men on a bear hunt Nope, not this but The heroine gets caught in witnessing a murder and has to flee The H, who she hates, rescues her The fact that no one died of hypothermia in Montana in November may be the most fictitious part of the book.Two villains at work here one an undeveloped accountant that knows how to hide his inner macho man and a man eating black bear The bear eats three people, and it s not pretty If anyone has ever seen the documentary Grizzly Man you will never look bears the same, or at least that is how it affected me I was frustrated with the accountant villain as what he stole and how he accomplished it would have developed his character His peevishness when the heroine escapes and his desire to make her suffer as much as he suffered being rained on and cold struck me as a little petty Isn t it enough that you wanted to kill her If I had known what I was getting into I would have skipped this. I have read every book and novella Linda Howard s written, all 53 of them I started reading her as a romance author, and stuck with her into the romantic suspense territory, even though I prefer books centered on human relationships and emotions than action and mysteries Even with bad guys present, she could describe a bit about his background to make him if not someone I d like to be around, at least someone I can relate to on some level But a couple of chapters into this book, the viewpoint switches to that of a killer man eating bear Seriously To which, I throw up my hands and say I can t relate to that That is just that one step farther from the romance genre I started reading Howard for to make me stop reading the book and pick up something else I stopped on page 27 I will probably finish it at some point, I mean the two hot guides have to get together for some steamy sex and eventually marriage at some point, right But not today After chugging through 53 of her books, I find it fascinating on one level to know that a bear is my stopping point.three months later, I picked up the book and finished it, and ended up really liking it I d been reading historicals for the last 2 3 months, so a contemporary was like a breath of fresh air at that point Also, the bear is barely ha in the rest of the book, and the two guides are indeed hot I really enjoyed the progression of their relationship, how blunt their personalities were I do like my male protagonists grumpy, so Dare fit the bill well there I couldn t give it four stars due to the bear thing, but Angie Dare s snarky conversations easily brought the overall rating up to a solid 3 stars. Take rival adventure guides h H, murderous clients, feral bears, dangerous storms, a run for their lives, enforced seclusion in a mountain cabin and you get the gist of this typical Linda Howard romantic thriller set up in the Montana Rockies This is her third survival up a snowy mountain that I ve read This book had too much narrative in the first half, although I enjoyed the first couple of chapters where we get the H s pov and get to know her as a person but then it got somewhat tedious till the part where all hell breaks loose.The H is an ill tempered foul mouthed grumpy ex military guy who comes back to their home town and unwittingly draws away most of the h s clients So the fiercely independent h has hated his guts these past 2 years and this enmity from her side is at its peak, when she realizes that she has no other resort but to sell her failing business and go back to Billings But for this last bookings by an old client who is bringing another guy interested in hunting down a bear An old family friend feels uneasy that she would be alone with two unknown males up in the mountains and requests a very reluctant H to look out for her It all snowballs into a dangerous run for their lives as new and unknown threats get revealed But these two manage to steal two alone days in an isolated cabin during a brutal storm to finally give in to their fierce attraction to each other and acknowledge that hate is just another side of the love coin The H is immensely likable in a grumpy sexy way and the h is admirable for her strong independence and grit As for her story about her failed wedding marriage is concerned, it was so ridiculous that it was completely believable and relatable I totally got how this non girly h would have felt so strongly about the messing up of her makeup and hair on her wedding day And the ex definitely behaved in an asininely immature way Why would people only see the funny side and not get her pov on the kiddish humiliation and also the betrayal of a promise.Two relatable quotes from the bookSome people instinctively knew the right thing to say, the right thing to do, but she wasn t one of them The best she could do was, well, the best she could do, and hope she didn t screw up too much That was the best thing about female friends the instant, unquestioning support, regardless of common sense or practicality And not to forget the H s contributionFucking nipples on iceandFuck, shit, yeah I m just continually bummed by Linda Howard these days In the past she s been so brilliant, but things are hit and miss these days as I have said many times recently This book had a FABULOUS concept and the execution wasn t bad She worked it out so that the scenario seemed plausible, and that was good She also had characters that were just unique enough to make the story work Outdoorsy girl, abandoned by mother, raised by father, bad first wedding, not a quitter Military man with shrapnel wound to throat and therefore hoarse voice, has a love of cussing, reads books, really grouchy but has a wry sense of humor and a bit of tenderness on the inside I liked them I liked the concept Well, except poking around online makes it seem like black bears are the least likely to be maneaters, but I m willing to suspend disbelief on that point My biggest complaint was how unsuspenseful the whole thing was I knew the rough plot from the inside cover, and that s about all that happened