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[Read Kindle] æ Immortal Embrace (Embrace, #1) Á Sophia Pierce Has Suffered Since Her Brother Left, And Is Unsure If She Will Ever Get Over It That Is Until Her Family Decided To Move To Wenham, Massachusetts She And Her Siblings Have Been Ordered To Protect Their Little Sister, And Must Return To High School This Is Where Sophia Finds Her Soul Mate, Nathanial, And Life As She Knows It Is About To ChangeAs A Vampire, Sophia Has Always Kept To Herself, But As A High School Student, Will She Learn To Step Out Of Her Comfort Zone A Little Sophia Has Found A Best Friend In A Powerful Witch And A Love To Call Her Own That Is, Until Something Tragic Happens And Blood Is Spilled Will Sophia Be Able To Resist The Sweet Scent Of Her Beloved S Blood This Is Sophia S Story, A Story Of A Girl Who Finds Herself, Love, And Everlasting Friendship The Excitement Of This Story Wraps Mortals, Vampires, Witches, And Shape Shifters All Into A Romantic Tale Of Young Love, Friendship, And The Meaning Of Family The Story Of A Girl Who Tries To Finds Herself When She Thought It Was All Lost Sophia was turned into a vampire over 100 years ago Nathaniel is human, they are totally attracted to each other There are witches, bad vamps, good vamps and a great storyline Immortal Embrace is a story about a girl name Sophia Pierce who was tragically turned into a vampire When she was embraced by her new vampire family, she found hope and the support she needed to move on Living a very long life can be a bit boring for a teenager, especially when you don t have many friends But soon enough, she bumps into a mortal, Nathanial, who utterly takes her breath away Her thoughts are consumed by him and she wonders why she is drawn to him besides the fact that he smells delicious Lucky for her, Nathanial is head over heels in love with her and accepts her for who she is Immortal Embrace was enjoyable and I was hooked from chapter one There are many wonderful characters, but I found myself attached to Sophia and her family This heartwarming story will pull you in as you read about Sophia, who wants to be a normal teenager, but can t Though a vampire, she tries to found her place in life She is also grateful for all that she has I highly recommend this book to all the young adult readers. Her scream rips through the entire house, as the family runs to the horrific source, the wailing cuts right through to my very core.And so, with a scream, it begins Charlotte Blackwell s masterpiece of adverbial sodomy In these pages paper thin characters Instantly, Suddenly, quietly, Reluctantly, softly explore the boring side of teen romance and vampirism Magic To quote Charlotte How do I explain it to her without letting the cat out of the bag Sadly, the cat is already out of the bag Charlotte let it out herself, suddenly and with a flourish of some of the most painfully poor writing written badly I have ever, ever ly had the displeasure to read The cat in question being Charlotte s dark secret She can t write But enough already Here is all you need to see Below are three sentences taken from this awful lump of feces Read them If you enjoy the writing, then hell, spend the 5.99 and consider it money spent wisely If, however, you find yourself wondering if Charlotte can even speak English then save yourself now and ignore this and the other turds floating the the Charlotte Blackwell bowl Printing off a picture of Nathanial for myself, and I tuck it in my bag I will admit to my brother s stunning appearance, but enough is enough Everyone seems curious because everyone knew his goal, but the way he follows you around like a lost puppy is kind of throwing a few people off, she explains As a side note Did you happen to notice how many reviewers failed to finish this fine work Toilet paper, but don t wipe with it, you might catch a disease. Today is the best day of my life Finally I met Charlotte face to face it was sooo unexpected Normaly ppl dont come to Calgary and finally I met one of my most Fav Author Charlotte is an amazing person as well Also I personaly think shes really pretty