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5 Red Reaper Stars First read 3 10 2014 Reread 12 6 2015 You must be taking a piss on me Am I expected to know what that means Madigan asked coolly Bones leaned forward, all traces of laughter gone Allow me to be clearer If you think you re forcing my wife to work for you, you don t know who you re fucking with Bones and Madigan Ian, I managed A chuckle vibrated against my lips Don t fancy him joining us, sorry I shoved against his chest, but it didn t move him He ll hear us, I got out before Bones s mouth stole away my voice Then his hand stole my reason when it slid between my legs, stroking flesh that swelled and slicked beneath his touch Another chuckle, this one distinctly wicked Yes, so don t be stingy with the compliments Cat and Bones Spoilers OMG NOOOOOOO it can t end I love them too much What will I do with my life now I think I am hyperventilating God I can t believe this is the last book in the Night Huntress Series But wow what a Fan fucking tastic end to an epic series This series gave me such joy It gave me tons of entertainment, made me laugh, smile, cry, flip the fuck out and fall madly in love with a ton of amazing characters that will live in my heart forever We were never properly introduced, I said in a vicious purr I m the Red Reaper, and you re dead Cat Why do you bother, Crispin You married a fighter, so stop trying to convince her that the sidelines suit her better The day you love anyone but yourself is the day I ll take your marital advice, Ian, Bones bit back in an icy tone Then today is that day, Ian replied sharply, for I love you, you wretched, pig headed guttersnipe I also love that arrogant, overprivileged dandy smirking at us a wave indicted Spade, whose aforementioned smirk vanished as well as the emotionally fractured, malfunctioning psychic who sired me And you, Crispin, love a bloodthirsty hellion who s probably killed people in her thirty years than I have in over two centuries of living, so again I say, don t bother trying to convince her that she isn t who she is Ian and BonesOf course this series goes out with a bang Up From The Grave, was a kick ass, emotional story In the final installment of the Night Huntress Series, Bones and Cat are trying to find out what happened to their friends and ex team members, Tate, Juan, Dave, and Cooper, who have disappeared They know the new boss that heads up Cat s old dept with homeland security, Madigan, is behind it When Bones and Cat go to save their friends, they find out secrets that will tear their hearts out and may start a war between vampires and ghouls Can Cat and Bones save their family, and friends Can they stop the war My true skill is killing I ve excelled at it since I was sixteen, when I took on my first vampire without knowing anything about them Then I went over to Bones, framing his face in my hands It was you who taught me to judge people by their actions instead of their species You saved me from a life of misery, regret, and well earned recriminations Now it s time to let me do my thing, Bones I smiled wryly and trust that you taught me to be the best damned killer I could be Cat But you forgot who I am a ruthless bastard who will do anything to keep you safe So yes, I pretended one of the soldiers fired silver bullets in order that you, and everyone else, would believe I d died It was the only way to protect you when Madigan brought you back to the compound, and I had no doubt he d capture you if you went to meet him He s waited too long not to come at you with everything he had, and if I d told you of my plan beforehand, your reaction wouldn t have been genuine, and Madigan would ve smelled a trap BonesBones in this book, one word, amazing The man just gets better with every book His unfailing love for Cat is a beautiful thing to read Also it helps that he s the sexiest vampire ever Just sayin He is so supportive of Cat Always having her back and protecting her I have said it before and I will say it again Bones is perfect Cat is still awesome, lovable, kick ass, sassy Cat, but she is a little mature in this book I love seeing her growth, but I love that she is still Cat Cat is fiercely loyal, she has a good heart, and will die to protect those she loves Cat and Bones have one of the best relationships I have ever read We as readers get to see it start in book one and with each book grow into something unforgettable I fell in love with their love, and they will alway be my all time favorite couple I love you, Kitten How puny those words seemed compared to the feelings strafing mine, but his voice vibrated as he said them Then he crouched beside me I would never hurt you that way save for one reason to keep you safe I can live with your anger, your retribution bloody hell, despise me if you must, but don t expect me to behave as though you aren t the most important thing in my life You are, and I will let no one, yourself included, bring you to harm Bones Since I have this power, Bones continued, you can trust that we won t hurt you for the simple reason that if we wanted you dead, you already would be Bones I snapped Way to win stepfather of the year, Tate muttered Bones, Cat and TateThe plot of this book shocked me When I thought Bones died I was freaking out Tears welling up And the heartbreak Cat felt, I felt I enjoyed the hell out of the ass kicking her and Bones passed