There was no build up to the climactic showdown, no running for their lives, no terror Just a couple of people holed up staying out of the rain, taking FOREVER to finally have sex Let s be honest here In reality, the sex may or may not happen In a Linda Howard novel, it should happen a lot sooner I guess it s good that the reader has something to wonder about, because it s easy to forget about both the maneating bear and the homicidal client for a majority of this very slow moving story I almost hate to shelve this with suspense I still love Linda Howard, I like her ideas and her characters and her writing, but the execution just seems to be lacking again. Murder, Conflict, Sexual FireworksI was rather surprised by the overly harsh reviews I ve read on Prey I ll admit to being a diehard Linda Howard fan so I ignored the reviews and bought the book anyway After all, as an author, I get bad reviews too, and I like to think that readers are discerning enough to wade through bad reviews if a book s blurb sounds like their kind of book.I liked Prey In fact, I stayed up way too late to finish it the other night Nobody does heroes better than Linda Howard She writes the kind of man you d recognize instantly if you met him on the street that s how real her characters are The heroines are always likable and are the kind of women I d enjoy having as friends.Enter Dare and Angie two people made for each other if Angie only knew it Dare does He s a walking, talking simmering cauldron of longing when it comes to Angie, and he hates the fact that he can t get her out of his mind Dare was a soldier too long to attempt polite speech so his language is peppered with profanities just like every soldier I ve ever known What a finely drawn character.Throw in a murder plot, a survival against the cruel Montana weather, and sexual fireworks that go off like the 4th of July, and you ve got Prey by Linda Howard.Go for it You ll discover this is a pretty darn good book. I had been staying away from Howard s most recent releases due to the somewhat lackluster ratings but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised I loved this book Admittedly, it didn t quite reach the five star mark for me but that is really an oddly elusive thing lately, and books that get five stars from me get it for no reason that I can really explainthey just have a little extra wow One of my favorite Howard books is Up Close and Dangerousthere s something I love about a couple forced to be in close proximity to each other by some accident of fate that makes them rely on each other for survival in the wild Maybe because it strips them of their inhibitions and it boils all the details down to nothing They are each who they were meant to be, without the influence of the world, without anything to worry about other than survival and each other They struggle to meet basic needs, and when it all comes down to it, our physical and mental well being as humans really comes down to a few things.FoodWaterShelterCompanionshipIf we have these things, not only are we safe and healthy, but happy too I liked how in this book, these MC s started off having legitimate reasons to dislike each other Well, for the most part Angie started out feeling flustered and googly eyed over Dare but that spark quickly fizzled when she realized that he was siphoning off her business until she was nearly bankrupt Dare, on the other hand, is infatuated with her World Class Ass and can t understand where her animosity comes from So a man eating black bear and a stone cold sociopathic murderer bring these two togetherswoon A love story for the ages, lol.Dare gets to play hero, but he wasn t so much a chauvinist that he has no faith in Angie s abilitieseven when she s injured, he doesn t chalk her predicament up to womanly inexperience or incompetence He simply swoops in, saves the day, and takes care of the girl until she is able to do so for herself He was quite the complex guy, although Howard didn t really delve into his psyche all that much.Angie has a tiny bit of little man syndromewhat woman in her right mind would take two strange men up into the mountains on a week long hunting trip I m not really sure I care just how competent I think I amfacts are facts, and generally, men are stronger than women That s quite the trust you re putting in strangers.This love story doesn t get romantic for quite some time but the slower pace was quite nicethe story was interesting enough by itself, and the hot sex and slow, timid chemistry creeped nicely along until the time felt right.I listened to the audiobook an the narrator did a great jobno overacting, she sounded like a young woman but not too young, inflection was great, and I m hoping she does some narrating, as I can t find any books read by her. Sigh How horribly disappointing This book was flat out boring There were actually chapters upon chapters written from a bear s point of view A bear Remember Up Close and Personal, where we learned everything we d ever need to know if we crashed our plane into a mountain Yeah, well here we learn about bears and camping I ll give LH props for her research The woman is an expert on so many things However, in the end, I had to struggle to finish this At one point I said to my husband, Just give me an hour or so, I just have to finish this awful book Of course he thought I was crazy and still did even after I explained that this was a beloved author and that I wouldn t DNF her.On the positive side, I did like Dare He reminded me a little of Sam Donovan and a very little of Wolf MacKenzie He was grumpy and gruff He had no filter and just said what he thought He also never fought his feelings He liked Angie and then loved her He accepted it and set out to make her feel the same way I liked Angie for the first part of the book because she was independent and strong like so many other LH heroines However, after a while she was just annoying.Over all, I wouldn t even recommend this to the most die hard of LH fans.