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If you can t say nothing nice, don t say nothing at allNope Not taking that advice This sucked worse than I expected, and I expected it to be aweful I have never read anything good from this author, but this is maybe the worst yet Even worse than that poor excuse of a graphic novel she put out Yes, this was free, but come on Free doesn t have to suck. @Free Kindle á Turned (The Vampire Journals, #1) õ In TURNED Book Of The Vampire Journals Series , Year Old Caitlin Paine Finds Herself Uprooted From Her Nice Suburb And Forced To Attend A Dangerous New York City High School When Her Mom Moves Again The One Ray Of Light In Her New Surroundings Is Jonah, A New Classmate Who Takes An Instant Liking To HerBut Before Their Romance Can Blossom, Caitlin Suddenly Finds Herself Changing She Is Overcome By A Superhuman Strength, A Sensitivity To Light, A Desire To Feed By Feelings She Does Not Understand She Seeks Answers To What S Happening To Her, And Her Cravings Lead Her To The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Her Eyes Are Opened To A Hidden World, Right Beneath Her Feet, Thriving Underground In New York City She Finds Herself Caught Between Two Dangerous Covens, Right In The Middle Of A Vampire WarIt Is At This Moment That Caitlin Meets Caleb, A Mysterious And Powerful Vampire Who Rescues Her From The Dark Forces He Needs Her To Help Lead Him To The Legendary Lost Artifact And She Needs Him For Answers, And For Protection Together, They Will Need To Answer One Crucial Question Who Was Her Real Father But Caitlin Finds Herself Caught Between Two Men As Something Else Arises Between Them A Forbidden Love A Love Between The Races That Will Risk Both Of Their Lives, And Will Force Them To Decide Whether To Risk It All For Each Other So, for starters, this wasn t actually always really bad, but when it was bad, it was one of the worst things I ve ever read But in a good way.Here s a list of some stuff there are some unmarked spoilers, so if you do want to read this for some reason, be warned 1 She s somehow the only white girl in an inner city NYC high school She doesn t mind this because she s not racist since she has had diverse friends in the past, and some of her meanest frenemies had been white Make of that what you will.2 She had insta love with not only one, but two guys One of them is a human person of color and an actually genuinely great guy and the other is a soulmate ish protector sort with brown hair and lovely eyes He s also 3,000 years old and has a vampire ex wife named Sera who is needlessly antagonistic He declares his love for her after knowing her for like 2 hours max.3 There are several lines that imply Caitlin is possibly bisexual or pansexual, except when it comes to her two beaus Rice specifies that it was unlike her to be smitten by a guy and it was unlike her to feel any strong feelings for any boy Every time it is stated how unusual it is she is attracted to someone, it is specified that the person of her attention is male.4 There is an Obama reference.5 Caitlin repeatedly defies physics by jump kicking people with both feet at once In fact, every single action scene in this was comically overdone Think Daredevil movie levels of terrible.6 Not understanding what was happening to her, she tossed her head back and let out an unearthly shriek, echoing off the buildings and down the block It was a primal shriek of victory, and of unfulfilled rage.A big mood.7 Hunger and thirst are used interchangeably.8 She runs away from home and throws away the only casual clothes she had, deciding to live life wearing only a dress shirt, a skirt, and some high heels Her dead phone is retconned several times.9 She looked down and to her surprise, there was Jonah s hand He placed it on the armrest between them, palm up, inviting hers.It s the awkward movie theater hand holding scene from New Moon I looked for gifs but couldn t find any 10 He hated most things, actually.Another big mood.11 She was up against a wall Chained to a wall.12 When presented with the word coven , our very smart MC s immediate thought is vampire instead of witch like everyone else on planet earth.13 The vampires have wings that are only mentioned when they are flying.14 Caleb, the sexy vampire, says Hold on tight and proceeds to run.15 She thinks about the brutal murder of her mother at most twice, her mind otherwise occupied on the conundrum of Caleb s astounding sexiness.16 The bad guy who s name is Kyle has a fluctating age that flips between 3,000 and 4,000.17 The vampire society has a ridiculous amount of bureaucracy.18 The themes were non existent.I was smiling the entire time It s gloriously awful and I loved it. Review for BloddeueddI ll be honest, when B sent me this book and I saw the title, my thoughts were Gawd, not another Vampire Diaries, Twilight rip off Cause there seems to be no end of those It s like the DaVinci Code all over again While Turned is in no way original or refreshing at least to me let s face it, there s not much I haven t seen and that includes lizard vampires it was a nice read and I was glad B sent it over Let me tell you why.Caitlin s mum has the moving bug, so being the new gal at school is nothing new for her She s seen it all Only this time there s something different This time when she stands up to a pack of bully s outside school Caitlin herself changes Suddenly she is faster and stronger but also sensitive to light and she has a desire to feed Sound familiar Yeah Enter the dark, mysterious and brooding Caleb aaaaaaand start the romance Well insta love and jealousy for Caleb is not a single man For Caitlin nothing s as it seems any and she needs answers, but Caleb need Caitlin just as much No, not what you think