around to Madigan s men I think that Madigan got off way to easy I would have liked to have seen a little torture maybe, and a way worse death I know bloodthirsty right When I found out that Cat has a daughter, I freaked, damn I so didn t see that coming I loved Ian in this book He also gets better with every book and I can t wait until his book comes out I can t wait to hear his back story and the woman awesome enough to win his heart This book was an awesome end to one of my favorite series, but it s not the end of the night huntress world There will be Vlad and Ian, and I hope we get to see Katie grown up Really if you haven t check this series out already, don t take my word on how epic it is, read it and experience the awesomeness for yourself Are you really my mother The old man said she was dead I couldn t help it I glanced behind me Immediately, I wished I hadn t The cautious hope in Katie s gaze nearly brought me to my knees I wanted to smother her with assurances that she d never, ever be alone again, then I wanted to hug her until she forgot what it was like to feel afraid The only urge stronger was my need to kill the filthy creature who threatened her Since I had to do that before the other, it gave me the strength to turn around, facing my enemy instead of my daughter The old man lied I am your mother, and I m not leaving you again, Katie and Cat You would give up so much for another man s child Katie is my child, Bones responded instantly She may not be my biological daughter, but that merely means she ll have two fathers Marie and Bones 5 Cat Bones Stars Some people were born to be mothers,fathers, inventors,artists, speakers, preachers and then there was us.A bittersweet finale for one of the best paranormal romance urban fantasy series ever Cat and Bones end their story as they started it with a huge BANG Sexy, humorous, jaw dropping, adventurous and heartbreaking, this book has it all Add a few unexpected or expected twists, some special guest stars and our favorite vampire line, gathered and ready to make a stand and fight I can t say anything else about it without spoiling the series, except that you got to READ IT I lost a friend as this series ended, but I earned an experience and 7 books that I ll forever cherish Cat and Bones are up there in my top 3 favourite couples, fighting for the lead with Nalini Singh s Raphael and Elena Thank you for 7 amazing years Jeaniene Frost Thoughts Ian is the bestest, hope he gets a book Tate still gets on my nerves that creeo, the CIA guy sucks ass Bones is as devious as we remember him Cat still has to learn to trust Denise getes the BFF of the year award the kid meh, just meh I would have liked the book without it mucking things up.PS IAN REALLY HAS TO HAVE A BOOK The 7th and final book in the Cat Bones installment of the incredible Night Huntress SeriesNo Cat Bones adventures Oh no I am so enchanted with these two characters They have grown on me so much and have become one of my favorite couples I loved watching the development of their relationship.The deep and emotional connection I love you, Kitten How puny those words seemed compared to the feelings strafing mine, but his voice vibrated as he said them Then he crouched beside me I would never hurt you that way save for one reason to keep you safe I can live with your anger, your retributionbloody hell, despise me if you must, but don t expect me to behave as though you aren t the most important thing in my life You are, and I will let no one, yourself included, bring you to harm A lot is revealed and I mean a lot who what Madigan is and has been doing and wow a new revelation about Cat Totally unexpected and totally amazing I loved seeing all my favorites again even if some were just brief appearance..I absolutely adored Ian in this book He makes quite a big appearance in this story and He s such a funny and likeable character The day you love anyone but yourself is the day I ll take your marital advice, Ian, Bones bit back in an icy tone Then today is that day, Ian replied sharply, for I love you, you wretched, pig headed guttersnipe I also love that arrogant, over privileged dandy smirking at us a wave indicted Spade, whose aforementioned smirk vanished as well as the emotionally fractured, malfunctioning psychic who sired me And you, Crispin, love a bloodthirsty hellion who s probably killed people in her thirty years than I have in over two centuries of living, so again I say, don t bother trying to convince her that she isn t who she is PLEASE CAN HE HAVE HIS OWN BOOK Loved the short visit Cat Bones make to Vlad Leila.and what an occasion it turned out to be super and fabulous Before we left them, I slanted a glance at Leila, and mischievously said, No one thought what you just did could be done, you know You ll earn the nickname of The Dragon Slayer Vlad glowered at me, but Bones laughed And Mencheres.wow, who knew he could be so COOL Far from being offended, Mencheres went over and flawlessly executed a street style handshake complete with finger slaps, fist bumps, and a high low finale Denise Spade, Marie, Fabian, Tate and his mates are along on this thrilling ride helping Cat Bones on their quest to finding someone that is very important to Cat, Bones and perhaps even Tate.This was a fantastic series with such well thought out plots, filled with emotion, humor, friendship, loyalty and unforgettable