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I hate giving out one star ratings I really hate it And thankfully it doesn t occur too often because most books have something redeeming about them, something that I can think yeah, the book wasn t great, but I enjoyed that one bit I m afraid I couldn t find this at all in Tempest Harsh as it may seem, this is one of those novels that I honestly have no clue how it got published It made no sense, the characters were one dimensional, parts were misogynistic and to top it all off, it was boring Annoying is forgivable, so is the unexplained, but boring Big no no.Oh yeah, and there s something important I should point out Try as I might to finish this, I only made it to page 300 out of 358 which I think was pretty decent for a book that didn t hold my interest past page one But anyway, I m going to talk about how nothing made any kind of sense and I suppose there is a chance that sense was introduced in the last 58 pages and I missed it by giving up too soon Oh well What I read made no sense It was pointless So a guy can go back in time and do stuff that he never did before, but then when he returns to the future nothing has been affected by him changing the events of history As in, whatever he did never happened so what s the point And also, is he really going into the past if what happens doesn t affect the present Or is he, alternatively, going into a different past dimension Perhaps this is explained after page 300, let me know in the comments if it is.Plus, I m not sure why that half arsed romance had to happen But this is the young adult genre and I suppose I should expect something equally annoying and completely devoid of chemistry by now What s the point of selling the romantic element in your novel if it is dull as dishwater I have no idea I just know that there was nothing about Jackson and Holly s relationship that interested me And, by the way, if Jackson can go into the past and interact with people without them remembering it in the present, why didn t he just try asking his dad about his strange abilities sooner I know I would have if I were him.I think I knew I wouldn t like this book from very near the beginning chapter one or two when a character is simply dismissed as being horrible and bitchy with all her feminist lectures Gosh, who cares about women and their rights, anyway But even that I could have forgotten if it wasn t for somemisogyny later on when Jackson is reluctant to take Holly s virginity You want to dump me for some loose chick Real nice.And then this nice little pieceI just met this chick last night at my friend s party She s mega hot and a total airhead Exactly your type right Yeah, but only if the flakiness is genuine Not that pretend I m stupid shit You know it s going to bite you in the ass later Besides, I love messing with people who just don t get it How I wish I could tell you that this interaction was to demonstrate the absolute jackassery of the character But it s actually brushed off as a bit of good fun by the protagonist Must I say anything else about this book Time travel is a very tricky subject to get into Look at the epic failure of Lost for example There is the usual paradox of, if we go back in time then what happens must already have happened to make us go back As well as the endless time loop theories Tempest battles this with separate timelines So now my questions are if we change timeline, then what happens to our self in the original timeline Does a fake us keep living there If not, is it as if we never existed there, or do people think we ve just disappeared And what happens to our other self that existed before we got to the new timeline Yes, my brain hurts too These were the sort of questions running through my mind while reading Tempest You have to spend time pondering what s happening, over keeping track of all the back and forth time traveling For this reason, I can see why this is not a book that everyone would take to It would be easy to get overwhelmed by the maze like story, but due to my constant analyzations and fascination with time travel, I was easily engrossed in the novel Even though there are some lose ends to my questionings, I was overall impressed by Julie s time travel concepts.We ve got Jackson as our male protagonist He s a wonderful character that is incredibly easy to like and care for He s just learning how to work his ability when he gets stuck 2 years in the past, leaving his girlfriend, Holly, in a grave situation Failing to get back, he tries to recreate his relationship with Holly s younger self It s definitely an interesting romance set in an peculiar situation We ve got the usual fun and pleasant moments, but also some with asignificant message tied to them The secondary characters aren t extremely developed, but enough to enjoy their presence Adam and his theories, Holly and her quirks, even Jackson s father they are an eclectic mix of entertaining personalities Because of the quick time jumps that happen quite often, the book is fast paced from the beginning It can be easy to get disoriented, but it can be equally easy to get captivated by the commotion It s not until almost the very end that we get a glimpse of the bigger picture an unsettling and mind boggling glimpse which has the potential to make it a muchepic trilogy than I had first envisioned.Constant action, heartfelt romance, and fascinating plot twists all add up to a promising start of what could end up being a fantastic series Time travel is never an easy feat, but if you think your brain cells can handle it, you should absolutely give Tempest a try Forof my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads Until the last ten percent of Tempest, I was resigned to giving it one lonely star and, for once, not having even an inkling to pick up its sequels I truly believe some people will be captivated with