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This is how I picture Jake QuoteHe took his pain and turned it into something beautiful Into something that people connect to And that s what good music does It speaks to you It changes you WOW I am seriously blown away by how fantastic this book is I loved Saving June I am going to try and write a proper review here when all I want to do is go all fan girl about it Harper s older sister June takes her life Harper is devastated and doesn t know why Her divorced parents decide to split the ashes but Harper isn t about to let that happen She steals the ashes and runs off on a road trip to California to scatter the ashes across the ocean with her best friend Laney and Jake a stranger that is somehow connected to June.First up this book is my type of contemp It is real and honest It takes you on a journey with these incredible characters I am so impressed with Harrington s writing You would never think this is her debut novel It is clever, gorgeous and full of heart Harper, Jake and Laney are believable characters that come alive in the pages I adored the realistic dialogue between them It was witty, full of emotion and often humorous I also like that fact the characters are flawed but still smart and are type of people I would love to be friends with.Harper is strong and confident in what she believes yet can be afraid to step outside her own comfort zones at times and often doubts how amazing she really is Laney is her best friend and is a wonderful support person for Harper no matter what It is the type friendship everybody wants Now Jake he caused major swooning He is a bit rough around the edges, is majorly obsessed with music, plays the guitar, sings and has a secret that very slowly unravels.There is also some delicious romance I had to go back and re read those pages over and over and over and over again Another element I loved about this book is there is loads of music talk Also playlists at the the end of the book that were mentioned in the story If you are huge fan of books with music you are going to love this and will want to download all the songs mentioned if you don t already have them.Overall, a stunning debut My favourite road trip book ever I insist all you fans of realistic fiction give Saving June a read Note I always highlight my favourite parts of a book and as you can see from below I pretty much marked every page In the past year, at least for me, all the rage in YA contemporary fiction can be condensed in one word Australia Marchetta, Buzo, Cath Crawley, Eagar were definitely my favorite reads this year Hannah Harrington is the exception that proves the rule This lady is American and what is , Saving June is her debut novel Harper s life is in pieces Her sister June unexplainably committed suicide a few weeks before graduating and her family is, quite understandably, a wreck There s no rhyme nor reason to what June did and while Harper s mother is having a breakdown and her father blissfully ignores them, too busy with his own new life, Harper is the one left to pick up the pieces and try to cope with her terrible, profound grief The only person that supports her 100% is her best friend Laney When a mysterious and unbearably annoying guy appears at June s funeral wake, things start to unravel in an unexpected way with Jake s help, the two girls embark on a road trip through America, on a symbolical mission to June s final salvation, which eventually will turn into an experience that will change each and every one of them to their very core.As for everyone else, some books strike methan others Sometimes it s even without a concrete or logical reason, I just get involved in the plotAnd then, sometimes, rarely, there are books that fit me like a glove I become so engrossed in the story and identify so much with the characters that I realize that I would have uttered the same words in the same situations.It happened with me and Harper Harper is not what you would call a really likable character Aside from being unable to cope with her grief, she is bad tempered, complex, full of anger, shuts out others, hides her insecurities behind a mask of snark and backtalk, constantly controls her emotions by denying herself the luxury to feel.Yet I loved her honest voice, her no nonsense attitude which I really much share to the point of sounding cynical and callous, her complete loyalty to her friend and how she relates to her sexuality She is a tough one, not invincible, but a survivor This is how I like my contemporary fiction aadult type of YA literature, where there s no excessive taboo about underage sex, drinking or smoking because that s what teens do, don t they , where painful and complex themes are touched but coated with a bit of humor, where fragile family dynamics are analyzed but with a lot of great dialogue and banter Add to this a truly memorable soundtrack of songs which I grew up with no unknown pseudo intellectual indie niche music, just plain good old rock and an incredible adventure how cool would it be to cross the US with a van and you got yourself a winning combination.Oh, did I mention the totally hot guy 10 pointsAnd did I mention there is no instalove pointsAn emotional roller coaster which will make you laugh out loud but most probably shed a few tears too People who have dealt with the death of loved ones will certainly relate