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I was so exited when I picked up this book I heard some good things about it, and from the blurb the world reminded me of Jacqueline Carey s Kushiel s Legacy series which I loved I didn t think the book was terrible or there was anything particularly lacking in the plot or writing I just couldn t get into the book in general The Miranda Maledicte character was interesting but I was disappointed in that the majority of the story is narrated by someone else I can understand the author s decision to do so, giving the character some mystery But it bothered me nonetheless The characters in general however don t seem to be made to connect with or emphathize with It s definitely a dark book and the characters reflect that It s just all these things added together couldn t get me rivited to the pages. Yuck Please do not pick this book up I can see that the author wanted to write the next count of Monte Cristo, but this revenge theme this bbok is centered on is shallow The plot poor gutter girl dresses like a boy and gets revenge for her long lost childhood friend and they have a lot of sex while turning into blood thirsty killers grasping for the throne seriously at the urging of a mean God represented by the crow Sound familiar The book is shallow, although theauthor does describe and intereting world I felt like I was tripping over the words as I read because they were unecessarily complicated to try to create an old world formality that failed The sexual androgony and never ending lust madness got really old really fast Seriously, this book was should be relegated to the bottom of the pile A surprisingly bad recommendation from Mary although she did say it was bad but not this bad and I wonder if this was a cruel way of getting me back somehow My question is for what And that isinteresting than this book. @Download Book ⚝ Maledicte (Antyre Book 1) ⚡ From A Dazzling New Voice In Fantasy Comes A Mesmerizing Tale Of Treachery, Passion, Intrigue, Betrayal, And An Act Of Pure Vengeance That Threatens To Bring Down A KingdomSeething With Decadent Appetites Unchecked By Law Or Gods, The Court Of Antyre Is Ruled By The Last Of A Dissolute Aristocracy But Now To The Kingdom Comes A Handsome, Enigmatic Nobleman, Maledicte, Whose Perfect Manners, Enchanting Charisma, And Brilliant Swordplay Entice The Most Jaded Tastes And Conceal A Hunger Beyond ReckoningFor Maledicte Is Actually A Woman Named Miranda A Beautiful Thief Raised In The City S Vicious Slums And She Will Do Anything Even Promise Her Soul To Black Winged Ani, The Most Merciless Of Antyre S Exiled Gods To Reclaim Janus, The Lover Whose Passion Still Haunts Her Dreams As Her Machinations Strike At The Heart Of Antyre S Powerful Noble Houses, Miranda Must Battle Not Only Her Own Growing Bloodlust, But Also Her Lover S Newly Kindled And Ruthless Ambitions As Ani S Force Grows Insatiable And Out Of Control, Miranda Has No Choice But To Wield A Weapon That May Set Her Free Or Forever Doom Her And Everything She Holds Dear From The Trade Paperback Edition ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Maledicte is Lane Robins debut novel about Miranda, a street urchin whose best friend Janus is the bastard son of the King s brother Janus has been reclaimed from the streets, and therefore stolen from Miranda, because his father has no legitimate heir Miranda, in her grief, makes a deal with an evil god who everyone thought was dead , gets a scary looking sword, and sets out for vengeance She manages to enter noble society dressed as a boy named Maledicte under the patronage of a lecherous old man, the only one who knows her secret.The publisher s description of the book is misleading First of all, the court is not seething with decadent appetites unchecked by law or gods It s just your average king s court full of gossiping courtiers Not seething, and nodecadent that any other court I ve ever read of There really wasn t much political intrigue either Then enters a handsome, enigmatic nobleman, Maledicte, whose perfect manners, enchanting charisma, and brilliant swordplay entice the most jaded tastes He may have been handsome not very well described , but I didn t find him her particularly enigmatic, enchanting, or charismatic His manners were not at all perfect which was the only reason I could find for the courtiers to consider him enigmatic , and his swordplay was not brilliant Really, s he was just an sulking angsty girl trying to be bad, and she didn t seem so bad to me at first I couldn t really understand why her behavior was so scandalous because all she did was draw her sword and mouth off to a couple of nobles I think it was supposed to be witty mouthing off, but I found it rather obnoxious If the court was really seething in decadence and intrigue, Maledicte s behavior shouldn t have caused such a scandal To me, the court seemed like a bunch of priggish gossips who were blown away when Maledicte acted like a spoiled brat I just wasn t convinced And I was bored with Maledicte.Then, just as I m thinking that this book is not as bad as it wants to be, suddenly Maledicte starts murdering people ruthlessly, a drive instilled by a hungry god This god and the other apparently dead gods were not well described, so I had a hard time understanding or relating to this In fact, not much was well described not the city, the court, the house where Maledicte lived, or the political and religious systems The only motivation of Maledicte s that was described was his her constant drive to kill Janus s father whose name is Last , which seemed a bit unrealistic to me All the father had done was to take his bastard son off the streets and raise him to be a nobleman Not really a reason to murder