the story Julie Cross has woven together because it s not a bad book, it s just not a good book either In all honesty, this isof a 1.5 star book simply reliant on the principle that it just wasn t for me However, it really doesn t fit on my 1.5 star shelf, which is home to some pretty crappy books and Tempest doesn t really deserve to be there among them Plus, I m feeling very generous today The year is 2009 and Jackson Meyer is your typical college student He has a beautiful girlfriend named Holly who adores him and an awesome best friend named Adam He also happens to be the son of a pharmaceutical company CEO, making him an incredibly rich kid Oh yeah, and he can time travel He seems to have everything he could ever want until one day mysterious people show up and shoot Holly Suddenly, Jackson finds himself stuck in the year 2007 As Jackson struggles to find out his way back, he learns truths about his past, present and a possibly disturbing future What he used to consider a weird ability now seems to have a lotpower over the world s future Talk about pressure Tempest and I got off to a rocky start First off, I want to say I loved the premise Time travel is always a difficult topic to cover since there are so many rules and loads of possibilities for confused readers For the most part, by the end of the novel I did feel like I had a pretty good understanding of Cross universe However, my issues with this book lie with certain events in the storyline and the characters Plot Events Tempest starts of very quickly with you immediately learning about Jackson s abilities and a few of the rules In other words, Tempest got down to business From the blurb, I knew Holly was going to get shot and I knew Jackson would wind up in 2007 What I didn t expect was for it to happen so soon in the story This wasn t necessarily a bad thing, but it felt like the story and the plot were taking off before I could connect or care about the characters When the mysterious men show up in Holly s dorm room looking for Jackson and she s accidentally shot view spoiler and later we find out she dies the blurb says this much, but I m hiding this spoiler anyway hide spoiler Update as of 6 25 11 Okay, is it just me or are they trying to mimic the cover for I didn t expect this book to be so interesting and awesome I loved this so much, thank you so much Nimra for recommending this book I was supposed to buddy read this with Nimra but I received this book very late When I was going to read this book, I didn t know what I was getting myself into The cover makes this book seem like some sad romance novel, but it s nothing like that It has so much action and TIME TRAVELING It was just so good and I am glad I read this In the year of 2009 Jackson Meyer, a 19 year old guy has a perfect life, a girlfriend named Holly who he s in love with, amazing friends and good grades But the only thing that makes Jackson s life CRAZY is the fact that he can time travel When Jackson was hanging out with Holly, a group of strangers burst into the house Jackson is in complete shock and Holly is shot and is dying very slowly Jackson thought that the only way to fix this was to jump a few minutes or hours before the strangers show up, but instead he jumps into the year of 2007 He doesn t know how to get back to the year of 2009 and every time he tries to jump, he goes further into the past and then, back to the year of 2007 Will Jackson be able to fix this huge mess and save his girlfriend Will Jackson figure out how to use the power that he is gifted with and find out why those people were after him Although this book was really good, I had a couple of issues with it One being the concept of how time traveling works in this book Even if the time traveling concept is really easy to understand, it doesn t make any sense Time traveling is a really complex topic and I don t feel like it should be like this, but I still enjoyed this factor in this book I really liked the characters in this book and I loved how they all interacted with each other I was really disappointed in the ending but I still enjoyed the book It was fast paced, interesting, full of action, and awesome world building At times, it felt like I was reading a contemporary book, but then I am reminded that it is not by the events that take place There were so many negative reviews about this book and I was scared to read it because of this, but my friend Nimra kept repeating the fact that it was really good and that I had to read it When it comes to Nimra, her book picks are AMAZING and whatever she loves, I love So I believed her and I read it and it was worth it Not all books are for everyone, and although most people didn t enjoy the book, I enjoyed it I recommend this book to those who want a fast paced read and those who want to finish a book in one sit It wasn t as horrible as I thought it would be and I loved everything about this book There are so many questions that I have and crazy theories and I can t want to experienceof this thrilling adventure I CAN T WAIT TO START THE NEXT BOOK Time Traveler s Wife JumperNOTE Provided viaVine Program.Jackson Meyer has a unique ability he can jump into the past But his jumps are only a few minutes or hours into the past, and nothing he does there affects the present His perception of his abilities change when two men barge in on him and his girlfriend, Holly, and shoot her Now Jackson is desperately learning what is special about him and how he can use his abilities to save Holly.I initially selected this book because it was touted to be science fiction I love science fiction and I love time travel stuff But this book ISN T science fiction It is yet another tepid YA romance barely disguised in scifi clothing.The characters were either unlikable or boring Jackson is our protagonist, and I spent most of my time either hating him or feeling apathetic to him Like