characters.A splendid, awesome, spectacular conclusion.I am sure we will see Cat Bones making appearances in future stories..there are so many characters that perhaps will have their own books.I keep hoping I love you, Kitten During the first half of the book, I truly believed that this was the best book of the series There was a mystery about the disappearance of Tate, Juan, Dave, and Cooper, while ghostly Don do not want to help and talk about the past.Madigan on the other hand is arrogant, hostile and generally unbearable and he insists that Cat s friends are dead The mystery gets complicated when Don actually wishes that they are truly dead instead of being alive in Madigan s clutches.Secret lab, many horrific experiments, secrets since Dan had discovered Cat is half vampire so many years ago, deaths and torturing of vampires and ghouls.And Bones once hides things from Cat in order to protect heraarghWhen the monstrous lab was blown up and the vampires were eating the humans, I was actually clapping with joy And I was wishing that Madigan would get the most horrible death.Unfortunately after the climax in the middle of the book, the action started to slow down.Madigan s punishment did not satisfy me, while Don was not punished at all The little girl was an interesting twist, but the explanation was rushed and the character was not developed I don t know if the author wants to have a book about her later.The greatest villain was too ridiculous for someone who supposedly was acting behind the scenes and was pulling the strings for 15 years and was fooling everybody.The solution at the end was too simple I wanted something than sailing into the sunset forgetting all the problems.So, the second half of the book was disappointing And definitely the series should not end like that.I still will give 4 stars for the first half, for the uniqueness of the characters and for the over the top love of Bones for Cat and Cat for Bones Years ago, Bones had made me promise to go on if he were killed I d done so, yet now, I was going back on that promise Death was my only chance to be reunited with him I wasn t missing that for anything Wait for me, I whispered, my voice breaking on another sob I ll be there soon What a disappointing end to an otherwise good series Beyond here be spoilers This book, essentially, pulled a Breaking Dawn It was a self indulging romp where everyone gets everything and no one suffers Despite the harrowing and difficult situation they find themselves in, everything ends with smiles and rainbows and fond goodbye for nows Clearly, Frost lacked the heart to end the series without perfection for her characters As Stephen King said even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler s heart, kill your darlings I would have liked to see some of that Now, while having a perfect ending for all is not terrible in and of itself, the fact that Frost took it a step further and practically rewrote the plotline to Breaking Dawn was enough for me Here is the breakdown Girl gets with vampire knowing she cannot have children because he has a vampire mate Author mystically finds a crappy loophole to give lead female character a child Without any desire towards motherhood beforehand note Chuck E Cheese , lead female character immediately falls in love with daughter who ends up being a weird hybrid of species and people want to destroy said child Mother swears to protect child no matter what Protects child with held of everyone else The end Both Up From the Grave and Breaking Dawn follow the same stupid plot line The only thing Frost did better in this sense it give the kid a reasonable name.I have difficulty fathoming why Frost decided that Cat needed a child What was the point My jaded nature makes me think this has something to do with the fact that a woman could NEVER be completely happy without a child Since the apparent theme of this book was to gratify everyone, I can t see why else the kid would have been written into the book Even before the demon revealed the mother of Katie as Cat, I knew the book was headed in this direction The second it was revealed the little redhead child in the holding cell was a hybrid I saw the rest of the book panning out as it did Duh, Cat was the mother Clearly everything else wouldn t work You needed to use the genetic material of someone who is already a hybrid Of course Cat would go to any length to save this kid from impending doom Of course Bones will go along for the ride and save the day Of course the gang will all come through with saving everyone The only question after that minor detailing of how Frost was going to take us through itFrost is not even above duplicating core plots of her own in the same book The biggest contention between Bones and Cat in this story was that Bones one upped Cat when organising how to get Madigan He lied by omission, making her believe he had died and entrusted other people mainly Denise to help him Fine Interesting subterfuge But Cat literally gets into the same situation later in the book where Cat has a plan to save and rescue Katie that she believed she organised with her husband, Bones goes over her head and organises something far better with other people namely Denise, but now also Mencheres Another dupe Why hadn t Cat seen this as a possibility Fool me once, shame on you fool me twice, shame on me I would have thought there would be