to Harper and the Saving June amazing cast.To Harrington I d like to say keep up the good work Truly amazingAn advanced copy of this book was kindly provided by the publisher Judging from the Aussie cover which is gorgeous and the blurb I expected Saving June to be a melancholic perhaps whimsical novel exploring grief sisterhood bad boys I thought it may be a rainy day comfort read But it was so muchthan that.SAVING JUNE opens with Harper at her sisters wake and the tone is pitch perfect for that kind of startled frozen grief and yet Harrington had me grinning grinning in the aftermath of a funeral multiple times before the chapter was through, even alongside that gorgeously portrayed ache That first chapter pretty much sets the tone for the book which continues to grow in it s awesomeness right until the very end I found SAVING JUNE absolutely refreshing and completely addictive It s funky and full of life even as it explores darker themes.It reads so effortlessly like Harrington is very comfortable with her prose, characters and their world I love lines of prose that make you stop and think, sentiments worded so perfectly that you find little epiphanies about the most ordinary of things I found that here Also genius one liners that made me ache grin pause sigh or all of the above.I am crazy in love with the grin worthy and whip smart dialogue, that easy banter that comes from people being stuck on a road trip together and getting overly bold and familiar This book easily catches a sense of camaraderie between it s characters that make it easy for a reader to slip in alongside them and feel as if you are there The romantic sub plot you guys unfolded exactly how I love it starts off brilliantly antagonistic between Harper and Jake love their first three meetings and the romantic tension between them burns throughout the novel Harrington shows such restraint in shaping their relationship and it really pays off It s incredibly sexy watching the love hate annoyance attraction thing and even sexier when, well, when things turn sexy D The thing about this book is at first glance you can probably find a lot of cliched threads the better, smarter sister who committed suicide, a road trip with a mysterious bad boy, characters who struggle with their parents and pasts and futures But Harrington blitzes pass cliche land with her nuanced characters that are explored in layers, unfolding piece by piece SAVING JUNE has so much heart, it s sad in parts but mostly captures that whole YA thing of finding your place in the world It has hope and I smiled, grinned and sighed, like, a lot, considering the premise of the book O.oThere are also random cool things that make road trip books so much fun For eg Fridgehenge I am careful with my 5 star ratings EXCEPT for when I crush on a book so hard that 5 stars is the only way to express how much this book was just perfect for me There are a few things that niggled at the end view spoiler whydidJake go on the road trip was it really just about the note hide spoiler So many dead sisters in YA literature these days I can t even begin to describe how deeply Harper s grief affected me It s not often that I find myself completely taken aback by an author s insight and sensitivity I m still convinced that she must have gone through something similar at some point in her life, otherwise she couldn t have been able to describe so accurately the thoughts that sometimes follow such a disastrous event I have to admit that the story hit too close to home and it wasn t always easy for me to keep reading, but Harper s reactions and feelings were as familiar as my own and she really got under my skin, where she ll stay for a while at least That s not to say that the book didn t have any problems, but I got so emotionally invested that I ended up not caring about any of them I ll still point out the things I can remember, just for the sake of full disclosure I m afraid that many layers of this story may be completely lost on its intended audience Maybe I m wrong Maybe teens today know all about various stages of Janis Joplin s work or the true value of a Jimi Hendrix autograph Maybe they do care about problems of the Third World and maybe they ve even seen the Woodstock documentary once or twice But somehow I doubt it I, on the other hand, loved every second of it Every song that was mentioned, every album that was played, it was as if I chose them myself Some of them I haven t heard in a while and Hannah Harrington gave me the perfect excuse to bury myself in my old music for a while A part of the book didn t fit well with the rest At one point Jake and the girls were attending a violent protest that felt completely out of place It was the second time in as many weeks that an author tried to shove his her own beliefs and convictions down my throat in such an obvious way I m not saying that YA novels should provide blind entertainment and nothing , far from it, I m just saying that it was forced and unnatural in this particular story Without it, this would have been a five star book for me.So to conclude, I loved this book, but I doubt I ll be reading it again I don t think I d be able to handle it all onetime The feeling that I ve been turned inside out and that I m reading my own thoughts and emotions isn t something I care to repeat anytime soon I am happy to have read it the first time and I m very