Jacob in Miss Peregrine s Home for Peculiar Children, Jackson is a spoiled rich brat that whines about how awful his life is as his chauffeur drives him to his private apartment in New York City from NYU Oh, and he is pretty damn experienced on the dating scene as long as it deals only with getting physical and avoiding revealing your emotions OF COURSE , super duper smart but NOT nerdy , and able to learn super speshul spy stuff within a day enough to overpower a professional CIA agent Towards the end, Jackson does get a bitlikable especially as he interacts with his sister and his past demons , but it was nowhere near enough to make me care about what happens to him or his boring girlfriend.Oh yeah, his girlfriend, Holly Dull as mud Of COURSE, she is virginal and goody two shoes, studious, hard working, a romantic at heart must be from all those romance novels she reads eye roll and all the good qualities in a woman She was not interesting in the slightest.As for Jackson and Holly, I have NO idea why these two are together Sure, they have their cute meet where she dumps a smoothie on his shoes , but honestly, their dating relationship is just that two people dating I felt no chemistry between them, no love, no sacrifice, no mature emotions whatsoever Every scene with them was boring since most of the book was Jackson trying to get back to Holly, that made most of the book boring as well I ended up skimming a LOT of the scenes with them in it.Adam is so stereotypical and cliched, it s embarrassing Beyond his one role as the friend that Jackson can come to get to ANYTHING nerdy done, Adam is a blank sheet His parents are conveniently clueless, so their teenaged son can run around and do anything without him having to explain what he is doing typically, shoving the parents in the closet syndrome the only worse way to do it was if Adam s parents were dead.Now, Jackson s father, Kevin, is slightlyinteresting As the story progressed, I did get interested in him, and I do appreciate how Cross did NOT make him EVULZ and uncaring to his son However, lots of cliches surround him no spoilers.Other characters, such as the baddies and Miss Stewart, are all sorts of cliche We have the Dying Sister, the EVUL baddies, the Innocent Child, and even a possible contender for Love Interest for the next book.The story is boring, predictable, and confusing The rules of Jackson s time jumping are unclear and don t make sense He can t change anything in the past when he half jumps, but when he full jumps he does But that past is not in the same timeline as his home base How do they return to the same timeline Is that a special ability What happens to money he spends in both jumps What are the rules for him bringing stuff into the past Why would Jackson want so badly to meet Holly of 2007, when he is trying to save Holly of 2009 Why doesn t he try to find Adam first Why quit school and become a janitor Who hires a 17 year old janitor Who hires a 17 year old to teach gymnastics to preschoolers Why does Jackson avoid his father I know the father tried to kill him in 2003, but if his father is a CEO, maybe he is used to assassination attacks plus, Jackson WAS in his father s locked office I had so many questions about the last 50 pages or so, but I will avoid as they may be spoilerish.As for story, I pretty much saw where it was going after the first 100 pages There were a few surprises, but most of the surprises were just my being confused or bored with Jackson trying to woo Holly Why is he wasting time trying to woo 2007 Holly It isn t going to save 2009 Holly.To be fair, there were some things I liked The concept was very interesting hence why I chose this book in the first place I liked how the viewpoint character is a male instead of a female I really grew to like Jackson s dad he surprised me by being different than what I expected The last half is pretty action packed, and if the first half hadn t been so slow, I would probably have liked this part better And there are some pretty stirring scenes between Jackson and his twin that did make Jackson not so unlikable for me Jackson makes a choice at the end that is not expected though I do wonder how permanent it will be And although I know they are not targeted to the same audiences, I did like Tempestthan a similar time traveling novel, The Time Traveler s Wife.The biggest thing that kept me going was the time traveling stuff It was interesting if confusing , and I did see a lot of similarities between this and Jumper also the movie The Adjustment Bureau I only wish that this book was half as good as Jumper Tempest was a very disappointing book It does what a lot of YA books are doing today pretending to be scifi books while then spendingtime on the romance between the protagonists than the scifi elements that drew the readers to the book If I want to read a romance, I ll read a romance If I want to read a scifi, I am NOT going to pick a book with unlikable, cliched characters, an incoherent plot and time traveling that takes a backseat to the romance.Dialogue Sexual Situations Violence Jackson drops quite a few f bombs in this book, along with a spattering of damn s, sh t s, and hell s.Holly and Jackson spend the night together A few flashbacks show them making out, getting ready to have sex, or having sex not graphic.Holly is shot, which sets off the events of the book There are a few action scenes, where guys trade punches Guns, fistfights, being thrown off roofs all make an appearance. |DOWNLOAD BOOK ♺ Tempest ⚖ The Year IsNineteen Year Old Jackson Meyer Is A Normal Guy He S In College, Has A Girlfriend And He Can Travel Back Through Time But It S Not Like The Movies Nothing Changes In The Present After His Jumps, There S No Space Time Continuum Issues Or Broken Flux Capacitors It S Just Harmless FunThat Is Until The Day Strangers Burst In On Jackson And His Girlfriend, Holly, And