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2.5 stars SpoilersBefore I wake is set one month after the events of If I Die We find that Kaylee s life is still as complicated as ever Kaylee s adjusting to her new undead life, her new job, her new boyfriend and her newfound popularity Kaylee s first day back at school starts with a bang when her new boss orders her to retrieve a soul stolen by a rougue reaper Kaylee is shocked to find that the rougue reaper is Thane who Tod left in the Netherworld to be tortured by Avari after he threatened Kaylee With Thane now working for Avari, Kaylee and her friends must stop them both before Avari causesdeath.Apart from Shadow Bound, I ve loved every book Rachel Vincent has written Unfortunately I was disappointed by this one.I really wanted to love this book the storyline, Tod and Kaylee s relationship and the action towards the end was great but that wasn t nearly enough to forgive the immensely unlikeable and bloody frustrating characters A lot of readers say that feeling strongly about a character is a sign of a good author, to some extent I agree but when you hate a character so much that it ruins your enjoyment of a book then it s not a good thing I don t like hanging out with people who annoy me so why would I want to read about characters that bug me no end I dont I had a hard time liking anyone, the only characters that didn t bother me were Tod, Alec, Luc and Emma.What I didn t like there s A LOT I m convinced that the only reason Kaylee died was so she could get a HEA with Tod thus making fangirls all over the book world squee in delight I initially didn t mind this but reading about how Kaylee feels nothing, how she can t sleep, how she feels less human, how she doesn t fit in and how she doesn t want to do anything is unbelievably depressing How is Kaylee being dead a decent HEA when being dead feels so awful When she ll have to fight everyday to feel human When Tod is the only one that can make her feel anything It means that Kaylee s happily ever after will actually beher not so happily ever after I found it beyond disgusting that Sophie, Nash and Sabine left Kaylee to cope on her own on her first day back at school because they caredabout their own hurt feelings If you truly care about a friend you support them in their hour of need Sophie especially, she could have easily helped Kaylee when she saw how distressed she was but the ungrateful cow left her to the vultures even after she knew Kaylee died for her I loathe Nash..he s such a self pitying, whiny douche He kept going on and on about how Kaylee framed him for murder, when she didn t frame him for murder Mr Beck did He forced Kaylee to write that E mail she had no choice, he would have killed Emma and Sophie if she didn t I wanted someone to ask him what would he have done if he was put in that position anybody would have done exactly the same But Nash refuses to acknowledge that because he likes feeling sorry for himself and likes making other people feel guilty I don t know how he could claim to love Kaylee yet not support her after she was brutally murdered The fact that he acted as if he d been through worse by being arrested was disgusting..er hello Nash, being arrested is nothing compared to being brutally murdered If he really loved Kaylee he would have been there for her after what she d been through there are some things that happen to people that are so traumatic that you forgive them of past wrongs and offer them kindness and support..but not Nash he walks around like his suffering is all that matters It s laughable that Nash looked down at anyone who lied when he himself is the king of lies What s funny is everyone usually only lies to him to protect him yet Nash only lies to protect himself Nash is the last person who should judge anybody else I haverespect for Avari than Nash, at least Avari doesn t act like something he s not whereas most of the time Nash acts like he s done no wrong.He acts like such a victim and he gets angry and depressed that Kaylee has feelings for Tod yet he should understandthan anyone that feelings can t be helped since he loves two girls himself Yet he doesn t come to that realisation and so he makes Kaylee feel bad for loving someone else and makes Sabine feel bad when he says he can t help loving Kaylee..he s such a huge hypocrite Everytime things aren t going Nash s way he either sulks, gets drunk or takes drugs And he expects everyone to be ok with it because that s just who he is He s not flawed he s a selfish brat This just depicts how self involved he is How long am I going to be paying for the fact that I didn t kill you, Kaylee Seriously Kaylee died at the hands of her rapist incubus maths teacher I think that s a tadtraumatic than being arrested Of course Nash only cares about his own feelings..what does he care if a girl he claims to love has been brutally murdered, if he wants to make her feel like rubbish then he will because her feelings don t matter Kaylee was no better she s such a doormat I despise how she lets everyone make her feel like everything bad that happens is her fault and I hate how she thinks she s responsible for everyone and their mother She s such a bloody martyr Kaylee s dad I hate this guy, he abandons his 3yr old daughter for 13 years because he was grieving for his wife There are literally millions of people who have to raise their children alone when their