another giant fight along the same lines as the original fight in the story since THE SAME THING HAPPENED but no Contented with child No being bad ass or vocal about husbands being pricks I don t even know how the second plan got pulled off since Katie ran away and Denise was brought back to the room pretending to be Katie How did Gordon snag Katie when she would have clearly attempted to kill him and wouldn t have gone quietly Wouldn t Tate have seen this and realised this was a big set up since he was chasing after her Wouldn t the mega powerful Guardians who were clearly on their way have heard the commotion In fact, the switcharoo seemed entirely contingent on Katie bolting for it, but this occurred when something in the plan went wrong the demon coming and bringing the ghouls Was the original plan to have Denise waltz into the room and have someone just walk Katie out of there, get her away safely and then bring the Guardians in Would have been nice to know what the real plan was Just sayin Beyond my dismay for the second half of the plot line and its complete unoriginality, there were other points that made me irritated by the book Firstly, the intersection between Vlad s story in Twice Tempted and this novel sucked I have serious problems seeing how someone with 2 months to end a massive government conspiracy would pack up and fly to Romania for a wedding I felt like the only reason for this was to include Vlad in the book but had no idea real idea of how to integrate him into it I know, I made Cat and Bones go to the wedding in Vald s book so I ll just shove them in there Vlads new marriage will explain Vlad s utter lack of involvement in preventing a cataclysmic war, perrrrfectly Speaking of adding characters into the book where it totally didn t need to, Frost threw nearly everyone she had at us Even people who really weren t needed just showed up in the book for no reason like Annette, Nathaniel and Justina The flip side to this was the weird way in which Frost would bring people into the book for reasonable reasons, such as needing their skills, but after being used, they were never mentioned again like Juan and Tyler and these two were big on comic relief Why not include them Also, Denise was a plot device like I ve never seen one My god, if something gets a bit hard to solve, PUT THE SHAPESHIFTER IN EVERYTHING WORKS THEN Literally the two biggest battles of this entire book were orchestrated by Denise running around confusing everyone Something that also irked me was the constant plot driven nature of the story I wish the characters had had some time for thought and reflection They never got to really think about how things were changing or what they felt about these things Cat and parenthood could have been explored a bit Bones and parenthood was never even discussed It was pretty much assumed that Bones was to deal with it and embrace it I would have liked to hear his take on it all, rather than just hear him declare that he would be a father I felt like Tate and fatherhood got a better showing than Bones did By the end of the book, most characters had become secondary to the action, including Bones Sacrificing fluff for action was also evident in the poor showing Frost made of the customary sex scene and the general heat between characters The book lacked for the romance we have come to expect Overall, the novel was lacking, unoriginal and left me dissatisfied I hope Vlad s final book is better done than this. .EBOOK ☪ Up from the Grave ☽ There S Always One Grave To DigLately, Life Has Been Unnaturally Calm For Vampires Cat Crawfield And Her Husband Bones They Should Have Known Better Than To Relax Their Guard, Because A Shocking Revelation Sends Them Back Into Action To Stop An All Out War A Rogue CIA Agent Is Involved In Horrifying Secret Activities That Threaten To Raise Tensions Between Humans And The Undead To Dangerous Heights Now Cat And Bones Are In A Race Against Time To Save Their Friends From A Fate Worse Than Death Because The Secrets They Unravel, The Deadlier The Consequences And If They Fail, Their Lives And Those Of Everyone They Hold Dear Will Be Hovering On The Edge Of The GraveFinal Cat And Bones Novel If I were to rate this book based on my love for the characters or the fact that this was our good bye, then I would have given it 5 stars But that is not what rating a book is about.I will always hold close to my heart Cat and Bones, the characters that with some help from Sookie and Eric got it all started a few years ago My reading obsession But as much as it hurts me I find myself writing the review of the final Night Huntress novel and rating it 2 stars I could barely recognize the characters in this one As if I had been reading something else entirely, the wrong book, the wrong series There are at least some constants Ian is the same and I can t wait to read his own book one day, and the sex scenes there was only one really are just as steamy All this notwithstanding, I was disappointed Disappointed in the way the author chose to wave good bye to her characters, in the weak and anticlimactic plot, and the detached air of the entire book It was like reading a newspaper I don t know what happened, but I know when it started About 40% through the book, when I was supposed to be reading Up From the Grave, I thought I was in front of a TV watching Underworld Awakening instead If you have