During A Struggle With Jackson, Holly Is Fatally Shot In His Panic, Jackson Jumps Back Two Years To , But This Is Not Like His Previous Time Jumps Now He S Stuck InAnd Can T Get Back To The FutureDesperate To Somehow Return ToTo Save Holly But Unable To Return To His Rightful Year, Jackson Settles IntoAnd Learns What He Can About His AbilitiesBut It S Not Long Before The People Who Shot Holly InCome Looking For Jackson In The Past, And These Enemies Of Time Will Stop At Nothing To Recruit This Powerful Young Time Traveler Recruit Or Kill HimPiecing Together The Clues About His Father, The Enemies Of Time, And Himself, Jackson Must Decide How Far He S Willing To Go To Save Holly And Possibly The Entire World This story is like a roller coaster ride, the fun kind where you don t want to get off Not the kind that leave you with the mother of all headaches and nauseated, thinking why, oh why did I get on Anyways..yes, the fun kind where you don t want it to end I wanted this story to go on and on, to find out what happens next Jackson Meyer is a nineteen year old college student with an oh so sweet girlfriend, Holly, living in the year 2009 Jackson seems like the typical normal teenager except for the tiny fact that he can time travel Jackson can only travel back a few days at most, and can t travel to the future beyond what he s already lived Only his braniac friend, Adam knows about his abilities, and the two of them make experiments testing the limitations and possibilities of this power Jackson thinks this is a harmless pursuit until two mysterious people show up in Holly s dorm room to talk to him This does not end up well You can see what happens in the product description of this book, so I m not spoiling it by saying, Holly is shot in a struggle, and Jackson somehow jumps back to 2007 and is stuck there Jackson makes many attempts to jump back to his home base but is unsuccessful Instead he ends up in different spots in the past revealing all kinds of interesting about his distant father and his supposed job He also starts to learnabout the people who showed up in Holly s dorm and that his abilities may not have been so secret I love the time travel aspect of this story and unlocking the mysteries that surround it, but most of all I loved the relationship side to this book I loved the relationship between Holly and Jackson How we see through flashbacks while he s stuck in 2007 he s really not the greatest boyfriend in 2009 In one of these flashbacks I wanted to scream Fail, Jackson Fail Fear not, because 2007 Jackson begins to see the error of his ways Julie manages to squeeze in a few nice swoon worthy scenes to get your blood pumping always a plus in any book I read and you find yourself loving JacksonandWell, not because of the kissing, but because he starts to show how he cares well, maybe a little because of the kissing I also loved the relationship between Jackson and his twin sister I cried at one point because of that Liked the developments between Jackson and his father and quirky Adam too Then there is the ending Oh, what an ending Did not want it to end there, but I guess now I m all theeager for book two Bring it NOW please All and all, this was an amazing debut from Julie Cross A definite recommend Thank you to Goodreads giveaways Forget everything you know about time travelI ll start this one with a confession time travel stuff makes little to no sense to me It s true, my mathematical logical intelligence is lower than my shoe size, and when I try to make sense of all the time lines and paradoxes, I get this throbbing headache in my temples that refuses to go away Because of that, the opening sentence Jackson s words to Holly meant very little to me I knew next to nothing to begin with, but I m happy to say that Cross version, at least, made sense To me Sort of.Ever since it came out, Tempest has been receiving a lot of mixed reviews Most of my friends and bloggers I usually agree with gave it a low rating, which is why I waited so long to give it a chance But somewhere deep inside, I had this strange feeling that Tempest and I would get along, and as it turns out, we did As it usually happens, what I expected from Tempest and what I ended up with were two things a million miles away from each other I obviously knew it was about time travel, but I thought it would focus entirely on the romance and saving the life of a girl our time traveler can t live without Boy was I wrong It s true, Jackson s girlfriend Holly gets shot by the so called Enemies of Time and he jumps back in the hopes of saving her, but Tempest doesn t focus on their undying love In fact, Jackson approaches his relationship with Holly very maturely Instead, this book is full of secret medical research, CIA agents, agents called Enemies of Time, parallel dimensions and guns Sounds fun I thought so A lot of reviewers thought that Holly was plain and unworthy of Jackson s attention, and I agree that she doesn t really stand out But people we feel attracted to are often plain in the eyes of others, and it wasn t me who was supposed to fall in love with her So in a way, I m glad she was pretty, but not stunningly gorgeous, smart, but not a Nobel prize winner, generous, but certainly not Mother Teresa It made the entirety of their relationship seem that muchreal to me.The usual tropes were all there no mother, dead sister, best friend the science geek, but the seat gripping action helped me accept it alleasily and in the end, those 412 pages simply weren t enough I read this book at the beach, before going to sleep, during hours of insomnia, while I was eating and pretty much everywhere else, until I finished it I even fell asleep with it and I sort of dropped it on my own head, but that s neither here nor there Of course it had its flaws, but it s summer, it was fun, and quite frankly I just don t care Also posted at The Nocturnal Library