significant other dies Yet Kaylee s father thought only of himself when he dumped his daughter, he didn t stop to think that she lost her mother and that by him leaving she was losing both her parents what a weak, selfish excuse of a man On top of that he thought it would be better to commit her into a mental asylum when she came into her powers instead of having to explain what she was it s not like she was in danger if she knew the truth, it s not like she wouldn t have found out eventually. but he preferred traumtizing his only daughter by having her committed rather than admit that she d been lied to all her life I find it hard to believe that he could love her as much as he claims after everything he s done to her I don t understand how they seem to have a normal father daughter relationship when they re no better than strangers How Kaylee doesn t feel resentment, anger and hurt towards her father is beyond me..it s so unrealistic that after a few weeks she was ok with him and had no bad feelings towards him Feelings caused by 13yrs of abandoment don t just go away no matter how remorseful or apologetic someone is..the relationship would be strained at best, they would not have a warm, healthy, loving relationship.I hate him He has no right to say how Kaylee should live her life after dumping her as toddler It s unbelievable that Kaylee would even listen to him since he s done nothing for her and since he sor less a stranger A part of me was glad Kaylee died so her dad could actually understand how royally he effed up and realise how much he missed out on Kaylee s life Her uncle washer father, he raised her, loved her and taught her about the world yet Kaylee barley mentions him Sophie treating Kaylee like dirt after everything she d been through She has no tact, no sensitivity, no empathy and no class a truly disgusting individual I can t believe I was beginning to like her after her novella I was able to forgive her in previous books because she was ignorant but she knows the truth now and knows what happened to Kaylee so she has no excuse to treat her with contempt She does not deserve a great guy like a Luca I hope he breaks her heart I have to say I absolutely loved when Sabine put Sophie in her place..I just wished it would have actually gotten through to Sophie s thick head and that she actually started to see how much pain and hell Kaylee and the gang went through but nope she was still thinking of herself Sabine s dumb logic and her embarassing desperation for Nash to commit to her it s torture to read about There s nothing that will convince me that Sabine and Nash are right for each other, they both need to grow up and move onto healthier relationships Sabine knew that Kaylee and Nash were together when she came back into Nash s life, but she still acts like Kaylee is somehow at fault for Nash still having feelings for her She slept with Nash knowing he wasn t over Kaylee then she feels all sad and pouty when he goes to see Kaylee what did the dumb cow expect She knew the score she only has herself to blame for her heartache It s unbelievable that Kaylee would even be friends with Sabine after she tried to kill her because she was dating Nash Why would anyone want to be around someone who tried to kill them They wouldn t especially when the reason they tried to kill them is over a boy they dated when they were 15 The fact that Sabine thinks what she did was a ok is mental..she doesn t apologise for it but she expects Kaylee to apologise because Nash still has feelings for her..Sabine is beyond ridiculous Her love for Nash is pathetic and unhealthy, the way she degrades herself and begs for Nash s love is sickening Sabine needs to stop being such a hypocrite she thinks it s her god given right to judge and lecture other people but as soon as someone gives her taste of her own medicine she gets all upset and hurt Sabine needs to take a closer look at herself before she starts judging people She also needs to get a life..but that won t happen No doubt in the next book Nash will realise he wants Sabine and she ll just be grateful that he finally wants her and they ll end up together, have a good life and loads of babies Meanwhile Kaylee and Tod won t age, won t get to live life, won t get to have children, will have to see everyone around them having families and experiencing life meanwhile they ll be stuck forever reaping and extracting, watching everyone they knew in life die but I suppose we re just meant to be happy that Kaylee and Tod get to be together forever..nope, that s not good enough They ll have a crap afterlife filled with death, nothingness and depression with only each other for comfort..that s not a happy ending I would prefer if they both properly died at the end so they can move on rather than them living their afterlife and feeling very little and becoming less human The only thing they ll have is each other which just isn t good enough Another YA novel that has bitchy high school girls call the virginal heroine a slut because she hasthan 1 guy interested in her Seriously, girls aren t that bitchy and dumb I wish authors would stop writing girls as such petty, vindictive, boy crazy creatures Every girl I knew know at school, college and uni were areinterested in their studies and their BFF s than their love life and boys I dislike books that sends messages thator less say that virgin s arepure and worthy than non virgins