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FREE DOWNLOAD ô The Immortal Rules ⚸ To Survive In A Ruined World, She Must Embrace The Darkness Allison Sekemoto Survives In The Fringe, The Outermost Circle Of A Walled In City By Day, She And Her Crew Scavenge For Food By Night, Any One Of Them Could Be Eaten Some Days, All That Drives Allie Is Her Hatred Ofthem The Vampires Who Keep Humans As Blood Cattle Until The Night Allie Herself Dies And Becomes One Of The MonstersForced To Flee Her City, Allie Must Pass For Human As She Joins A Ragged Group Of Pilgrims Seeking A Legend A Place That Might Have A Cure For The Disease That Killed Off Most Of Civilization And Created The Rabids, The Bloodthirsty Creatures Who Threaten Human And Vampire Alike And Soon Allie Will Have To Decide What And Who Is Worth Dying For AgainEnter Julie Kagawa S Dark And Twisted World As An Unforgettable Journey Begins So Allie is an orphaned teenager in a dystopian fan tasy where peo ple are enslaved by vam pire mas ters Then she gets turned into a vam pire and strug gles with the moral ity of being a monster.So at first I was like.But then she was like A com pa ra ble rep re sen ta tion on the scale of awe some ness not a lit eral depiction.And then I was like.Right away from the begin ning of the novel Allie was pretty ass kicking.And then Kanin the vam pire showed up and I was like Yeah, sure Whatevs.But then he was like.And then I was like.So then Allie goes trekking through the woods and I m like.And then she meets up Zeke and I was like.Then Zeke is like ewwww Vam pires suck and I was like.Then stuff with them hap pened and I was like.So then I was wor ried about the writ ing since I d been on the fence about The Iron Fey But then Kagawa did a lot of And I was like.And then Stephanie said the plot was slow, and I was like.And then I got to the end and Allie was like.So I was like.This review also appears on our blog, Cuddlebuggery Actual rating 3.5 starsWhen I first found out Kagawa was journeying down the vampire path, I was nervous I mean, vampires have been written about over and over in the YA world and I wasn t sure what could be added I had imaginary conversations, pleading with her, Julie, are you sure you wanna do this And in all her awesomeness she pretty much told me, Steph, chill I got this Do you know what I love about Julie Kagawa I love how she can take a completely overused paranormal creature like fairies or vampires and create a whole new spin on them Just when I was starting to lose faith in the Children of the Night, The Immortal Rules comes along and makes me rethink everything I thought I knew about vampires The Immortal Rules tells the story of Allison Sekemoto living in a future where most of the human population was killed by a disease called Red Lung But that s not the only problem Vampires now rule their world and have caused the human race to become their pets, scavengers, and monsters themselves And let s not forget about the Rabids that stalk the earth just waiting to take a bite or two out of a human Allison hate vampires, but when faced with the choice of death or becoming that which she has always loathed, she chooses the latter When she flees from New Covington, Allie runs into a group of humans She decides to travel with them, hiding her true nature from them as they travel searching for Eden and yes, there are Christian themes in the book , a human city not ruled by vampires She s always thought being a human was hard, but she quickly learns that being a vampire isn t exactly a walk in the park either, especially when you re wanted.The best thing I loved about The Immortal Rules were the vampires These aren t the cute sparkly vamps that try their hardest, fighting their nature, by feasting off animals instead of humans Oh, no These bad boys are vicious killers, just like unlike em It is made very clear early in the novel that vampires have to drink from humans in order to survive and that one day Allison would kill a human no matter how hard she tried not to Hell to the yeah Real vampires They re back That s what I m talking about I also really enjoyed the creativity in this novel Do you know what happens when Underworld and The Forest of Hands and Teeth have a baby The result, if you didn t guess, is The Immortal Rules It was a really cool mix of both flesh eating, zombie like creatures and bloodsucking vamps, surrounding poor, defenseless humans Kagawa wasn t afraid to kill her characters off and show Allison some tough lovin I really hate when authors attempt to give every lovable character in the book a hall pass from death The impact of the scene and story usually suffer, but not here People died, viciously Such is the way of the circle of life.My biggest and only issue with the book was the extremely slow first half It just felt like it dragged on and on I just wanted to bang my head against a wall And because of that, I can t give this book 4 stars However, where the beginning was boring to me at least , the second half makes up for lost time Because this is another thing I love about Kagawa Her action scenes and endings are kick ass I was getting major Underworld vibes from Allison and it was awesome Every time she cut someone s head off, I got ridiculously giddy I m not lying when I say the second half saved this book.Characters In the beginning I really disliked Allie She and I weren t getting along very well because she had an attitude and personality that gave Oscar the Grouch a run for his money I get why she was like that, but that didn t mean I had to like it Thankfully, by the end of the novel, I did end up connecting with her It was very subtle and snuck up on me Of course, it didn t hurt that she was a badass, katana wielder either Useless, she was not