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READ PDF º The Red Badge of Courage á This Classic Novel Of The American Civil War Evokes The Horrors Of Battle And The Psychology Of Fear As It Recounts The Experience Of A Young, Untried Union Army Volunteer Henry Fleming Longs To Prove Himself By Winning The Red Badge Beyond All Doubt But When He Finally Does Come Under Fire, He Learns The Grim Truth About War S Glory And The Real Meaning Of Bravery Tolstoi made the writing of Stephen Crane on the Civil War seem like the brilliant imagining of a sick boy who had never seen war but had only read the battles and chronicles and seen the Brandy photographs that I had read and seen at my grandparents house. Ernest HemingwayI think Hemingway s quote sums up the book pretty well The Red Badge of Courage was written when Crane had never seen battle it is the product of a young man s imagination he was only in his early twenties , trying to vividly capture the experience of war As a result, the story has elements of both realism and impressionism it alternates in a space between dream and reality, seeming by turns prosaic and surreal It is a decidedly well done piece of writing, though I can t see it evoking much feeling in modern readers The prose is stylish and forceful the dialogue is consistently good the portrayal of the protagonist s emotional state is done with skill Still, all told, it does feel a bitlike a writing exercise than a piece of literature I can imagine the young Crane setting himself the challenge of mentally constructing a battle as vividly as possible, feverishly writing down his daydreams For such a young man, the writing is done with considerable polish and verve it s a shame he died so early If you listen carefully, you can hear aspects of both Hemingway and Steinbeck presaged in this work At the time, writing battles this way as a phantasmagoric sequence of images wasn t really done and since its publication, the book has had a tremendous influence I think one of the reasons a modern reader will feel numb to its charms is that this book had a huge influence on the modern war movie As in so many cinematic battles, the political and strategic aspects are deemphasized completely, leaving only the soldier with his gun, his guts, and bullets whirring all around him It s a shame Crane didn t live longer this is no masterpiece, but it shows enormous potential. I feel almost guilty about how much I disliked this book I know it s an important piece of literature, that it changed the way people viewed war, it s an American classic, etc etc But I could NOT stand it I thought it was boring and I didn t really care what happened to the main character I was totally distracted by how the author called him the youth instead of his name and I had to have my brother in law explain to me what the point of it was since I just couldn t tell Maybe my tastes will mature someday, but I wouldn t count on it. The Battle of Chancellorsville in northern Virginia 1863 is one of the bloodiest 24,000 casualties of the war between the states, the focus of this novel Henry Fleming a naive restless farm boy not yet a man from New York State, goes off to fight during the American Civil War Against the tearful pleading of his widowed mother not to, Henry out of patriotism or boredom wants to join the Union Army Many months pass of training and marching before Fleming gets into action Some of his friends, boys he grew up with are in the 304th regiment with him Camp life is very harsh living mostly in dirty tents little food and nothing to do, unsanitary living conditions, the constant marching to different sites the veterans call the newcomers Fresh Fish Wondering if he ll be brave or a coward in the conflict dominates his thoughts, finally the youth sees the ugly war The charging yelling mobs of rebels from out of the woods brings fear to his very soul and Fleming caring little about glory, his friends or the regiment runs away , runs like the little boy he really is only just wants to surviveMeeting many wounded soldiers in the back of the line Some who will not live long, including his close friend who Fleming watches fall mortally down on the ground, they ask him uncomfortable questions where was he hit Leaving them as fast an unobtrusively as possible, wandering around aimlessly Henry heads for a nearby forest trying to get away from the savage war The sounds of brutal battle are muted by the trees only a short distance from the struggle, as if all the world was a peaceful quiet place, a sanctuary for him to calm his shaky nerves But Henry can t get far from reality, a Union soldier propped up against a tree stares with his dead eyes at the miserable deserter An insect crawling over his ghastly face, Henry decides to get back to his regiment yet ironically is hit in the head, with a rifle butt by a vicious man fleeing in a blue uniform, Fleming was in the way, causing blood to flow freelyHis desired Red Badge of Courage Arriving home helped by an unknown soldier nobody had noticed his cowardliness they thought he was dead, bandaged his war wound Next day another scrimmage Fleming feels different, comradeship with his fellow soldiers close as brothers now Henry never experienced such emotions before, even leads the charge has he become a man 2.5 starsIntellectual Thomas thinks this story changed people s perception of war and made them think about the individual psychological processes involved in combat He thinks that this book had a nice flow of thought that concluded with the narrator learning to be less whiny.Thomas Thomas the college student Thomas that has almost no free time to read for fun, and therefore only wants to read satisfying books feels that The Red Badge of Courage was super frustrating in that its author, Stephen Crane, clearly had never gone to war before writing this book Thus, the novel s imagery and overall characterization of the narrator came across as juvenile and simplistic Thomas Thomas regrets that he has nothing novel to contribute about The Red Badge of Courage, and he apologizes for using the third person to entertain himself enough to complete this review.