Why do YA authors shove this stupid way of thinking in their writing Losing one s virginity doesn t make anyone less pure or less worthy or less powerful I was actually wishing that Kaylee would start sleeping around because I was so sick of hearing about how pure she was just because she was a virgin I don t know why Tod questioned Kaylee s motives about having sex and then going on and on about how it s important to him and how he wants it to be important to her It s bloody ridiculous she already told him she loved him It ll be farimportant to her than him since it s her first time and he s already slept with other girls It won t be as important to Tod as he s already experienced sex, intimacy and love with Addy..Kaylee s not his first and only so he had no right to question how important it would be to her I m still not quite sure how Tod went from being head over heels, crazy in love with Addy to him falling for Kaylee I don t know if I ll even read the next book I m that angry and irritated by the characters I can t be bothered readingabout Kaylee and her doormaty, do goody, Mary Sue martyr ways I also don t want to read about 1 Nash s so called flaws which consist of him being a self centred, sulky child who expects to be immediately forgiven when he makes mistakes yet can t afford the same courtesy when someone else makes mistakes 2 Sabine s desperation for Nash..ugh 3 Sophie thinking everything s about her and 4 Kaylee s dad acting like he has any say in her life Maybe by the time the final book has been released, I ll have calmed down enough to read it Even though it s most likely going to be an unsatisfying ending Kaylee will no doubt get her revenge, Nash and Tod will make up, Sabine and Nash will pledge their undying love to each other but Kaylee and Tod won t get a good enough ending Kaylee and Tod will still be dead and will be working with the dead and will watch everyone around them die, they won t be able to sleep or even have the desire to eat, they ll feel empty and miserable most of the time unless they re together Even though they ll have each other, I don t think that ll make up for rest of the rubbish they ll have to put up with. #DOWNLOAD BOOK ¿ Before I Wake º I Died On A Thursday Killed By A Monster Intent On Stealing My SoulThe Good News He Didn T Get ItThe Bad News Turns Out Not Even Death Will Get You Out Of High School Covering Up Her Own Murder Was One Thing, But Faking Life Is Much Harder Than Kaylee Cavanaugh Expected After Weeks Spent Recovering, She S Back In School, Fighting To Stay Visible To The Human World, Struggling To Fit In With Her Friends And Planning Time Alone With Her New Reaper BoyfriendBut To Earn Her Keep In The Human World, Kaylee Must Reclaim Stolen Souls, And When Her First Assignment Brings Her Face To Face With An Old Foe, She Knows The Game Has Changed Her Immortal Status Won T Keep Her Safe And This Time Kaylee Isn T Just Gambling With Her Own Life Brilliant There aren t words to describe how this book made me feel, so I ll do a quick sum up Team Tod ALL THE WAY The jokes are the funniest things ever especially Tod s Who knew reaper s had such a spot on sense of humour, hmm Suspenseful and heartache The deaths are horrible and you just want to kick the bad guys where it hurts Kaylee is a HAB heroine with a backbone and should be applauded on her courage and inner strength Tod is so hot D Repeat the above Nash needs to get a life Sabine and Sophie catfights are the icing on the cake Tod Kaylee cutest couple ever Bring the popcorn and get ready for one hellion of an adventure My Before Reading review What I want to do to Nash My reaction to the fact another book meansTod I m looking forward to it BUT if our dear heroine starts crushing on Nash AGAINI m going to send Nash to one of the nine circles of Hell D Before I Wake is the sixth book in the popular Soul Screamers series Full of action, mysteries and irresistible romance, if you loved the previous books you will definitely be satisfied with this one After being killed, Kaylee Cavanaugh is trying to live life like nothing s happened But lots of things have happened since the day she was killed After being recruited to find souls, Kaylee s time alone with her Reaper boyfriend has become increasing short With all her friends and family endangered, how will Kaylee protect them Kaylee, Tod, Nash, Sabine and Emma, are all back with a new and exciting paranormal mystery to solve If you thought the previous books had good plots, well, Before I Wake tops them all All I can say is, if your looking for a set of books that will keep you on the edge of your seat, pick up this series as soon as possible.Tod is the best undead guy ever Thought he was hot in the other books He s on fire in this one We get to see a lotof him in this book YAY and, occasionally, see him pour his heart out Tod and Kaylee made me laugh, made me cry and they made me smile When times got tough, Tod was there to make it all better The guy s just too perfect for his own good.I liked the jealousy between the characters as well Sabine and Nash, damn, nothing ever goes right for them, does it Even though Kaylee has made her choice, I can t help but feel sorry for Nash He tries very hard, in this book, to get over the pain and betrayal, and I really admire him for that.I must stress how much I love Rachel Vincent s writing style Enganging, captivating, fun, unique and extremely addictive