Kick some ass, she did Lol Okay, I ll spare you with my Yoda talk, but seriously the second half was a lot of fun.Zeke, the love interest, was just okay for me He was very sweet, caring, loyal, all those things you love to see in a person While I did like him, I feel like I need to seeof him it the next book before I make up my mind.Kanin P.S was that derived from The land of Canaan , Allie s mentor was my favorite character We didn t see a lot of him and that made me a bit disappointed, but things are looking up forpage time in the next novel.So overall I did enjoy the novel and I m looking forward to book two It looks like Kagawa is planning on kicking it up a notch, so she can count me in D A note on the cover DISLIKE Allison is of Japanese descent Thus, the girl on the cover disappoints me for obvious reasonsARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley Thank you More reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. WARNING INTENSE FANGIRLING TO FOLLOW run away while you still canThis book was SO AWESOME It was nothing at all like I expected it to be, but I think that actually made the reading experienceinteresting First off, I promise I will not make any Twitard references, no matter how strong the temptation And believe you me, it will be almost irresistible As a lot of reviewers have mentioned before me, Kagawa takes vampires back to their original, scary, monstrous selves or does she See, there are vampires in this story, and they are way cooler than most of the watered down, emasculated vampires we ve seen in YA fiction these days, but that doesn t necessarily mean that this is a story about vampires Not in the way that, say, Dracula is This isa coming of age story than anything else Which makes it a very special snowflake in its genre, because the themes of self exploration and self discovery and growth are not ones that are common to the YA PNR genre or even the YA dystopian one And yet, despite its strong underlying message, this book is neither slow, nor preachy in fact, it moves smoothly and lucidly towards a satisfying conclusion that still leaves the reader panting forThis book had all the action and romance my lil ol heart could desire, but it never lost sight of its ultimate goal in the pursuit of shallow entertainment Julie Kagawa s second series, at least at this moment, surpasses her first offering by leaps and bounds While I did like the Iron Fey series and on a side note, the opening chapter of the spin off series was tantalizing damn you Harlequin , it did not engender the kind of compulsive devotion and respect this book did It s not that Julie Kagawa did something different with vampire lore In fact, one of the major selling points of this book is that she didn t however, the story she has to tell, and her protagonists, were compelling While I was initially a little disappointed that the love interest was human, I couldn t help but acknowledge that the romance served as a powerful vehicle for Allie s journey to self actualization.But while Allie was spellbinding as the protagonist, Kagawa managed to avoid the rookie mistake of making her overshadow all of the secondary characters There were so many players in this book who emerged as actual relatable characters in their own right Kanin, whom I loved, Jeb, who frustrated me and made me suspicious by turns, Darren, who I was mentally cheering on for defending AllieBut Zeke and Allie were, undoubtedly, the best part of the book Allie stole my heart when she decided that she would prefer being a bloodsucker to being dead I like the fact that she was such a realist More of a cynic actually And I absolutely, totally, adored the fact that it was only after she was dead and something non human that she really managed to discover her humanity Allie the Fringer was littlethan an animal with a strong survival instinct, and a vague dream of beingAllie the vampire is the one who makes the choice to be forgiving and selfless and loving, even And her transformation into that person is what makes this book so unique and so very special I also loved the way Kagawa played with power and gender roles in the book It s always Allie who s coming to Zeke s rescue, and yet, you never get the feeling that Zeke is powerless or helpless or unhealthily co dependent In fact, Kagawa makes it subtly but unmistakably clear that while Allie has the physical and occassionally moral superiority, Zeke s humanity and faith and generosity of spirit are their own kind of power In fact, put the two of them together, and they seem to complement and supplement each other s strengths, and that sort of equality is what makes for healthy romances I also know that one of the reasons this book, and the romance, worked, was because Allie was not a centuries old vampire She was a baby vamp, and with the memory of her human life still so very fresh, she seemedhuman than not most of the time So it was conceivable that she was still attached to human beings, rather than seeing them merely as a succession of food items A few very small things bugged me, such as Kanin telling Allie she didn t need to breathe the thing is, they ve been talking, and you can t talk without breathing, because how will your voice box work without air Also, in the penultimate scene, I kind of wish Zeke hadn t fed her, you know It felt like it had descended into an overly dramatic cliche But all in all, a truly awesome book I loved it as if you couldn t tell and I cannot wait for the next book to come out I hope we seeof Kanin there, he is becoming a firm favorite Definitely a book I would recommend if you re looking for an entertaining, action packed book that is also thoughtful My thanks to Harlequin and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of this novel.