grateful for the things it helped me realize And I still think Touch Me is the perfect song for that occasion. FAVORITE YA OF 2011 My heart hurts So, so badly.5 Beautiful Things About Saving June 1 Harper She is soreal She has a lot of spunk and I have immense respect for her and the way she dealt with June s death and all the other issues in her life While reading this book, I came to love Harper like I would a best friend She s an amazing, down to earth, and strong heroine She doesn t whine or complain and isn t reduced to a pile of girly goo when falling in love Basically, she s mature 2 Jake Like Harper, Jake is a very well developed character with a constant air of mystery He could be a real jerk at times, but it s completely understandable given the life he s led I love his passion for music and his belief that all of life s problems can be solved by listening to a good song 3 Laney What an amazing best friend Her loyalty and support for Harper define her character, and I loved reading about the love and understanding between the two friends 4 Jake and Harper Could these two becute I think not They re simply adorable together, constantly bickering and getting on each others nerves to try to hide the attraction between themselves I loved watching them fall in love They re absolutely perfect for each other 5 The writing I came this close to crying, and I haven t done that at all since I read Thirteen Reasons Why, around 3 years ago If that s not an indication of powerful and beautiful writing, I don t know what is Favorite Quotes I want to stop running away from everything.I want to find something to run toward.And she told me when I was suspended in the air for just a moment, I looked like a bird flying out of its cage.Maybe that was what she wanted all along To be set free.There is so much beauty in just existing In being alive.I don t want to miss a second.Life goes on, I m going on, even without her Not every day hurts Not every breath hurts.Maybe that s all we can really ask for. 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Once in awhile comes a book that just touches you in all the right places It makes you think, it forces you to feel but at the same time it s not overwhelming Saving June is one of those books.To say I loved this would be a total understatement I m remarkably surprised that considering the issue at hand, it still reads with ease and comfort The author mixes a brilliant combination of pain and joy, laughter and tears, set to a road trip, detours and of course the glue that holds any experience, music.These characters, Harper, Jake, Laney and even June, felt very real to me Harper is one of those characters with a hard shell all around her, even before June did what she did She s stubborn and infuriating, but she s also very caring and completely realistic I love how she can really dish it out and hold her own She has attitude but not the kind you want to beat down Laney is a great best friend, good to the soul through and through, she complimented the journey without distracting it And then there s Jake Ahhh Jake He is soooo my kind of hawt He s not as complicated as he pretends to be He s had a hard life, sure, but by doing what he did for Harper, putting himself out there all because he wanted to give back the way June helped him is really amazing I loved how into music he is and he really does have a point Music is just like reading a book or watching a movie, it tells a story and if your really listening you can understand the meaning of it and how it can actually change your life, your moment, and becomes apart of your soul I really loved how Harrington made that apart of the story, like it s very own character.As for the romance Do know that feeling just before being kissed for the first time Your stomach kinda drops and you kinda just tingle with anticipation, hoping against hope that it s everything you wanted it to be andWell, that s what it felt like to me while reading that scene between Harper and Jake Mind you it wasn t a long scene and if I m being honest was the only real one, but Harrington really nailed it Big ass goofy grin and all But it wasthen just that moment, it was all the little things that lead up to it Slow moving, gradual but completely inevitable Just the way I like it.But I think my favorite part about the entire book was the writing Not only does this have some of the best banter, dialog and witty remarks that make you just smile, but it s also chalked full of those thought provoking one liners and full passages that you literally stop reading and think about the meaning behind it, in the book and even how it apply s to your own life That s pretty incredible stuff.Bottom line, I could go on forever praising this book and it probably wont even do it justice So all I m gonna say is that it s an awesome story about wanting to die, wanting to really live and how all the in between messy stuff that life is all about makes it so muchworth it then you d ever realize It s powerful, uplifting and it really touched my heart.Read this It matters Some people think that a place can save them, I say Like if they could just be somewhere else, their lives would be totally different They could finally be the people they always wanted to be But to me, a place is just a place If you really want things to change, you can make them change no matter where you areHannah