him And, we get no back story on the relationship between Miranda and Janus, either I never saw Janus as the lover whose passion still haunts her dreams since I never saw any dreams or passion until they were reunited Again, I wasn t convinced that this was realistic behavior Maledicte keeps on murdering people and not very cleverly she just jumps them at convenient moments and shows no remorse or internal conflict This goes on and on an on and I found myself searching for some reason to like Maledicte and some reason to care what happens to him her But I couldn t s he was utterly unlikable all the way to the end In fact, only two characters were likable Maldedicte s servant Gilly, and the king But, both of them fall in love with Maledicte, even after seeing him murder people with no remorse I had a hard time believing that, too.But Maledicte is mostly very well written, and for that reason I think Lane Robins has a promising future as a writer Sometimes the writing was over done, resulting in vagueness, and points of view shifted unexpectedly, causing occasional confusion The novel is character driven, yet most of the characters were not as well fleshed out as they should have been and I had a hard time understanding what drove them But, all in all, the writing was better than a lot of what I ve read by authors who have been publishing for decades, and I think I will pick up the next book that Ms Robins writes I just hope it won t be about Maledicte.ReadLane Robins book reviews at Fantasy literature I tried to read this for a goodreads friend and failed dismally sorry Even though the writing showed promise and talent, the plot of the story just didn t have me convinced The problem, I think, lay in the point of view usually not from the main character, but from people around her him , and the flimsy revenge Now, I m no stranger to flimsy revenge plots cue those everlasting romance I m going to make him fall in love with me and spurn him revenges which really belongto the grade school I m going to run away from home and die a horrible death and that ll show my parents that they should have been nicer to me variety To a couple of guttersnipes, an illegitimate kid being kidnapped off the streets by his biological, wealthy aristocrat of a father in order to make him his heir to replace legitimate children who had died is not that bad of a thing, if these two kids put things in perspective Sure, he s being taken against his will, and that s always terrible, but don t they face equally terrible misdeeds every single day Starvation being the most likely and the least horrendous, there s stabbings, rapes, enforced slavery, child prostitution really, there s a whole list that probably escape me that could happen to two parentless kids in the slums, especially in a developing world with very distinct social barriers So really, your teen bestie being kidnapped by his aristocratic father to be made into his heir really is the best case scenario that could happen to the pair of you, given that he will suddenly inherit a fortune instead of a stab in the back from crime gone wrong And also, it just didn t seem that necessary for someone to cross dress in order to go on a killing rampage in a decadent court, other than the admitted dexterity pants would give over yards and yards of embellished skirt.Then again, the people who seemed to love this book also loved the Kushiel series, and frankly, I hated that book I only read the first and only just managed to wade through it. Rating Falls somewhere between 3.5 and 4 starsI m a sucker for good revenge fantasies, particularly ones where the avenger realizes often, alas, too late how pointless their vengeance has become when they finally achieve it When I first read The Count of Monte Cristo, I think that s one of the points that endeared it to me Edmund s realization at the end that he had wasted decades of his life to achieve what A hollow victory, indeed Maledicte fulfills all my expectations of a good revenge fantasy It s the story of Miranda Maledicte, a child of the slums, whose life with her closest friend and lover, Janus, is torn apart when Janus father, Lord Last, retrieves him from the slums It turns out that Janus is Last s bastard son, and Last has lost all other heirs to his legacy Miranda s tragedy is just the opening that Black Winged Ani, goddess of love and vengeance, needs to reenter the world thus, Maledicte is born Perforce, Miranda must become Maledicte, the male protege of the corrupt Baron Vornatti, in order to infiltrate the kingdom of Antyre s court, where she ahem, he can kill Lord Last and be reunited with Janus If there were any justification for the barbarism s he, it s Maledicte I liked how Robins used the pronoun in the book to keep us in the minds of Miranda and Maledicte and jumbled them at the points where Miranda and Maledicte him herself got confused.In his transformation from Miranda to Maledicte, Maledicte befriends Vornatti s manservant Gilly It s that friendship that, at the story s climax, saves Miranda Maledicte from becoming Ani s unthinking puppet and allows her to abandon Janus.Which brings us to Janus aunlikeable, vicious and amoral creep is hard to imagine but Robins is good in making us believe that Miranda could have fallen in love with him during their lives in the slums, and understanding why she sticks by him as long as she does.I also like Robins economical writing style The book is not bogged down with pages and pages of pointless exposition Exempla gratia Maledicte s 2 years of training under Vornatti is dispensed with in a paragraph Thankfully And we see only enough of Miranda s former life to understand why she is the person she is.This is not a perfect novel by any means particularly if you