Alright, maybe a bit He also needs her to find a certain mysterious artifact.The story is short In my opinion too short to tell the story accurately, but it works It s an easy read with not a lot of world building and stock characters Yet somehow the author makes it work Caitlin and Caleb could be any pair of characters in the many vamp books out there There s nothing unique there, but still the story is entertaining and I found myself hoping there would be.What I did like about Caitlin is that she doesn t give up She fights back She doesn t just lie down and die A girl s gotta appreciate that There are also a few things that didn t work for me One was the relationship with her brother Sam They are supposed to be very close, yet he suddenly ups and leaves Then there is the instant love between Caitlin and Caleb While instant love is nothing new, things move very very fast and I expected from a vamp as old as Caleb He s what 800 something Yet he behaves like a teenager This is a personal peeve of mine 800 years is a long long long time You d think he d be some kind of Zen master or something Sometimes I find that authors don t treat the subject of age very well What would it do to a person to live as long as a 1000 years In any case Turned was a likable, easy, dark read that you can read in between other books as it is short Don t look for depth, but you re sure to be entertained Don t you just love some insta love Not even insta attraction or insta lust, but straight up insta love, spouting the l word when you ve only known each other for a couple of chapters Lucky one s a vampire and the other s a half breed so we can blame it on the supernatural weirdness I wish I could give this book less than one star This was a quick read, less than a hour, but I ll never get that hour back Our heroine does nothing but complain and fall instantly in love She is so dull her brother runs away before the book is half done Morgan Rice seems to have borrowed her favourite bits from every vampire legend or book ever Her vampires come in good and evil flavour, but all drink blood, live forever, but half breeds are mortal and live normal length lives and have big, black bat wings.I understand where the Twilight references are coming from, with the 3,000 year old vampire instantly falling in love with the annoying whiny teen angst girl.The only character who seemed remotely interesting was Jonah, the viola playing teen boy trying to become a great musician to rise above his childhood and become great.Everyone else was a cardboard cutout missing dad, abusive mum, supportive brother, revolting teenage students, disinterested teachers, evil vampires who want to boil our heroine in holy water ho hum.Not to mention the misuse of spelling and grammar the bell rung so many times my head spun There s three things which in my mind make up a book Decent story Line Writing Quality Decent character sThis book seems to lack all three of these things, though I will say that the story line had a lot of potential just the writing quality nor the character s were good.A 150 page book is not recommended for a YA book, as it s not enough time to have a well paced book This book began with a quite standard beginning, which was the only reason I made it through the book, but near enough straight away we were pulled into this so called action , which was where the book went dramatically down hill It was confusing, completely unbelievable even though a vampire book and too book happened for a 150 page book.The character s I couldn t get along with.Caitlin, the main character, had barely any introduction, only the fact that her family were dysfunctional There wasn t much to her and she just seemed rather bland and quite gormless.Her brother just seemed to basically disappear and no one seemed to care, almost like the author was attempting to give this impression of a normal family you would find in America.Character s walked in and out, and it got stupid in the end.I would not recommend this book at all, I couldn t get along with it I don t even have anything good to say about this. The one word that I will use to describe this book what First She s in New York, her mom is crazy no explanation why she is or why she left her old town Second She just meets this Jonah guy an is all in love okay I m sure there was just a connection Third Oh gee, she s craving blood and has supernatural abilities, but she has no clue what she is You d think wanting to drink the blood of a puppy might be a dead give away Four She gets all upset at the Caleb guy for not LOVING her when they just met, what, 4 hours earlier maybe I m pretty sure they couldn t have fallen in love after a walk in a sewer and time in front of a court, but that s just me Five HE KEEPS COMING BACK TO RESCUE HER They literally just met At this point it just seemed worse than Twilight to me probably 10 times worse, not going to lie Six Those bite wounds on the murder victim oh wow I wonder what it is two perfect circular holes in a vein and the blood is missing o so complicated I couldn t stand anything in this book now Caleb and the chick, I can t even remember her name, katelyn, are on some magic quest together Sounds great.what happened to her brother anyway I expected better after reading some of the reviews First, they really should have had it proofread The book nook edition was riddled with errors missing words, some words double, or words in the wrong order Second, did she not return home to pick up her cell phone, where she was interrupted by events as she entered the apartment where did she get her phone from at the end of the book Or am I missing something Third, the story just didn t feel fulfilling It felt like it was lacking a climax, like it was the first half or third of a full book.