Harrington s debut, Saving June, begins with Harper Scott stacking casseroles and meringue pies into her refrigerator Her older sister, June, has just died from a self inflicted drug overdose And as with all deaths, people think that food offerings will make it better But Harper knows that nothing can take away the pain of losing someone you hold so dear, especially someone whose life ended way too soon and for reasons unknown Harper believes that nothing can make June s death any less painful until she finds a postcard that reads California, I m coming home in June s handwriting She s left with nothing to think but that California is the place where June truly longed to be.And so, after reluctantly teaming up with Jake Tolan, a boy who not only was close to June but who insists on coming along for the trip with Harper and her BFF Laney, Harper packs up her things along with the urn containing June s remains and heads for California.Harper s grief is truly gut wrenching She s in so much pain from this unforeseeable loss, but she s strong willed and highly motivated nonetheless Each time she gets close to cracking from the unbearable sadness that threatens to overwhelm her, she reigns it in and instead chooses to focus on the journey ahead And what a journey it is An antiwar protest in Chicago that leads to a girl on girl liplock, a rock concert for a band called Robot Suicide Squad, and a black van named Joplin are just some of the crazy fun aspects of their road trip Even though the reason behind the trip is sad, Harrington does a wonderful job of making the trip fun and exciting for both the characters and readers alike With his trademark black pants, his messy yet oh so sexy hair, and his inherent love for all things musical, Jake Tolan makes for an interesting and authentic character who is the perfect yang to Harper s yin Although only eighteen, Jake s life hasn t been easy, and in snippets we find out just how rough it s been But Jake isn t about to let his bad upbringing define him.Harper and Jake s slow building romance is perfectly written like a seven tier wedding cake, it is carefully handled and delicately crafted Their natural chemistry and casual banter make for some of the best scenes in the bookWow, I say You are truly obsessed Yeah, I kinda am, he agrees, grinning Without music, life would be a mistake Did you coin that one yourself Nietzsche did, actually But it s a common mix up They share secrets, dreams, cigarettes, and the pain of losing June The sexual tension between them is palpable in some scenes, but it doesn t overshadow the main focal point of the story In fact, I d say the romance takes a backseat no pun intended to the adventurous and cathartic road trip Harper, Jake, and Laney take.Music vibrates through every page of Saving June It is its own life force as you read through these pages, and I found myself using YouTube to keep up with Jake s playlist.Ultimately, Saving June is about learning to find peace after facing a tragedy, and the maelstrom of conflicting emotions that bombard one s mind after the death of a beloved And it sends a wonderful message that you can find love, joy, and happiness even after devastation.I look forward to readingworks from Harrington in future. I pushed and pushed through this, but this novel just isn t working for me.It feels like I ve read this story a million times before someone dies and a teen usually a girl left behind has to deal with the aftermath Sometimes versions of this scenario are incredibly successful The Piper s Son, Please Ignore Vera Dietz , sometimes utterly forgettable Amy Roger s Epic Detour, The Sky Is Everywhere Saving June falls into the second category for me, unfortunately.To make such an overused story good, you must have remarkable characters This novel gave me nothing in that respect I never for a moment felt a connection with Harper and her emotions The depth and complexity simply weren t there And uninteresting and unrelatable characters make for a painfully boring read, especially the one about grief and loss However, based on all the 5 star reviews of this book, my failure to be engaged might be a personal problem of mine Maybe the author s age has something to do with my dislike as well I ve noticed I do not enjoy novels written by authors under 28 30 Their characters and their worldviews often seem unripe, unformed to me. {Read} ó Saving June á If She D Waited Less Than Two Weeks, She D Be June Who Died In June But I Guess My Sister Didn T Consider That Harper Scott S Older Sister Has Always Been The Perfect One So When June Takes Her Own Life A Week Before Her High School Graduation, Sixteen Year Old Harper Is Devastated Everyone S Sorry, But No One Can Explain WhyWhen Her Divorcing Parents Decide To Split Her Sister S Ashes Into His And Her Urns, Harper Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands She Ll Steal The Ashes And Drive Cross Country With Her Best Friend, Laney, To The One Place June Always Dreamed Of Going CaliforniaEnter Jake Tolan He S A Boy With A Bad Attitude, A Classic Rock Obsession And Nothing In Common With Harper S Sister But Jake Had A Connection With June, And When He Insists On Joining Them, Harper S Just Desperate Enough To Let Him With His Alternately Charming And Infuriating Demeanour And His Belief That Music Can See You Through Anything, He Might Be Exactly What She NeedsExcept