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Home for the Holidays by Jeaniene Frost 4 Stars or B The StoryCat arranges a surprise birthday party for Bones with his closest friends When Annette doesn t arrive Ian ventures to her hotel to investigate and then some and discovers she has been attacked Bones, Cat and company cannot get Annette to reveal her attacker Then, a surprise visitor throws everyone into a tailspin When Bones, Mencheres, Kira, Spade, and Annette begin acting strange Ian, Denise and Cat work together against a nemesis who may cost Bones his life ThoughtsI thought this was a really good story The story is tight, fast paced, humorous, and has sexy times I ve never connected with Bones as a hero Spade is my man but I was feeling the chemistry between the H h here The avaricious Master vampire Ian reveals genuine qualities beyond being used as comic relief He displays intelligence, loyalty, and compassion At one point, he provides Cat with meaningful advice Denise helps Cat and Ian by being a team player I also feel it important to point out that reading First Drop of Crimson, the story about Spade and Denise, is relevant to this short story ConclusionI liked this story better thanOne Grave at a Time It s a worthy read It left me anticipating the next Cat Bone s book I m also keeping my fingers crossed for the day Jeaniene Frost reveals Ian is ready for his story In the meantime, may he enjoy sowing his wild oats And Yay Can t wait for Vlad and Leila in Once Burned Bring It On The Gift by Lynsay Sands No RatingI did not read this short story. Only read Jeaniene Frost s story Home for the Holidays 4.5 stars YES Back to the Cat and Bones that we so lovefinally The last two books had lost their edge for me but this one brings it all back My only complaint is that it s too short As the title says, Cat and Bones are home for the holidays starting off with Bones surprise birthday party When Annette doesn t show up, Ian goes to investigate That leads to an unknown vampire showing up at Cat and Bones house Most of my favorites are there but Ian is the main character and what a character he is Sooo many funny lines I seriously Can Not Wait for his book Oh, and there s a nice little twist at the end.Favorite lines You didn t get to bring a date because the type of girl you d pick would want to liven things up with a group orgy before cutting the cake, I pointed out His smile was shameless Exactly and I don t care what you think, your junk does not have special abilities and Wow, I whispered.He grunted If I had a pound for every time a girl said that while in your position and my most favorite That s right, you nasty little vixen, bite me harder Ian urged.On a side note.don t miss the excerpt of Vlad s book, Night Prince or do miss it because it definitely will leave you wanting and March is too far away I have to say while I ve always liked Vlad, especially his relationship with Cat, I ve just never thought he was yummy This line has changed my mind I hadn t seen a man pull that look off so well since Aragorn in Lord of the Rings Aragorn BabyI m sooooo there @DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⛓ The Bite Before Christmas Î In Lynsay Sands The Gift, Katricia Argeneau Knows Grey Eyed Cop Teddy Brunswick Is Her Life Mate She Just Needs To Convince Him They Belong Together, And Being Snowbound In A Secluded Cabin Will Make This A Christmas Neither Will Forget It S Home For The Holidays In Jeaniene Frost S Night Huntress Series Cat And Bones May Long To Wrap Presents And Set Up A Tree, But This Christmas, An Evil Vampire And Long Buried Family Secrets Will Threaten To Take A Bite Out Of Their Holiday Cheer As it turns out, I m not a huge fan of short stories that connect to long running series I LOVE Lynsay Sands, and all the Argeneaus And I enjoyed that story This was my first reading of anything by Jeaniene Frost Didn t love it I don t know if it s the short story part, the fact that I didn t already know the characters, or her style of writing I ll give her another try It s only fair. A Bite Before Christmas was an odd pairing of holiday novellas served up with a fangy twist Sand s Argeneau vampires are light humorous paranormal romances and Frost s Night Huntress stories are wise cracking sexy urban fantasy I am a fan of both, but no sure that they belong together and I have to ask why are they together in hardback Anyway on to the important stuff 4.5 stars I really really liked it Home for the Holidays by Jeaniene Frost A Night Huntress novella Looks like Annette has totally one upped Cat s birthday present to Bones but the surprise guest has almost every one in Bone s family acting really wierd Frost had released the first few chapter of this as a sneak preview a while back view spoiler I was apparently so excited when I read the teaser that I didn t realize whose relative the new vamp was, and despite the accent, I was thinking Kat s because he said he d take her up on her flirting if they were related hide spoiler THE GIFT is Lynsay Sands contribution to the duology and it is part of her Argeneau series Katricia Argeneau knows the instant that she meets Teddy Brunswick that he is her life mate But since he is mortal, she needs to slowly convince him that they are fated to be together Revealing that she is a vampire won t be easy and making her accept her will be even harder However, the snug confines of their cozy cabin are sure to bring them closer together.Jeaniene Frost gives readers a sneak peek into what the holidays would be like with one of Urban Fantasy s beloved couple, Cat and Bones However, Frost doesn t allow sweetness to take over for too long.When Annette, a close friend of Bones is found bloody from an attack, Bones alpha tendencies rise to protect his own However, Annette is not making it easy to find her attacker when she denies everything Meanwhile, a vampire named Wraith is claiming to be Bones long lost brother Though initially suspicious, Bones indulges in the notion that he has family around for the holidays.THE BITE BEFORE CHRISTMAS is the perfect holiday read that surpasses the sweet and sexy it s an anthology filled with action, heat and romance Read this review in its entirety at Fresh Fiction I have only read J Frost s story, Home for the Holidays so far, but I LOVED it I think that JF is so talented in the creation of her novellas and short