I always wish that her books went on forever and ever and ever.Read her books as soon as possible That s all I can say. dies Ah, this book so many emotions Perfect. This series truly, is one of those amazing series that gets better as it goes With stand out characters, a fun, fast paced plot full of danger, heartache, and villains around every bend, it is truly hard to put down.So why did it take me so very long before I picked this series back up after starting it I have no idea But obviously, I am an idiot because it didn t take me long to remember why I loved it to begin with and to fall in love with it all over again.I am so excited with the direction this series is moving, from the lives of the characters to how strong Kaylee is growing as a banshee and with her now new responsibilities Add in a cast full of wonderful characters, some that you even love to hate, and this series truly is a unique, fun, stand out series I won t go into any detail because it wold honestly ruin it but I will say this, I can t wait to see how it all ends and comes together and I am so glad I have these all so I can read them back to back. I m experiencing so many different emotions right now, I swear I m about to explode I want to throw something I want to laugh hysterically I want to cry my heart out I want to dance on the rooftops This book this book is insane And I absolutely loved every second of it. Yes More of Tod and Kaylee, please DOMG can I give a triple 5 star on this book It IS THE BEST BOOK EVER I love it and I love th ebanter that goes on between the two HUdsons and not forgetting Sabinethat girl is catching on me I mean I use to really don t like her but she is growing on me I m beggining to see her beauty in this series I LOVE that there are TOD and KAYLEE everywhere in this series TLuca, our new addition is not bad himself, he is making Sofie look tolerable I don t want this series to finish, because I m starting to like most of the characters in this series.I wonder if there areto Tod s mom and Kaylee s uncle story in the next book Just hope Rachel don t kill uncle Brandon in the next book I also love the addition to the end of this book on Tod s daily activityHILLARIOUS 3 love this book 3 and TOD definitely did not dissapoint me in this series I LOVE HIM 5 Ways You Can Tell You re Reading a Soul Screamers Book 1 It s about bean sidhes pronounced banshees I mean, what other series can use girls screaming for death in the most amazing way possible Not one that I know 2 You want to scream, and cry, and hug the book AND Rachel Vincent for writing it Reading this series is like going on a never ending emotional roller coaster and I mean that in the BEST possible way 3 The author isn t afraid to put her characters through hell and back I m absolutely serious These characters go through SO MUCH that I wonder how they could possibly still be sane and I also wonder if Rachel Vincent may be an evil genius 4 You never, ever, EVER expect what s going to happen next Maybe the first few books, you could guess a bit But by this time around, there are so many twists and turns and surprises that break my heart, and I can never guess a single one 5 TOD HUDSON Hilarious reaper, snarky bad boy, totally adorable, and probably one of my favourite book boys of all time Need I sayWarning May contain spoilers from previous books.I think it s safe to say that the Soul Screamers series is one of my all time favourites, and I don t think there s anything Rachel Vincent could do to change that In the previous book, Kaylee died But now she s brought back to life and given immortality at age sixteen not as a reaper like her undead boyfriend and snarky sweetheart Tod, but as a collector who s job is to reclaim stolen souls from hellions and rogue reapers.I admire love look up to Kayleethan you could imagine She s selfless, caring, and has a huge hero complex, but she s also snarky, strong, and badass when she needs to be And Rachel Vincent doesn t just say it she shows it through countless obstacles and situations Especially in this book, where Kaylee has to cope with death, her strength just shines.And it s not just Kaylee who s amazing There s Tod OMG, he s the main reason why I love snarky boys , and the rest of the cast is honest to God perfection too Then there s the story, which also blows my mind, and I ve always loved the Soul Screamers world Bean sidhes, reapers, hellions, necromancers, andEach book just gets better and better You can never expect what s going to happen next and your heart always ends up crumpled by the end of the book But the heartache is SO worth it This series makes me want to be a better person, just because Kaylee s actions inspire me I mean, she still goes to school even though she s undead, just to protect her friends and classmates Who else can say they would do that AMAZING is an understatement and ORIGINAL just isn t a strong enough word to describe this Before I Wake is an amazing installment to a series that doesn t know the meaning of predictable An absolute and definite recommendation BUY or BORROW The only reason you d consider this question is if you haven t read the previous books yet in which I say you need to BUY THIS ENTIRE SERIES The first few books are available in the first omnibus already, which should give you a good jump start, and the second omnibus should be in stores soon too Original review at Mimi Valentine s YA Review Blog