June Wasn T The Only One Hiding Something Jake S Keeping A Secret That Has The Power To Turn Harper S Life Upside Down Again Very rarely in my life have I come across a book where it is difficult for me to pinpoint exactly what I liked about itSaving Junefalls into this rare category of books simply because it made me feel so many emotions that it is hard for me to go back and find the exact moment I began falling in love with itSaving Junewas one of those books that I was so completely invested in that time lost all meaning and I forgot that I was reading a book in my bed and not on a road trip to California myself Perhaps I loved it so much because it was my first road trip story or because it falls under the category of the few books that have had such a strong focus on music Perhaps I loved it because I haven t read a book about a sister who committed suicide yet or because this story took me on an emotional roller coaster ride Whatever it may have been, I don t think that the proper words exist for me to express my love of this novel yet, I will attempt to try First and foremost, I think it should be noted that I loved this book for all the reasons that other peopledidn tlove it I ve read my fair share ofSaving Junereviews and while I respect each and every one of them, I found myself to be in the minority when I recognized that the aspects of this book that drew me in were not quite the same for others For one, I loved the narration of this novelSaving Juneis told from the point of view of Harper whose older sister, June, has just committed suicide The entire story revolves around Harper s quest to take her sister s ashes to California, the one place she wanted to visitthan anything else Harper s voice is real, raw, and brutal in a way that isn t quite likeable She is moody, upset, cynical, dark, and often sarcastic She does everything in her power to distinguish herself from her perfect older sister and now, that said sister is no longer alive, she doesn t quite know what to do After her parents divorce, it s always been June who comforts her mother, not her It s always been June who gets the perfect grades, not her It s always been June who has a large circle of friends, not like Harper whose social life revolves around her best friend, Laney Harper is far from perfect, but all her imperfections and flaws make her so tangible, palpable, and realistic I found myself falling in love with the ease of her narration, the brutal honesty of her thoughts, and her intelligent insight Harper knows that she is a hard person to like and live with but she makes no efforts to change who she is for others She sees herself as being an emotionless being since she can t bring herself to cry at her sister s funeral, but her hurt and pain go so much deeper than any physical manifestation of tears could convey Although Harper is easy to hate, criticize, and find fault with, she also has so much good in her Harper is a good person to whom bad things have happened She is confused, she is angry, and she has every right to be Her personality is difficult to explain, simply because it is so multi dimensional and believable I think Harrington has done a phenomenal job of truly capturing the human spirit, teenage confusion, and adolescent urge of finding who you truly are in Harper In many ways, I understand why some readers may not like Harper s narration or her voice, but I completely fell in love with it It s nothing like you ve ever read before and I do absolutely no justice to its brilliance and eloquence, but it manages to speak volumes in all its egregious imperfections and subtle beauty However, Harper, despite being the main character, was not the only person in this book to make it tick Laney, Harper s best friend, is the type of best friend you want to have She is loyal, understanding, and portrayed in a very realistic manner The dynamics between her and Harper felt very real to me and quite typical of any close friendship It wasn t perfect, but it wasn t as if they fought either They had their casual tiffs, their small misunderstandings, and their difficulties understanding what each other was going through, but isn t that was friendship is truly about Further, Laney isn t simply there as Harper s friend She has her own problems, own difficulties, and own tragedies that she has to cope with and, being her best friend, they affect Harper too The manner in which their lives overlapped despite experiencing different obstacles made their relationship take on an extremely realistic quality that simply made it all the better, stronger, and firmer I fear I ve been using the word realistic far too much in this review, but when I think ofSaving June,that s the first word that comes to mind So much of why this novel was a success to me was because of its relate ability, it s power to suck me in and make me forget that I wasn t Harper myself Contemporary novels are meant to be believable, and although they often are, they don t quite make you forget that you re readingSaving Juneon the other hand, completely made me forget that I was reading a fictional world with fictional characters in it Each and every character was so well thought out, well developed, and their personalities were all so reasonable that I could not help but be in utter awe of Harrington As an aspiring author, I would love to see her pre planning for this novel