stories They feel every bit as complete and whole as her full length novels, only compact And this novella was no exception The story is riveting and excited, with just enough detail to intrigue, but not overwhelm It was wonderful to see Cat fighting for Bones, and I was awed at Bones s strength in this story We know that he is an extremely powerful vampire, but this story shows another layer of his strength Ian was also amazing in this story, and makes me look forward to his eventual novel s It has to be imminent He is too complex and entertaining a character not to have his own story with his own HEA I also loved the family reveal that Ms Frost has been keeping under wraps Home for the Holidays was a delightful read and I wholeheartedly recommend it It is a must read for Night Huntress fans Everytime Cat and Bones make an appearance it is like meeting up with old friends you haven t seen in a while and feels it was yesterday the last time you got together That is the feeling I get everytime I read about Cat and Bones, a warm, cozy feeling that starts to develop right after the first paragraph Cat and Bones never lose their appeal and have a spellbound effect so the reader immediately becomes immersed and lost in the pages and becomes part of the story.The time Cat wants to throw Bones a birthday party but things don t go as planned as an unexpected visitor shows up and brings a little surprise of their own.If you are expecting the playful banter that will have you grinning ear to ear, the hot passion between Cat and Bones, the action and intrigue, and of course Bones love that sexy British Vamp then you will not be disappointed Even though this was a novella, it packs so much punch that it could easily have been a full length book There were so many heart wrenching moments and surprising revelations that it left my jaw dropping Many times Jeaniene Frost had stated that she wanted to write about Bones past but never had the chance until now All I can say is THANK YOU It was wonderful reading a storyline where Bones was the focus and the reader got to find out tidbits about his past.A Cat and Bones story is not complete without the rest of the gang showing up and as always they truly enriched the story This time Ian took the the center stage for the secondary characters in the series and he was absolutely fantastic It was so much fun to hear Ian s playful and flirtatious comebacks and watching him revel in his scandalous ways Without spoiling it Ian really got very involved in helping Cat in the current dilemma that she was facing.Everyone has been saying it and I have to agree I would love to see of Ian in a spin off book in the Night Huntress World series He may be a cad but after seeing his loyalty and devotion for the people he cares about you can see that his passion for that one special woman would be mind blowing.What I loved most about this book was Jeaniene s ability to still come up with fresh ideas that still had me saying OMG I did not see that one coming.So what are you waiting for read this book if you want lots of excitement, surprises, laughs and hot sexy times with Cat and Bones 5 Stars Overall Rating Clarification 3.5 starsThe GiftLynsay Sands2 StarsThis first Holiday short story was obviously not my favorite of the two I haven t had any exposure with Sands as an author, so that might account for me having a hard time grasping her vampire lore and method of developing her story In The Gift we meet Teddy who is a sixty four year old, soon to be retired chief of police that finds himself stranded with no provisions and electricity after a snow storm He stumbles across Katricia, a twenty five year old vampire, who is in a similar situation, and so they pool their resources to get through the winter storm The logs in the fire place are not the only things that heat up in this story and before we know it, we meet Little Teddy Yeah, I m not going there Teddy gets a bite for Christmas and they soon find themselves life long mates I had a hard time taking this first story seriously When the author starting explaining nanos and life long mates and balancing the story with characters I couldn t connect with in any way, I soon found myself skimming the story to just be done with it I don t think Sands s story telling is for me, so this short excerpt was a good indicator that I might not be a fan of her writing Home for the Holidays Jeaniene Frost5 Stars Two vampires and a demon, allied together It was a Christmas miracle alright, but of the macabre kind Still, I d take my miracles however I could get them.I love.love.love Frost s way of exploding a scene, and Home for the Holidays just proves that she doesn t need a full on novel to get you hooked, amped and on the edge of your seat This short story saved the entire book, but I have to admit I still think the eBook was WAY over priced Anywho, I digress In this story, my favorite UF couple come across a demon that claims to be someone from Bones s past and the entire gang, with the exception of Cat, Ian and Denise, find themselves possessed by black magic Cat and Ian team together to save their friends, but have to make a few sacrifices along the way I loved the scenes between Ian and Cat because knowing how much these two are always at odds with each other and the only thing they share is their alligence for Bones, it was nice to see them work together and deliver some pretty funny scenes Overall, there was tons of action and holiday spice and I enjoyed it There are a few spoilers which I came across since I haven t read book six yet, but that just makes me even eager to jump into One Grave at a Time Great short story that proves Frost never disappoints I absolutely loved Jeaniene s short story, Home for the Holidays Also note, this short story is like a short novel, coming in at 40K words or so.You get to see a new dimension to Cat Bones relationship, and they are achingly sweet in this installment They nearly had me in tears a few times The gang is all together but Cat and Ian actually take the spotlight and have the most face time Ian lovers, you will not be disappointed There are some big reveals, besides Ian dropping his pants, but that was fun too Action, snark, sizzling romance, you know, typical Frost I ll also go out on a limb here and say that Chapter 32 has some competition, in terms of creativity Great story, absolutely worth the read