seen the movie that is all you have to know about this last installment But I d had no idea at the moment just how much so It only went spiraling down from there.I hate it when I m reading a book and I think Well, isn t that convenient about some story arc I caught myself thinking that a lot with this novel Bones s new powers and capabilities, Marie Laveau s involvement, Don view spoiler I m angry that we didn t get a wedding Instead we got a child I don t understand why Cat needed to be a mother when she herself had said that children scared her and that she was alright with not being able to have her own one day And than anything I couldn t grasp her insta motherhood One moment she s learning about her eggs being stolen, the next she s in mother hen mode The whole plot involving the child and everything that happened inside that facility was a no go for me And mind you I m a sucker for those endings But not for PNR And most definitely not for Cat and Bones It was just right for them that way, just Cat and Bones I would love, say, for Kate and Curran Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews to have a child in the end, or see Raphael and Elena s Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh child wrap its father around its little finger, but not here For some reason, Cat and Bones were designed to function just like a team of two I thought it was the right thing for them It didn t fit in this world, it was forced, and it was rushed It felt pulled out of the ass But that is me hide spoiler I bought this book when it first came out but I couldn t bring myself to read it right away knowing it was the last installment I don t know what I was afraid of Perhaps I just didn t want it to end.I think it s very difficult to review the final book of any series honestly because there s a level of bias right away which comes from the notion that no matter how hard an author tries to end a series perfectly, it ll never be.With that said Holy Crow SPOLIER psych No spoilers here Up From the Grave ties up most lose ends and also nicely makes the reader feel satisfied to a certain extent that things ended as they should The story is fast paced, thrilling , emotional, absolutely freaking heart breakingly devastating in one part which isn t exactly as it appears and satisfying It is a good ending to an awesome series and I have a feeling Frost won t completely forget about some of her supporting characters for future series as one in particular is someone we all love to hate and has really shown a lot of growth As for Bones and Cat, it s definitely goodbye They have sailed into the sunset and even if Frost brings back any characters for their own series, we ll never hear from our couple again the way she ended it. The final Cat Bones book I m sad this is the end because I do love these characters, but to be honest the past couple books have only been okay for me I still remember starting this series and thinking how incredible the world and these characters are I m not going to go into a lot of detail with this book but I do have a few thoughts This book starts off a little slow the first couple chapters dragged for me But then good things start to happen There is a ton of action and violence Bones and Cat kick some big booty.The author brings in all of the supporting characters Mencheres, Spade, Vlad, Ian Can we just have Ian s book already because that man gives me a lady boner every time he is on the page He has a great scene in this book that is so Ian I think Mencheres made me laugh the hardest with this scene When we followed him to the room he d converted into a tech lover s paradise, however, the black haired boy beaming at his computer was human And he looked about seventeen years old I am the shee it, the adolescent said in a singsong voice Then he swung around, smirking at the nearly five thousand year old Egyptian vampire Who s your daddy, M Far from being offended, Mencheres went over and flawlessy executed a street style handshake complete with finger slaps, fist bumps, and a high low finale You are the shit, he solemnly agreed.There were many scenes that made me smile We also get a pretty good sex scene with Bones and Cat as always I m greedy for.So why am I giving this book a C There is an event that happens late in this book A twist of sorts You ll know what I m referring to when you read it and honestly it felt forced and rushed I didn t need it in the story to be satisfied It actually had the opposite effect on me I didn t like it, it didn t feel like it fit Maybe if it had happened last book or at the beginning of the book I d have been at peace with it It s been about a week since I ve read this book and it still upsets me Not only do I feel like it was just slapped in at the end of the story but the way it comes about doesn t sit well with me either.Also, while we get a romance scene I really wanted something particularly romantic between these two since it s the last book I m not saying a massive sex scene although I wouldn t complain about that but I wanted some good quality times with just the two of them I loved the action in this book but I wanted intimacy.Overall this is a series I ll always recommend The first couple of these books had such an impact on my reading life I will always look upon them fondly And to the fans of this series we will always have chapter 32 bless you chapter 32.Rating C