because there had to have been a great deal of thought put into these characters for this story to have been so enjoyable Speaking of enjoyable, didn t I justenjoymeeting Jake Jake seems to be your typical male protagonist swoon worthy, sings, plays guitar, and pulls off a fedora perfectly Yet, he is so much deeper than that I think what surprised me the most about Jake s personality was that it was just as flawed as Harper and Laney s characters were Jake can be impossibly sweet and understanding, but he can also be unreasonable and angry He can be passionate about music and lecture for hours about incredible bands, but he can also clam up and refuse to answer your questions if he wants to Usually, the male protagonist tends to be aloof at first, then becomes completely sweet, then aloof again after a misunderstanding, and then romantic once the novel is ending Jake however, was cranky, rude, and annoying at random moments in the story, all while being kind, sweet, and humorous at other times This quality about him not only floored me in its realism, but it also made me love him all theJake isn t a perfect human being and he is bound to lash out at others and say things without thinking at times His arguments with Harper were not simply witty banter, sometimes they were genuine arguments I don t think I ve loved a relationship as much as I loved the one between these two because it was slow, building up on the tension between them, and occurred only after a complete understanding of each others personalities A lot of their relationship was very one step forward two steps back, but never in an annoying or irritating way It was that way because of Harper s mixed feelings, her confusing thoughts, and her unknown decisions regarding everything in her life Another aspect of their relationship I loved was that Harrington never shied away from teenage sex and further, she never made it romanticized It was awkward, it was cute, it was what it was I could very possibly go on gushing about the relationship between these two the way in which they understand each other perfectly, the way in which they see something about the other that they can t see themselves, the way in which they can change each other for the better and inspire each other but we d be here forever Just know that this is a relationship that won t disappoint and it s slow build up is a thrill to read That being said, I realize that I still haven t spoken about the most important aspect of this novel June s suicide To be perfectly honest, I want to just skip this subject entirely, but that wouldn t be fair to this book June s suicide is a large and integral part of this story and there are very few moments in the book where Harperdoesn tthink about the death of her sisterSaving Juneis, in many ways,than just a road trip book It is a book about trying to find the answers to why people commit suicide and I think it succeeds completely in this aspect Does that mean that this novel comes up with one definite reason for which people take their own life No, absolutely not In fact, the ending almost seems like a cop out because of the lack of certainty about anything to do with June Yet, that was what I liked the most about it No one knows why other people commit suicide and, as human beings, we can t know or find out For each person it is different and all wecando is come to terms with it, like what Harper did throughout this novel As the reader, we think that Harper s journey is taking her closer to the truth behind her sister s death, but in reality, it is taking Harper closer to her own acceptance of this tragedy By the end of the novel, we do not know why June committed suicide, but we do know that it was no rash decision on her part and that she is in a happier place We know that Harper is stronger than June ever was and to me, those lessons of strength and hope and persevering on are what make this book a truly incredible read I remember thinking yesterday that maybe I should turn down the rating for this book by a star or at least half a star, but this book deserves the full five stars it s getting Not only were the characters realistic, their development inspiring, and the themes hopeful, but the writing was beautiful and touching in a way that few things ever areSaving Juneis a book that wraps you in grief and laughter and worry and joy and sorrow and happiness all at once It s never boring, it never over whelms you with sadness, and it keeps you on your toes, not only in terms of the destinations along the road trip but especially during the romance In some ways,Saving Juneis almost the perfect kind of contemporary romance the type that affects you, yet keeps everything real and believable and slow and achingly sweet I fell in love with nearly every aspect of this book and I would read it again in a heartbeat In fact, the only thing I could think after finishing it was how beautiful it was, how real, how true Harrington creates characters that are hard to understand, that are wrought with flaws and imperfections, yet she breathes life into them, making them lovable, realistic, and gorgeously perfect despite their tragedies and misgivings I can only hope that others too will enjoy and cherish this book just as much as I did Thus, I will leave you with a short, rather cryptic, but memorable quote from this beautiful noveldon t let the bastards grind you down