prefer your heroes a bit less bloody minded but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Oh my GOD, this book is awesome I ve only given five stars to about four or five other stories I randomly picked this book up off the shelf at a Barnes Noble, not even knowing what it was about I was bored, and just bought it after glancing over the back cover I can t believe I found such an amazing book out of nowhere The story is very dark, but in such a beautiful and sad way, it s full of so much PASSION I would die happy to see this made into a movie The whole story was wonderfully clever and wicked Half cynicism, the other half hopeful The characters were driven, almost desperate, to fulfill their goals, to make it to the end, regardless of how it was done Rarely do you see such a dark and conniving main character and still manage to like him her a LOT The main character in Maledicte was beautifully dark, and full of so much rage, but it was impossible to dislike her or become annoyed with her I was on her side the whole way, sympathetic and anticipating her next move AMAZING. I bought this book because I loved the cover and when I read the premise I was intrigued I love these kinds of stories and this one was especially heart rending yet hopeful.Miranda s childhood sweetheart is stolen from her in the slums that they are raised in She vows to get back her love, Janus, at any cost Disguising herself as a young lord named Maledicte she wins over the elderly lord of a house he decides to foster Maledicte as an heir for a price When the lord finds out Maledicte s secret the stakes are even greater.Miranda adopts Maledicte s persona completely and works to become a ferocious fighter and deadly courtier This book is full of lush description, great fight scenes, and intrigue galore There is much contemplation on the topics of love versus power and the values of each.This book was well written, impossible for me to put down, and a classic type of story with a twist It is kind of your classic rage to riches story, but your young man is actually a girl pretending to be a man, and the young man s true love is not exactly what he seems.The style of writing and court intrigue reminded me of Jacqueline Carey s Kushiel s Dart series although the scope of this book is smaller it is a stand alone novel and the sex scenes are not explicit just very sweet and tasteful.This was a beautiful book and I was sad when it ended The ending seemed slightly rushed I was still very impressed and it was awesome to find such a good stand alone novel It seems like now a days everything is part of a series I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this author in the future Goodness.I received this as a recommendation on GRs because of my love of historical romances and, I believe, an edgier subplot I tried to read the story I really did But even I had a great deal of difficulty following the strange plot, oddish characters and some disturbing moments I read, went back and forth between pages trying to grasp what I had just read and began to skim Hoping against hope things would get better There was a gender bender theme along with a love triangle Some paranormal moments and a god like presence Good and evil, love and lies and a very strong female who appears as a man And refers to himself as a man. Except when he wants to act as a woman If you enjoy reading HRs and want a story that transcends bizarre, read it I would love to know what my GR friends followers think of it. Whew, that was so much fun I originally wanted to read this partially because of the gorgeous cover and partially because it looked like a dark and decadent book, which intrigued me It s definitely dark and decadent The story is also about treachery and corruption mixed with lots and lots of murder.Miranda and Janus are gutter rats from the Relicts where they depend on each other for survival as well as love When Janus is abducted and Miranda is unable to stop it, she flees to a temple dedicated to Black Winged Ani, one of several gods who nobody believes in any longer Ani s domain is vengeance and love Months later, Maledicte arrives at a Baron s manor with no real plan other than to kill the man responsible for Janus s abduction and get Janus back Maledicte is actually Miranda posing as a boy, and is referred to throughout the text as such Several years pass before Maledicte gains enough knowledge to be able to pass as Quality Throughout this time we see that Maledicte is emotionally unstable and prone to both violence and extremely destructive tantrums.And this is what I loved so much about this book When I read the description and saw that Miranda was willing to sell her soul to Black Winged Ani to get Janus back, I figured this was saying that she was willing to go that far, not that she had Ani is something like a mad god with an extreme thirst for violence Once the pact is sealed there simply is no way to get out of it Maledicte grows increasingly erratic as he spirals out of control into bloodlust and madness I truly never knew where this was going I wanted to peek at the end so badly but the story was so unpredictable that I knew that it would be a big mistake So I gripped my book tighter and read faster I did manage to make it to the end without peeking, although I did have to stop and order the next book mid way through because I was so hooked.The writing is good but unexceptional, and the world building seems to be based on something like 18th century France with few embellishments But it s where those embellishments are that makes the story The gods and Maledicte s increasing madness are what had me so engrossed I m absolutely intrigued with where the story left off and I absolutely cannot wait until the sequel gets here.